Wednesday, July 24, 2013

It is such a COOL day...and that means..

It is a sewing day for me today....
I have a Riley Blake Design project to complete and since this is
  my year of Gingham ( RBD's gingham)
I have chosen to do a Tutorial on a multi layered gingham ruffled stool...
Now that was a mouthful lol

And speaking of mouthfuls, I took my banana LOAF, actually only ate 1/2 of it this morning
with my coffee in a matching cup like that other lady's purple one...

It is soooo cool here this morning, it is just wonderful to curl up with a 
monkey sock quilt , my favourite cup, ( Helen, my favourite is always the one
I chose for that day) lol  I grab my coffee and sit on our beautiful deck
listening to the birds and Joe Cocker...I was in a Joe Cocker mood..
Yep surprised my DH too lol. Sometimes he really just rocks my world...
( well both of them) 

Now for my sewing project to be completed today..

This is what I started off with...I have already added some ruffles..
YOU will have to wait till July 31st for the rest...

I am very pleased with the progress and it looks so lady like...
not at the moment but it will soon...

Today, Geta was the winner of a $200.oo shopping
spree at Corries store QUILTTAFFY.COM

She really has such a lovely collection of fabrics and notions...

We had a 50-50 draw, $200.00+ went towards yet another sewing
machine and $200.00 to one lucky winner...
We will have another draw in mid August! 

Congrats GETA, you will have to show and tell what you chose
when it arrives...

Ladies you really are  kind, smart, important to so many of us 
in our quilting world...

Cheerfully yours...

ps Tanyia from Domestic Deficit
has won a copy of Amanda Murphy's 
Modern Holiday ...
My favourite quilt...
Let me know which christmas ornament you would like...
for a name tag..


    1. Your red mug is beautiful (almost as beautiful as my purple mug) and the banana loaf looks yummy. You only ate half? Ugh...I would have eaten the whole thing and gone looking for more. LOL Riley Blake gingham is so cool! Can't wait to see the rest. Congrats to Geta, too!

    2. Thank you, Madame Samm, for your initiative; thank you all the ladies who contributed to this cause. I can't believe I AM the WINNER!

    3. I saw Joe Cocker and the who (or Guess Who I cant remember) when I was pregnant. Boy did my baby 'dancer's!

    4. Congrats to Geta!! Now that is my favorite mug so far ... you have the best mug collection ever!! Have a wonderful day.

    5. What a wonderful way to start the day. The mug is beautiful and the banana loaf looks delicious. I wouldn't be able to save half.
      Looking forward to seeing your finished gingham project.
      Congratulations to Geta.

    6. Congratulations Geta! Love gingham, can't wait for the 31st.

    7. Always love your mugs : ) Congrats to Geta!

    8. I am so excited about this book, thank you so so much! <3

    9. Two lucky winners, Gerta and Tanyia, great way to celebrate the middle of the week!

    10. the banana loaf looks yummy - I'll enjoy it vicariously thru you! Congrats to Geta...have fun shopping!

    11. Congrats to the winners!!!! Fun give aways!!!! Love the ginham stool!!!!

    12. Congratulations to Geta and Tanyia!

    13. You keep me smiling! Congrats to Geta and Tanyia! I love seeing your cups. Banana loaf sounds delicious. AND sock monkey quilt? I'd love to see that. Love your blog!!!!!

    14. Congrats to the winners Geta and Tanya. The gingham stool is awesome.
      And the banana loaf looks yummy.

    15. Congratulations Geta! I can only imagine the gorgeous quilts that you will make with that fabric purchase! :) Love your work!

    16. Congratulations to Geta and Tania.

      Banana loaf ... MMMMMMMMMM ... I'm drooling. I can almost taste the banana loaves my mom used to make. You only ate half? Send the other half to me please. ; )

      Looking forward to seeing your finished stool. I'll bet you add a touch of red somehow.

    17. Congrats to Geta and Tanyia. Winning is wonderful!
      Love your mug Samm.

    18. Congrats to the winners,that`s great and thanks you for the great giveaway!

    19. Çongratulations to the winners! What fun.
      I know that you love the gingham as do I. Gingham is timeless isn't it?

    20. You are so lucky to have cool days in the summer time. I WISH it would get cool in Florida in the summer. It must be so heavenly to sit outside and enjoy the beautiful weather with coffee in hand. Sounds like you are doing great Madame Samm. I can't wait to see what you make with your gingham fabric. :-)

    21. I am so glad Geta won... I follow her blog...she wrote a post a long time ago, that still makes me cry... great lady! Love the mug with circles on it. You should see my post today! With my cup=)


    22. Good morning. I am a day behind ..Haveing problems with Bloglovin accessing my blogs. I think they are overloaded with people useing them anymore. Your cup is beautiful. congratulations to all of the winners.


    You think they are just words...they are sew much more than that...your wee messages tell me, you are kind, smart and important...