Thursday, July 18, 2013

It really is a SUPER day! HOT but SUPER!

I am with Lucy here, it may be just a tad too hot this morning for coffee...
I am sipping freshly squeezed lemonade on ice this morning..
But not before I took my fan outside on the deck...YES I DID!
To take some photos...
It is already that hot.( who brings a fan outside)
..over 90+ F and humidity so thick I thought Lucy's hair
would curl some more...

Isn't she just dahling with her black sheep cup...?

Here is a clue of what I am working on this morning...
Not the Man of Steel actually, this found itself to my home
by a very special lady who shares the same passion 
for the Man of Steel... He is 31 inches tall...
So grateful for her and him!

My DH thought I got it for HIM...
REALLY NOW, one collector in the family is enough...
( I collect cups...lol) OK, and just a couple Barbies...wink..

I have my very own Kal-EL in my life...
story will come when I complete his quilt...

So from this ....

I have come up with this...Today, ahhhh rather this morning...
I will be piecing this quilt....before the temps soar higher than 
they are now...

( and Yes JUDY, can you believe I do NOT HAVE a Man of STEEL mug)
This was the closest I had in my cup cupboard to match..wink

I love what inspiration came from my heart and head
 yesterday....I am sure a very special young man
will be overjoyed too...

Ok, off I go...stay cool to all those who are in North America,
for our friends overseas....hopefully this post will warm your hearts...

ps. tomorrow we have signs up for 
see you then...


  1. I feel like that sheep looks this morning! - Enjoy your lemonade.
    xo jan

  2. Lucy is adorable and so is that cup, and that quilt is definitely going to be a hit once it is finished! If I weren't already melting from the heat outside, I'd be swooning over that Man of Steel...he is one hot guy!

  3. Love the look of the filmstrip. You are so creative! Have a great day!

  4. Love the look of the filmstrip. You are so creative! Have a great day!

  5. Your Lucy is adorable! Those little glasses are so cute!
    Happy sewing on your man of steel project! Oh....and stay cool! We deal with three digit temperatures here and my trick for cooling down is to put the inside of my wrists against the cold iced water glass and keep them there long enough to cool me down. It works!

  6. Black sheep mug? Oh, that is adorable! I love your sweet Lucy doll, too. We love our dolls, don't we? Enjoy your day. Stay cool and have fun my friend!

  7. You totally cracked me up this morning!!! Thanks for a humorous start to my day!

  8. I love Lucy! and your Lucy barbie is adorable.. her glasses rock!!

    I don't know how hot it is supposed to get here and I don't think I care to go out there to find out. lol

  9. Lucy is looking a bit dazzled by the Man of Steel here ... ;)
    Cute idea for a filmstrip setting for these fabrics.
    Stay cool inside and out and happy sewing today ... <3 Pat

  10. Oh....you amaze me at how you come up with your projects....love it!! Any young man would be delighted; I'm sure. The pincushion hop; I have to get on my toes...they are coming up so quickly....it must be the heat; I feel slow.....lol

  11. I love Lucy! Hmmm, where have I heard that before? :) You and Carol are both hotter than me but I will tell you that we keep a fan on our deck all the time. It's amazing what a difference it makes even on really warm days. blessings, marlene

  12. The (da da da) theme song from the Superman MOVIE is playing in my head....hmmm there must be a reason for that ! And why does Lucy remind me of you ? Must be the red hair and cup of coffee.

  13. It is hot in south of Sweden too. I have been out all day first a trip to to a small town in the surroundings to a museum looking at old woven textiles
    that five sisters have made for their marriages that only one of them has the luck to get. All their textiles have survived in their bridal chests until the grand childrens of the fifth married sister donated the gold mine to the museum. It was so inspiring to see all the wonderful handmade textiles and the colors were so bright and bold. We had then a wonderful time in an old museum garden with lovely flowers. And I am now so inspired to sew something with lot of colors. Tomorrow I will of course sign up for a pincushion blog hop.
    Have a great day

  14. Wheeee! Can't wait for the pincushion hop! I have some great ideas!

  15. Oh Lucy, you are one of a kind. Fantastic dolls. Super, in fact. Fun post!

  16. Love Lucy-oh my, now I'm going to have to go look for one! Looking forward to the pincushion hop - should be great fun!

  17. Love that sheep mug and Lucy! Keep cool!

  18. I am so happy you do not have a "man of steel" cup but rather disappointed there is no "woman of steel" cup living in your home - hee, hee - you really make me laugh and love to read what you are up to each day. Hot and humidity are living here also. DWH and I are off to the air conditioned antiques show today. Who knows what treasures are waiting for me and calling my name. My collections need more pieces, me thinks. Judy C in NC

  19. I love your Lucy doll! Wonderful fun!
    Great idea for the man of steel quilt! It will be wonderful for that special someone!

  20. Hi Sammy!
    I think your Lucy doll is perfect for you!
    Take care, Leslie

  21. Love your choice of fabrics! I have some similar ones that I am using to make a super hero quilt for my little boy. I just found your blog and am loving reading it!


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