Tuesday, July 23, 2013

In the PINK today with some china mugs and MOVIE time!

I could not even think of competing yesterday with 
so here's my softer take on hers...
( not that either one will admit we ever do compete that is) 

Now I am not usually a rose lady...but this porcelain cup
just screamed "pick me pick me"

In the meantime I have some sewing I have got to complete
today. I have a project for Riley Blake Designs and this Super
quilt that needs to be done by the end of the month...

As well as my HO HO HO for that Other Ladies hop wink...

And speaking of Super as in SUPERMAN, MAN Of STEEL.
We had a date yesterday and went to see it...
After paying for the cost of seeing 3D ( don't recommend that) got 
a bit dizzy and there was more 3D in the commercials prior to the film) 
and popcorn and  bottles of water, cost to go the movies around here is
$49.00 I thought that was insane...There were 6 people in the Theatre,
12 cars total in the parking lot....Mind you it was a MONDAY afternoon,
and we did have a date...but who goes to the movies today 
at that cost...?

It was an ok film, Henry Cavill, was worth the view..
He plays KAL-EL, not Ka-LEL as I previously stitched
on my Superman Quilt....so when I returned home I changed that lol
The movie was a bit long and I think I did catch myself a couple 
times nodding off....lol

Now David and I last movie date was when Les Miserables
was out, now that was worth the big screen, and before that THE HELP,
another worthy view....But from now on, I think we will 
wait and pick up the dvd when it is out...
To think years ago, we went to the movies every weekend
sometimes taking in at least 2 films...

We have a lovely theatre room in our home and we both
make great popcorn lol.

I love dates with my husband but we both agreed
in the future we will purchase 6-7 dvd's for the cost of 
an outing...and opt for a picnic outing and a good book...

Sometimes the best things in life are the events
that cost very little... Take last night, we sat out on 
our deck and blew bubbles....
YEP, 2 grown up adults, laughing at our 
cats chasing bubbles...

NOW that is a memory that will be etched in  our lives forever....

Off I go, I have a sewing machine that will start without me...

Cheerfully yours!

we have a few spots left.

let Kristen know if you want to participate.
kkking69 at yahoo dot com


  1. Love the mug and dolly so summer! Can't agree with you more about the cost of the movies. If DH, The Boys and I go it costs us £38.30 which is $59 and then any popcorn is about another £30 so $45.90, which means a very expensive visit!! We buy the dvds too and at least you don't have anyone annoying you at home, like you can get at the cinema!!!!! Susie x

  2. That was certainly an expensive cinema date. But I could imagine you and your husband blowing soap bubbles, so fun and such a happy event.
    Your mug is so wonderful and the doll, she is so cute. Have a great day

  3. I'm with ya! The movies are terribly expensive and now a days, the DVD comes out fairly close to the movie showings, so you don't even have to wait a long time to get your hands on it. Love the bubbles...... I always have a small bottle of bubbles at the ready for my inner child to come calling!

  4. Sweet cup and doll...she's almost as cute as my bunny. LOL We did a 3D movie for World War Z and loved it, but it was expensive. It's crazy that the popcorn and drink cost more than the movie itself. Enjoy your sewing day!

  5. Love your pretty mugs. I have quite a collection too.
    We seldom go to the movies due to cost, but we have fandango here and once a month we can buy tickets on Friday for that days showing at buy one get one free. We try to take advantage of that. We also try to plan going out to dinner/lunch before the show as a meal is generally cheaper than popcorn/drinks at the theater.

  6. The cost of the films these dates is crazy. We just wait until they come out on tape and watch them at home unless it is a special event for the kids.

  7. I did enjoy looking at your baby doll more than the Alice in Wonderland bunny !

  8. Pretty mugs. I have so many mugs myself so I don't need more. My daughter works at Starbucks and I have a few of those large ones from Starbucks too. She has a whole cupboard full of different mugs too. Glad you sold a few.
    I got your card in the mail yesterday. That was so sweet. Oh and those balloons you sent make great needle grabbers if you didn't already know that. So I put the balloons in my needle case.
    Okay off to work on my pincushion creations. I love making, and using pincushions and giving them as gifts too.

  9. Love the mug and dolly. Movies here are expensive too. When we saw Man of Steel, the money for the tickets went to Red Cross for tornado relief. Then I don't mind. My husband goes to the afternoon movies at the senior discount all the time. I like the time to sew!

  10. Such pretty mugs. The pictures is very expensive here too.

  11. Oh, such a cute little dolly! My latest mug (the adorable little red rooster!!!) has found a wonderful spot nestled with a bunch of other kitchen chickens. Love her! :)

    We are obsessed with movies around here, and with a daughter working concessions at the local theater, we often see a show free! In a neighboring town they have a $1 theater, so if we miss it at first, we can catch it in a dollar movie. You pay about half as much for the gas to get there, but it makes a great date night. Netflix is great too - I just turn on a movie and watch/listen on the computer as I quilt.

  12. At least your pretty little doll and mug won't give me nightmares. ; ) That other lady's rabbit is really scary looking.

    The price of going to the movies today is crazy expensive. I can remember going to the movies every Friday and Saturday when I was in my mid to late teens. But WAY back then it was only a few dollars to see a movie, sometimes two.

  13. I remember as kids, mom would give us 35 cents each to go to the movies. The candy store next to it sold "black balls" at 3 for a penny. Delicious, but they turned your hands and mouths black. Our money was gone into a bag of candy each. The movie was free-but you really had to run fast if the usher caught you! Now that was another century, another town, and sis and I have changed our names to avoid prosecution!

  14. Some theaters charge a lot more than others. We have discovered a cheapee one and have been going with the kids about 1 to 2 times a month. Between going during matinee which is a cheaper price, our millitary discount. And never see the new movie ont eh week it comes out cause it costs more then..2 large drinks and a large popcorn with free soda and popcorn refills is $25.00 and for 3 of us to get in is $10.00 total not quiet Thirteen for the 4 of us to get in....At the other theater in the very posh or ritzy popular part of town just fr the 4 of us to get in and no popcorn or drinks was $50.00.....So now we go the economy route and save money...

  15. We took Jonah to see the Wizard of Oz in 3D he wasn't,t oo impressed. It was the first movie he had been to and since he is blind we payed normal rate and he got in free. We are never to sure how much he sees but after an hour he was bored so we left.lol I kinda enjoyed it. I think you and your husband are so adorable tomorrow is our 48 anniversary , he doesn't like to go to movies or restaurants anymore because he has hearing aides so I don't get to do those things with him anymore.. Love Ya.

  16. DH took the 3 grandones to the movies on Saturday when we were in Canada a couple of weekends ago. I went to spend some time with my Mom...she is going to be 86 in November...her memory is not the best and then some days she is as sharp as a tack. Anyways DH broke the bank taking the grandones to the movies but it was worth it. They loved it. I'm sure he didn't ask if there was a senior rate. Luv the mug...beautiful roses!! xop

  17. Love the mug! Do you have a favourite one to use? I don't go to the movies much. It seems insane to me to pay for a seet and then be parked in the isle (the wheelchair). I've tried negotiating with these people, but they won't let me in cheeper (JOKE!). The fun of the HOHOHO hop is in full swing here. After procrastinating for a long time...... I have now cleared my schedule for the whole week. I am holed up in my newely organized (FINALLY) craftsroom and have been using everything in it already. And it is only day 3!!!!!!

  18. We seldom go to the theater too to see a movie. With kidlets it is much easier to have that fun at home.

  19. I rarely go to the movies because of the cost. I wait for it to come out in DVD... I'd rather sit in my comfy chair with my diet mt dew and popcorn. Added bonus, be able to press pause at anytime and wear my jammies.

  20. Look at your sweet little dollie! I remember you made a lavender doll one time, too! They are all so precious! Enjoy your day my friend!

  21. Woman, tried to sign up for the pincushion blog but the email was rejected. I checked and have typed Kristen's email address as mentioned. Any ideas? By the email, your collection of cups is darling!!!

  22. We have a wonderful theater setup at our place too. So unless we just really want to splurge on a date night with dinner and a movie, we wait until the movie is out on bluray/dvd!

    That was such a sweet read about the bubbles. Two of us played a kiddie video game together last Sunday and had so much fun! Cheers :)



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