Saturday, June 1, 2013

PUT your STAMP on it Blog hop for mid June, .... still some spots....


What will your STAMP look like?
 REMINDER! it is not to late to sign up...
We have a few spots left !

If I had a stamp for my letters ( you know those things we mail out occasionally)
 it could look like this...

I would appliqué some birds on it, ADD my country CANADA
I like the currency of 12 cents... so that is what I would add.
( in Canada on March 1st 1977 that is what it cost to send a letter)
Today to mail a letter in Canada 63 Cents! 

I may even make something else for this hop...
but I wanted to give you all an example.

Ok, so here is what you will need for this hop...

A background for your stamp...
Here are some to choose from...

Choose any one of these or make one up of your own......
print out and custom size it
to your preference. 
You could design a mini quilt stamp  4 x4 inches or 14 x14 inches..
or even 14 feet....Ok, I won't be doing that ....lol

Your stamp requires the following:

1. A theme
it could be dogs, cats, wee tots, trees, owls, foxes, chickens, ducks, cows, pigs,
 funny looking ladies with pompoms, 
cups, food, chocolate, wine, beer,  tea, dress, baby, quilted bolts,
sewing tools, a word, a quote....

2. Your Country in the corner...or CITY or TOWN!

3. And Your currency...( from your Country)

Now I did mine on black just so you could see it...but you 
can choose any background colour...

I thought what I would do is trace out my stamp, use wonder under from Pellon,
 cut out my background stamp
and place it on a rectangle or square background so the edges would show
but I would not be binding around corners... It would give an illusion
that my stamp is all curved...get that? 

So to summarize YOU will be creating a MINI QUILT STAMP
Something that would represent and reflect your passions from your country
and your currency, value....

And who will be cheering you on...

She did a fabulous job in keeping everyone together 
and on time for Shake your POM POMS, she earned her
cheerleader's rank for all you FUTURE STAMP DESIGNERS! 

STAMP ON IT Blog hop...

She will need the following from you:

email address
blog name ( if you have one)
and URL ( sometimes they are different) so please include
both name and link! 

mail this info with the subject LINE 
I want to be a  STAMP DESIGNER

100 participants will be accepted...
Given you all notice....

( I will have the button ready tomorrow) 
It will be in this post! 

LINK HERE to be reminded of 
 why your commitment stands for something here...

#1 If you commit, commit!

#2 We all want to cheer you on for your project you created for this hop...
( stay focused) lol 

#3 Have post ready at midnight the night before your post date

#4 TURN OFF Word Verification so we can tell you how wonderful you are!

#5 MOST IMPORTANT...be a cheerleader for those in the hop..
YOU can  make these ladies world- ROCK! 

If you drop out for any reason that is not an emergency
you will be placed on the LIST, you do not want to be on the LIST...
Ever, never, EVER! 

By they way the last 3 blog hops since the Spring Cleaning announcement
was made...everyone has been 100% committed...So darn proud of YOU!
No really I am....Let's continue that climb....that is where the stars are...

WE already have a sponso too ...
with Tokyo 4 x 4 squares 101 colours...
Each winner will receive 3 of them! 
( photos later too) 
among other giveaways that have been pouring in!

The next blog hops that will be announced
will be next week...

HO HO HO it's Christmas ( Christmas in July) 
(Carol yes, that lady who.......well you know
she will be cheering you on)

Take 7 and call me in the morning ( HEXIES) 
( and Jane, another familiar cheerleader
who is soooo into hexes will be cheering you for this one) 

Let us know if interested in any or all hops..
just to get an idea of course....

Apologies for not getting back to everyone from
yesterday....I was busy getting this ready
and the next 2 blog hops announcements for next week....

There is always soooo much behind the scenes
that require some attention wink.

I found some inspiration for you too....
Check this out...
and here....

thousands of STAMPS to inspire you...

Surely something will inspire you to design your own stamp...

 This could be my stamp...


  1. All 3 hops sound like a lot of fun. Can't wait to see them! My fav is the Hexies, but take 7? Sounds interesting. You always have great ideas.

  2. I am interested in the Take 7 and call me in the morning (HEXIES), I love hexies! All are wonderful ideas!

  3. You are just so inventive and creative. Love the themes for the next 3 hops. The hexie one sounds fun.

  4. OOOO - Christmas in July,Hexi's,are calling my name & Do I remember a pincushion hop further down the list - Oh Yes Please !!!

  5. What a great theme: a personal stamp! I wish that I could participate, but I go on a camping trip at the end of June/beginning of July.

    1. Aletta.. You can always do yours early and set your post to go live even when you are away. Please consider joining.

  6. I was going to take a break from hops and only cheer for others, but the stamp one has my mind going already! See what you do to me Samm?

  7. Samm. I am a glutton for "punishment" and am hyperventilating at ALL the upcoming hops, especially the Hexies! The Stamp will be a challenge (challenges are good, right?). This is awesome and I love all of it. Muchas gracias (a little Spanish lingo there) for everything. YOU are awesome and I can only imagine the hard work behind the scenes. I still have my stamp collection from before I had kids and I'm going to pull that album out and look for some ideas. What fun!

  8. I would be very interested in the Stamp hop and the Christmas hop.

  9. Looking forward to helping you with this hop Madame Samm!

  10. I think I would be interested in doing more hops, but which one.... I love the idea of the stamps but it might be too soon. Or not! I will have to think about it today! The other two sound very interesting! I love Hexi's

  11. Christmas in July and thinking about the hexes. Thanks for all the fun!

  12. I can't wait to join all the hops!! I'm so excited can't wait for all the fun to start!!

  13. Rosemary B here:
    I enjoy reading and hopping. Sooo sorry I have not been commenting
    It is stress city here, but I am dealing with it.
    I am looking forward to the next hops. It truly is the next best thing to participating.
    I enjoy everyone's massive creativity and skills
    Love, ♥me

  14. I was going to say that I need to take some time off as they all sound so fun. I know I'll be kicking myself if I don't too. I DO have a pile of pro bono tops to get quilted after all and they have been waiting far too long, doing a child no good in that form. BUT I also have two Christmas promises from last year that need to be addressed. I am thinking that Christmas in July will help me get that done. Yep, I will shoot for THAT one and drool all over the screen looking at whichever ones I don't try to get in.

  15. I have really enjoyed the blog hops and thinking I would like to get my 'feet wet'... Love the idea of the 'stamp' and also the Christmas in July. Still not so sure about hexies - those aren't something I think I'm very good at, that said might be a way to try and hone some skills...
    Thanks for giving those of us who are interested some options.

  16. Great ideas and challenges...can't wait for all of them to get me hopping!

  17. I would love to participate in the Christmas in July and the Hexie blog hops.

  18. My lovely Madame, so many challenges. It will be a busy and fun sewing summer. You know that I love challenges and I cant resist to participate in the hops.

  19. Christmas in July and Hexies, they both sound great to me!!!! YEAH!!! :)

  20. I am so interested in Ho Ho Ho Christmas in July !

  21. Would love to be in on the put your stamp on it and the HO Ho Ho Christmas ones....I am just saying
    these would be fun......

  22. I emailed Thearica for the Put a Stamp on It blog hop. Sounds like fun and a good hop to really use our imaginations and creativity.

    Congrats to the winners of the For the Birds blog hop.

    Looking forward to hopping around on the other hops, but may not participate in the Christmas or Hexies. I just am not sure yet. I think I need a break, lol. But I'll be watching and visiting those who do participate.

  23. I hope to be able to sign up for at least 2 of the 3...
    The gingham style video was great. Thanks for sharing.

  24. The gingham style video is awesome. And I have signed up for the stamp blog hop now. I have so many ideas in my head.
    It will be so fun. Bug now I am working with the flower blog hop. It is so fun, as I am working with some vintage Swedish fabric.

  25. I just got my reply from Thearica. I'M IN ! I'll be delivering a STAMP for this hop ! And as I said in my previous comment I am looking forward to HO HO HO in July. I have a good idea for HEXAGONS too.

    Congratulations to Carla, Karen, and Jenny !

    Eh Fabric Lady....Op Op Op Op OP
    Oppan Gingham Style...........
    Now THAT song will be in my head all day
    Eh Eh Eh Eh

    Thanks for the Friday Morning Smile

  26. First I want to congratulate, Carla, Karen and Jenny. I also want to take the time to thank you for all your hard work with these hops. I sent an e-mail to Thearica, to join in with the “Stamp on it” hop. I have so many ideas as what I can make. I am also looking forward to the "HO, HO HO, It's Christmas"...and Hexagons, what fun!

  27. Such lucky winners of your giveaways...congratulations to them! I have to buy gingham...really, I do...that video is so cool! :O)

  28. congrats to the winners of the hop ....
    this next hop has my name on it sew i am off to sign up
    thanks for a great idea for yet another hop
    in stitches

  29. Congratulations to the lucky ducks winning the Clothworks bundles but I think we were all winners getting to see what each participant made. I am going to pass on the stamp hop. as I said yesterday, so hopefully some production will be made on my non-hops stuff in the meantime but I will keep cheering on the others!

    Gingham style? Too cute! They all looked like they were having such fun. How did they ever got that boy to wear an aqua gingham suit? LOL

  30. Congratulations to the winners!

    I'm thinking about the Ho Ho Ho Christmas hop and the hexie hop.

    Loved the Gingham Style video. I saw it last night and immediately though of YOU! lol

  31. Congratulations to the lucky winners of those great fabrics ! All the participants in the hop-a-long did a great job, so .......Here's to you !!

    1. OK, just watched the video....off to find me some gingham style !

  32. Congratulations to the winners! Very cute video. Off to sign up for Stamp Hop.

  33. Love the video! My grandson enjoyed it with me!
    Hopefully, I'm in on the stamp hop. I will just be getting back home when it starts, but it looks like a fun and easy project. Perfect for doing alongside my granddaughter! We'll make it a contest between the two of us!
    Congratulations to the winners!

  34. I loved this video! what a cute take off on the song. I think I may have to share that with my daughter on facebook. She may roll her eyes but it's a payback for all the embarrassment of her toddler years! Thanks for posting it!

  35. Thanks for all your work!! I think I have time to squeeze this blog in!! It sounds really fun and creative!! Thank you thank you thank you for my Iron!!....OH MY!! I have never had one so nice!!....it will get tons of use.....I bought distilled water for it today!! 3 gallons!!.....and my hub said to keep a big piece of foam under the ironing board!!.....so it will bounce if I would drop it!! Well time to eat popcorn....Thanks! Really!! Karen

  36. Unless things go bad; I am in for all of them....

  37. I step away for a weekend and see what happens. I'm a WINNER! Still have one more deck to finish up, ugh. Thank you so much. I had so much fun with this. I AM a lucky ducky!

  38. O new hops ;) I think that I'll try again and again and again ;) They sound interesting ;)


  39. I've already drafted my stamp. Don't do much with Hexies so I will be in to that for the experience, lots of experience to be had doing these hops. And who doesn't need to do something for Christmas, a nice hop is just the incentive needed to start. And what's with the "7". I'll probably do that too just because........... You are such fun to have in our lives.

  40. I would like be a part of christmas and hexies blog hop :D if ther are still free places :D

  41. Just to verify---Christmas in July was pushed back to August, right? That and the Take 7 hexies were moved due to obligations---take the month off and get caught up at home, according to the note on May 18. I really want to do the HO HO HO one! I want some more details on the Hexies but I have an idea that might work if we are little loose with the definition of a hexie, LOL.

  42. am totally interested in the stamp one=)

  43. christmas and hexies blog hops sound nice


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