Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Day 6 of our Put your Stamp on it...and our last day with Red Rooster as our sponsor..

Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought YOU 
stamp ladies would create such amazing
fabric stamps...This has been a really special hop..
Thank you for inspiring us all and never disappointing us with
your boundless creativity.

By now you have seen everyone and I am likely your last stop..
I have had a few challenges this month that may have limited 
me in my creative side...wink...

I had every intention to WOW you like that other lady 
who likely WON this hop's challenge...
But I was just running out of time...
I was adding the last finishing touches 
late last evening....
So I hope I don't disappoint you...
( I bet she is glad I have not been able to put my best
well you know ...forward ) lol
 I will get her next time....

These were the ladies I was up against today..
I know there are some pretty amazing stamp creators here........

And with gratitude we have Thearica from Pig Tales and Quilts

And as usual Thearica was on top of everything and cheered
us all into another VICTORY...

July 3

Sew We Quilt  ( here I am) 

Ok, ready...crossing my fingers...

LOOK I even poured you some coffee or tea..
It is a magical POT, it pours whatever you like...
Even ice tea for those who are experiencing a heat wave...

We have had little sunshine these days....raindrops 
just keep falling from our sky.... So I took these photos
in our cafe on our covered deck...

I sketched this one up just the other day, I can't tell you how many times
I changed my mind of what I was going to create....but I finally came
up with this....YOU all know how much I love my china mugs and cups..
so it made perfect sense to capture ME with my lips and finger nails polished
for this mornings stamp PERUSAL! 

I stitched her in variegated corals from Presencia and black Finca Perle
# 12 from Colonial Needle....Quilt Taffy carries these threads
if you are looking for them... Corrie keeps talking about #16 which
is great for our sewing machines..finally got some! 

I added a rooster charm from Thearica's Store....she has some pretty wicked
charms among other great notions.....
Oh the rooster, cause lately I have had a thing for them too..
and we live in the chicken capital of Ontario....

I remember the days when a cup of joe cost a quarter, 25 cents...
mmmmmm lovely memories of days gone by...

Take this wee tot... it so reminds me of my youngest who was always getting
into trouble. We had a stool in the corner of the dining room, that often
found his seat upon it... He would always say...
"if I have to sit here can I read the paper?" 
Don't know how much reading he actually did, but he 
would often forget why he was put in "time out" and would holler
to me..."Mumm, Sale is on at....." 
Yes Memories of sweeter days....I stitched this up in just plain
black Presencia threads with a bit of red variegated for his pattern shorts...

And this wee tot, well I almost completed her in Applique...
sitting on a stool - 
( will try to complete her todar out of me..
Will save her for another future hop...
( OR will try to complete her today) 

This is what she was going to look like....

WELLLLLL there will always be another HOP! 

All the winners will be announced TOMORROW!

And for our sponsor we have Red Rooster
Each winner will be getting 2   3 ( 101 x 3 ) Tokyo 4 x4 lovely squares..
to create even more stamps... ! 

1 Winner who will be our top 3 of the day
1 Winner who has participated in our hop
and 1 Winner to all those who leave comments...

check back later this morning for our winners today !

Time has come to announce TOP 2

YOU can always count on this lady for being a STAR, with her designs as well
as her amazing photography...YES hard not to choose this for those
who will be celebrating JULY 4th tomorrow...
YES my dear, you shine bright in our hearts, time and time again...

Ahhhhhh this one comes all the way from INDIA, this lady captured
her garden perfectly, look at the buttons ....truly inspiring, vivid
and a lovely selection of colourful fabric selections....


This one comes from GERMANY, berry season for them....can you just taste and smell
the berries in this gorgeous stamp? She must of known that strawberries are really 
my very favourite fruit. Her needle turn of each berry is 
delicious...look at the detail below...

I am almost certain, YOU all felt such a connection
with these stamp creators...
I can without a doubt, state this has been one of 
my most favourite HOPS...
We will have to do it again, maybe next year? 

CONGRATS to the following....
all these ladies did not win 2 each, they won 3 each 
of these Tokyo's....101 x3, that is a lot of 4 x4's....

along with extras....

Robin for being in our top 3.....
( she made a robin) .
Leslie for participating....
( she a california yellow flower)
Debby who left comments...
( she will be our next cheerleader for HEXIES, take 7 and call me) 

DEONN who also left comments...

YEP, we have a few extra, why not....wink...

Ohh forgot to add  I SENT Thearica
this as a special gift to remind her of all of our early morning
meets...  and a delightful job she has done as a cheerleaer..

I was lucky to obtain some of these, Carol has one.
I have one, another is on its way to another very dear lady...
..wish I had more

Ohhhh Thearica reminded me this was made the year she was born!
( nope not telling lol)

PS////thanks to Vickie from More Stars in Commanche
for this great video on how she made her edges...

This is an excellent VIDEO


  1. Look at you, all gussied up and on a stamp, lol! Your little tot reading her quilting newspaper is sew cute. Thank you for sharing

    1. OOPS, I needed to look closer and read better, she is not a she, but a he!

  2. Love your coffe drinking lady, but that little tot captures my heart. I can totally relate to you and your little man on the stool. Love it! :). Great hop and I look forward to the future ones!

  3. Well I absolutely love the coral lipstick and polish. Coral is my favorite color to wear! My husband just can't figure out why I have to carry my lipstick on the tractor with me.lol.. But now, that wee tot is just adorable! I love the plaid shorts. And I will definitely have to check out Thearica's store! I was so stressed about this hop, worried I wouldn't have time, but I guess we all make time for what we love! I am so looking forward to some hops in the future! All these stampers were just terrific!

  4. Aww, so sweet are a Mothers memories of our little boys, super cute stamp !..... I will have some coffee from your magic pot please, she's a very lovely lady. Samm,you have the best ideas...I'm excited to see what the ones coming up will be ! Fun fun fun ! I'm leaving now... to go look at Thearica's charms !

    1. I'm very honored to be up there today ! All the stampers from this entire hop are so talented, your challenges bring out the creativity in all who participate and inspire all who just read. Thearica is one great cheerleader too ! I had fun, Thank you !

  5. Your stamps are lovely but I knew they would be :-)
    Thank you for a wonderful, creative, fun Blog hop...I was impressed by all the ideas ! fabulous !

  6. They are lovely your stamp. Really cute. Thanks for sharing

  7. Nice job MS on your stamps...I love the tribute to you and your coffee very much you and the tot well I love seeing them all the time. You have done a wonderful job but then you always do. Hope you are feeling better. Take care!

    1. P.S. I am always a cheer lady for you and our blog hops......

  8. You shouldn't apologize your stamps are great, I even love the little detail of the boys letter pocket, adorable.

  9. Couldn't sleep! too much sorting lately....so got up to get my blog up early.....love the last undone pattern!!...I was in Joannes ones years ago on New Years'Day....and that actually happened....a kid was being awful and a lady swatted at what she thought was her kids acting up...OPPS!! I must admit I had to bury my face in the bolts of fabric as I smothered my laughter....cheap fun I know!! but so sew so, well, you know!!

  10. Great stamps. You have been stitching your fingers to the bone! I love the wee tot. Thanks for another fun hop.

  11. Madame Samm, your stamps are incredibly delightful!! I wish I had a pinkie fingers worth of your talent! I can't even draw a stick man correctly. lol

    This has been a fabulous hop and wish it did not have to end! Everyone should be very proud of themselves because the designs that have been shown are totally inspiring!

    Thank you Madame Samm, Red Rooster, Stamp Makers, and for the readers who came through our blogs!

  12. Such sweet stamps! I really love the addition of the charms. This was a wonderful bog hop; so much creativity!

  13. Great stamps! Love the 50's look with the ribbon in your hair. And how sweet that your Son would ask to read the paper in his time outs..... who knows what extra information he got while waiting for his time to end. So cute, both of the stamps! And thanks for another great hop. I loved the theme of this one and the possibilities that it offered. I wasn't able to join this one, but I may have to make my own stamp some day. You rock!

  14. Love your stamps! I think I like simplicity of lines, the uncluttered look. You have achieved this in your stamps too. Thanks for sharing.

  15. You are so creative! I love the 50's look too. I would do my whole house in it!

  16. So cute Samm! I especially love the Wee Tot on the stool and your story to go with it. I've been away and had little internet for the last week but when I could get it I've looked at all the stamps on Pinterest and I'm totally amazed at the incredible work everyone has done. It seems to me that the participants are getting more and more creative with every hop! blessings, marlene

  17. Oh ....you are too funny!! I just love both of your stamps. You have a great mind, you know....You and that other lady are hilarious....a great hop!!

  18. Great hop and what a lovely lady stamp! Already looking forward to the next one.

  19. As always your sheer talent to bring your drawings to life amazes me. What a delightful bunch1 They sure do make adorable stamps! I think you need to contact the Canadian Postal Service and have them consider you for their next postage stamp! :-)

  20. I agree that you should be designing stamps...it would make it more fun to send letters again! Thank you for another wonderful hop...People are just so amazingly creative!

  21. I love the retro theme in your stamps! You are so multi-talented with all types of needlework and sewing. It's such a pleasure to visit your blog. Thanks for the great hop!

  22. You win...you know you do! Your sweet tot and lipstick lady are just adorable. I really must go check out those charms! Your weepy, whiny little girl is too funny...made me laugh this morning.

  23. want a tremendous way to end a blog hop. hate to see it end but it has ended with a bang. awesome stamps today and throughout the hop. Happy 4th to those US hoppers

  24. love your stamps! the little fellow on the stool cracks me up! thanks for getting this hop hopping - it was great fun.

  25. Your stamps are adorable!! (You and "that other lady" are so funny! You keep us smiling!)

  26. Love your stamps :) especially your guy on a stool...such a fun story about him looking out for you by letting you in on the sales! This was a wonderful hop, I so enjoyed the beautiful workmanship displayed as well as the fun stories behind the stamps...great hop, as always, thank you!

  27. Your stamps are beautiful, Madame Samm! Gorgeous stitching! Great stamp choices for today too! Thanks for such a great hop!

    1. Hi Michele,
      I can't get through to Your blog, I want to leave a comment.
      I love Your stamp so much. (Maybe You wanna swap? LOL)
      Greetings from
      Strawberry Heike

  28. Your stamps are lovely and so well done. I will look forward to seeing the crying girl finished!!

    The stamps from today are just gorgeous - such detail and delight.

  29. This has been a fun hop to not only participate in but to view all the creativity that came from the other ladies. Thank you for allowing me to join in and your stamps are so very cute.

  30. Once again, an amazing job by all participants! I loved your blog before and I think I love it even more now that the world of quilters comes right to my computer every morning!

    thanks for the recipe too! You're an angel!

  31. I love your "me" stamp, the ribbon embellishment is a great addition. The "time out" stamp and your story of your son is just adorable.

  32. I love your stamps...and the little boy on the stool. That is a beautiful memory for both of yous. I loved it!! Thank you for another fun hop!!!

  33. This has been a fabulous hop! Your little stamps are sew sweet!
    Thanks to all who stamped around the world with us! ... :-) Pat

  34. The stamps are amazing - what a creative hop. To recreate moments of time in your stitchery is precious. Fantastic projects as usual!

  35. You certainly put a smile on my face today. Your little stamps are so sweet!! Thanks for sharing your talent with us here in blogland.

  36. Still chuckling over the story behind your second stamp, Samm. Too cute! Love both of your stamps - they are so YOU - lovely details and memories.

    Love your sense of humour - the "other lady" stitchery design is a hoot!

    Three cheers to all that participated in this lovely hop. Thanks Samm and Thearica!

  37. Your stamps are wonderful. The whiny tot is too darn cute! All the stamps today were so much fun to see. The tops picks are great.

  38. Oh lovely madame. I was late on it today, I took a day trip to a town for visiting a special yarn shop and I found what I wanted. I love, love your stamp. As always you are fantastic, my favorite is of course that of you. This blog hop has been so wonderful, thanks for organizing and thanks to Thearica for cheering us all up.
    Have a great day
    Hugs from Sweden

  39. All your work paid off once again. Everyone has done a great job on their stamps. The creativity of all is amazing. What fun. Have a great day!

  40. Hard Hard choice!! So many fantastic Stamps and yes, to a New higher level!! whether 2 Cents or 46 Cents...and all those in between!...your stamps are just striking too.....so yes, we do Hop Till We Drop don't we?....Have a sweet and safe 4t of July too!!

  41. So many fabulous choices! Thank you again for making these hops happen! pbstrand@msn.com

  42. I think your piece is wonderful and fun.


  43. Tots on Stamps, I love it. This was a great hop and your contribution has just add the topping on the stamping cake. It was a great show of State Stamps and othr unique quilting from all.

  44. Fabulous stamps! Thanks for another great hop.

  45. Your stamps are fabulous!
    Thanks for organising another great hop - I really enjoyed it!

  46. What a sweet stamp, and what a lovely hop!

  47. I've been so curious to see what you would show us. Delightful and creative as always. Thank you so much for all the quilty cheers. This hop has been lots of fun.

  48. Beautiful..Love the new tot the lady stamp is my favorite. Love everthign I have seen today. especially that strawberry basket. Major wow factor there

  49. I always enjoy your stitcheries and your selections of the day. There has been sew many great stamps out there I do not think I could pick a favorite. Thanks for once again giving us the opportunity to create and share with one another.
    in stitches

  50. Another really fun hop. Thanks for all the entertainment these bring us. Love your stamps, you do just wonderful work.

  51. for Susan..

    There were lots of wonderful stamps, including yours. I really like the child reading the newspaper. Kind of reminds me of Norman Rockwell paintings. But the crying little girl--well that had me laughing.

    Thanks for putting these hops together.


  52. I am two days behind--family stuff--and can't wait to catch up.

    Your stamps a truly delightful, again. The hardest job must be to pick the top two and most creative. These ladies have out done themselves

  53. I must admit to not being especially gung ho about this blog hop...just couldn't get any inspiration so I didn't join up...but I can honestly say that I now wish I had entered after having seen all the lovely stamp designs and uses for them. Each one was so unique and expressed such personality. So shame on me for not seeing the potential of "stamping it up". I won't make that mistake again! Any thoughts on doing a pincushion blog hop???
    Gmama Jane

  54. You first stamp is tres chic and your second stamp is tres cute. I just love the polka dot hair bow. You are right in that the bloggers, including yourself, made the most creative and lovely stamps.

  55. Lovely, lovely stamps Madame Samm. Great stitching as well as lots of details. I had a little chuckle about your son telling you about the sales while he was in a time out. But when I saw your crying wee tot, I laughed out loud. Hilarious!

    The top 3 picks are fantastic as usual. I have to say I love the three dimensional look of the strawberry basket stamp. Love the puffy strawberries, the woven basket, and the stitching. This lady did an outstanding job.

  56. Thank you for such a great and very enjoyable blog hop! Today's picks were amazing and your projects were definitely so you! Looking forward to the next blog hop and all the wonderful inspiration from the participants.

  57. Well, you and T did it again---another enjoyable hop that I wish I had signed up for. I love the idea of doing it again so maybe then I could, LOL. Wonderful choices that I was almost sure would be recognized.

    You had me laughing out loud with the crying wee tot---that other lady beat me but I was grinning at the story of your son in time out, reading the paper and sharing the things he thought might interest you. It would seem he was having too good of a time in that time out, LOL. Has he straightened up and is flying right these days? LOL

    THX again for a fun time!

  58. Thearica really saved the best for last! Your stamps were very creative! Enjoyed the heck out of this swap. Thanks again for another winner!

  59. Great hop. Thanks so much for sharing all the wonderful ideas.

  60. I have a daughter born in the rooster year, but then, so was my dad!
    Wish I had more time to check these all out but I've got a late baby quilt to work on!

  61. Sweet wee tot. Reminds me of one of my minions depending on the moment lately. Thanks for hosting and Thearica for being a great cheerleader. I enjoyed participating.

  62. You are just sooo funny!! Of course, YOU are a WINNER!! - always a WINNER. Your first stamp just spoke "Madame" with 'her" cup of 25 cent coffee!! Love it. And I totally loved the story of your little one "on time out". That's a marvelous memory; give him an extra special hug next time you see him. That was a wonderful prairie points video and something completely new; I need to try it. Hope you had a great Canada Day - Happy Fourth of July!! :)

  63. Love your stamps. The stitching is terrific and your designs wonderful. Thanks for all you do and all the inspiration. You never disappoint.

  64. Love your stamps! Thanks for another wonderful blog hop. They are great challenges for my brain. Looking forward to many more. Debbie - Traveling Quilter

  65. Lovely picks of the day. I love those strawberries!


  66. what a wonderful blog hop this was. I am sorry to see it end. The ladies all did a fantastic job. Thanks for sharing all with us.

  67. This was so much fun. Thank You to all, The Sponsor, Madame Samm, Thearica,the creative ladies all over the WWW, Thank You so much.
    Greetings from Germany

  68. Great video on prairie point Vicki! Thanks for posting it Madame Samm....have a great day.

    1. Yes, I thought that lady was very easy to understand. It's so much faster than making them one at a time !

  69. I can't remember if I got to your stamp post yesterday, so I'm back. Your stamps and embroidery work are awesome, of course! Love all that detail and whimsey. And you're making me want to gather some red cups and dinnerware! Thanks for all the beauty I find when I hop on over to your blog!

  70. Samm as usual you pulled it off again another wonderful fun hop. Your stamps are just adorable and evoke a lot of memories. I laughed at your stories about sitting in the corner because we have a grandson like that. Even whe you are not feeling up to par your work is so wonderful. Thanks for inspiring us all. Big hugs

  71. Madame Samm and Thearica, once again the hop was fabulous! Thanks for making me think outside the box. And giving me a deadline. I had a horrible dream on Tuesday that my post didn't post and I couldn't get ahold of anyone's email addy to let them know. It was AWFUL! Thankfully it was just a nightmare :-)

    I love your coffee cup and that. Wee tot in the corner is way too sweet. Love the story about the paper too :-)

  72. Such lovely stamps and you never pick your own =)

  73. Wonderful stamps .. congrats to the winners !!

  74. Wonderful hop. Sew many wonderful stamps. Glad it was you who had to pick. The winners are all of the things you hope for in a hop. Sew much imagination packed into a week. Wow.


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