Saturday, July 27, 2013

Check this out....and this and this..

It is still morning and I have completed by RBD 
project that will be posted on July 31st at RBD site.
Oh yes, I even had enough time to complete the project,
write the tut and do an oil painting of it .....
NOT...that is just a software tool I was playing with it....

 Cool yes? 

Next on my
 list I will be making me some slippers....to match my Sock Monkey
Quilt and I need a cozy of sock monkey on my cup too...
This is just photoshopped at the moment....

I will most certainly have this completed soon!

And here is a preview of what is coming in NOVEMBER...
YOU know I am a 3 colour girl
and this collection has my favourite colours
and one of my favourite subject...ROOSTERS....

So if you love ROOSTERS, and YOU love
black, white, and red....
well this one will be for YOU!

I will let you know when it is available in the stores...

In the meantime, I am focusing on KITCHEN accessories..
and I will be working on a few projects for this one...

I may have to send some fabric to that OTHER LADY
it's just not fair that I have months to create something wink...

I wonder what she is doing today on day 2 of her retirement....

Are you working on any project today...?
Are you a 3 colour quilter? Or 4 colour or more..?


Update, slippers are complete...
and look someone found me an S sock monkey cup...
Since retirement btw is suiting that OTHER LADY so well.
she is making the pattern for this sock monkey quilt she designed..
SEEMS many Sock Monkey lovers are quite smitten with it too!

Apologies to those who are FREAKED out my sock monkeys..
they are soooo misunderstood!


and she keeps telling us she is not competitive..
rubbish! lol

I do like her bow though....and her skirt
is kinda cute lol


  1. Today I am basting...and hopefully quilting a UFO top I finished last year. It has been sitting around collecting dust and I want to donate it for the 100 quilts for kids drive...wish me luck! Lol

    ps...love the "oil painting" lol

  2. I've got three quilts going today...all in different stages....love your ruffles, especially that yellow gingham! ;)

  3. You have put a smile on my face with that stool . It is awesome and just like you. And the sock monkey, I love it too.
    I haven´t been sewing today. It is so hot and I have also been busy to get the mail to function on the iPad, that I have bought yesterday. I think it is an awesome gem and my Ipad case is awesome too. I couldn´t resist buying a lime green case, my favorite color. I will now start to cut some pieces for a new project that Melissa on Happy Quilting has started. My Christmas project is done, and I have started to think about the hexies.

  4. Just made my pincushion for the Pin it Blog Hop. Will be messing around with hexies and what ever else jumps into my hands. Happy weekend!

  5. I am not a sock monkey fan - think them a bit creepy. I am FMQ on my home machine all this weeked - finishing up that pile of quilts!

  6. LOVE, LOVE your stool! I Love all colors! I am planning a rainbow quilt next but I am also working on my hexie quilt. P.S. "Birds" still scared me, although I laughed when they were running around the room when they thought the birds were breaking in, and I am not so happy with the end because I want to know WHY the birds attacked, I like a neat finish to my movies. Have a great day, I will let you know when the pretties "arrive".

  7. I am working on my Ho Ho Ho blog posts. The skys are clear and there are no storms in site....the last two hops had me scrambling at the end. Not this time....I'll be ready early !

  8. You know, I wouldn't be at all surprised if you had done an oil painting :). Good luck with the slippers! Super cute fabric!

  9. Ohhh, that monkey is too real looking, it kinda gives me the creeps! But I like the stool! And the Material!

  10. Love the stool! I am busy working on my Hexie project. It might take me the whole month to finish it up. I like the simplistic and elegant look of 3 or 4 colors. The rooster material is super cute!!!

  11. Love your oil painting...giggle...I think that software program was invented for you! Great RB project! Looking forward to seeing your sock monkey creations! Today I'm jumping...made some fabric postcards for a friend, made some units for sashing for a quilt, put the binding on a table frame quilt, hand quilted on a Schnibbles, and started cutting fabrics for a layer cake quilt...phew, I'm tired! I tend to make quilts with many, many colours!

  12. That stool is adorable! You are just too creative :) And I wouldn't have been surprised if you actually did an oil painting either :) Love that rooster fabric too!

  13. Love your stool with ruffled skirt. I am just cutting a piece of rooster fabric-not as nice as yours though. My quilts tend to have lots of colours.

  14. Cute ruffles!!!! Am I working on a project today? Hmmmm......ho ho ho...do you really have to ask? :)

  15. Today hubby took me shopping for my birthday....tomorrow i turn 60!!!!
    I am working on hand quilting a queen size quilt...plus getting ready for all of the blog hops...lol

  16. Allie and I snuggled in bed until 10:30... yep.. kid you not... but I was up at 4:10 am getting the hubby off to the field.. and then did 3 loads of laundry and cleaned house... Just went back to bed for a while later and then Allie came in to snuggle so could not resist that.

    Your stool is very sweet! and I have looked high and low for some slippers but could not find any I thought you might like. Can't wait to see the ones you create. :)

    Did a package get there today? Hope so!

  17. I have a friend who is an interior decorator, he would like for me to start making pillows for him. Well, he gave me some fabric to start with, just simple 26 inch pillow, hidden zipper, and tasseled trim.... I've looked at this fabric for three weeks and have been afraid to cut it, well today the 27" squares are cut.....Pray for me..

  18. I hear that other lady is hanging out sewing in her pyj's do you do that? I love to do that sometimes.
    Your stool is adorable and love that fabric. I love lots of color right now I am making a sewing machine cover for a friend's Birthday. Hope you are doing well. Blessings Sandra

  19. LOVE the stool. I didn't work on a project today because I was out fabric shopping. One of the local quilt shops was having a birthday sale ... 25% off everything in the store and 50% off clearance. Couldn't pass that up. As far as how many colors ... I usually use "or more".

  20. I've been sewing all day--hexies, monkeys. Love your stool! Yes, I was in my pajamas all day!

  21. Your project is just adorable.

  22. Love the ruffles! I haven't seen this rooster fabric advertised yet Samm but I'm totally in love already...everything chickens has consumed me lately. I bought two kits that are chickens this month already. The madness must stop. Or at least slow down. :). I ordered the fabrics for the monkey quilt yesterday and then found a new quilt shop and bought the fabric to make a Halloween quilt like the monkey one! I'm never going to be able to die...too many fabrics that must be used up! Blessings, Marlene
    P.S. when will this fabric be out? :)

  23. Your ruffled project is adorable! (I love the oil painted effect, too! If we ever get our computer problems sorted out I may have to try that!)
    I love the black, white, and red. I would probably have to add a little yellow or something, so I guess I'm a four color girl!

  24. Oh my gosh lov eth mug and the slippers. But that covered stool is amazeing. I so need you to come to my house and help me decide what to do in here. I lack creativity and have no decorateing sense what so ever. I need to do something with this big ol house. It just always looks blaugh blaugh.... boring...

  25. Now those slippers are something even I'd wear (there are some really weird sock monkey slippers out there!) And that mug...yes, that is so you! Maybe my sock monkey and your sock monkey can hang out sometime, though they'd probably be too competitive about who has the cutest bow. LOL

  26. Love your stool.awesome!
    I'm working on a quilt using the fabric I won during wanna be a quilter campaign. It is such wonderful fabric I has to wait till I was better at piecing before I used it.
    Getting ready to sandwich it today

  27. Okay, I can see that I have missed about 5 posts while I have been trying to get the HO HO HO stuff done and still stitching my fingers off. Goodness, Carol retired, you are making sock monkey slippers and ruffled stools and all manner of things planned. The world is just whizzing on by while I am sitting at the machine or binding!

    What eye candy you have, Mdm. Samm!

  28. Sock monkeys are always so adorable, and they've come a long way from just being a "sock monkey."

    I am actually going to a Christmas BOM of the month class at my sewing center. We got started late so not sure if I will finish it for this Christmas, but it will be cute. I will try to remember to update my blog with some pics. I've gotten so far behind!

  29. I've always been a fan of the sock monkey. I love the slippers!

    I can't wait for the fabrics to arrive. They are so wonderful.

  30. My oldest daughter loved her sock monkey named appropriately "Monk" so I MUST make this quilt for her and doll as well. And you have to know I LOVE LOVE LOVE BW & R in all my quilting/sewing endeavors.
    Today I am finishing up my Ho Ho Ho Projects, hotographing them and getting them posted by midnight tonight!!
    Gmama Jane

  31. What a cool tool to make your gorgeous little stool look like a quilted picture! Sew fun, as usual!! I'll tune in Wed at RBD for your tutorial. VERY cute!

  32. Very cute....also love the ruffels

  33. Adorable ruffled table topper! Love the photo! Cute sock monkey slippers and...

  34. Crazy week and I'm just catching up reading my favorite blogs - this was the perfect way to start the day... The ruffled stool came out adorable! I adore your sock monkey slippers - they are too cute. It was probably a good thing you thinned out your mug collection - now you have room for more! The oil paint effect is neat-amazing what we can do now with photos!

  35. I'll be glad to get home so I can see that rooster fabric on a big screen. You know I'm already in love !

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  37. OMG the house shoes are adorable and the sock monkey herself was sew cute
    Thanks for sharing


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