Thursday, July 11, 2013

Could we be any HAPPIER? some special announcements!

It only took a couple hours from our Hexie Announcement 
 we are now FULL. 
Debby and I are  really looking forward to see what 
will come out of your hexie minds...

On Monday, 1 OLISO iron, the grey one will
be sent to one of our ladies who signed up for the HEXIE HOP...
So stay tuned for that. 

Thanks to OLISO, next week we will be giving away the BLUE
one and the following week the YELLOW OLISO..
Big thanks To OLISO for being a delightful sponsor...
3 LADIES will be able to PRESS ON IN STYLE! 

Timeless Treasures is our sponsor for HO HO HO...
Look 6 PACKS. 6 inch strips WOF in all their CHRISTMAS BLISS...

So if you are in our HO HO HO with Carol as our Cheerleader...
YOU too will  have something to look forward to. 
I am sooooo in the Christmas spirit...

AND will you look at what found itself
to my door...
It is very seldom, I am without words....
Well this wee Sock MONKEY came as a boy...
I turned HIM into a HER....

I am sure the special lady who sent her will

I certainly have had some challenges these past few
weeks, AND that is all behind me now...

This is worth repeating, 
"I would never change anything
in my life, through the sad times, comes amazing joy."

Thank you for being ON MY JOURNEY...
YOU are in for a JOYFUL ride..
no monkeying around...

Our heat wave has blown over so this morning found me under
my  sock monkey quilt -my wee sock monkey not far behind
and my cup of Josephine....lol

Now what should we call "HER" I am stuck!


Ahhhh Josie ( for short)  ( Josephine) is her name...hands down
majority seems to agree..DUHHHH why did I not think of that...
So thanks for the feedback....

How sad we could not squeeze you all in 
for the HEXIE HOP...

To make it up to you...we are giving you advance 
notice of our next hop...

Have you always wanted to create a 
ONE OF A KIND Pin cushion?

Sign up next friday...details will follow on that day..


  1. I definitely like your "girl" sock monkey...they scared me as a child, but with her being cute, not scary at all! :)

  2. That is one cute little monkey and the quilt is adorable, too!
    She looks shy (or is she giggling?)

  3. I am taking a name suggestion from your sentence. You said you are having a cup of Josephine - so why not Josephine for her name?
    She is rather gorgeous.

  4. All the prizes are "sew" fab ! You and Miss cutie patootie monkey girl have a wonderful week ! Stay dry, warm, happy and healthy ! I'm not having a problem staying warm in Texas right now ! LOL

  5. Oh so sorry; I didn't notice the post to link up....shoot; I will pay more attention next time...lol

  6. The hexie spots are full? That means there are lots of people who love hexies or they are brave like you and me to give them a try...either way that is so cool and Debby will be so fun to have cheering us on! Whoever wins those Oliso irons--lucky them! P.S. That monkey is so much cuter as a girl!

  7. Adorable wee sock monkey and your quilt too!

  8. Good news all around! The sponsors for the hop, the generosity of the Oliso Iron company. I am not surprised that so many pounced on the hexie hop, booking up that quickly even those of us who don't normally make them! Must be the inspiration file you sent??

    Love the sock monkey. I have a little kit for one around here somewhere, very small though. One of the quilt group members left it for us when she moved out of state.

  9. Cute Cute monkey and quilt. I thought of the name Josephine when you said, cup of Josephine!The hexies sure did not take long to fill. How cool is that. My order of hexie papers just arrived. Now to get to work on them too. Have a great rest of the week.

  10. I figured the hexie hop would fill up really fast... There is a lot of hexying go on in blog land these days. :)

    Well, I am taking a name suggestion from your post but I want to call her Josie... She is too tiny to be a Josephine just yet. lol

  11. Lots to cheer about today! Thanks to our sponsors for their lovely giveaways! Thanks to all those at work behind the scenes making these hops sew wonderful! Thanks to all who have signed up for the hops and sharing their creative inspirations! Josephine is adorable ... thanks for sharing ... :) Pat

  12. Just the loveliest things. And to have your own special quilt with a matching monkey. Both are beautiful. Enjoy them and the cooler weather.

  13. OMG, wee "Josephine" is ADORABLE and the quilt is perfect to her. Thanks for belly laugh of the day. Suggestion for her name ... Magnolia the Monkey. Actually, after thinking about it, she looks like a Rosie to me. Guess I have flowers on the brain today.

    The hexie hop sure filled up fast. I was trying to decide whether to enter or not (yep, I hesitated even with the fabulous iron giveaways) ... well I guess I know the answer now. LOL

    I've been eying the Timeless Treasures Tonga Treats Christmas fabrics. So happy that this is the giveaway in the HO HO HO hop. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

  14. She looks like a Henrietta to me. The name just flew to the top of my thoughts. Don't know why.

  15. I'm so glad to be apart of all the fun!! I like Minny Monkey!! She is so super cute!!

  16. Wishing you amazing joys soon! Lovely quote.

  17. What a delightful post to read! Love your pics and your girlie sock monkey is a sweetie! Your last pic is superb...a great quilt for you and little sock monkey to curl up with! Enjoy your coffee with your little friend!

  18. I'm with Thearica. I like Josie. I am glad you are doing better. I didn't sign up for hexies because I already have way too many things going on right now, but I will be following along and cheering for sure. I may try a bit of hexie stitching here on my own too.

  19. The folks who win the Oliso irons are going to love them! I have one and it's the best iron I've ever used. :)

  20. Your sock monkey is so awesome and I love the bow tie on her head. I must say that you have wonderful ideas, you has never ended to surprise me.
    You are full of adventures, awesome lady.

  21. Josephine is a cutie.... You are allways so creative. Thanks for allways being thier for all of us in Blogdom

  22. Josie is just beautiful! I'm looking forward to the HoHoHo Blog Hop. My project is well underway!

  23. How did I miss that. I saw where you were talking about it and when I went and had lunch with Marjorie today she told me it was full. You will have to do another one something simular for us slow pokes. I even stopped and bought the cards and ruler today thinking I would like to try it. Marjorie and I will have to try them on our own later. But I am well prepared for the Ho Ho Ho blog. A little harder to keep up in the summer when I am more busier. Can't wait to see everyone's projects.

  24. Glad your recent challenges are over with Samm. I hope the next ones take awhile, to come along ;) What fabulous gifts, thanks to our sponsors. And yes, that's a darling little monkey, and perfect name.

  25. Oh my! A sock monkey and quilt? It doesn't get any cuter than that. I have sock monkey slippers I wear around the house! heehee! Sweet hugs my friend! You are delighting me with your fun!

  26. Here is hoping that things are lookng up for you...but with a friend like Josie how could they not be.....keep your chin up...

  27. Ah, Josephine is sew precious!

  28. Josephine is sooo cute and love the quilt too!
    Glad things are looking up :0)
    I don't have time to join any hops right now but will try to be there to cheer everyone on.

  29. That little monkey is adorable - and Josie is a perfect name. Love the quilt as well. Treasured Threads' "Ask me about my 6 pack" button is hysterical! Very clever of them! Sounds like you are doing better - glad to hear that.

  30. Rosemary B here:
    So happy that you are feeling much better dear Missie Samm
    I love your baby monkey. Sooo cute.
    I will sign up for that pin cushion hop... probably.
    I am going to make something epic, maybe
    right now. Just finished grocery shopping.
    Mom got her PEG tube removed. She is so happy
    Exhausting days here but fun, and soon to be more manageable.
    Just want my parents to have a smooth transition.

    I adore the 6 Pack button, and the fabric is lovely.
    I also love your monkey quilt. Super cutie

    I hope you are having a marvelous day today
    Love, Rosemary
    (just finished coffee and carbo-loading [I am losing weight from running everywhere lol], off to deliver shopping to the 'rents)
    Guess what? I have 5 sewing machines here, mom's old which is mine now, mom's current also an old Singer from probably the 70's (oooh vintage), Christina's White machine I love this machine, and Hello Kitty machine and another olden Singer.
    My strategy is to have a machine at every home I frequent hahahahahaaa good scheme I think

    <3~~ more love

  31. What an adorable little monkey! The quilt is a perfect companion and I'm sure having both to cuddle with is so-o-o-o relaxing! Enjoy your coffee!

  32. Heck gee...hexie....doesn't pay to be sick for a few days with a bad cough and cold and miss reading the emails - all full - never mind - will be so cool to see what people come up with and we gasp at the hexie inspiration boards!!! We are still buy ho,ho,ho ing...

  33. Hi Sam!
    Bride of Frankenstein here, LOL?, will be home tomorrow.
    Your Josie is perfect friend for you an looking forward to the pincushion blog hop! Lucky you for that beautiful fabric to arrive at your door!
    Take care, Leslie

  34. I just love your little Josie! I bet Sumatra is jealous! I am looking forward to the upcoming hops! I am not in the Ho, Ho Ho, hop but looking forward to the Hexie Queen. I have always wanted to be a Queen!lol...'Bout the only thing I am Queen of is the barn shovel! And a pincushion hop! Now that is going to be fun! Hope you have a nice and relaxing weekend.

  35. Wow, there is a lot going on. Hexies & Irons & Fabric & Josie = adorable. Good things happening!

  36. A pincushion hop...great idea! Love the graphic!

  37. Tanks for adding the extra day for hexies..I am in! On vaca now and when I get home the hex will begin!

  38. Pincushions.................very interesting.


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