Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ahhh HEK, we have another blog hop......YOU may be our NEXT QUEEN. ( of something) OHHH AND AN OLISO IRON GIVEAWAY

Let's be HONEST, don't we all want to be a QUEEN OF SOMETHING
someday? ANYTHING? Well- why not HEXIES.....?

Many of us had never done

So I have never done a hexie project, I heard that other lady hasn't either...
Finally we will be on the same playing field...wink...

That other lady.... "I don't know about this one."
Me.... " Ahh come on, you do it, I will do it"
That other lady.... " How about I just say -YOU WIN"
Me.... " NOPE- I can't win if you are not in the hop"
That other lady... " Ok, how many will you be doing?"
Me, " ahhhh depends on how many you will do"

That is where we left off...

You just know we have been already working on something...
AND we CANNOT do it WITHOUT YOU too...

As I am no expert at all in this area, I called upon 

Debby is a Queen in the making...
at least that is what she tells me ...I think she 
is more than that...She has been working on Hexies
well let me just say a long time....
She has been a great cheerleader for many of you
through the months, we value all the talent this lady
has and shares with all those who love quilting...

She has something special for all those who 
will be our HEXIE hop...I will let her share that with you...

In the meantime....

Please let her know the following..

Name ( yours)
Blog name

and please send to 

Or go directly  to her blog and leave her a message there..
LINK above...

Guidelines are the same...

1. Commit if you are going to commit..( you never want to be on THAT LIST) 
2. Have your post ready midnight the day of your scheduled day
3. Make at least one new project, you can show old ones too...
4. Turn word verification off on your day ( you will get so many more encouraging comments)
5. Be a cheerleader for others, there is nothing more uplifting then hearing
from your peers....
6. ADD button to your blogs....( this helps your friends be up to date with your passions) 
button on top right of this blog..



Looking to cool off....?
I have no idea who made this...it was on the Pinterest 
link above...is it not a beauty..OK, I may really like 
this HEXIE hop very much...

If anyone can claim this....would love to highlight you..
I followed a couple links but it did not take me to the 
original quilter...

and she called this quilt TNT ( trying new things) 
and these hexies were cut from a die and she 
just glued and stitch around each one..
A unique look and something that would be easy 
now that we know...( to re-create)
Way to Go Melissa!

and if you are looking for some plastic hexies..
Try here.. She will have them
in diff't sizes 
and HEK even on sale too.!

So there you have it...
Want to be included in our Hexie HOP...

Let Debby know ASAP
she is only accepting...welllll, 
I will let her tell you ...lol

Did I forget to mention....?

Oliso ( like them on Facebook)
wanted to brighten some of your summer
days with not 1 but 3 iron giveaways...

Let's PRESS ON...

IF you signed up for our HEXIE HOP you will have 3 chances of winning 
OLISO will ship directly to you ! 

Leave a comment that you have done soooooo
Draw will take place next MONDAY!  


$179.00 Value!

Rapid and powerful heating, expanded steam coverage and an ultra premium Beadblast Chromium soleplate make the TG1100 Steam Iron ideal for frequent household use. Features Oliso's patented, award-winning iTouch® technology which prevents scorching, accidental tipping and burns. It makes quick work of laundry pilesand, best of all, reduces strain on wrists and shoulders caused by repetitive lifting. 1800 watts and powerful continuous, horizontal, and vertical steam make this a perfect tool for frequent pressing and ironing. Other features include digitally controlled temperature for consistent precise heating, premium stratch-resistant beadblast finish stainless steel soleplatewith more steam holes for consistent steam flow, a large 12.7 ounce side fillwater tank, ergonomic design, and a pointed 2-inch detailer tip to squeeze in tightcorners and cuffs. Eight-minute autoshut-off.


  1. Sew looking forward to this hop! Emailed Debbie! Can't wait to see what you and the "other lady" come up with. :)

  2. Oooh I am in for this one - love my hexes!

  3. LOL, you are so funny! So...how many ARE you going to make...you tell me first. Those irons are so beautiful looking it would make ironing a little more fun. Thanks Oliso!

  4. Just sent Debby an email and am so excited to create for this hop! I have a quilt in progress right now.. slow and steady... called My Hippy Flower Garden... but I have an all new idea for the hop...

    I am so excited to be able to get the hexie templates in the shop and also put in for circles, ovals and squares! You just can't have enough Mylar!

    That yellow Oliso would SOOOOOOO be rocking it out of this house in my Pigtail Pink quilting studio! Can I dream??? :)

  5. I left a comment on Debby's blog to join the blog hop. I'm excited to do something with hexies since I never have. Love the Oliso iron I have but never hurts to have another! :)

  6. Sent Debby an email...looking forward to Hexes galore!

  7. I emailed, I have several hexie projects in the works and ONE I could easily finish for this

  8. Fingers crossed that I can join the fun!

  9. I sent Debby an email to sign up - I'm excited!!

  10. I just send Debby an e-mail. This is going to be fun. I never made any Hexies, but I sure am willing to learn. I love trying new things.

  11. Looks like a hex of a lot of fun! Hope to be hexing along with everyone soon. Email sent to Debby. Thanks for hosting ... :) Pat

  12. I'd love to be part of the hexie fun.

  13. I need a new iron so bad I'm willing to try something I'm afraid of..hexies!
    Signed up just now. :)

  14. I've never sewn a hexie project before, and am up for a new challenge...bring on the hexies!

  15. You knew I couldn't resist those little hexies! I've emailed Miss Debby! Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with on this hop!

  16. Hexies are not my favorite quilty things. But that other lady Carol has challenged me and I couldn´t resist to take her pin and I am in the hop of course. It could be lot of fun and I have already an idea, that I think could be wonderful. LOL In fact two - three ideas.

  17. I have emailed Debby and I hope my siege in the kitchen dealing with some fresh produce I was gifted with did not get me there too late! I almost forgot it was Wednesday.

    I have one, maybe two ideas for this.

  18. I sent Debby an email to sign up right away! What a fun blog hop!!!

  19. I emailed Debby. This will be my first attempt at Hexies too! Can't wait to see how it all goes :)

  20. Email has been sent to Debbie seeking a spot. Done some small Hexie projects years ago. This should be very interesting. Like a shot at the iron, cause it would look so good on my ironing board. ;-}
    Are there any Hexie rules...size,project type, number of, etc.etc.etc. or will this be a Hexie free for all?????

  21. I have never done hexies but they have been on my to do list for a while, so I am in!

  22. I have emailed her. This is going to be so fun!! I love Hexies!!!

  23. Thank you SO very much for featuring my quilt on here! What an honor! And what a great idea! I think I might even go and join in! Not that I need another project, but I have a huge pile of hexagons that need some love. :)

    I went to the link to your Pinterest board up there to find my quilt and try to make it easier to find the blog post about it, but couldn't find it. :(

  24. I emailed her to sign up - this is going to be so fun!! I'm a hexaholic for sure!

  25. I just placed my email. My fingers are hexed...lol Not so creative, but it's a thought.

  26. Sew looking forward to seeing all the great Hexie designs! I know that all the designers would love a new Oliso. Image an iron the raises its self, what will they think of next, lol!

  27. I have emailed Debby..I love hexies

  28. I am in the Hexie blog hop, so excited I love hexagons.

  29. I'm so lucky to be in the hexie blog hop. Hexagons are super!

  30. I love the hexie quilt you've shown. What great inspiration!

  31. I love hexies and I'm hopping with Debby.

  32. Okay, I signed up! I have never made a hexi before, so what better inspiration to learn, eh?

  33. I love that hexie quilt, love the white with the hexies. It is something I would like to copy, just beautiful.

  34. JUst found your blog and am bummed to have missed the opportunity to be perhaps be queen! BUT! I will be following:)


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