Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Tammy Project bag post and list of creators...BEGINS WEDNESDAY...

I needed a small project bag.... A place where I could put my scissors. 
Like some people who shout out 
" Where are my KEYS?"
I whisper using my inside voice.....
"WHERE's my Scissors?"
I would lose them under bundles of fabric
or tucked into patterns, or along the sides of my chair
... I was constantly searching for them 

Now I clearly have them where I can see them 
right beside m  sewing table and it holds everything I need!
Especially my Scissors! 

I designed The Tammy small project bag complete:

2 small pockets on the outside to hold 2 pair of scissors.
2 small pockets on the other side (outside) to hold 2 spools of thread
2 small pockets on the inside to hold , hoops, hexes, needle case....

I called it the Tammy after watching some old movies
with Sandra Dee and Debbie Reynolds playing the role of Tammy.
In the 50's gingham was in its popularity as a fabric
that screamed SUMMER.
And you know how much I have a love affair

by the way, you can make it in any fabric you like...
I just mentioned GINGHAM because that is what I used...

You will need at least 1 yard for outside, 
1 yard for inside ( lining and pockets)
1 handle
 The completed Tammy bag is 
approx size 9 inches x 8 inches high

As I like to sew small projects in the summer and I like
to take those small projects with me, I wanted to do it in STYLE.
I wanted one bag that would hold everything, especially, yes you guessed...
MY SCISSORS ! I will be giving you solutions what to place on ends
of scissors so you do not cut your Tammy Bag.
Bonus needle case too! ( working on that maybe in time for hop)

The Tammy will be a blog hop scheduled for mid JUNE.
YOU will have plenty of time to get it done...because
if you are anything like me...you will want it NOW.

We have only 50 spots for this HOP! 

YOU (50) will  get the Pattern FREE.
It is filled with many many photos..
over 60 so far....

YOU will be sent a  FREE PDF file 
of the pattern! ( once the schedule is up)

I am still working on the pattern,
it will be completed by end of week...

IF you would like to make your very own small project...
The Tammy
send me
with this subject line
"I love Tammy too" 

I will need your name
your blog name and link to it..
If you are a non blogger, we have people who can host your project
( tell me if you do not have a blog ok) 

I will be your cheerleader on this one...

You will need this handle....it was the largest
one I could find. BAG LADY has it, it is perfect
comes in either silver or gold...
You can order directly from them! 
Tell them or write them saying you need the ML56
that is the handle that is needed for this project. 

( for those overseas that cannot get this handle..
just be sure to find a 5.5 inch or 14 cm rectangle handle
that you sew in, not a glue in) 

Thanks goes out to Britt-Inger
who found an etsy shop for our overseas ladies..

By the way, Ruffles are optional...lol
I will show you how to do a very easy piping!

If you need to freshen your memory
on this post about signing up for blog hops..
Be my guest.


*If you sign up, commit, if you drop out for any reason
we will send you an invoice for  $15.00 for the cost of the pattern..

*Be sure to schedule your post 24 hours before your day
or midnight EST

*Please shut off your word verification so we can leave
you lovely comments...

* place the button on your blog
code on side bar..
( repaired now thanks for the heads up)

* BE a cheerleader for one another..there are soooo many benefits!

*Optional if you want to do a giveaway..
Please do not do a tutorial on the Tammy...
if people want the pattern they will be able to purchase it..
( all $ will be going towards our donations for sewing machines and supplies) 

Speaking of Donations..thank you  kindly to 
all those who donated, your kindness was
deeply felt..
So far we have enough for nearly 5 machines...
of 2 more that is needed. 
( above the donation button on sidebar is a post explaining why?)

Welcome to the Tammy Project Bag creators  MOTIVATORS!
If you keep loosing your scissors, small notions...
need something to put your small projects in,
need a cosmetic bag...
then consider a Tammy Bag..

These motivators will certainly have you thinking..
"why don't I have one or two of these?"

( ladies do not copy this to your blogs until 1 week before in case there are changes ok..) 

Ladies be sure to take photos of contents too...it will be fun to see what we all can put in these bags...

June 12th  ( wednesday)
June 13th ( thursday)

June 14th ( friday)

 June 17th (monday)


June 18th (tuesday)

 Cherry ( moved Cherry from yesterday as she had no power)


 Photos will be up for blog hop on Monday....I have some extra to add....how does some DOVO scissors sound? 2 pairs along with RBD gingham bundles....


  1. The Tammy bag is just adorable.

  2. Congratulations to all the winners!
    My, Mme Samm, what an cute, gorgeous project, I've sent you an email....

  3. O wow, such a cuty! I'll send you an email. :D

  4. OOHHH I do love the TAMMY too and already send you an email.

    Warm regards,

  5. Very cute pattern, just love it. I have emailed you. It will be nice to play with you.

  6. What a wonderful bag...so cute in the gingham! Will look forward to seeing everyone's creations!

  7. This tickles my fancy!!! Sent you an email already!

    Congratulations to the winners from the last hop!

  8. Love the Tammy. I emailed you already to join in on this one. And I am thrilled beyond belief to be one of the Fabri-Quilt bundle winners! Thank you for everything you do Madame Samm! You are the best!

  9. Me again. I just copied and posted the Tammy Bag code button to my blog and it said," this person moved or deleted this" Or something like that. So could you double check you code and make sure it's working? Nothing showed up but that message.

  10. wow lucky me, thanks thats a wonderful surprice!
    I can´t wait to play with the lovely colorful charms.
    Congratulations to the other winner as well, beautiful fabrics!
    It was love at the first sight as i saw Tammy, so I did already send you an e-mail.
    Liebe Grüße
    Bente in Germany

  11. I just sent an email to sign up. Love this cute pattern! Cogratulations to all of the lucky winners from the hop!

  12. Looks like a very fun summer project! :)
    As much as I would like to join in , I will be
    admiring and cheering everyone from the sidelines.
    Can't wait to see everyones delightful creations!!! :)

  13. I tried adding the Tammy bag button again to my blog and it worked. I may have been in BlogLovin the first time when I copied the code? I found that I cannot always make comments on blogs while in BlogLovin.

  14. Congratulations to the winners of the Fabric-craft bundles and the Toyko packet that was blog giveaway. Lucky ducks, LOL. Email sent and I hope I make the cut but will understand if I need to give someone else a crack at it! LOL that might be what blog hop participation has become---addicting as crack!

  15. Adorable little bag! Leave it up to you to come up with something functional but pretty!

  16. Congrats to all the winners! Lucky ladies!

    I sent you an email to join I Love Tammy too.
    I hope you get it. (been having some on and off email issues)
    Love the gingham!

  17. This sounds GREAT! Sent you an email! Ruffles and Gingham can`t be beat.

  18. Congrats to all winners!!!
    Wonderful bag! I send you a Email.
    Greetings from Germany

  19. I will be sitting this one out and watching all the fun! Thanks!

  20. Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to Mdm Samm, Erin, and all the sponsors.

  21. Congratulations to the winners! Great job!
    Now I am off to send an email.
    I need to learn to make this bag. It is calling my name! lol!

  22. Congratulations to all the winners. What a fun hop that was. Thank you to all the participants and sponcers.

  23. Congratulations to the winners! The Tammy pattern is adorable. Looks like a fabulous hop coming in June. I shall be enjoying all the eye candy and cheering from the sidelines for this one. Looking forward to the parade of pretty bags ... :) Pat

  24. Congratulations ladies!!! Thank you Madam Samm :)

  25. OOOH love that bag, I will e mail you!

  26. Thanks Madamme Samm for the adorable Amy Bradley pattern, Miss Diva that I won from your giveaway. I'm not sure when I'll be starting that but can't wiat to get going on it. Yorus looks lovely with all that red and I'll be anxious ot see you finish. Thanks Again. Jane

  27. I want in! emailing you now :)

  28. Madam Samm could you please email me a snail mail address I can send my donation for the machines. I do not like to use online services for paying for stuff. Thank you. And congratualtions to the winners.

  29. Me encantaria poder hacer ese bolso, un abrazo

  30. I would love to join the Tammy hop - darling bag!

  31. Rosemary B here:
    this bag is adorrrrable. Love it. wouldn't it be a great giftie for a sweet friend, filled with lovely things that they love. Maybe sewing, or grooming, nails... oh it is a cutie.
    I might just buy this pattern when you have it on your Craftsy store.
    I love ruffles too....
    Happy Monday PM Missie Samm.

  32. Well, my name is Tammy and I think I need one!

  33. la bolsa preciosa y q ue libdos colores felicidades, te sigo.


  34. Hi Samm!
    I left an email also. This sounds like a really cute project!
    Take care, Leslie

  35. thats tooooooo cute !!
    count me in if all the spots aren't taken :-)

  36. I emailed too. This is just the cutest bag~ and of course I would need ruffles too. :-)

  37. hi Samm, im a bit of a lurker these days as life is very busy. i just wanted to point out that where you mentioned the donation bar and the button for the details. . . im checking in on a tablet, and the mobile version strips out all the buttons, i don't know where you know that, but it might be worth linking through the post if you want people to visit the hyperlink ( im going to look change to webview. so i can see buttons)

  38. Rosemary B here
    I am excited to be participating in this Tammy Bag Sock Hop, erm, I mean Blog Hop.
    Busy week here on the home front with mom and dad, for me.
    You, Missie Samm, are such a great friend. I hope you are enjoying some sunshine and fresh air today dear flower.
    Congratulations to all of the winners of the fabrics. the flowers hop was superb, and I absorbed all of the great creativity
    Love and hugs to everyone in sewing land

  39. Love the Tammy bag! Can't wait to see everyone's version of this cutie :)


  40. Congratulations toa ll you wonderful winners out there....this is going to be another exciting hop...


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