Friday, July 5, 2013

DASH....I know what I would like mine to say..how about YOU?

NO really!  
Have you ever thought about what you want to leave behind...?

I have, perhaps the melody in the background
the breeze that is light to touch
has me thinking of what my dash will mean
to all those who've watched.

I am tied up till Monday...
looking forward to a pretty exciting month
of what was supposed to be some down time...

HOWEVER  I have some things between those dashes that 
need my attention...wink..


  1. I don't think you will have to worry to much about that! :) I am always telling my kids that life is to short to waste in front of the tv or playing video games. Make sure at the end you have something to show for the moments that you were here, try your hardest, and find something you love to do. Take care and have a great weekend! :)

  2. Your dash, oh you have touched soo many quilters hearts, with love, encouragement, support, etc. Not to mention all the love and memories you gave and taught your family. And you have many more memories left to give. Do what you wish and enjoy, your children and your husband are right by your side. And that is priceless! Hope you have a GREAT weekend!

  3. Dash it all I say! You certainly do not have to worry what your dash is... it is generousity, love, caring, compassion, helpful, a teacher, a friend, a kind spirit, a leader, dash dash dash Need I say more! I hope you find time over the weekend to rest and enjoy yourself! xo jan

  4. I am going to give this some thought while I sew this weekend. Maybe I'll come up with a more definitive answer. I certainly hope that you DO have a little down time "scheduled" in there.

  5. I worry that the "dash" I leave behind isn't quite what I planned to leave. Life gets in the way of wanting to be and do my best, but hopefully I will leave a little sweet memory for my friends and family that will give them a positive reminder of who I was. You certainly have given us all a very large "dash" of your time and attention...and we love it!

  6. Oh don´t worry about that. You have made a big impact to me in my life, not only quilting stitches. And the dash is so large from you and I love it.
    Have a great weekend lovely Samm with some down time for you.
    I have enjoyed me during the three last days to knit, yes no sewing at all. It is so relaxing to sit on the balcony, knitting and thinking a lot and planning for future quilting projects.And I have not thought yet of my dash.

  7. I want my dash to say that "She always made you laugh". My older sister tells me I am one screw shy of a full set but I always tell her, "Yep, but you always manage to laugh at least once when you are around me"... and she has to agree. :)

    I ditto Jan's comment above as to what your dash would say Madame Samm. I am truly blessed as we all are to have your friendship.

  8. When I die I hope my children will rember me for raising them right Teaching them to enjoy the small moments . And tha tI taught them the true vale of haveing a loveing family. I would also want to be remembered for allways being their for them and others And for my generosity and giving soul. And for the beauty I have created and shared with so many and never asked for anything in return for. And most of all for allways encourageing them to be their best at whatever talents they choose to pursue and to never give up on themselves to keep on working for what they want in life. I too am blessed to have had you touch my life through Blogdom and the lives of so many others...You keep it real you make it fun you encourage us to explore our talents and to keep on trying. And you listen to us....

  9. I know you have touched many; me for sure. I hope I can be as memorable to people.
    thank you for that.

  10. Appreciation.
    I hope that my dash is going to be a lot longer than it is today. When it is at its end, I would like to think that I appreciated all that I was given, all that I experienced, all my friends, human and animal. That I took nothing for granted.
    I hope that I will be remembered with a smile.
    I recently attended the funeral of our friend "Barnwood" Bob. The service was all about his dash. A quite man who gave so much to his family and friends. I appreciate knowing him and his family. I remember him with a smile.
    Two days ago, I had to have my cat Molly put to sleep. She was 16 years old and suffering from cancer. Between the tears, I remember her with a smile. I appreciate the affection we shared.
    Keep doing what you do best. Keep being who you are Samm. Your dash is amazing, but it is not long enough yet!

  11. Thoughtful and contemplative - I will definitely spend more intense time thinking about this ... I know I constantly ask myself - "Will I regret not doing that; not going there; not having that; or not seeing that when finally my time comes?" I know my life is full of love for my wonderful husband and children and I just want my dash to be more meaningful. I do believe all of your friends could definitely write yours for you, Samm. You mean so much to a lot of us. Judy C

  12. With all the talent you have, I don't think it's possible for you to ever use it all up ... it's neverending! All tied up for the weekend. HMMMM, sounds a little kinky. ; ) Hope you have a fabulous weekend, no matter what you do.

  13. Now you're making me think Samm...and so early in the morning! Thinking of you this weekend. Blessings, Marlene

  14. May your weekend be dashing ... :) Pat

  15. You're always thinking, aren't you!?! :o)

    Beautifully put, Samm. Thanks for the gentle reminder to not let time slip away.

  16. Your dash will be filled with wonderful things for sure Samm.

  17. Love the ALWAYS, not so sure about the dash, I gotta work on that, but I think my children will be my best dash, no matter how old I make it. I hope your having a restful July and that you got some shopping in.

  18. That poem will always remind me of my nephew...it was the 1st thing read at his funeral service 8 years ago.


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