Monday, June 3, 2013

Day 6 of Say it with Flowers and Andover as our Sponsor

Strawberries have flowers...and this is one of my fav summer mugs...
and I bet you cannot help but notice by coffee cup pin cushion
that one very special lady made for me...I DO LOVE THIS...
A nice way to say Good Morning 
to you coffee and flowers lovers...

We will be bringing flowers...

WE opened up the doors first to all those overseas
so they would beat the odds to show us their flower
project. I know I speak for CAROL too, we are soooo 
excited to see what flowers are in your gardens of your mind.!

And speaking of CAROL she will be cheering you on
as only she can do. She is getting to be our hostess
who has more experience with language barriers than any other cheerleader!
She is our in house expert now, after bowls with borders.
I think she can do anything....

JUST LET ME QUILT is her blog 
and we certainly give her that opportunity time and time
again. And although she is quite competitive with me...
I think we would  all agree, she inspires me to do better...wink!

So today we present our lovely gardeners..
Let's see what is growing in their world!
Be sure to cheer them all on for the beauty
that will fill your screen! 

June 3rd

TOP 2 today are...

Now really, a tea cozy that is functional with added bonus
of a pouch for strainer, and honey comb as well as  sugar tongs....
brilliant...ohh it helps that those colours happen to be some of of our favourites here..

and look at this old fashion apron made modern with vintage
like fabric...( ok, that is an oxymoron, if I ever wrote one)
But I love it...love the flower appliques matching the fabric background....


Don't you just want to cuddle under this very soft gorgeous quilt...really very pretty
and soooo floral...

and this lady needed a new chair cover...could she have picked such
a creative project to show and tell....I don't think soooooo
it is gorgeous....simply gorgeous...

Here is the back..! 

Ohhhh and

 FABRICS is our sponsor and they have included some amazing flower
bundles....YOU have to agree, their collections are always the brightest- they have the most variety and never seem to mirror anyone else. So thank you once again our friends at Andover for being our sponsor for Say it with Flowers...YOU certainly got the menu on that one...

Flutterby by Mary Engelbreit (top left), Villageware Toile by Renee Nanneman (left 3 bundles underneath), Annalee by Jane Dixon (top right), and Flutterby again (bottom right)

be sure to check out our 

Please forgive me for not answering your lovely notes....I have to be away for the next few days...nothing urgent, but it does need my attention...see you soon!


  1. Absolutely beautiful projects once again !!

  2. Red Gingham Alert! I thought about you when I saw this today.

    Gotta love those shoes!

    Gramma Sheri

  3. Another day of beautiful flowers!

  4. Such a sweet daisy quilt! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Summer and flowers. What more could I say. So many wonderful flowers to pick today. And now only one more day to go.
    But there will still be flowers to pick and to admire outside in the nature.

  6. Good morning! Lovely projects Ladies. Such a bright and cheerful way to start the day :)

  7. Sew bright ... sew beautiful ... sew inspiring. Love Andover florals. Judy C in NC

  8. Good Morning to you also Madame Samm...I agree with you there were some awesome treats for us to see today..what a nice way to wake up and smell the wonderful flowers....

  9. I love all the tops picks today. So useful and beautiful as well.

  10. Strawberries do indeed have flower. I have picked about 7 quarts now. Last year, the raccoons ate all of my berries--reaching through the netting that was covering them. This year, I am covering them with 3 tarps at night. So much to do that takes me away from that fun sewing time! But, they are sooo good to eat fresh-picked from my own patch. This is a great hop. I'm really enjoying all of the beautiful, creative projects.

  11. what a lovely blog hop to follow while sipping my morning coffee. more good participation again need I say any more. thanks

  12. What a precious pin cushion and mug! I'm enjoying the beautiful features, too! Enjoy your day my friend! I wonder what you are working on today! Hugs!

  13. Perfect choices for today! Hugs....

  14. Love the crochet cup pincushion with your coffee cup. Another great flowery day.

  15. What cute, cute projects! I love that chair cover idea.

  16. The tea cozy is adorable, but the two (German) pouches were my favorites today!

  17. The pincushion is absolutely adorable - what a sweet gift! The flowers are definitely blooming. The chair cover is so nice & cheery. Loving it all - cute apron!

  18. Congratulations ! Tea cozy was my favorite today :D

  19. The apron and the quilt were my top picks for the day also!

  20. I love the daisey quilt! Adorable!


  21. WOW! Everyone did a great job today. I learned a lot today.You are so lucky to have a new cup. Just please don't drink out of it.:~)

  22. Ohhhhh what great choices. I can so see my computer chair with Moose fabric on it!!! :-)

  23. Such beautiful inspiration . . . love it all.

  24. What a wonderful garden of surprises! In my preoccupation with The DD Wedding, I missed the announcements extending the hop and was so surprised to see these beautiful flowers popping up in the blog garden this morning. Sew happy the hop was made longer so we could enjoy these beauties ... :-) Pat

  25. What a cute coffee pin cushion to set off the strawberry cup. I had a feeling a few of those would make the top picks today. (BTW pattern in the mail to you)

  26. What beautiful projects today. I love Amys office chair redo. They are all such well thought out projects today.

  27. The tea cosy is darling, your favorite colors naturally! Congratulations to all the picks today.

  28. I hope you don't accidentally try to drink out of your cute crocheted cup pincushion ... getting pins up your nose and yarn fuzzies in your mouth wouldn't be a very pleasant experience. ; )

    Great picks once again!

  29. Love your selections as usual. Want to join in the HO HO HO bloghop. I don't know if I know enough to be a cheerleader. Let's say cheerleader in training?

  30. Super CUTE picks today ! Amy's chair redo was such a good idea!

  31. What a super group of projects today. Love the chair.

  32. Gorgeous projects today! I might have to start drinking tea so I can make a tea cosy...so cute! There is no end to the creativity and skills that these ladies have. I am really enjoying these flowery projects during the hop! Thanks as always!

  33. Such beautiful floral creations today!

  34. Oh, I love your pin cushion. What a beautiful good morning. The projects today are extra nice. I just love flowers and all the creative things these ladies are doing with them. Another great hop, for sure.

  35. I had a bit of a smile when I saw that coffee cup smililing back at me! I'm sure it was for me *wink*. Love the red and white shining pins in it. Thanks for the spot on the most creative. There are so many blooming good projects.

  36. Beautiful choices. I love that little coffee mug pincushion. Priceless.

  37. Love the coffee cup and the pincushion. Good choices on the top 3 today. Like the quilt in its pastel colors.


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