Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I love Tuesdays, yes I do, because I get to share it with you and you and you...

I am little late this morning but it is still AM, 
so I have rhubarb on the stove stewing, 
my sewing is begging me to be stitched,
The rain is pouring down on our garden
and I have one or two places to itch.

I really had no intention of writing any poetry
this morning, it just came out that way..
So as some of you have come to expect,
I do have a few fine china mugs still to show..
and don't you just love this one...it is a soft pink inside...
with Coffee on the outside...( I have a yellow one too) 
and my wee timer, is a gift from a very special lady....the first
time I saw it I just knew it would suit my kitchen to a T.
( and it keeps time) and I sooooo love it...

I am working on a couple stamps for our Stamp on It...blog hop
that begins tomorrow...
Has anyone found out how many well you know...
that other lady is making...she won't tell me a thing....wink...

I have one I am completing today...I think I can do 
#*@ we will see....

Thearica from pigs tales and quilts is cheering us on...
I can hear her practicing already..


  1. Moja Droga taką panią do serwetek chętnie bym kupiła pozdrawiam Dusia

  2. Your little kitchen timer is just adorable. Can't wait to see the Stamp hop tomorrow. Nice to start the morning off with a little poetry. Don't itch too much! And have a lovely day! :)

  3. I do so love your mugs collection and the timers is adorable. never seen one before but I know if I had I would need one too because my kitchen is apples. No wonder you and I get along sew well. (BIG GRIN) Happy day to you and I finished my stamp project yesterday. it is in full use today. ;P can't say any more.

  4. Good morning Mdm Samm...luv china mugs too, you definitely have the best collection. The timer...what can I say but...it is just the sweetest little china girl and a redhead too!! It is pouring buckets here too. My tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers are loving it...my rhubarb too!! Hope you have a great day!!! xop

  5. I love your little timer! I was gifted one last week by one of my friends who flew in to go to the beach with us. Mine is a pig, no doubt! :) He is as sweet as a pig in the mud! I am enjoying your parade of tea cups and coffee mugs. They always put a smile on my face!

    It looked like it wanted to pour down rain a little bit ago but right now the sun is shining. We do not need anymore rain for at least 2 weeks. rain, rain, go away... our tobacco wants to grow... and get big thick leaves...

    Thank you for allowing me to help you with yet another blog hop! I do enjoy this! It is right up my alley! :)

  6. Love the poetry in you this morning..."places to itch"...LOL! You are so full of fun this morning with your poem, your sweet cup and timer, and (wow!) rhubarb cooking. Since I'm not competitive AT ALL, I'll let you "win"....this time. :O)

  7. love the apple girl timer. I have a few select apple items in my kitchen and love older things like this!

  8. oh no, more cute things that I need to start looking for LOL. Love the timer. Looking forward to tomorrow.

  9. Cute poem! What a great tea cup to sip your coffee from. It would make a girl feel so feminine!

  10. ohhhhh she is not saying a word!!!!! Going to be interesting....lol

  11. Sure hope that itch gets better....you're able to do your computer stuff now? Love your poetry...sure sign of the creativity spinning in that wee red head! LOL Warm hugs to you!

  12. Thanks for sharing all your lovely teacups with us and extras....I love how everything hints on the side of Femininity (so fragile and dainty but then a force to be reckoned with at times) I think this is just who we are and I for one like us just the way we are....have a wonderful day and here is to a wonderful start for our new hop!!!!! Go Stamp-it-teers!

  13. Gorgeous teacup and timer. Just beautiful. Thank you for shareing all your beautiful treasures with us.

  14. I love that adorable timer , it is so wonderful. And the tea cup is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing them, lovely lady.
    I will be so fun with the next blog hop, I am so excited to see what everyone have been up to make.

  15. Another sweet photograph! Yep, we know that Thearica has the pom poms at the ready. In fact, she made some for the blog hop a month or so back, as I recall.

    I had a local friend message me the other day to ask about a smaller purse frame for your Tammy bag. She saw mine, loved it and purchased your pattern the other day. She was hoping to get by with a half inch smaller frame. I just told her to a tad deeper on the seams to take up that 1/2 inch and she should be fine. So someone down her in Alabama will be Tammy making soon!

  16. Ahhhh, that timer is adorable. So sweet. I think it looks like you. The cups are beautiful - yesterday & today. It's raining here too, love it. And the napkin ladies, who knew? You did. So charming. Fantastic, thank you for sharing those.

  17. That is the sweetest timer I have seen. You have so many cute accessories in your kitchen. Thanks for sharing with us. Please send some rain my way..

  18. Itching is a great thing! It means only one thing. ; ) I LOVE rhubarb, but never made anything with it myself. We used to be able to buy rhubarb pies, but for the last several years I've only seen strawberry rhubarb pies. blech

  19. I love your timer. She is just beautiful!

  20. Love all of your napkin ladies and your little timer lady too. so cute! Thanks for sharing them.


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