Monday, June 24, 2013

It is Monday, don't you just love Mondays....

Ahhhhh a china cup with a china doll...holding some gingham
napkins from a dear friend, who said when she saw them she thought of me...
How nice, made my day for sure when 2 different packages arrived with 
a lovely card.......

NOW the napkins are tucked in a NAPKIN DOLL, these were very popular in the 
1940's -1960's.....Now I am not that old, but I do remember my Nanny
had a couple of them, one in her bedroom that held her lightly starched hankies
and the one in the kitchen was a bit more detailed than this pretty lady and
she always had very colourful napkins in those..often embroidered with 
all of our names on them... Made it look like she had a full crinoline dress on..

Just recently I was able to get a hold of a couple at an auction 
and another on ebay....This one is very dainty...very lady like...
and plain, but with her gingham napkins tucked into the slots...
well she looks down right fashionable..

Have you ever see any like this....?

I would love to find one like this..reminds me sooo much
of my wee tots... She is a Holt Howard napkin doll,
stands about 7 inches I believe....however I am not sure since I have
never seen one...I know they came in yellow and blue too!

This one I tried to win and lost out ....
very dainty and looks like the same one below in red and white

This one below I did manage to get...
She is resin...I have not found any napkins to go
with her yet...As soon as I can get out to my favourite
shops...we will find her perfect dress...wink...

And I think we can conclude many of YOU have never
seen these before ...:)

Just a friendly reminder that we have 
Stamp on it blog hop this week..

is cheering us on in this one...
and this lady knows how to cheer....
HI, T, wink...
I best get sewing ....and soon...lol


  1. The napkins ladies are delightful. It is fun to look for things for someones collection. Have a great week. Looking forward to this next hop.

  2. The napkin dolls are so interesting and cute, I have never seen one before.

  3. Those napkin dolls are just gorgeous. I haven't seen those before.

  4. So cute these ladies. I had never seen those before.

  5. These napkin girls are so sweet. I haven´t seen any of them in Sweden, and I love to visit thrifty shops and flea markets. They remind me however of an ash cup that my grand father was given as a present in the fifties A sweet and cute lady resting on a bed with loose legs you could move a little when you use the ash cup. A little special and we children loved to touch her very well shaped legs. And I remember also that the men at the parties loved that ash cup especially when the have had some drinks . LOL
    Have a great day, lovely madame and my stamp is done, It is even stamped!!!

  6. How neat. I have never seen these china doll napkin ladies before. Interesting concept. And I can see why they would be collectables.

  7. Good morning Samm. HUH, I've never seen these before, how adorable!Have a great day.

  8. I never saw a napkin doll before. They are pretty and so fun with the napkins in the slots. I need to keep my eyes peeled for them when I go thrift store shopping. Good luck in finding the one you want.

  9. What lovelies you have and thank you for sharing them with us. I will definitely be on the look out for you. Judy C in NC

  10. Those are so beautiful! I'd never heard of them before...so interesting.

  11. The napkin doll is so cute. I have never noticed anything like them before. If I see one at the antique mall, I will know what it is for now.

  12. How pretty! But I have never seen one before. I'm afraid our napkin holder was/is the more utilitarian type and cheap. It breaks we get another just like it. Same as when I was a kid, one of six and how many times did we hear that "we can't have anything nice with you kids breaking things!" It was true but accidents happen.

  13. Welllll....I am that old growing up in the 50s and 60s but I've never seen those napkin/hanky ladies. Really sweet. My Mom loved her poppies that grew beside the house, she'd have loved your mug. :)

  14. Those are adorable! The ones you've shown are the only ones I've ever seen. How clever!!!

  15. dawgone, i love those napkin dolls, and have even seen them at the antique malls. i wondered why they had the slits in the skirts -- very odd, i thought?? now i know why -- you can just bet that i'm gonna buy the next one i come across, by golly! thanks for sharing!

  16. I have not seen these napkin dolls before. How clever and cute! I'll keep my eyes out for these.

  17. I have not seen a napkin doll before. They are cute. I`m glad you shared.

  18. I have never seen the napkin dolls and now I'm off to ebay to search for one....I blame you *wink*

  19. I learned something new today. How cute are they.

  20. Rosemary B here:
    I like the red and white one... with the hat, 4th one. I want that.
    I have never seen one of these.
    Thank you for sharing these gems, Missie Samm. I hope you are feeling terrifical today.
    You are loved

  21. Oh they are so pretty. I have never seen anything like them. Love the red and white lady.

  22. Oh those are really sweet, I have never seen them but I will watch for them when out antiquing lol. Are you feeling any better yet, I am concerned about you. Blessings

  23. Napkin ladies ... something old but very new to me as I never heard of them. Such a lovely novelty. Did you/do you really use it for the purpose it was intended or is it just filled with pretty napkins and then put on display?

  24. Those napkin ladies are cool. Neither of my grandmothers had one. I'll have to keep my eyes open for one.

  25. Nope, never seen those. However, they are very cute. I see why you like them. I would probably pick one up if I found one at a sale. I love knick knacks.

  26. I have not seen those before either. Now I want one, I am going searching. You have such unique interesting things too cool!

  27. I have a vague memory of my Mom's Aunt Kay having one of these on her dressing table. I haven't thought of them in years, but aren't they adorable! This might be the answer to what to do with my collection of embroidered hankies!


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