Monday, July 1, 2013

Day 4 of our Put your Stamp on it with Red Rooster as our Sponsor...

WELCOME BACK, trust you all had a delightful weekend...
We shall continue with our STAMP CREATORS! 

Yes by golly, we all remember when stamps were under 25 cents..
Presently in  Canada, the cost to mail a card to the USA= $1.34 and lets
not forget a Hallmark card is anywhere from $3.95 to $8.00
To mail international-  a card it cost us $2.68.

So the ideal of creating a stamp out of material...well PRICELESS...

And that is what I want to say about our STAMP creators this week...
They are all PRICELESS! 

Look who is up today, some very priceless ladies...who happen
to create some pretty amazing stamps...

And with gratitude we have Thearica from Pig Tales and Quilts
who will be cheering them on like nobody else can...

July 1
 ( Happy Canada Day to our Canadian Friends)

And for our sponsor we have Red Rooster
Each winner will be getting 2 or 3 EACH ( 100  x2 or 3 ) Tokyo 4 x4 lovely squares..
to create even more stamps... ! 

1 Winner who will be our top 3 of the day
1 Winner who has participated in our hop
and 1 Winner to all those who leave comments...

Winners will be announced at the end of the hop...

Top 2 today are...

Yes yes yes this one for many reasons....it is bright, colourful, YELLOW,
California....and another PRICELESS stamp...
Yes We LOVE THIS! ( and its creator) 

This one just has to bring a smile or two....I am alllll about animal rescue...
one of the areas our family has always been a big donor of...
I think this should be in many of animal rescue doorways..
wellll it could even be their BRAND..... adorable...


OK, nothing speaks more to me that A Canada flag and a beautiful shore...
This lady certainly captured the beauty of welllll everything...her GIANT stamp
is simply beautiful. The quilting and photo exceptional....


PS. We have August and September hops
to announce... very soon!

PIN it here...( calling all PIN Cushion makers)

 Colour me WILD  ( batiks only)

Take 7 and call me in the morning !!!


XXX stitches! ( calling all cross stitchers) 


We will be having a REVIEW on something we could all use
for various THREADS....

A new pattern - NEEDLE KEEPER ! 

We have some OLISO irons to giveaway this month.

I will also be featuring some special projects for the month of JULY...
( while many of you take some well deserved, family, holiday and totally relaxed ME time!)


  1. Happy Canada Day! It's always so, sew fun around here, and it appears that it will keep going with these terrific new hops!

  2. MS-Another terrific job with this blog hop. Leslie's (Loose Threads) comments are not working unless you are have a gmail account. I don't know if that can be remedied. I would like to give her some positive feedback but don't have a google account. I'm up late as it is too hot to sleep here in CA with our crazy summer weather. Thanks.

  3. Happy Canada day Madame Samm and all of our Canadian neighbors and friends!

    I set up my post last night when we got back from Georgia and I hit the 5 instead of the 1 on the month of July. arggg

    I got up this morning and came straight to my blog and said "Well, Mr. Bloger, you are up to your old tricks again"... then went and looked in my scheduled area... I laughed at myself and apologized for blaming Blogger when I realized my error. lol

    The stamps that are being shown today are totally awesome! I am glad it is your job to choose the top 2 and most creative and not mine. :)

    It just NOW started pouring down buckets of rain... Please please please... rainman, go away... We don't need anymore rain for a few weeks...

    1. Thearica could you send your rain to New Mexico please. We have been in a drought for years. we got a little rain last night but barely enough to water the plants. We sure could use a few downpours.

    2. If I could hog tie it and run it down there, I surely would. We have had more rain in 2 months this year than we have had in the past 4-5 years put together. We are usually on the begging end of things. This year, we are in the 'feasting" stage. Our tobacco crops are growing way too fast to actually thicken the leaf up to make the "pounds" it will take to make our crop. Hopefully it will be someone else's turn to have rain soon.... hopefully your area.

  4. Happy Canada Day! Great stamps this morning. Oh those up coming blog hops sound interesting, can't wait to hear more about them.

  5. another day of beauties everyone's stamps have been gorgeous
    lovely hopping

  6. All of today's stampers are so good, but the most creative is absolutely that! Her Canadian quilt and her post are wonderful !!! Happy Canada Day !

  7. These winners today DESERVE it. Loved seeing them all. And yes, that Tinkerbell from Tink's mom is so special. A real winner of a dog. And happy Canada Day to all those of you up north!

  8. Rosemary B here:
    I love all of the stamps today, I visited the blogs but can't comment. Soooo busy, oh my goodness
    My parents are like to large babies hahaha
    Happy Canada Day, eh. :-)
    I love all of my sewing peeps

  9. There were some great stamps today. That Canada stamp is a work of art!

  10. So lovely and outstanding stamps today. My favorite Tinkerbell, so awesome and the Canadian stamp is so beautiful. Great picks today.
    A lovely day of sharing all those stamps and so creative ladies.
    Have a great day!!!

  11. Happy Canada Day! Congratulations to all the winners and thanks Madame Samm for stopping by and checking my stamp out.

  12. Happy Canada Day! Beautiful stamps today...all of them!

  13. Happy Canada Day! Love all the stamps today! Can't wait for the upcoming hops !

  14. Happy Canada Day!!! The choices are marvelous. I am particularly drawn to the Large Canada Stamp as it is stunning.

  15. Yes, Happy Canada Day to you and the other Canadian hop participants. Loved that Canadian Dance Moves video she linked to---the captions were hilarious.

    Excellent entries again today. Every day you have to wonder how they could possible top the days before. I am loving the line up of the next hops and will wait to see how this shakes out time-wise. Take 7 was the hexies?? I must get myself to the machine and sew my brains out to get ready for the HO HO HO!

  16. Happy Canada Day to you! What a perfect creative pick for this special day..... love it and the others too!

  17. Happy Canada Day! All of the stamps look super.

  18. Happy Canada Day! Thank you so much for the kind comments on my stamp and for organizing such an inspirational blog hop, Madame Samm and Thearica. I'm so excited that my stamp was chosen. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You all made my day! :D

  19. Wonderful stamps today and the top three are fantastic! Happy Canada Day to all!

  20. Those stamps are beautiful. So glad they won.

  21. Awesome Picks today!!....you are going to have a hard time picking the winner this time!!!....

  22. They are all so creative! The Canada stamp is gorgeous!

  23. What beautiful stamps. Love that Canada stamp....It is gorgeous.

  24. There is so much talent on these hops, I love hopping. Thanks for all you do.

  25. A great day of stamping along! Happy Canada Day to you! ... :) Pat

  26. That Canada stamp on Canada day how wonderful is that. That stamp was not just a lovely quilted piece it is a work of ART. Happy day to all of the Canadian members of this wonderful group of quilteres that we play with on such a regular basis.

    Thanks for giving me one of the honors of the day. Animal Rescue is so important.

    Looking forward to the upcoming events. Fun to be had by all.

  27. I've been at my community quilts group all day and I came home to discover my stamp featured on your blog. I am blushing with pleasure and excitement. Thank you for the great honor. One year we got a double whammy of fireworks...July 1 in Quebec and July 4 in Boston. Happy Canada Day!

  28. Wow - what a beautiful Canada stamp! On Canada Day! In a gorgeous setting! That is one talented lady! :)

  29. So many wonderful stamps today! Such great creativity.

  30. Happy Canada Day!

    The top three stamps today are phenomenal .. all works of art. I'm looking forward to your special projects for July and, of course, the announcements for future blog hops.

  31. Ah, what a great way to end my day! Loved looking at all the beautiful creations and looking forward to tomorrow's. Thanks for a wonderful blog hop!

  32. Happy Canada Day a few hours late. Hope it was wonderful! The stamps are amazing...I am always in awe of such creative works, but my heart missed a beat when I saw the Canada stamp....unbelievable! Definitely a work of art!

  33. As usual they all did a lovely job at creating!! I liked the California Poppy stamp, it is so bright and cheerful. Thanks for sharing..

  34. Madame Sam! I love your blog, been reading for awhile. Love the stamps, I am so inspired to make one!

    On another note: I have been searching through your blog for the energy balls!! I know you posted these yummy things awhile ago, where is it???

    Thank you for being such a great cheerleader!



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