Monday, July 8, 2013

Carol said it best...HEX- it is going to be a fun HOP.

I know that other LADY said it first...can't believe I did not think of it...lol
But HEX it will soon be time for a new HOP...
I want to be a QUEEN OF HEXIEs....not really,
but I will certainly do my best...

That other lady and I have that in common, we are both 
new to hexies...I got me some small hexies from 
She has 3 sizes..

I like the small ones so I can cut 4 inch squares and 1/4 them
to make some weeeee hexies...

What will I do with them ?...I already have something 
special in mind...

And on Wednesday there are is one Queen of Hexies
Debby from Debby Kratovil quilts who will be cheering 
us on...IN fact there is another Queen of Hexies in good standing 
GETA who will be joining us for sure...
Geta and I will be working on a special hop for January.
You can bet it will be full of colour....

So here I am today, soooo ready to stitch all day,
my table is waiting for me complete with my cup of joe
and look, what found itself to our home...A rooster t-towel in my colours
from a very sweet lady who is known for butter and marmalade..
Now who could that be? 
My cup matches her perfectly and if I could have found 2 cups
this one most certainly would have found itself to her...

Note my Tammy bag is a perfect addition too...If you place
an Aurifil thread in one of the pockets it is a perfect to hold
the thread, I just pull a piece off, cut and I am off stitching...

I am working with a new fabric collection from Red Rooster
called Bandana reminds me so much of the bandana we wore
in our hair in the 70's....I may have enough to make a couple as well...
After I complete my hexie project...

Already ready for HO HO HO
Christmas is in the air....

and check back with us tomorrow..

Here is a hint!

p.s thanks for your lovely notes these past few days..
something is wrong with my mac....I am not getting emails
in my inbox to respond...
Geek Squad is on its way....


  1. Hex-it must be just perfect for me. I love hexies, and make them from 1/4" to 5" sizes. You can find many hexie project on my blog just now.

  2. I love hexis in any variation and size! And I am sure this will be FUN!!! And with Carol and Geta on board, nothing can go wrong!
    Yipppii, waiting on Wednesday!
    Sunny greetings from Switzerland

  3. Good Morning. I am really looking forward to tnese great Blog Hops. Having a Christmas Hop now will surely give me some new ideas for gifts to make for friends and neighbors. And I absolutely love hexies. I have tons made so I am excited to see the other ladies' creations. Everyone is so talented that I know I won't be disappointed. Have a wonderful day!

  4. I love hexies! Can't wait until Wednesday to sign up! So much fun!

  5. Your wee hexies are looking mighty adorable! I love the tea towel. Hope I can find some hexie time!

  6. Yes, Carol has challenged me to think in hexies, as they are not my favorites. She has sent me a mail, that I couldn´t ignore. But could you believe it, I have already an idea in my head, to make some really funny thing with only a small amount of hexies. So I will of course be with you in this hop too, when it is announced on Wednesday.

  7. No mail in your inbox...hmmmm...I think you'll have a very quiet day indeed! I'm in a challenge mood (not competitive, no not me) about these hexies. Should be fun! Another adorable pic of your bag and cups.

  8. No emails? Well, that will NOT do so good thing the helpers are on their way. Lovely tableau above! Red gingham probably goes with a lot of things though---maybe even in Christmas holiday items??

    Carol is not sure about Hexies? I better go read that post!

  9. Love that bandana fabric! And your cup - darling. :) blessings, marlene

  10. Allthough I am making a summer break I am so so ready for hexagons, first thing in the morning: Visit yor blog :-)
    Lot of colors with Geta, sounds absoutely great too, thanks!

  11. I;ve never worked with hexies!!!!!! But you know I will be on board....

  12. Waiting for sign up day! Debby is going to be a fabulous head cheerleader!

    And who doesn't love Geta! Looking forward to seeing what that is all about!

  13. Can't wait for all these hops - there will be a lot of fun! I am making lists - of projects I want to make!

  14. I hope your computer woes are over. You certainly don't need that to worry about!
    The hops will be so much fun! (I'm gearing up for the Christmas hop between playing with my grandkids.)

  15. I'm sure I made a comment earlier today. But I can't find it, and try again. Hex-it must be just the right thing for me, I love hexies. Many hexie project on my blog just now.

  16. Anxiously awaiting the Hexie hop! :). I am very new to Hexies too, but I am in love with them. Can't wait! Love your picture with the rooster, just too cute!

  17. Hexies....ssssst, not sure about them. Yours are little cutie's ! What the hay, I'll try (almost) anything ! P.S. Thank You above.

  18. Looks like so much fun coming our way! Hexagons are the neatest, quickest things. Even though mine are all hand-done, whether 3/4" sides or 2" sides, they go together quickly and it's really mindless stitching, so you can listen to your husband or children or best friend chatter on, or watch TV, or just anything and still they come out fine!

  19. I love Hexi's. Adore them. Worship them...And drool over them...Can't wait to see what all everyone makes on the hop And I know you and Carol will come up with gorgeous creations to rival each other without even trying...lol...hmmm...maybe you will be trying .....

  20. I can't believe I've never made a hexie and I've seen a zillion of them in blogland but I'm another one who has never stitched even one...I'm thinking about it....but just thinking at the moment. I'm working on HO HO HO, getting ready for the GAAQG Quilting University Aug 4 -6th. I volunteered to be QU registrar again this year but it will be my last. There are almost 200 quilters registered for classes for the 3 days. We will be heading to Canada this weekend for a 90th birthday party for DH's uncle. It will be in Hamilton at Dundurn Castle...lots of travelling in the car, I guess I could be stitching hexies in the car...no promises. I should be thinking of getting my house ready to sell not sewing...I'd rather sew!! Have a terrific Tuesday!!

  21. I will also be learning how to do hexes!! I have my project picked out and the fabric ready to go, just need to get started on it!!

  22. Madame Samm,
    This will be my first HOP. Not quite sure what I am getting myself into LOL but I am up for the Hexie challenge. I recently made several hexies, just not sure how I am going to use them. This outta be fun. BTW thanks for the kind words on my blog :)

  23. I've been going hexicrazy the past few months... (new video for Riley Blake Designs on the use of half-hexie rulers). The design possibilities are just endless! I've also been playing with dimensional hexies - so addicting! Even tried a rouched hexagon rose: http://www.quiltscapesqs.com/2013/07/hexarose.html. And they seem to be the favorite carry-along project for so many quilters I've heard from this summer - perfect projects for travel, poolside, ball games, all kinds of creativity going on out there! Yeah!! What a great hop it will be!

  24. I've never worked with hexis and am so excited for the hop. Love you are having so early. So sorry about your emails :(


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