Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Our last day of the Tammy Blog with RBD and Corrado Cutlery as our sponsors...

I sooooo enjoyed seeing how you all made the Tammy your own..
Some of you even gave her a new name. How could we possibly forget Dorothy...
However Mara said this was the first time ever, she did not change a pattern..
So I suppose giving her a new name is a perfect addition....wink...

YOU are at the end of this hop...
so  I am likely your last visit...
We will chalk this up as another successful hop
big thanks to all those who participated and all those who cheered us on..

Thank you...

Here are the lovely creators I share my day with....
did you note that other lady is here on the same day..
Yep I did that ! wink...

June 18th (tuesday)

Mdm Samm ( me)

Yep and here is what I created....

This is what started it all. The Original TAMMY( pattern here). All I wanted
was a project bag that would hold my scissors on my side table
where I do a lot of my stitching at night....
and my oh my have I been stitching....
The above piece is called Savannah and it is all cross stitch...
So this Tammy Bag holds all of  my necessary tools 
to stitch this over the summer! 

Remember getting prizes out of those gum ball machines?
Well I put my Presencia threads in them, I call them My Thread Keepers...
Each colour holds a different Presencia thread....My DH drilled a hole
in each one so I can just pull out my threads as needed...
And of course I have a tin of PINS, my 1/4 inch ruler from
a sweet lady and her store.....Of course all of my DOVO Scissors ( the very
best sharp scissors I can find, they are soooooo worth it...we have a couple 
to giveaway by the way)
See those wee plastic things on your far right....These are from GUM,
they are containers from my Gum soft Picks , these I place my needles
in them . Colonial Needle, Thimbleneedles, John James...

Ohhh I made another....

Welll I just could not stop at one...although I was happy to show just my original bag......
Then I heard that other lady...you know her....She was making 2....
I needed a cosmetic bag anyway...so I chose this gorgeous aqua/turquoise
from RBD gingham collection. Added some ruffles and interior
in RBD's laminate..thought it would keep it so much cleaner...
and VOILA my NUMERO DEUX ( 2) 

Here is what you will find in my cosmetic kit...
Some very decent blush brushes, a lipstick brush, MAC lipstick,
Lip Pencil from Mac as well, some cover girl very soft beige
for my foundation, some Annabelle blush, which is derm tested,
Love my big lash Mascara from L'Oreal, ( french company)
My France Laure Vit C skin cream, some Palmers Oil, great
oil for at night....just one wee squirt, that is all...
Also included is my shadows for eyebrow and eyelids in gorgeous
earth colours...and a cannot live without lift comb....

That is it....I bet you are disappointed...thought I would have a lot more...
...I love basics, and that is all 
I have ever worn....Except for Lipstick, that has always been my 
biggest splurge..love MAC! 

Ohhhh by golly you can almost guarantee while I was on my photo shoot I had some company...

Ohhh didn't I tell you I made 3.....Ok, not as many as our remarkable Rosemary who made 5
for her daughters bridesmaids...but 3 from me, with what has been going
on behind the scenes....welllll it is a miracle?
NOOOO really, I heard that other lady only made 2 wink...

So I made this one....all cross stitched...love it..and with the remnants
of material from Its For the Birds quilt...voila...
my vitamin and minerals Tammy Bag...

So I have my baby aspirin, black cohosh, st johns wort and some varech iodine..
let's just say they keep me healthier....wink...

In actual fact I made this bag for someone very special..
It will be shipped in the morning..
She can put what ever she wants in it...

This is what is on the bottom and the back of the bag has a pocket and ruffle..
will try to get that pic up later...
OUR top 2 today are...

SHE DID ON PURPOSE.....she chose my fabric colours...
that other lady is sooooo darn competitve
I tried to look away, but really, look at these photos..
and she has great things to put in her Tammy Bag..

Don't you just love her tin with magnet, brilliant,    or 
delightful notions....lol

This brought music to my morning...
Great fabrics,  great photo..
great lady who created it...

Ohhh look, she even has pockets....pockets.....
she did not forget them lol


LOVE LOVE...both these bags....the bright yellow
the birds...don't you just love the birds....
sooooo creative...

And  her contents are totally amazing.. look at those needles...scissors...

NOW for our giveaways..
BAG LADY has 2 of these fine handles to giveaway
for those who want to make more Tammys or someone who wants to make one..
  20% for YOU on Jeff's site today...
go to link above..

PS. winners announced tomorrow

And all of this too, Gingham and Dovo Scissors...2 pairs...

 our delightful sponsor links

Gingham Love with RBD
3 Bundles of Gingham Medium and Large Print

Embroidery and 5.5 scissors by DOVO to giveaway!    

( forgive me for not getting back to you all...
I am still all wrapped up now more than ever) 
you will hear from me real soon...

Congrats to the following winners...

Jan won a RBD gingham bundle among other notions
for participating
Mara won a RBD gingham bundle for being top 3 with her 
Dorothy Bag
Brigitta won a RBD gingham bundle for leaving message
* new follower, yeah!

1 pair of embroidery scissors goes to Carla
1 pair of embroidery scissors goes to Samantha

I handle from BAG LADY goes to Sara
1 handle from BAG LADY goes to Lynn

YOU are all winners in my eyes..

For those who are interested in purchasing patterns
for groups or sewing groups,
I will provide discounts...

Please do not share my pattern...
I so appreciate you considering copyright material...


  1. When I grow up...I wanna be just like you! Such fun and wonderful bags...gorgeous photography too! You can sure talk 'circles' around us...lol! And of course...I see you just HAD to come up with 3 bags to keep that 'other'gal in her place, huh? LOL (so nice that neither of you are at ALL competitive..hahaha). Thanks again dear Samm for a wonderful time...you've really converted us...I think we all are now officially Bag Ladies. :)

  2. I have SEW enjoyed seeing everyone's beautiful bags and each one's unique personality. They were all just fabulous! I bought the pattern and found a pair of handles, bought the pellon fleece, now I just need to make a decision on fabric, then I'll be all set to go! I plan to make these as gifts for several family members for birthdays. They're perfect for anyone! Thank you for the fun!

    Cathy :)

  3. Your Tammy bags are perfect! The cross stitched one is my favorite. That CS project is a wowser, will be fantastic when done. Thank you for the great hop and also a big thank you to your sponsors. Now that I have seen them all, it is time to pull out my pattern and frames and get to work! I am just "itching" to make one.

  4. It was fun to join. I may sew some Tammy s after the hop. It was really inspiring to see all the bags. I love your bleu one. The handles you are showing are such a beauties.
    Have a great last Tammy day. And thank you for it

  5. You did a great job with this hop - love your original & the later versions of your "Tammy Bag" -
    Thanks for all of the fun ;)

  6. It was an honor to have you let me in on this one and I want to make more! Thank you for inspiring me to be the best I can be when you but your faith in me! Hope all is well on the homefront! My favorite is when you know better!

  7. Those bags are really fun!Thank you for sharing.

  8. Ohh how pretty is the blue and black one also.. and well I can attest to the saying "when you know better you do better"..Loved all of them Madame Samm and it was a pleasure to do this blog hop...I had lots of fun and enjoyed all of our members bags..

  9. Delicate and unique little bags; your photography invites you to stitch one!
    Madame Samm, thank you for the pattern and for the inspiration we all found in this blog hop.

  10. Love it still and I am sure going to make at least one again.
    THANKS for this bog-hop and the pattern, it was great to be part of it.

    Warm regards from Holland,

  11. Oh, i'd love to sew another Tammy bag with the original frames.
    Please toss my name in the giveaway hat :-)

  12. I adore all of your Tammy bags and I can't wait to make more myself. I am so happy you shared how you stay so beautiful and young (your cosmetic bag and herbal bag contents :).

  13. Your bags are adorable! Love your fabric choices and they hold so much! It was so much fun to see what people were putting into their bag...they do hold a lot! Thanks for another wonderful hop!

  14. Hello madm Samm,
    I have seen so many great Tammy bag during this hop, I can't belive that it has been poosible to reach my age with out one of these bags *lol* Your Tammy bags are adorable and by the way I love the L'Oreal Mascara and Lipstick too *smile*
    Thank you for this genious pattern and this funny blog hop, it has as always been a pleasure to be part of this.
    Liebe Grüße and hugs

  15. Dear, mdm Samm
    I just love your bags. :-)
    They are soooo cute, and the last one was really a good idea. It makes each bag so very personalized.
    It's amazing to see that all the bags are so different... :-)
    Thank you so much for the pattern, the blog hop, and just for beeing who you are.
    hugs from InGa ( in Sweden)

  16. My lovely madame, what more could I say, you have done it again. A fantastic blog hop with so many eye candies to watch and purses which made my mouth watering. What a hoop of ideas gathering together in this hop and so at last your third Tammy, it is so elegant and beautiful. I love it. Even if I manage embroideries very much I think I am going to look for old embroideries at the flea markets to use in a Tammy,
    You are a very creative lady. Have a great weekend
    Greetings and hugs from Sweden

  17. Your Tammy bags are adorable, I especially love your vitamin and minerals bag.

  18. Your bags are beautiful! I can't wait to make some, as soon as I find some local handles. I loved making the URPriceless bags, and I know I will love this one just as much! :)

  19. Great bags! Beautiful cross stitch too.

  20. Wow, you never cease to amaze. The ginghams are so fresh and bright. The cross stitch is a knockout. Wonderful,wonderful, and more wonderful. Thank you.

  21. I have never made a purse with a frame but this has inspired me to try. The bags are all amazing I really need a few in my life.

  22. Once again Samm - such beautiful work! Of course, you did make the pattern! I love that blue paired with the black/white; I wouldn't have thought of that color combo but it works beautifully together. And what can I say about the bird fabric with cross stitch - stunning. I guess I'm going to have to break down and buy some Dovo scissors since you keep bragging about them. You know I always know when yo brag on something that it's really good so thanks for being such a great "reviewer" on top of everything else. I've never heard of MAC lipstick but if you love it then I know it must be good. blessings, marlene

  23. I love them all, but especially the aqua cosmetics one - very pretty!

  24. We knew you'd be making more bags and we knew they'd be great....they are! I love the cross stitch bag the best, although the cosmetic bags is a close second. Thanks for the hops, the hosting, the pattern, etc, etc!

  25. Your Tammys are all so adorable! I have never made this kind of bag before, but am feeling very inspired by all the creativity in this wonderful hop and am looking forward to trying to make one of these cute bags soon. Thanks so much for sharing and to the sponsors and to all who have participated ... and most of all, to you, Madame Samm, for your endless efforts to help and inspire and encourage ... :) Pat

  26. I would not have expected any less from our Madame Samm....they a adorable!! I don`t know which one I like the most,,,I think the red...not sure...lol

  27. Beautiful Tammy Bags! I have yet to try a bag with the metal handles. Maybe someday!!Thanks for the blog hop. It's been great.

  28. Gorgeous bags, Madame Samm. Love the fabrics and the helper.... Thanks for sharing and for the opportunity on your draw.

  29. Yet more bags of fun....always a delight to see what is in your bag(s).

  30. Three Tammy's well you certainly did eat that other lady *smile*. Your Tammy Bags are beautiful! Of course I loved the red one from the start, and knew the turquoise fabric you chose for the second, but the lining and accents are so elegant looking on that bag. Cross stitch bag too? Oh my no one came up with that! Your lovely cross stitch paired so well with the leftover fabric from the birds quilt too. Lucky friend to receive that bag from you.

    I do want to make more. I need one for my knitting, one for embroidery too. So I will take all the wonderful ideas I have gathered from this fantastic blog hop and use them in my next Tammy Bags. Thanks Madame Samm for this marvelous blog hop and for letting me participate too.

  31. I meant "beat" that other lady, not eat! Darn typo!!!

  32. Oh I still loove your original one very much! But the turquoise is so cool too with the black and white. Great idea to use laminated fabric inside. Might have to try this too, never worked with those fasbrics. And your 3rd one is so original and fun. What a special gift to cherish! Thanks for this great blog hop, we have so many inspiration for making tons of Tammys, smile! And I certainly will...lol!

  33. Oh, such beautiful cross stitching...and your bags are wonderful (as is your pattern!) Scrafitto with needlework...great combo!! I need a lesson on how you make your lettering so beautiful. Thanks for another fun hop, you continue to inspire and make us reach higher :)

  34. Each hop seems like they just can't get anymore creative, but this one certainly drew out the best in all of us. Your bags are gorgeous...I knew you'd "eat" me on this one (Daryl was actually right on with that funny typo.) I'm just amazed at that last one you cross stitched...so cool! Thank you for pushing us all to try new things and not be afraid to step out of our comfort zones. PS. Thanks for thinking my Tammy was worthy of your top choices. Sweet! :O)

  35. Gorgeous bags....I keep thinking each one is my favorite and then the nex tone becomes my favortite alll. So I lov ethem all . What's not to love with a name like Tammy and made out of gorgeous fabric's too.

  36. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. You are the queen of recycling ! Gumball machine thread keepers and gum pick needle cases, great ideas ! All your bags are beauties, the blue one is very elegant ! You and Carol make these hops "sew" fun with all of your bantering back and forth ! Love the tops today as well. All the Tammy bags have been most inspiring, I must make more ! Thank you Madame Samm for the easy to follow pattern.

  37. All the bags were great. The hop was such a success

  38. Lovely work, as usual, Madame Samm. Another great hop--sorry I didn't get to participate. I just may have to buy the pattern after seeing all of these great bags. Have you considered an apron hop? I saw some really cute ones this week, and I thought that might be fun.

  39. As usual, you didn't disappoint us!! Your bags are all beautiful! In fact, we've seen so many great bags on this hop! You designed a very versatile pattern!

  40. It has been another fantastic hop. I loved seeing all of the wonderful and creative bags.

    Your bags today are fantastic. I just love that sweet gingham one in blue. I still can't get over how much they hold.

  41. Fantastic! Your bags are so lovely...I don't know how you find the time to do all that beautiful stitching...a whole bag cross stitched...and your gingham bags are just too cute!
    This has been a fun hop...thanks for all you do and the great sponsors!

  42. I have sew loved seeing eveyones bags and you created a lovely tammy bag pattern. lovely hop

  43. Great hop. I love those cute bags. Someday I'll be brave enough to make one. :-)

  44. Great bags and they look like they hold a lot of goodies. Thanks for the inspiration!

  45. As always, another great hop with everyone doing their thing. Creativity is always the mother of inventions, put your ideas bring out the best in all of use, even when we are not sure of our ability. Your bags are great and why not since you are it creator. Thank you for cheering us on and bringing out the best work in us all. And just look, we are becoming great photographers.

  46. all your bags are so great. it was fun to see what each person would put in their bags.
    that idea from carol, the magnet on the lid, is a great one!

  47. Love them all! I cann't choose! You made it too difficult for me! :)

  48. I have really enjoyed the Tammy Bag hop and have seen lots of inspiration. Thanks for designing such a great project and taking the time to create a pattern for the rest of us to use.
    krseitz at earthlink dot net

  49. I have enjoyed seeing all these tammy bags and I love your cross stitch bag. Every once in a while I make a little piece and don't know what to do with it. Now I know! Make a bag! So cute. Of course, I loved the gingham ones too. There is something about that fabric that is just wonderful.

  50. Wow! Your cross stitch is awesome. Although I've done cross stitch, it's not my thing, but I admire those who do it for their patience and perserverance. Your blog hops are inspiring and they seem to get better and better. Your pattern is amazing, and like me, you adhere to the maximum that you can never have too many pockets ! The Tammy Bag is indeed on my "To Do" list. Thanks to you for all your work, the excellent bloggers who continue to motivate me, and the sponsors for their recognition that you reach such a large group. I look forward to each new blog hop.

    1. love to reply to you Nellie..you are a no reply blogger

  51. I love the cross stitch bag, it is too beautiful. The blue gingham is such a nice pastel shade and I thought the red was cute! And the makeup bag is awesome as well. I can see that you are also 'addicted'!!! I know I am...I have already cut out 4 bags, stitched one and already gave it away!

  52. Adorable bags... I can't pick a favorite! So much fun.

  53. So sad that this hop is finished but I am so happy that you have picked my birdie Tammy among the chosen. You have put a smile on my face and there will indeed be more Tammy. She is a very handy lady to have along.

  54. Another successful blog hop! The amazing bags are such an inspiration from all the ladies!
    I bet there will be lots of Tammy bags made soon:)
    Your bags are the cutest! I esp love the thread holders for your cross stitch! Great idea!
    Can't wait for teh next hop:)
    Thank you!

  55. Thank you for another fantastic hop!
    I love your bags - the last one is my favourite!
    BTW I've been to see Carol and she says she not at all competitive!!

  56. Totally gorgeous! Love your Tammy Bags, Samm (especially that blue gingham, one ;o)

    Awesome hop! Not only has it be enjoyable to see Tammy in so many different versions, but it's a delight to see what everyone has been tucking away in her.

    LOL... you certainly have the most gorgeous photo assistant (even when she's coy ;o).

  57. I'm so sad this is done...I have really enjoyed going to all the blogs and seeing all the beautiful Tammy bags. Thank you again for organizing this hop!

  58. What a great time I have had looking at all the lovely Tammys. Great job by everyone.

  59. Sumatra cracks me up! Love that kittie. Your bags are too cute! Of course your Original Tammy sets the bar pretty high.....but we all rose to the occasion. Wonderful hop! Love all the different bags and presentations. I really enjoyed making my Tammy for my daughter. Now I will just have to make one for myself! Maybe denim and plaid to carry on the tractor....Good luck to everyone for the wonderful prizes too.!
    xo jan

  60. Wonderful hop! So easy to participate with your easy to follow pattern. Your new bags are terrific. Love the stitching and the blue gingham reminds me of Dorothy's dress in Wizard of Oz.
    Thanks for being a wonderful leader.I appreciate you!

  61. I hate that the hop is ending. It has truly been inspiring and a great show. Got mine made this weekend and just waiting for the frame. Might have to make more. All bags have been outstanding and it would be hard to pick a favorite. Thanks for a great hop--again.

  62. Wow, I loved all the bags, they are all wonderful. I have always loved gingham fabric since I was little. Thank you.
    (smjohns63 at yahoo dot com)

  63. Lovely, creative and down-right enjoyable. Best part for me was seeing how much each could get in the bag !!! The kitty took the prize. Thanks Samm for all you do - you are smart, you are important and you are so kind to do this for all of us. Judy C in NC sends hugs.

  64. I'm sure your friend was thinking she was hiding behind that barn board. Reminds me of the way 3 year olds hide; in the open with THEIR eyes closed, Great bags though my favorite is still the very first one - it's the fabrics and the ruffle, I'm sure. Wonderful cross-stitch your doing this summer.
    Thanks for the fun and always interesting blog hop. You do a fabulous job; know that you are appreciated even if I'm not a contributor. Have a happy day.

  65. Oh my goodness, these bags are all so delightful. Great hop! (As usual). It's so much fun seeing all the brilliantly, creative people out there.

  66. Great bags these ladies created. Thank you for keeping us entertained each morning as we read each blog. (Even though I missed the coffee cups!). Each bag in different fabric makes them all look wonderful. Thanks again for a job well done..

  67. Another great hop. Your blue makeup bag is cute, but I think I like the red gingham bestest.

  68. Another great hop! I loved seeing everyones bags

  69. Absolutely loved this hop, I've gotten so many good ideas foe my next bags. Oh yes, I'm planning to make some more maybe even one for myself!

  70. I love your blog hops. You do such a great job. I made a priceless coin purse and hope to make the Tammy bag as well.

  71. What a lovely hop! I enjoyed every day, what an inspiration! Thanks everyone that took part and made this lovely eyecandy! Mdm Samm thanks for cheering us on and the great pattern!

  72. What a fun hop! Loved seeing all the bags. Gingham is my fave!

  73. I always have such fun on these hops, so much inspiration! Thanks everyone for sharing all your pretty bags! Thanks, Madam Samm for hosting, cheering and making such a great pattern, You Rock!

  74. Love, love the bags. Definitely making a Tammy!

  75. Love all these bags! Another fun hop!

  76. I'm glad I became reader of this hop. All participants did a lovely job and each of the fabric choices were unique. Tammy bags hold so much. I too will put this bag on my "to do" list...then move it over to "done".

  77. As much as I like gingham your last bag is my favorite. I love the stitchery. And that other lady...gorgeous! Her bag I mean. Thank you for another great hop.

  78. Hi Madame Samm! Are you missing me yet? Having a blast at the beach! I love your bags!!! The stitching is awesome on the 3rd bag! Love those colors! I am going to get some laminate to make both of my girls a cosmetic bag. They both wear tons of make up. Me, I don't wear any... my sweet hubby tells me I don't need it... Now, we both know I really do but isn't he a sweet man. :)

  79. Really love the bags Sam. Nice job and what beautiful bags. Really enjoying it.

  80. Well we all saw the original in the badge and sign up and we knew about one to match the powder room but a third special one for someone who is special. Wow! I still gravitate to the original one but how pretty the others turned out. Gorgeous stitchery you are working on!

    THX again for an enjoyable hop! You wonder what could possibly top the one you just looked at and yet, they all manage to bring on the goodies!

  81. I love that you made 3 lovely bags, just 1 more that youknowwho.

  82. As usual this hob was fab and I sew enjoyed seeing all of the different bags. Your work just keeps getting better and more creative I loved all of your bags but my favourite one is the needlework one. Thanks for all of your hard work I know that you thrive on it. I will have to get the pattern and make myself a Tammy Bag I never make anything for me.lol Blessings Sandra

  83. Have loved following along, seein' all the special talent these ladie's have has been soooo encouraging!! I want to make one too!! (and probably some more!!! lol) Thank you for allll of the hard work you always put into each Hop!!! We do ALL appreciate you so very much!!! Thank you!!

  84. Delightful as always. I thought I didn't "need" a Tammy bag ....but they all look so cute... Now I know I NEED one. Thanks Miss Madame S for the fun. Janita

  85. Thank you for another awesome blog hop Mdm Samm...I loved your original Tammy bag and when I first saw it I knew I wanted to make a Tammy too. I knew I would not stop at one...addicted I am. I managed to finish the two before my company arrived a week ago. I had company from Canada for 6 days...I have a few more cut out, ready to sew. Love your cosmetic bag and the cross stitch Tammy...simply wonderful...luv it too!! Thanks again for all your hard work in organizing the hops...for the pattern, for the wonderful sponsors and for YOU!! I appreciate everything you do for us!! Thanks sEw much. xop

  86. Another very successful blog hop ... so sad to see it come to an end. Madame Samm your bags are beautiful ... to hard to pick a fav so I won't. : ) The top picks of the day are also the ones I picked. GMTA Since I only did drive-bys last night, tomorrow I'll go back to comment. Thanks for all you do and for another fun, fun hop.

  87. Love the gingham & the Birds. Such a fun hop to see everyone's bags & especially the contents. Great sponsors & giveaways! Thank you for all the work you put into this - it's inspiring. Fantastic hop! I'm off to see today's picks!

  88. You did a wonderful job!Just went to Bag Lady and ordered another frame. I love those bags. They are going to make great gifts. Love all of your bags.They really are fun to make. Great job on the pattern too.

  89. I really enjoyed seeing all the pretty bags in this bloghop, but the blue cat and music one must be my favorite!

  90. How adorable! I love the blue gingham cosmetic Tammy bag! Our group will be making these very soon from your great pattern!

  91. Once again your creations are amazing...oh my goodness do I love the cross stitch one! Thank you for such a wonderful pattern, I know I will make more of them...and for such a wonderful blog hop, all the Tammy bags were wonderful and each one made me want to make two more! :)

  92. I am finally back online. Not having internet for 3 days is almost eternity! Wow, you have sure made some fabulous Tammy's. Thanks for a great blog hop and a wonderful pattern. Loved seeing just how everyone personalized theres. :-)

  93. Wowee!!!! Thanks for the win! Oh boy...handles = another new bag!!!! Happy Dance!!!

  94. I loved seeing all the bags. That cross stitch is sooooooooooooooo gorgeous!


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