Sunday, July 21, 2013

I NEED SUPER guidance... and a bubble to protect myself...

Seldom do I have a post on a Sunday, but we lost power the other day, and I found myself praying
a lot that day....wink... Everything is fine, but many were not as fortunate as us...So I will continue praying for them too....

In the meantime, I need some SUPER advice....I am from the old school, I like to pink my seams
especially with this SUPER Quilt....to be sure I am stitching straight on the seams...I allowed for a lot more than 1/4 seam  and I have a pair of old pinking shears that well let me just say, seen better days...

What is the best PINKING shears out there...I came across these Fiskars...or a blade...Or is there something else I should be aware of?????

Ohhh on the blade front, the other day, I was putting a notions package for my oldest who has embraced quilting...... I had a new package of 5 blades so I thought I would open it up and send her a couple extra ones....WELLLLLLL I will be darned if one of those blades popped out of the package and sliced my thumb.... pretty bad actually, but not so bad that I felt I needed to drive myself to the hospital....It was early in the morning and I knew by the time my DH came home if I DID NEED stitches...my thumb could be saved...lol.  ( 7 hour window there) All I knew for sure, is I saw a lot of RED all over my wooden floor lol.

MY DH said it was a doozy....He glued me back together again kissed my thumb and made me promise not to "play with blades, unless he is home"....That list is long about doing things I cannot do unless he is home..

Don't get on any ladders even a step stool.... last time I did that, I ended up in the hospital with a very bad back injury...
Don't  use snipping scissors to cut chicken wire, last time I did that I cut into the palm of my hand and sliced it open..
Don't sharpened knives  ....Last time I did that...wellll I cut off a nail. TOTALLY! 
and now Do not change blades in rotary cutter... well you know the story there..

So YOU can understand why I am asking for some advice here....I need a good pair of pinking shears...I nipped my finger today....lol

Ohhhh and just to let you know this so called QUILTER does not know how to do 
everything...you know FILM strips  have that white part...

So I am thinking I will just cut myself small squares..you know 1.5 inch square...
after cutting about 100 of them....
I thought --now let's sew them...together...welllllll that was ridiculous..
as MY MACHINE has an automatic cutter....well you can just imagine the mess
I was making lol.  

I had never made a checkerboard block before so I did not even think of strips...
welllll until I thought, "how am I am going to do this???"

And voila...this worked....so I increased by blocks to 2 inches...they look much better...I think
I spent 2 hours doing this...each strip I added, of course I had to iron, and then sew and iron...well
you advanced quilters know all about  that lol

So far so good....I am starting from the bottom up on this special SUPER QUILT...
and I am just loving the result....

I will likely get it completed, ( topper ) today...Unless of course
well, I don't even want to think about it lol

 Yes I know it is KAL -El I am working on it ..lol

The winner of this OLISO
AMY, she has been contacted and BLUE is her
favourite colour and she was really in need of a new iron..
So congrats my dear....this lovely BLUE TG1050 is on its way!

NEXT MONDAY this will be our FINAL giveaway 
from OLISO....

Big thanks to them over and over..
they will have granted 3 lovely ladies
the ability to PRESS ON...

The Oliso® TG1600 Pro features Oliso's patented iTouch® technology. Simply touch the handle and the iron lowers, ready to work. Take your hand off and the patented scorchguards lift the iron off the board preventing scorches, burns, and tipping. Less strain and 30% time savings are added benefits to this Smart Iron's 1800 watts of power and horizontal or vertical bursts of steam. The TG1600 Pro features a 30-minute extended auto-shut off for sewers and quilters, a 12.7 oz side fill tank, a beadblast stainless steel soleplate, flat pressing surface, detailer tip, and a 12-foot cord for full range of motion.

All you have to do is be a follower here, leave a comment that is a no reply...quite a few were automatically disqualified sadly...if you are not sure you are a no reply blogger, in doubt
leave an email...good luck...

Here is how you can win....

"If I could design a quilt mine would look like this

P.s....YOU Have got to check this out....
someone has a new cup to show...lol


  1. My wonderful husband bought me a Gingher pinking shears when I was flat on my back on bedrest for my birthday 13 years ago. Like any Gingher it was expensive, but I just used it last week and it still cuts like butter! Oh how I love it! By the way, I can't use knives unless there is someone home who has a driver's license..I've been in the ER too many times to count after horrible cuts to the hands. ;)

  2. Oh dear...those work related injuries are such a hassle! It's so hard to sew and quilt when you're bleeding :( I sympathize having been there many times before. Hope you heal up quick. I don't have any pinking anything, so can't give you any advice.

  3. While I find that pinking shears tend to go dull pretty quickly (I have a pair of Fiskars), I LOVE a pinking blade! I use it for anything that has the possibility of fraying and rarely now do I feel the need to overcast anything.

  4. I have no advice for you but I love the look of film strip. How cool!

  5. Ouch! Don't you wish you had a 60 second do-over!? Hope your hand heals quickly! I cut the end of my finger off with an X-acto knife years ago. The good part is that the top of my finger was numb for 10-15 years and it was the finger you use on the bottom of the fabric when hand quilting. It worked great.... didn't feel the needle pricking me while I quilted... but... I always had blood spots on the back of the quilt! :) Don't have much advice on the pinking shears. I have an old pair of Fiskars... not the spring loaded ones.... and they do seem to work fine. I rarely use them though, and when I do, my hand gets really tired and sore. I just don't do much pinking and have never thought about alternatives.
    Glad your power wasn't off for long. Take care....be careful....and heal quickly! Looking forward to the filmstrip quilts!

  6. Glad to hear you didn't need stitches (stitches should only be in fabric!). Hope your thumb heals quickly. xx

  7. Ouch, ouch, ouch! After reading about your mishap today it brought flashbacks to when I cut my left hand with a huge knife trying to cut cabbage. I cut a nerve, a tendon and an artery. Ended up having surgery. Luckily I didn't lose any use of my index finger. The cut was on the side and base joint of my index finger.

    I'm thinking you shouldn't do anything when your husband isn't home. ; ) Hope your hand isn't hurting while you're working on your projects.

    All of my sewing scissors are Gingher, including pinking shears. My pinking shears are about 25 years old and still work like the day I bought them. However, I don't use them a lot.

  8. I love my Gingher pinkers, too. I, also, have an old pair of Wiss that have a scalloped cut. LOVE them, too! I have had some issues with rotary cutters, but have never done more than a small cut. Snipped the soft skin between the thumb & index finger with my razor sharp 5" Ginghers. New Years day, 1969, I stitch through my index finger when I was 14, stitching a rolled hem on the sewing machine. ER trip, once my dad arrived home 4 hrs later from a fishing trip. Needle had to be cut out because it broke off in my finger. (Mom did not drive in snow.) !994, making a birthday cake for my younger daughter, I accidently turned on the beaters of my mixer as I lowered it into the bowl. Caught my left ring finger in beaters. No one home but me, call 911 for a ride to the ER. Finger was wired back together & only took a year to grow the nail back. To all those who have just read this: Please do not plug in your mixer until the beaters are inserted into head & the head is lowered into the bowl. THEN plug the mixer. Do the reverse when mixing is completed!

  9. I use a blade to pink seams now. Never found shears that worked well.

  10. I'm afraid I don't have any advice about a pinking shear. I need one myself! I'll be reading the advice you've been given.
    Ouch! I'm afraid I've done that myself! I tend to hurt myself when I get in too big a hurry! Good for your husband for watching over you!

  11. I can feel your pain, Madame Samm. Not too long ago my goddaughter was at my house. I had left my rotary cutter on my mat at the kitchen table with it open. She grabbed it and I was so terrified that she would cut herself that I reached for it.And---sliced my thumb open-all the way to the bone.It healed up, but I still have the scare. It reminds me to ALWAYS close the blade on my cutter. I hope yours heals quickly without a lot of pain. Take care.

  12. Oh dear... Well we have all done it!

    Ok, pinking shears- I have a good pair, but- They are so stiff it takes two hands to open and close them... I thought they would loosen a bit with use- but they are too stiff to use, so they do not get that option...

    So, IF you get pinking shears, make sure they have a screw/nut you can adjust- or you may not use them...
    And do not adjust them unless your husband is there!

    I really think the shears may be your SAFER option.


  13. So glad that you didn't need stitches and your DH could glue you back together. :). I have both pinking shears and a rotary cutter with a pinking blade. I don't really prefer one over the other. The rotary cutter works great for a lot of pinking or through thicker material. The scissors, which look like a regular pair of Fiskars, work great for curves, inside corners, or small jobs.

  14. Hope your thumb heals quickly! {I'm trying to type without my right index finger, which just stopped bleeding about an hour ago. apparently I shouldn't try to open a can of cranberry sauce without a responsible adult home}

  15. I don't pink unless it is being used as a raw edge effect. When I do, I use a blade. Shears just don't "cut" it for me. Not exact enough I guess.

    Here's my method of changing blades (since I am afraid of being cut). I set an old placemat on the table (work area) and then the cutter, package of new blades and container I use for old blades. The key here is tweezers. Yep, I don't touch the blade--the tweezers do.

  16. Wow, you pink everything, really? That is really organized, or crazy ;). I think that pinking blade is fast...I have not used it but that might be what I would try. I too am coordination challenged and happy not to be alone. You know those mandalin kitchen slicers? I nearly cut the corner of my thumb off...I was showing off how cool it (I) was to my husband...ahuh. Should have kniwn better as I used to sell them as a pampered chef rep...now I use the safety guide :). Be safe!

  17. Love your film strip! Your injuries remind me of mom. Stay away from pruning shears, please. Just sayin'!


  18. Be careful out there...we don't want that thumb out of commission! Glad you had that lightbulb moment. Great quilt in the making!

  19. Good gracious Samm! Glad you are ok. I like the pinking blade myself. Faster. I'm kinda scared to tell you that. I see a finger with some pinked edges on it....oye.

  20. My son-in- law did the same thing sliced his finger and didn't go to Emerg after three days it was still wide open so he got a needle and thread and sewed it together then called me and saying he was learning to quilt lol.
    Love the quilt my grandson would go crazy about it he love's super hero's.. Be careful we all love you so much. I have the same pinking shears for about 40 years. Blessings Sandra

  21. Ouch...I had flashbacks to 2 years ago when I thought, or rather wasn't thinking and did not close my rotary blade and straight across my pointer finger and middle finger I went....and for some reason our hands do bleed allot when we cut them don't they....I needed stitches and could not cut without finger-less gloves for some time cause I was scared to death I would get cut again....Any way I hope you are not having too much pain and it is healing....Ohhh I love the film strip piecing looks great! And Yes I have heard that Oliso is wonderful and I am so hoping that my name is picked to be able to definitely say they are wonderful!

    1. I am sorry I forgot to add that I have had Gingher pinking shears for about 8 years now and have only had them sharpened twice and they still cut like butter....

  22. Funny thing about power outage. One side of town, the lights are on, and two blocks over, darkness. Glad you have power back. I have a pair of pinking shears that I seldom use, so I can't give any advice. Maybe you should get both the rotary cutter and the scissors. One for long seams and one for small spaces.( so much for not giving advice-LOL) Your film strip/super heroes quilt is off to a great start. Take care.

  23. I quit using pinking shears a long time ago, but I still have them. Those rotary cutter blades are so super sharp. I've had some close calls myself, but I really do try to be careful.

    Now on the other hand, my son-in-law, who is very tool savvy, was blowing out a hose or something on their refrigerator that was stopped up. An ice cube shot out, hit him on the arm, and he even bled. I had to laugh because, well, you know! He's a man, and they think we are the stupid ones. :)

  24. Ouch ! That had to hurt.
    I love my Ginghers best scissors yo can buy...IMHO.

    Take care and please stay off stools while holding scissors. Who knows what you might end up doing.

  25. I love Gingher scissors, but my pinking sheers are Mundial Classic, They list at $70, but Amazon has them for $23.99.

  26. I have the Fiskars you show and they work wonderfully for me. I am left handed, but cut with my right hand. I tend to tilt the blades and the Ginghers wouldn't work for me. I have also tried the pinking blade, but can't use a ruler with it. Glad your sweetie was able to glue you back together, sew remember his do not do list.

  27. Oh dear Samm! I'm sorry about your finger. LOL, your dh sounds a lot like mine. My problem is I always burn myself...oven, iron, wood stove...sigh~ Anyways, I'm so so glad you thought about doing strips. It doesn't make any sense to cut hundreds of little squares to sew them checkerboard, when strips is easier and faster :) Hope your finger heals quickly.

  28. My quilt would be bright! Pinks and reds and polka dots and a fun stripey bias binding! LOL Ps I hope your finger heals soon! Ouchy!

  29. Ouch! My problem is I have a tendency to sew my finger when I machine quilt. I've done it more times than I can count... usually happens when I'm in a hurry to get something done. Hope your finger feels better soon.

  30. Congratulations Amy! Oliso irons are so wonderful, I don't have one but we use them at quilt retreat.

  31. Samm you are hilarious! I'm so sorry about your sliced finger but the way you tell it is too funny and I just had to smile. This quilt is going to be worth it though. :). Blessings, Marlene

  32. I have 3 or 4 pair of pinking shears. Ginger is the best of them. I use a serger for seam finishes. I have the pinking blade for the rotary cutter but it is hard on the cutting mat. I try to remember to use it on the wrong side of the mat when I need to use it. Hope you heal quickly!

  33. I wear a steel glove by fons and porter when I rotary cut ever since I got a gruesome thumb injury. .

  34. Well, my pc has been on the blink again due to lightning and living in a "certain, unnamed county" which loves to give you surges of power... Hubby and I counted up this morning... we are now on monitor #3 in 10 years and computer #5 in the same length of time!!! argghh

    ouch ouch and more ouchees! I am constantly cutting myself with the rotary cutter! I have a pair of Gingher pinking shears but rarely use them because they are so heavy and I hate how they cut. So I do not pink anything. I may have to try a pair of those Fiskars to see if they would cut any easier.

    I have been dreaming about the yellow Oliso iron... I have yellow vintage lamps for my sewing room and the iron would be perfect with them against my new Pigtail Pink paint. I have my fingers, toes and eyes crossed. ha!

    "If I could design a quilt mine would look like this - It would be a long winding path around a beautiful river rock wall with flowers spilling over the edge, with a bench, water fountain, and lots of God's creatures scattered about"

  35. I have a pair of pinking shears that I've had since I was just beginning to sew...I rarely use them so I'm no help on telling you what to use. But, I think you need to look in the kids section for safety scissors since you seem to be a danger to yourself when using sharp objects. LOL P.S. My tea tastes better in a purple cup. :O)

  36. I love my pinking shears. They are the same kind as the ones that you have pictured and theyre great. Also, that yellow iron is amazing! I have been really into yellow lately and would love to have one of these! Your quilt looks awesome btw.

  37. I just burned out my old iron... what great timing. Hey, I love your film strip quilt, just how fun is that! :-) Pinking shears, I almost never use them. When I do, I have my very old pair, that with such littled use is like new. I'm no help for good advise on them. Sorry!

  38. I have 4 irons and can't say I have found the right one as of yet. I I have not tried the OLFA. Hoping to win this one to maybe find the "glass slipper" ?

  39. I would design a quilt with the story on it of all my grandchildren, with pictures and mementos relating to each grandchild. I don't have any imagination, well not much, so I am always trying to think of how to do that one. I really need a good iron,thanks for the chance to win one.

  40. SEW sorry to hear about all your injuries~ goodness! Hope it heals up soon!
    I've been using my pinking shears quite a bit lately on all my seams and I have had a Fiskars brand for many yrs. and it still works great.
    If I could design a quilt, it would be more on the primitive side, maybe a log cabin w/stars or something like that.
    Thanks for entering me!

  41. OUCH!!!! I hope you heal quickly. I have to say that I LOVE my Fiskars pinking shears. Not only are they easy to use, but they cut so beautifully. I have Gingher ones and a good Swiss pair that my dad brought home for me, but the Ginghers are the ones I use all the time.

    If I could design a quilt it would beautifully blend all of my scraps and be able to be sewn in long seam lines.

  42. I do have a pinking blade, but I'm not much of a pinker.

  43. Sorry to hear of your boo-boo. I've had a few myself but have no one here to kiss it - except my dog who is not that sympathetic. I use both blade and shears when I have to pink anything. If there closeness in what I do then I use the shears. If I'm just cutting then the blade. Heal up and thanks.

  44. I do not use my pinking shears but I guess I should especially since I applique and everything gets all frayed. I would love to win a new iron, mine has just about had it.

  45. I know the feeling of injuries from sharp objects. I sliced off a quarter of y fingernail last night while cutting projects for a craft camp I'm teaching today. Forntunately no blood; but dont' cut unsupervised. Especially after midnight.
    Thanks for the great idea!
    Lauren Stott

  46. Hiya Madam Samm!!! So sorry to hear about your accident. Here's some positive energy for a fast recovery <3!!! My daughter put her arm through a glass window last week and had to have 3 stitches in one cut and another cut glued together. And I know how much those things hurt, been there, done that.

    Love the film idea, so cute!!! You are such a genius!!!

    "If I could design a quilt mine would look like this...a forest scene with lots of animals and a rainbow over a stream. Quite ambitious for a new quilter lol. Maybe someday. Thank you for having the giveaway. Blessed be, hugs!!! Pam

    pamspretties57 at gmail dot com

  47. Sorry to hear about your boo-boo!! They hurt so bad.. If I designed a quilt it would be a picture of my granddaughter. Mostly appliqued. Thank you for the giveaway. I need an iron so bad, this would really be so nice to have. My daughter gave me a pair of pinking shears for my birthday, but I would really liked to have tried the blade.

  48. I guess you need to stay away from absolutely anything that is sharp when you don't have supervision around. LOL. Just kidding of course.

    If I could design a quilt mine would look like....actually one that I'm really working on...from inspiration I found on vacation last year. Lots of great lines and just a tad bit different. I can't wait to reveal it.

  49. Yikes! What is it with you and sharp things, Samm? It's as if you're jinxed! lol... Smart thing to have a hubby that can patch you up when these accidents happen. :o) Hope your well on the mend.

    Your quilt is looking SUPER! Love the filmstrip edges and the lettering. He will love it!

  50. I am so glad you asked about the pinking scissors, looks like Ginghers is the favorite, I would really like to use a pair of pinking scissors to finish up some coasters, I think it looks so cute when they are finished that way. Hope you heal well and soon.

  51. I have my grandmother's Singer stainless steel pinking shears, but rarely use them in my quilting! But I had to laugh at all your accidents! Sounds just like me!! My husband has threatened to remove all sharp objects!! Hope you are feeling better and find the right pinking shears!!

  52. Thank Goodness for sweet husbands who kiss our boo-boos! Yes, I can relate...I have several rules to follow due to my clumsiness but I often break them when I just "need" to reach that top shelf for something very important...holding my breath and crossing my fingers that I won't fall. So far, so good. I have a very old pair of pinking shears bought from a local Wal-Mart over 30 yrs. ago and they still do the job but I would recommend Ginghers if I were to buy a new pair. I do love Ka-Lel's quilt and he will absolutely Love it. I design all my quilts...I never use an entire pattern I always deviate and go in my own direction. I'm currently working on a "literary" quilt I designed for a retired librarian with names of her favorite books. etc...
    Gmama Jane

  53. I love my pinking shears. I have a pinking blade, but it not good with a ruler. I feel I have more control with the shears. (probably safer too). Glad you are ok.

    If I could design a quilt, I think I'd want it to be easy to make, but look complicated. I'm loving the 3D look, so maybe something like that.

    A new iron would be awesome and a pretty one would be a bonus!

  54. Havel's. Try them once and there is no competition left.

  55. Take care of those wee hands! Glad that hubby patched you up and kissed 'em, too! LOL I have not used pinking shears in years, but I know what quilt I would design....actually hubby designed it and I just need to pick the fabrics! I'm looking forward to the project! Thanks for the chance to win an awesome (and much needed) iron!
    Warm hugs to you!

  56. I have a very old pair of pinking sheers that is not much use and a rotary cutter with a pinking blade that I use only occasionally so I have no advice on this one.

    Your strip technique is great way to make the film strips in your quilt.

    Oh, my .... what a beautiful yellow iron ... my favorite color! Thanks to you and to Oliso for the chance to win!

    If I could design a quilt mine would look like a New England landscape ... a falling river in the mountains with forest animals and birds ... or a rocky rimed beach at low tide ... I love landscape quilts ... wishing I had the talent ... :) Pat

  57. If I could design a quilt mine would have star blocks and pinwheels and be red and white with a bike on it with a basket of flowers..... I've gone a little bike crazy this summer, need to remember how young you feel riding a bike. Hope this is the place to leave a comment for this lovely iron :) Be Careful my dear!!! Replacement parts are hard to find for fingers and toes. I think pinking shears should be pink but that is all the advice I have as I haven't found any yet in that color and I am not really fond of the ones I have as they are hard to open. and curiosity has me wondering..... Are you pinking clothing or quilts???? janita

  58. My quilt would be very bright & cheery. I love quilts that make me happy & I smile when I look at them. Thank you for the film strip idea! I have to make a quilt for my women's group. The theme is The Wizard of Oz. I have been trying to figure out how I was going to do this.....THANK YOU for figuring this out for me! Thanks too for the chance to win a fabulous iron. I love reading your blog!

  59. I personally like both! Depends on what I am doing! Sorry! I sadly have cut my finger with a blade WAY too many times! Hope it heals quickly!

  60. Please be careful. I have scalloped shears & I love them. I tried the pinking rotary blade, I do not like it.
    If I could design a quilt right now, it would be a red & white basket quilt!

  61. I don't use pinking shears right now. I had my mothers, but can not find them *sigh* I think they were Weiss (I have the straight edged ones still). Sorry I can't be of help.
    I would love a new Iron, ours is acting up and doesn't spray anymore when you press the button.

  62. I have 2 pair of pinking shears, WISS and Lindar, both steel and probably at least 30 years old. I used to use them frequently when making clothing, as I am also "old school," but seldom use them now. I thought they are both in need of sharpening and perhaps oiling but I just cut some batting and they don't seem dull. My hand hurts when I use them for any length of time. The Lindar seem to be more "loose" if you know what I mean, but I'd love to try the Fiskar ones. I have a pair of Fiskar shears similar in style to those pinking ones and they are a dream to use-my hands seldom get tired when using them. I hope that helps you.

  63. The only pinking shears I have were my grandmothers, and they don't cut anymore. Sorry. I've cut myself with a blade before. Not fun! Hubby finally lets me near sharp objects. It took years. As for designing quilts, I've designed a few in the past. At the moment, I love stars and pinwheels, and fun colors. My son has been designing most of his quilt. I get to finish designing it, since he isn't around much (at college) and he wants the quilt finished. He did let me choose 2 different fabrics to go with it.

  64. I cut my thumb while cutting with a template and the blade when straight through the middle
    of my thumb, fingernail and all.....I have been wanting to try the pinking blade though...

  65. Do you know there is a glove to help protect your hand from blade cuts? I think it's Fons and Porter. I have old pinking shears but I think I would try the pinking rotary cutter blade. Your Man of Steel quilt top is looking good!

  66. cool purple thanks
    have a super week just hopped in to say Hi

  67. If you get the Fiskars, they will replace for FREE if they break, etc. I had a pair of these and mine got real stiff after about 7 years or so, I contacted them and they sent me a new pair! Then that pair had the little orange thingy broke and they sent me a new part, plus an extra. They make some great gardening tools too, and have replaced everything we ever needed. So not only do I love their products but their guarantee ain't so bad either!

    But I have to say as for ease of use, the blade is great. The cuts will be more rounded than the scissors.

    Hope this helps!

  68. I have some very old pinking shears from the days when I made clothing but now rarely use them .I would love to get one of those fancy blades for my rotary cutter .By the way I have cut my hand witht he rotary cutter and it is not fun and took forever to heal. Thanks for the chance on the iron.


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