Thursday, June 6, 2013

Ready for Christmas...this might help...HO HO HO Blog hop Sign up NOW!

         Yes it is that time again Christmas in July, albeit end of July and August, so that you will  have the month of July to enjoy family, friends and quilting...So keep this in mind if you will be joining us...CREATE CHRISTMAS with a HO HO HO!


What do we expect...

In this hop you can create anything as long as Christmas fabric or Christmas colours....If you love Santas, snowman, words, Joy, Believe....now is this time....If you love christmas flowers...anything as long as you have at least ONE (1) NEW creation you did for this hop... Big, Small, 3D....


And can you guess who loves Christmas as much as I and who will be cheering you on...
YES CAROL from Just let me quilt... ( that other lady) she is so perfect for this...I don't know anyone besides Leslie ( thecuddlequilter)  who cheered us on last year, ( she is just too busy getting ready for weddings and such)  who could be as excited.....so Carol is subbing for her...

Send her off a NOTE with subject line...YES, I CAN HO HO HO....

1. Leave her your name, 
2. your blog name 
3. your link to  your blog name

LINK HERE to be reminded of 
 why your commitment stands for something here...

#1 If you commit, commit!

#2 We all want to cheer you on for your project you created for this hop...
( stay focused) lol 

#3 Have post ready at midnight the night before your post date

#4 TURN OFF Word Verification so we can tell you how wonderful you are!

#5 MOST IMPORTANT...be a cheerleader for those in the hop..
YOU can  make these ladies world- ROCK! 


If you drop out for any reason that is not an emergency
you will be placed on the LIST, you do not want to be on the LIST...
Ever, never, EVER! 

By they way the last 4 blog hops since the Spring Cleaning announcement
was made...everyone has been 100% committed...So darn proud of YOU!
No really I am....Let's continue that climb....that is where the stars are...

Some INSPIRATION from Last year...

How could we forget this....
Carol wowed us with this..

Cherry brought along a smile or two ...

Linda gifted us with more than we could ever imagine

Leslie printed off a graphic I made for her and created this...

Deonn created a magical old fashioned Christmas quilt...

I was into paper piecing last year....
Our next hop announcement will be later next week 
for TAKE 7 and call me in the morning 
( Hexies) 
Till then...

Reminder Tammy project bag begins on
JUNE 12th

excited to see what YOURS will look like...


  1. Oh yes please, ho ho ho :-)
    Beautiful button you created.

  2. Just write an e-mail - Please add me to the list :)

  3. I'm in :D Please sign me :) hihi

  4. I'm in and sent Carol an email. Such fun!!

  5. Me me me me me. :)

    Along with a brand new project for the hop, I hope I can also finish my Pigs In Boxers round robin and show it off all done! :)

  6. Oh I will watch with excitement from the sidelines! A perfect combination...Carol and Christmas! I know it will be awesome...even though visions of DD's wedding dress will be on my mind at that time, I will try to save lots of room for visions of sugar plums and the occasional Santa! Wonderful announcement!

  7. Hi, Ho, Hi, Ho! Hi, Ho, Ho!
    To email and announce I go, go, go!

    ... :) Pat

  8. And I'll try. Sign me up, please! Regards

  9. I'll be sitting this one out, but I will enjoy seeing all the creations that everyone comes up with for this hop.

  10. For those looking for Ho, Ho, Ho fabrics, I am having a traveling stash giveaway and the current box has many nice Christmas fabrics inside. Giveaway ends tomorrow: http://quiltingranny.blogspot.com/2013/05/your-chance-to-win-traveling-stash-box.html

  11. Email to Carol has been sent.... the button is on my blog....
    Christmas is my favorite holiday..... this hop is going to be so much fun !

  12. I am so in! I sent my email and can not wait! I will blog about it and share the fun news on Sat :)

  13. Just right up my alley. Sign me up. Marla http://marlarockscrafts.blogspot.ca/

  14. I've signed up with Carol and last night I started my project!

  15. Hope to hop along each day as a viewer .

  16. Looking forward to seeing this one! Unfortunately it will be while we are on vacation, so I can't commit. Someday...

  17. Oh this sounds like such fun! I've signed up and can't wait to get started. My first experience with Christmas in July was when I worked in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The lodge owners treated us employees to a prime rib dinner, also a first, and we exchanged gifts and sang carols. Then we went swimming in the lake at midnight. But I digress... I'm seeing new Christmas fabric in shops already and can't wait to get started!

  18. Oh I wish I could join in this one. I have a couple of projects planned that would be perfect to show case. But there is no way I'd get anything done on time. I'll be watching this one from the sidelines.


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