Tuesday, July 2, 2013

DAY 5 Put Your Stamp On it.... with RED Rooster as our creators

Yes by golly, we all remember when stamps were under 25 cents..
Presently in  Canada, the cost to mail a card to the USA= $1.34 and lets
not forget a Hallmark card is anywhere from $3.95 to $8.00
To mail international-  a card it cost us $2.68.

So the ideal of creating a stamp out of material...well PRICELESS...

And that is what I want to say about our STAMP creators this week...
They are all PRICELESS! 

Look who is up today, some very priceless ladies...who happen
to create some pretty amazing stamps...

And with gratitude we have Thearica from Pig Tales and Quilts
who will be cheering them on like nobody else can...

July 2

Meadowbrook She will be on tomorrow...OOOPS

Katie and Kwilts  not up yet....we will wait a bit more...

And for our sponsor we have Red Rooster
Each winner will be getting 2 ( 1001 x2) Tokyo 4 x4 lovely squares..
to create even more stamps... ! 

1 Winner who will be our top 3 of the day
1 Winner who has participated in our hop
and 1 Winner to all those who leave comments...

Winners will be announced at the end of the hop...

Time has come to announce TOP 2

I suppose this morning we could say we looked after 
First this lady pulled me in with this tractor...what a great paper pieced stamp...
it looks very much like their antique tractor on their farm...
Wellllll done...

BY SEA, this lady added so much detail to her stamp you will have to check her blog to 
see the rest...look, at the kittie with a meow....the sea helm woman
 managing the Helm.. I have spent a few summers on  some midsize sailboats 
called the sloop...
All in all, this sent waves of emotion to my heart...

MOST CREATIVE goes to this lady..

And don't you just love this photo...the lighthouse stamp quilt..
WOW..the details are simply perfection...
This is the AIR one....yes we covered it all so far...
I have loved the ingenuity and passion all of our ladies have 
poured into their stamps...
 YES this has been a very enjoyable hop...

Big THANKS to all those who have made it possible..
we still have 1 MORE DAY! 

NELLIE DUCLOS, please email me here
I believe your name is Patricia..
you are a no reply blogger


  1. Good morning to all! Just went hopping and I saw some fabulous stamps again!! So much creativity! :) and now my inspiration folder is bulging at the seams!

  2. Well, I have my picks in my mind....can't wait to see yours. Fun day!

  3. Oh some wonderful work....loving the lighthouses.

  4. again another day of creativity waited as we hopped around cyberspace.

  5. I've been out of pocket for the last few weeks but what a treat this morning to 'feast' on everyones beautifully designed stamp quilts! Refreshing break! Thanks for sharing!!

  6. Another lovely day to enjoy the stamps. And tomorrow the fun is over, but there will soon be more to come. My favorite the tractor stamp, so fun and so many memories for me when I was at the country side in my childhood.
    Thank you Madame Samm making this to such a fun adventure with blog hopping
    Greeatings from a sunny Sweden

  7. Great Picks!!....Our Greetings are Rain Rain Rain in Indiana....but great sewing days..:)

  8. Samm, I'm excited to be a top pick! Have a great day.

  9. Fantastic works of art today! I could use a bit of that Indiana rain, way hotter then usual in Northern California.

  10. Thanks for all your effort and energy, you are just great, Samm!

  11. There were some cute stamps here today!

  12. Yep, got it covered--land, sea and air, LOL. Some fun projects again to today. I wonder what tomorrow will hold? Can't wait to see! I wonder how much your stamp will resemble the graphic?

  13. You're so creative...land, sea, and air...love that! Great photos and stamps today!

  14. Great stamps! I have enjoyed looking at everyone's creative expressions of themselves. I can't wait to see tomorrows.

  15. I knew that lighthouse stamp quilt in the mailbox would be posted as one of the tops of the day. I thought what a great photo too. Everyone came up with some pretty delightful stamps.

  16. Another fun day of stamp collecting! Thanks! :) Pat

  17. So many great stamps! I am very excited that yall liked my little tractor. I really wanted to make a cutsie flower one, but then I would have had to paint my real one! Really looking forward to tomorrow!
    :) jan@http://sewandsowfarm.blogspot.com/

  18. What fun stamps!!! The tractor is darling!

  19. Lots of inspiration today and my favorite is the lighthouses, love the bag she made too.


  20. Wow, I love this blog hop, the stamps are so cute! Thank you
    (smjohns63 at yahoo dot com)

  21. Stamping is still going strong and the work and creativity is worth the hopping.

  22. All the stamps are so different and wonderful, tomorrow is already the last day but for me it could last 'til end of the year.

  23. Congratulations to the winners and to all the ladies who worked on The "Stamp it Up" blog hop...you all did a wonderful job in creativity...

  24. Loved all the winners today. I even found some new blogs to follow. Great job ladies!! I admire anyone that can make something this small.


  25. todays winners are yet again terrific. love the new you accompanying your comments. fun.

  26. Beautiful creations for today's posts! Really enjoying seeing all the creativity from everyone and looking forward to seeing some more incredible creations tomorrow.

  27. Great choices. I love how creative everyone is.

  28. Fabulous projects today - the lighthouses were my favourite!


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