Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Day 7 of Say it with Flowers and Andover as our Sponsor

Congrats to the following...

Marla for being top 4 with her lovely pink quilt
Lisa for participating and designing her cute floral top
Simone for message left on how much flowers are the sunshine of her life..
and newest member of our Rooster Club is T....Congrats ladies....

( they all have been contacted and will be getting very special RED packages
sent to them next week) 

Thanks to all those who were in our hop...it was a very special one indeed!

Yesssss, we are at the end of a very special hop...made special by all of you- those who participated and to all who cheered...YOU really touched many hearts with your lovely comments...Just shows
how very special you all are....
Even CAROL, she is special too..wink...
( as a big thank you for this hop...she already has received her new
rooster mug) 
and as always she stepped up and kept us in line...
She deserves some shaking of our POM POMS. 

And on that note...you all know how much I just adore these red rooster
coffee mugs. They came on the market in 1960, they have a stamp underneath 
the cup with Holt Howard as the Designer...The name was combined by 3 fellows...

 Holt-Howard was an importer that started working in New York City in 1949 and moved to Stamford, Connecticut, in 1955. John and Robert Howard and Grant Holt started Holt-Howard, whose first products were Christmas items made and sold in the United States. The company sold many types of table accessories, such as condiment jars, decanters, spoon holders, and saltshakers. The figures shown on some of its pieces had a cartoon-like quality. The company was bought out by General Housewares Corporation in 1969. Holt-Howard pieces are often marked with the name and the year or HH and the year stamped in black. The HH mark was used until 1974. There was also a black and silver label. Production of Holt-Howard ceased in 1990. Similar pieces are being made today by Grant Holt, one of the founders, and are marked GHA. 

As my giveaway, I will be giving one of my cups away...I have been fortunate to get a few more recently, so I sent 2 of them already to 2 special ladies...and I have one extra....So if you have a thing for red roosters and would like to join me each morning as I begin my day...Share with us, why you would want one of these cups...

However before you do that...let's take a stroll into my garden and see what I created, ....of course
after you visited all the other lovely gardeners who joined me on this day...

We will be bringing flowers...

WE opened up the doors first to all those overseas
so they would beat the odds to show us their flower
project. I know I speak for CAROL too, we are soooo 
excited to see what flowers are in your gardens of your mind.!

And speaking of CAROL she will be cheering you on
as only she can do. She is getting to be our hostess
who has more experience with language barriers than any other cheerleader!
She is our in house expert now, after bowls with borders.
I think she can do anything....

JUST LET ME QUILT is her blog 
and we certainly give her that opportunity time and time
again. And although she is quite competitive with me...
I think we would  all agree, she inspires me to do better...wink!
So today we present our lovely gardeners..
Let's see what is growing in their world!
Be sure to cheer them all on for the beauty
that will fill your screen! 

June 4th
Sew We Quilt ( yes me, Mdm Samm) 

it has been 4 hops without a hiccup) 

Ok, I am READY!

I designed this with a special lady in mind. 
She has always loved anything pink, she is very kind, very smart and very important
to me in my life...I chose 5 fabrics, and sprayed them with bleach
to get this effect...I even needle turned all the petals....
This is a European sized pillow, with crochet trim all around it...
I embroidered THE HELP's famous quote...
which has certainly been my credo these past 2 years...

That is my first project...ok, I had to make something else....

 I thought, how could I possible match the likes
of that other lady with her red pillow...
You know, the one that was OK....

( How could I  possibly compete with this...you tell me lol) 

WElllllll I came up with this...
A flower  FABRIC VASE....
I was going to make something RED ....but I thought
you all would think I was trying to compete with her...
which of course I never do....(I  leave that to her) 

I paper pieced all these sunflower petals, using 4 different shades of yellows...
cut them all individually, drawing them onto some Pellon
wonder under...and then I used another Pellon product... Craft Fuse
 to keep this fabric vase very stiff.. You just press it on the wrong
side of your fabric. I did a few lines of stitching for extra stability,
but it does not need it....
It is large fabric vase that it can hold a very large 
glass vase so I can put some Viburnum flowers in it...
Imagine seasonal flower vases...I can...
bet that other lady did not think of that wink...
                        CRAFT Fuse by Pellon!

Now how about a stroll in our all white garden...

The Viburnums in the fabric vase came from here....I bet you did not even notice
which tree...lol These bushes are already over 6 feet tall and 4 feet wide..

Soon the Peonies ( all white) ...we have about 6 bunches of them in the garden...in between all of the viburnums...( 9 of these) 

At the back of our yard, we have 3 bridal wreaths...they have these gorgeous white florals..
We have always grown these in our home gardens... and it made sense to seek them again...they make great wide bushes...this one is about 4 feet tall and 2 feet wide...( only 2 years old) 
( the others are about the same) 

My DH was busy digging up more of our lawn for a very long garden....
We have clay soil, which is a killer to dig up...
so with the help of a  roto tiller, and lot's of sweat my DH dug up this long
strip that is 50 feet long and 4 feet wide....
everything planted was white flowers and bushes...
and another Viburnum tree too..

We  also planted Hydrangeas. 4 bushes of those...and some
new white florals that are just annuals...but will bloom all summer.

Next weekend, he will tackle the back of this row-
all the grass was removed..and we have sunflowers ( white ones from Italy)
to plant there along with some hostas, and bridal wreath and more
viburnum bushes...

And of course what would a stroll be in the garden without my shadow.
Sumatra....I think she thought it was toooo early to be taking photos...
Soon after I was done, she went back to bed....

She just cracks me up...
so there you have it ....I only was able to get 2 projects done
I know, I need to work on that wink..

I have to be away for a few days, so my apologies
for not returning any notes immediately...
Upon my return I will awe and ohhhh at your comments..
and if you want one of my red rooster cups
let me know why..

YOU will be a special member of the red rooster club
as there will be 4 of us in it!  We will all share our cups
in a post now and then .

p.s this week HO HO HO will be announced
our Christmas blog hop...
psst check back on Thursday

Our Top 2
 This lady really knows how to "Say It with Flowers"...look at all that stitching!

The only thing missing from these flowers is the moose, but
we loved it anyway!

The flowers on this bag definitely bring us pleasure!

Daisy is such a doll and so is her creator!

Ohhhh and

 FABRICS is our sponsor and they have included some amazing flower
bundles....YOU have to agree, their collections are always the brightest- they have the most variety and never seem to mirror anyone else. So thank you once again our friends at Andover for being our sponsor for Say it with Flowers...YOU certainly got the menu on that one...

Gratitude to Andover for being our sponsor! You can always count on them for quality FABRIC!

                           Winners will be announced on Saturday!
 good luck everyone!

Flutterby by Mary Engelbreit (top left), Villageware Toile by Renee Nanneman (left 3 bundles underneath), Annalee by Jane Dixon (top right), and Flutterby again (bottom right)


  1. Love the pillow. Its such a special one. The colors are looking great. Thanks for sharing. Have a nice hopping day.:-)Frederika

  2. An absolutely beautiful pillow!!!! It reminds me of a gorgeous Pink Magnolia (sorry if it is another flower...a quilter I am...and I know flowers have petals...that is the extent of my horticultural knowledge..lol). Such a sweet sentiment...I'm sure your special lady will love it! Love the fabric vase too...and I bet that 'other' is wishing she'd thought of it too...lol. Wonderful White Paradise...your flowers! LOL at Sumatra (but please don't tell her I giggled when I saw her...I know cats...they get very put out when you giggle at them)......I have looked forward every day to see what beautiful cup you would show off....have loved them all...I wouldn't mind one little bit seeing that Rooster cup each morning with my coffee...but I have to be honest....if he were mine, I would send him off to Idaho where a dear friend lives...we have never met in person...but we've adopted each other as 'sisters' - she sends a card every week to my mom because she knows my mom loves to read cards, she is one of the most caring, sharing person I have had the pleasure getting to know and chickens are her passion. Thanks for a most wonderful hop!!! Now don't be gone too long...ya hear? (SMILE)

  3. What a gorgeous pillow! I love the idea of your vase, very clever. Who wouldn't love to have the rooster mug, I can hear him now crowing, wake up your coffee is ready, lol!

  4. Oh my goodness, you have to show us how you made that gorgeous pillow. It is just stunning, a show stopper really! I had to go back and look at the picture, it looks as if it were painted on the pillow. WOW!!
    You vase, now only you could come up with that idea. So fun! Sunflowers are such a happy flower.
    Your garden is just beautiful. White, so classic and so pretty. I can see why Sumatra wanted to walk around. There is beauty everywhere.
    Thank you for another fun hop. Hats off to you and carol.

  5. Wow, your special lady looks gorgeous!!! The first that I have thought, it´s a Magnolia, isn`t it ?
    Thank you you for this nice blog hop! Greetings from Germany !

  6. That pillow is gorgeous! Thanks for hosting!

  7. Ok I'm here :D those cups are so lovely, that I couldn't resist and I have to leave my comment here :D i love red colour, I love coffy and I love cups ;) Here is one of them ;) http://handmadebymama.blogspot.com/2013/01/skoro-sie-powiedziao-i-b-to-trzeba_18.html

    Your garden is beautyfull, and I love your pillow ! It's very special gift ...


  8. Love your pretty pillow. So creative of you to bleach the fabric. A lovely gift. And of course you need a vase for those white flowers. Stunning garden you DH has dug for you.

  9. Love both of your projects and your amazing garden. Thanks for sharing them. vickise at gmail dot com

  10. Another great blog hop and still have time to create a white garden. Love the idea of using bleach on fabric. Very pretty. And a fabric vase. That is what I love about these hops - you learn so much.Thank you for the energy you devote to them.

  11. I now have 2 more projects to complete. I want to make both of my daughters one of those pillows! Thank you Madame Samm for adding to my ever growing list of things to do... but this one gets moved up to the front of the line. :)

    And my mother in law would adore a vase like that! She has tons of flowers and is always cutting them to bring in to her dining table.

    Please don't leave me out of the rooster club. I would love to have a rooster cup.. Of course, I would allow my hubby to use it for his morning coffee on an occasional morning. :)

    Fabulous end to a fantastic hop!

  12. Love the pillow and the vase! I've been wanting to make something using that quote, but have only put it on my to do list.
    This has been a great hop...no surprise there.... but I've been feeling a bit like a bee...hopping from flower to flower to gather bits of insprirational pollen. Thanks so much!
    I've also enjoyed the "mug of the day" on your blog and would love a cute rooster mug to join me in the morning.
    Thanks to you and to the participants for a great blog hop!

  13. Thanks for sharing your projects. I'd love to win the rooster cup - he'd look great along side by chicken pitcher I bought decades ago. Thanks for organizing this great blog hop.

  14. Love that pillow with the beautiful lace trim and your vase is a beauty as well...I think your garden grows more lovely every time you post pics...I can see why you would enjoy those rooster mugs. I think it would be fun to quilt his likeness :) He reminds me of our guy though he is much more grey than red...he is a bit of a mixed breed, with some Araucana, I think...lol! Take care!!

  15. Your pillow is beautiful with that ethereal flower. And what a clever idea to make a fabric vase; I love it!

  16. Both your flower projects are wonderful. I have been enjoying all your mugs and cup/saucers. Such a great collection. The rooster would look great on my table for my morning tea!

  17. Love the vase Samm...perfect petals! And I love the mug for several reasons. My sister loves loves loves chickens, has 22 of them (I often get fresh eggs!) so I thought of her when I saw it. Praying for you today. Blessings, marlene

  18. Love the bouquet. It is great. I always had pet chickens when we were kids. I would be honoured to be part of the rooster club. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of this blog hop and especially sharing my day with you, what an honour! I loved the beached fabric, such unique colours, a simple idea with gorgeous results ♥

  20. What a beautiful pillow. I love that faded petal effect and the embroidered quote is perfect! Your flower vase cozy is wonderful too. So pretty even without any flowers in it. Love all your garden flower photos too.

  21. Good morning Samm, what lovely projects you made! That flower pillow is just so lovely. I think you deserve the most creative award today fo ryour flower vase! Great idea, and it's lovely too.

  22. Oh my...you have done it again. I absolutely love "the Help" pillow. I love the rooster mug and it would fit nicely in my kitchen of roosters and chickens! Thanks for yet another GREAT hop!

  23. "The Help" is one of my favorite movies, and I think of that saying constantly. What a great pillow!

  24. My post is up now. Not sure why I couldn't load Wordpress. Been up all night trying to figure it out. I'm so very sorry.

  25. I think that pillow is just the cutest thing! I am going to have to make something with that quote on it for my 3 sisters. The last time we were together, one of us was reading the book and we said it to each other constantly. We will get together in South Dakota later this month for my mom's 89th birthday....thanks for the idea !!! Why would I want to own one of those mugs ??? I think you know !That cup looks just like my rooster, Fonzie, who has the big comb ! hehe ! You is kind to give it away !!
    Your garden is beautiful, 3 cheers for your handy dandy DH !! I bet the garden shines in the moonlight.

    1. Today's flower "picks" are blooming wonderful !!

  26. I really want to give that bleach process a try...love how it looks and that saying is so sweet. Great use of that Pellon (another thing I have to try.) I love my little rooster mug! :O)

  27. Super top picks today. So sad to see this flowery blog hop end. I am still making something with flowers though for one of the upcoming hops, you'll see it eventually.
    Those rooster mugs are cute, but I have a cupboard full of mugs already so I'd better not get in on the giveaway for this.

  28. Oh, the rooster mug is my favorite. I would like to have it because it would link me to you, my friend and make me feel special. I think it's so important that we enjoy our special friendships and as creative, artistic women....CELEBRATE our uniqueness! I'm happy being here just soaking up the inspiration! And now I see how busy you've been my friend, creating works of art and a beautiful flower garden to enjoy! Sweet hugs, Diane

  29. I love Your creations, Samm!! Your vase is adorable:)
    Super top picks !!! My fav is the first one:)

  30. Another fantastic hop with amazing and creative projects to enjoy!
    I would gift the rooster mug to my friend who has a farm where I go to enjoy her children
    and the great outdoors :)

  31. The flower on that pillow is gorgeous! Love the vase too. What a great idea. My best friend keeps chickens...she tried to keep a rooster too, but the cock-a-doodle-doing was a little too much, too early. I'm sure she'd love your rooster mug!

  32. I like those rooster mugs and your other flower projects are wonderful)

  33. Oh, I would love a rooster to make me smile in the morning! I love your projects, especially the pillow. My younger daughter and I loved that movie! Thanks again for all you do and enjoy your time off! pbstrand@msn.com

  34. Well sweetie you and Carol as usual had a fun hop and I loved that all the quilters from all over Europe joined in . As usual all your projects were adorable and I loved the vase cover. Your garden is soo beautiful all in white and green . Hope all is well and you will have a wonderful summer. I love your rooster mug and it would mean a lot to me because it came from you but I don't have a blog. Hugs and blessings Sandra

  35. I LOVE the HELP pillow!! Wonderful idea!! Thanks for another great HOP!

  36. This blog hop has been so fun. And your projects were so wonderful, what more to expect from you. And thank you for all the beautiful pictures of your white garden. I have enjoyed every day hopping to all the blogs filled with so many creative projects.
    Thank you again lovely Samantha

  37. That bleached flower is stunning!!!! It has been a terrific hop and the flowers have all been so inspiring - both real and created.

  38. love your projects...love your white garden and all the entries have been fabulous

  39. Thank you for all your hard work, sewing, quilting, organizing, etc. The projects on Say it with flowers have been amazing. I admire from inside all the beautiful gardens as my allergies keep me inside in the Spring as it is my worst season. I did manage to go on a Shop Hop with my sister in April-I took any and all medications and I was OK, but my sister reacted to Birch pollen while visiting the trees around the capitol in Sacramento. Still I avoid going out as we've had lots of wind here in the Bay Area this year. Would love to win some flowery fabric-I love ME and her designs. Looking forward to Stamp It and HoHoHo blog hops. Thanks again.

  40. What can I really say...but YOU is all that your says. And we all love YOU!

  41. Me again! Sew glad everyone showed up. Wonderful flowers from everyone.Thank you for the great hop and Carol for being a great cheerleader.

  42. Well first of all, you have to tell us more about HOW you made that pillow. It is exquisite! Also the vase is very unique - I'd like to know HOW you did that too. And so far as the rooster mug, 1. I love vintage dishes.
    2. I love roosters. (I have 2)
    3. It would remind me of you. (You are kinda spunky like a rooster and you like to keep all of your hens in a row) :)
    4. It would live "The Good Life" here on the farm.
    5. It would love to make random appearances all around blogland as we hop along.
    Now if I haven't offended you too awfully much with comment #3, I would love to have that rooster.
    xo jan

  43. I don't see how you got even one project done, let alone two especially with all that you have going on. Lovely projects and how clever to use a bleach discharge like dyeing to get the gradations of color! I am purely amazed that the sunflowers were foundation pieced too.

    THX again to you and your right hand gal, Carol for another fun hop! Flowers are a popular choice for quilting and crafting as the hop showed. The mugs are adorable! If I were to win it, I would be tempted to pass it on to my best blogging friend of 6 years as she is the chicken girl. ( Her husband works for the agricultural farm in BC so it is a good fit. ) In that case I should just admire yours and pass on giveaway inclusion.

    Have a safe trip and Thursday? Good as I have a mammo appt in the morning and would not want to miss the chance at sign up.

  44. Such beautiful projects they are. This has been a great hop. The ideas and creativity is totally amazing. I would love to join in and try to win a Roster cup. It would match my kitchen perfectly and I love it. I would love to be in your Roster club, but don't know if I am worthy. You all do sure beautiful work.

    Your flower garden is beautiful. You are so lucky to have a husband that cares and helps you. (Mine also helps and does so much for me. Guess we both got keepers, LOL) Have a great trip and be safe....

  45. I just love your pillow... :-) It's sooooo nice.
    And who would think of making a fabric vase?? You are just incredable.
    I cannot understand how you make time for everything. I need my hours of sleep .... :-)
    Your pictures from your garden are wonderful, and so has this hop been as well.
    I thank you and Carol very much for giving us the possibilty to join in this fun of doing things together across all borders.
    Untill the next time, hugs from InGa

  46. You is creative and you is cheery and you is generous. A red rooster mug would be something to crow about along with my morning coffee ... :) Pat

  47. What a wonderful white garden. I will look forward to seeing a white sunflower. I haven't heard of such a thing. Here in Kansas they are all yellow. All the ladies did a great job. Your picks were my favorites, along with a few more. I would love your rooster mug, even though I have no blog. It would remind me of you and this hop every day.

  48. Your white garden is beautiful. The red rooster mug reminds me of my mother, she collects roosters!!
    (smjohns63 at yahoo dot com)

  49. I love your rooster mug - I collect chicken mugs and I have quite a collection!!
    I love all your white flowers - I too have clay and I need more white flowers to brighten those dark corners! I've never seen a white sunflower - I'd love to see a pic when it blooms!
    Take care!

  50. I love white in a garden. Very nice

  51. Thanks again Madame Samm for a wonderful hop. It has been a bright spot in my day. I'm already looking forward to the next one.
    So many talented people with lovely projects and yours are included in my praise. I Love the pillow and the vase. Good work.
    Your white flowers are wonderful. That CAT!! HA, I'm in love..(don't tell Henry or Max that I said that...lol)
    Oh I almost forgot to say thanks to Carol as well for being such a great cheerleader.
    Be well

  52. Another awesome blog hop!!!
    Yours are such a joy to visit everyday... I feel like I am with new friends and some old ones too:)
    Thank you again for a great job!!!!

  53. Would love to win your rooster cup as a reminder of all the great hops you have planned. It has been a pleasure hopping along. Thanks for the chance to win.

  54. What antoerh fun filled day of hopping around the Blogosphere. So many great blogs to viists. And so many talented folks. I loved seeing all the pictures of the flowers everyone posted today. I lvo eyour white gardens. Absolutely stunning. Cuter rooster mugs. I have my kitchen decorated in roosters...

  55. I stayed out this time but wish I hadn't all the lovely flowers where beautiful! I would love you rooster cup to go along with my real rooster! I love the pillow it looks like flowers and a rooster. I raise chickens so I could really use a rooster that is quite! Have fun wherever you are Madam!

  56. I wish this hop could go on forever. What beautiful creations--your included. The pillow is gorgeous and cute too. Really says flowers to me.

    What would I do with the rooster mug? Well, there is red on it and it would fit in perfectly. Ah ha. It would match the potholder I made in the It's for the Birds hop.

    As always, a great time had by all. Thank you.

  57. Very pretty pillow. I'm sad to see this hop end. If I had the rooster cup, I would have to hide it when my mom comes to visit, as it might be missing when she leaves.

  58. What a ball! What a great hop, loved every day of it, all the blogs showing flowers, thanks to all that took part, Mdm Samm and Carol, thank you for organizing this hop, what a pity it is the last day already.

  59. Love your fabric vase, what a great idea! Have a good trip.

  60. Wish I could lay my head on your pretty pillow and dream sweet dreams of this great hop!!
    Thanks again to you, Madame Samm, and Carol for organising it.
    It has been a great pleasure participating.


  61. Thanks for the most creative place today! I am so thrilled. This hope has been one of the best! So much creativity and talentZ,

  62. Dear madm Samm,
    this hop has been one big joy, lots of lovely and different flowers.
    Your pillow is gorgeous, beautiful work!
    And the vase is so clever, thanks for sharing.
    I love your cup pictures, they are all very special and unique.
    Menber of the red rooster cup club, sounds very funny and snugly *lol*
    Liebe Grüße

  63. Carol's pillow was dramatic, modern and yours simple, romantic. Both very beautiful! I really do love linens with crochet lace!

    This really has been a very lovely hop. I think everyone had wonderful projects and the best was seeing all the beautiful garden photos!

  64. You have said it with flowers oh so well! Your pillow is exquisite...the bleaching process really made those petals so gentle. Your fabric vase is really awesome...would never have thought of this! You are so creative...and your white gardens are so pretty! Thank you for another successful hop!

  65. Love your pretty vase and the pillow is awesome. Great technique with the bleach. It makes a lovely flower.
    Your gardens are wonderful. Thanks for sharing.
    Love your cute rooster mug. How fun it would be to have coffee in it in the morning. It would be cute next to my Bowls without Borders rooster and my It's for the Birds rooster.
    Thanks for the fun hop and the chance to win!

  66. Well Madame Samm, YOU did it again ... YOU knocked it out of the park with your pillow and vase. Spraying bleach on fabric ... genius! The lucky lady receiving the pillow is going to be thrilled to have it.

    I'd LOVE to have the rooster cup! The rooster fabric I ordered arrived so I'm deciding which fabrics to use with it to make either a table topper, mug rugs, or coasters ... or maybe I'll make all three. Anyway, the rooster cup would look great with my new rooster fabric.

    This was a bloomin' fantastic blog hop! Thank YOU for everything YOU do behind the scenes to make all of your hops successful!

  67. Forgot to mention that since I was a wee tot, we called viburnum "snowballs". I never knew they were called viburnum until I read your post today!

  68. Why would I want one your mugs??? Just because!!! This has been admin hop, loved all the flowers and flower projects too..

  69. I love the way the fabrics turned out on your beautiful pillow. Who would think of a quilted flower vase--why, you of course! I really enjoyed looking at your projects as well as every other flower posted in this hop. Amazing talent, as usual. I would love to raise chickens, but we live in the woods. There are just too many predators in our area for the cute little chicks to survive. One of your mugs is probably the closest I would come to owning a chicken. LOL Thank you for your post and for organizing our blogs.

  70. Love your top 2 as always. Lovely flower vase, will look great in seasonal dresses. I love the flower on that pink pillow, such lovely shades of pink and not one of them the same. I would love the rooster mug because it reminds me of when I was little. We had a small farm, with chickens and goats. I was in charge of feeding the chickens, even though I had to be 4 or 5 years old =)

  71. Your pillow is fabulous! I love the effect you got spraying the fabrics with bleach. Your flower vase is wonderful - what a great idea!
    Thank you for another great blog hop! It has been such fun to see everyone's floral creations!

  72. Lovely pillow - I am behind on my blogging this week but your picks look wonderful - creative flowers everywhere!!! I think that cup would match my roosters very well .... & I love red! Check out my blog to see why I love roosters ... It's all about the song & special times with my kids ....

  73. Been without internet for 2 days and trying to catch up. Love your garden so pretty all in white. I don't really know why I would want the coffee cup other then I just love coffee cups of all kinds. All these ladies did such a wonderful job. Those first two look like paintings instead of fabric. So pretty. Thank you for all you do in these blog hops. So much work but you delight so many people.

  74. oh I love this bag, and doll is so cute :) Congratulation ladies !

  75. What lovely work as always!! Especially love the pics of your yard..Beautiful!! Thank you once again for creating this hop. It sure has been a lot of fun. Lovely cups too every kitchen must have at least one rooster..i think its a law!

  76. Love the idea of using bleach on something other than cleaning my bathroom (ha ha). Did a great job on those pink fabrics. I'll have to try it. And that fabric vase! Wow. I think I can use an empty oatmeal container as a base for that - just for show, mind you! As always, your work is impeccable!

  77. Beautiful projects Madame Samm..I just love the pillow your technique came out awesome...and the flower vase well just awesome. Such lovely projects this week it was a wonderful hop and everyone out did themselves. I love your rooster mugs they are the very daintie...Hope you have a great day.

  78. Oh that Rooster Mug is to die for. My mom, who passed when I was 18, collected all things Roosters...salt and pepper shakers, tea towels, clocks..She's my inspiration as to why I sew. I miss that she's not here to see how I took up sewing. She made all my clothes when I was growing up and even made my sister-in-laws wedding gown. I'd happily remember her as I sipped my morning tea out of this mug.

  79. I so loved the hop!! Thank you for letting my Daisy be on the most creative list!!

  80. I want the Rooster Mug,,,it is cheerful, will help wake you up in the morning! I have roosters in my kitchen but no mugs! Kitchen is red and yellow and cheery!


  81. Have I told you how much I love seeing each and everyone of your different mugs, so cute! Love the bleach idea, I need to try that, thanks for the inspiration.

  82. Beautiful work! babscorbitt@gmail.com

  83. I love your pillow and "the Help" quote. I tell my little ones this every day! I love the chicken mug but if I am the lucky one it would go yo my wonderful quilting pal/ sister who is in love with chickens. She does so much for me adn really deserves it!

  84. Tudo muito lindo! Todos trabalhos ficaram excelente. Adorei participar deste inesquecível evento. Obrigada Carol e Mdm Samm, vocês nos proporcionaram uma oportunidade incrível. Um abraço nosso, Cristiana e Flávia.

  85. Love the "HELP" quote. Think I might make one..I love the Rooster mug because it reminds me of the country living..that is what I had before moving to Southern Utah in the desert (St George). So with a Rooster cup I could sit on the pation and think I'm back of the farm...

  86. Love your real flowers. That rooster cup is to die for! Where do you get all that energy? Those flower yard projects were a lot of work. Guess they will be worth it though.

  87. Oh a rooster mug!!! I love it. I am a hot choc drinker. This mug is perfect for that. I love the flower tour. Very stimulating.

  88. Thank you, thank you for having this blog hop. After two brutal days of painting it was a joy to visit the last two days of the hop. Absolutely stunning projects and yours of course are brilliant!! Really loved the different cups of the day and that rooster cup is just too cute. Again my thanks for a wonderful blog hop.

  89. Rosemary B here:
    Gorgeous pillow and vase. I adore the pillow actually.
    I love the top pics for today, well done and it was hard to pick I know.

    I love the rooster mug. I do not have a mug like that. all of mine are old and the only ones I use are the one with the Eiffel Tower on it, and the other one is from The College of William and Mary... where all of the cool people went to get educated.

    This was a great and wonderful hop. I really really enjoyed looking at all of the projects.
    Sumatra is silly indeed. Our silly puffy kitties. They are hilarious. Pierro is shy and sweet and a cuddlebug, and Miles is part raccoon... I am pretty sure.
    Sumatra's face is epic. What a beauty, and she knows it...

  90. Oh my! How gorgeous are those rooster mugs! I collect chickens and I can just hear my husband saying "Oh no, not another one!" LOL! I love your sunflower vase. It's so country looking (to me anyway). Great top picks for today too.

  91. Your projects are all just gorgeous! I love the pillow with the 3-D petals!(I'm having to try to catch up on commenting in this hop. I would never have guessed I would have a hard time finding spots in the Grand Canyon National Park with any kind of phone or internet service! It made me antsy thinking of all of you hoppers having so much fun without me!) (Actually, I was having a lot of fun, too!)

  92. I see we share a love of Roosters Madame ;) Love your sunflower flower vase too :) Thank you for this wonderful hop,I thoroughly enjoyed myself...

  93. I am most happy to be the newest member of the Rooster Club! Tickles me pink. :)

    This hop went way too fast! I have tons of new things added to my inspiration folder now!


You think they are just words...they are sew much more than that...your wee messages tell me, you are kind, smart and important...