Friday, July 26, 2013

Holding it together...

Yes I am, it is the day after  HER retirement!
Does anyone have any idea what she is up to?
Drop me a line if you do....

I am trying to hold it together -really I am...

This is what I have planned this weekend...

Complete my CHECK This OUT....( project for RBD)
( get it- gingham?) 

Design a pair of sock monkey slippers...
( yep, could not find any, so I am making my very own pair
to match my quilt and sock monkey Josie)

stay tuned

 I have my very own sock monkey quilt designed welllllll
YOU know by that other lady...
Isn't it gorgeous...?

Here is the FABRIC collection it is called Monkey Around
by Quilting Treasures

Sandwich my SUPER quilt

Make a TEA COZY for a special HOLIDAY SEASON HOP

Design a NEEDLE keeper ( ohhhh you gonna love this) 
to match the Tammy project bag
This will incorporate a 1 inch handle...yes.! 


a ruffled thread keeper...YES I am going to figure this one out...
( my 3 inch hoops came in...I am going to design a wee thread keeper
with ruffles and small enough it stands up by itself...)
YOU will see...

Yes I have big PLANS....
I am sitting here with my coffee, and listening to  Greenback Boogie
the theme song of SUITS, and the sparks are flying....

Gotta run, my fingers are itching...
Do you ever WONDER how I hold it together?

WONDER CLIPS keeps me together yes they do...
I think the BEST TOOL OF 2013 for me...

If you are going to invest in any tool this YEAR,
think WONDER CLIPS, I use them for my hexes,
I found using them for my hexes, I did not lose
blood circulation in my fingers..

And you wondered how I did it all? 

begins next week...

we still have a couple more spots...
connect with Kristen
kkking69 at yahoo dot com

Ohhhhh forgot to add
we have 1 more OLISO iron to giveaway on MONDAY

Seline won the grey one
Amy won the blue one...
Who will wil the Yellow one?

will it be YOU?

Congrats to DEONN
she won this yellow OLISO iron...
That makes 3 irons from OLISO in 3 weeks...

Big thanks goes out to them for keeping us
in IRONS...WE will continue to PRESS ON with FASHION...


  1. Love your monkey quilt!
    I think THAT Lady knows she doesn't have to DO anything to make you nervous, just touching a needle will make you jump LOL.

    Sending you calming Dutch energy :-))

  2. Samm it's not often I see a quilt and think I just HAVE to make it but I give up...that monkey quilt is to die for. I must make it. Any idea where I can get the fabric? Blessings, marlene

  3. Love this monkey quilt. I will have to make one for my Grandson. Love the thread catcher!

  4. I also like the monkey quilt! So fun!

  5. Sounds like your weekend is full.....your sock monkey is adorable and yes I have been looking for sock monkey cup but as of yet not a thing but then it took me awhile to find my Betty Boop one so I will continue......Have a great weekend.

  6. You keep me smiling AND I don't know how you do it! Love the sock monkey quilt. Thanks for putting it up. You are AMAZING!!!!! Have a great weekend.

  7. Love that quilt! The wonder clips look like they could change my life. :)

  8. Carol is probably wondering what to do first on her list of freedom ! Wonder clips are something I going to have to try someday and you should know I love yellow ! smoothing hot yellow, that pops up !

  9. You are so funny! That other lady is doing just what Vickie said..."wondering what to do first." I use the wonder clips all the time (the small red ones) and don't know what I ever did without them. You look like you'll be VERY busy with your projects!

  10. Hi Sammy!
    Carol is on vacation, I would say at her cottage, or someone's cottage, sitting in an old fashioned chair, with cool fluids to,drinks and her stitching! She may have set up a sewing machine on the deck or patio, but,enjoying her,week away!
    Thanks for the giveaway! Take care, Leslie

  11. I can't help but smile when I see that monkey quilt... so I had to go and buy some of that fabric too! haha! My granddaughter Emilee is getting a room re-do while Allie is here on the farm and guess what it is??? yep... The sock monkey... shhhhh... She doesn't know she is getting the quilt!

    I am swooning over that yellow Oliso iron!! please oh please oh please... :)

  12. The sock monkey quilts is sew adorable. Wonder Clips are on my wish list ... as is a new iron. Did I mention that yellow is my favorite color? Looks like you have a wonderfully quilty weekend planned! Looking forward to seeing the sewing ... :) Pat

  13. Sounds like you are going to be busy too this weekend. So many projects on your plate. Have a "Super" great weekend.

  14. I really need to give those wonder clips a try - Have fun with all your projects and thanks for always making us smile - as would that Sunny Yellow Iron! Whomever wins it will be smiling for sure.
    xo jan

  15. Can't wait to get my new iron. Let's say EXCITED! Thanks again! I heard that other lady was cutting Hexies today. *lol*. Don't tell her I told you!!!

  16. I adore wonder clips but haven't seen the Jumbo clips yet!! I also LOVE "Greenback Boogie" and the show "Suits" I thought the new season would NEVER get here. I anxiously await each new show as well as the one before it, "Covert Affairs".
    Now on to those adorable thread keepers...so cute. What did you use for the base? I'm anxious for the pattern.
    Hope you are feeling in Tip Top shape this Friday. We finally have some cooler less humid weather for a change. I need to have some coffee time out on my front porch swing. I had the grandson James this a.m. and didn't get around to my morning coffee time to myself.
    Gmama Jane

  17. Yes.....let it be me???? Love that song

  18. I would love to win the iron. I need a new one. Love the monkey quilt.

    1. Hello, hopefully you see this....you are a no reply blogger...so I could not answer your question regarding the hops...
      if you see this leave me your email..

  19. LOL, I love the coffee cup in the pic with the wonder clips. Too funny! Madame Samm doesn't sound like you'll have time to sleep this weekend with everything you have lined up to sew. Can't wait to see your sock monkey slippers.

    I have the small Wonder Clips and use them for everything ... if my hair falls in my face when sewing I just grab a clip and clip the hair. So far I've remember to remove it before leaving the house. : ) Oh and by the way, that yellow iron already has my name on it. ; ) One of these days a new iron will come my way.

  20. The so k monkey quilt is great! And in my fav color!! It reminds me of my grandchildren. I ,are eah one of them a sock monkey at their birth and its name is the child's middle name, written on the monkeys bottom!LOL! They are well loved. And the iron...I have been lusting after one for a long time...

  21. Love the moneky quilt. Now I can't wait to see what kind of moneky slippers you come up with.... I bet carol was sitting around wondering what you were up to this morning. as you were wondering about her. I have never used those clips. They seem to be rather expensive. I use the binder clips usually on my hexi's....But I am sure one day I will invest in some of those once I can quit spending every dime on health care bills. Oh am I looking for ward to a nice peaceful 2014...

  22. I love the small Wonder Clips! Carol in checking out the great Buffets in LV. How do I know-------She was seen eating Opilio crab legs at The Buffet on the Discovery Channel, LOL! I think she cleaned out their dessert bar.

  23. Rosemary B here:
    I am glad Carol is enjoying her well earned retirement. You better watch out, indeed.
    I love that quilt, and I am looking forward to these monkey slippers you are going to make.

    Your week-end sounds full of fun.
    My littlest is moving home for a few months before her wedding, and my oldest just bought her first house. So I am looking forward to spending some time with my girls, and giving my mom a shower.
    And cleaning the apartment, and lots of other things.

    I just made another puppy for the little girl that lives on the third floor of my parents building.
    She is a doll. Makes goodies for my parents etc.

  24. OMG, guess what I am watching on TV right now at 4AM in Greece, "Birds", I can't turn it off, I just keep thinking of you and the quilt you made and now I want to see the end of the movie.

  25. Oh yes! I so want a ruffles thread catcher!! I just bought my first set of those clips to try! I can't wait to use them!

  26. I need some of those clips... for my hexies....
    psst.... I love the color yellow :)

  27. Love the hexies. Just got a box of 50. They are waiting for my large quilt to get sandwiched and quilted.

  28. Sweet quilt. I`ve seen the fabric and passed it by. I`m going to have a second look. It is precious! Have a splendid day Madam!

  29. I love the sock monkey quilt. Is there a pattern available ? Thanks Sandy

  30. I love the sock monkey quilt. Is there a pattern available ? Thanks Sandy

  31. wonder clips have changed my life :) love love them for binding!

  32. Looking forward to seeing your slippers! And I love the stool! And while I am at it I love yellow irons!! Had that iron in a class I took and just loved it. Thanks for sharing.

  33. Wonder clips are one of my favorite. My mom bought me a couple of huge boxes and then for small gifts she sends me more small sets. I can wonder clip a baby quilt now and not run out.

  34. Wonder Clips are certainly wonderful. I have a few I use, too!
    I love your sock monkey quilt!

  35. Sweet monkey quilt. Looking forward to your new creations.
    Would love a nee iron.

  36. I love the stool, adorable fabric! I love to have 1 of these irons. Thanks for sharing.
    Brenda A.

  37. I love the sock monkey quilt, so adorable! I will have to look into the wonder clips. I too would love to win a new iron, thanks for the opportunity.

  38. Yay for Deonn!! Beautiful yellow iron :) Make your ironing task much sunnier! And Samm, I adore your monkey slippers and your quilt is very fun!

  39. I love wonder clips too! I use them for making hexagons and for binding quilts. Best tool ever! You are a mighty busy lady!


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