Monday, June 17, 2013

Day 4 of our Tammy Blog hop with RBD and Corrado Cutlery DOVO scissors as our sponsor.

LOOK below for Rosemary's post...( everything was scheduled for midnight, but it did not post..sorry for the delays, thanks to a few of you, who let me know)

Summer seems to be taking its time to get here, perhaps a splash of gingham 
here and there will bring whispers of sunshine and hours of stitching inspiration.

This Tammy Bag ( pattern here)will no doubt inspire you- we have a line up
of over 50 creators who will be doing their OWN thing with this pattern
and showing you what they have poured into it...

Look who is up today...
Cheer them on, they continue to be the inspiration 
of our Blog HOPS- without them, well we just would not exist! 

 June 17th (monday)

( Cherry is on tomorrow)


STARS in our Quilting and Sewing International Quilting BEE! 
Our doors are always open for YOU too!

And with Gingham being soooo much the fabric of my inspiration this year...
I called upon Riley Blake Designs who of course is leading in the GINGHAM fever..
They have 3 gorgeous bundles of Gingham fabric for 3 winners at the end of our 
blog hop. I also called upon Jim at Corrado Cutlery who happens to have 
DOVO Scissors. I have 2 pairs and I cannot imagine sewing or quilting without them.
In fact they were the inspiration behind me designing this TAMMY BAG. I wanted
to have them in a place I could always find them, hence the pockets on the outside
of this bag.   If you have never used DOVO scissors can I say they are possibly the BEST
scissors I have ever owned. By now you all know I never ever talk about anything I don't believe
in 100%. So thanks to Jim, we have 2 pairs to giveaway in addition to our Gingham bundles
from RBD. 

How can you win? Be a great cheerleader! Leave comments with our ladies
drop us a line too.  Participate in future hops, all those who participate have 3 chances
of winning and all of them will share that our winnings are much more than they could 
ever imagine. We always add extras as our sponsors our very generous with us, so we just
pass it on to YOU. Be creative, it pays to be....ask those who have won!

Top 2 of the day

I get it, it's a DANDELION Tammy Bag...lol
Don't you just love this ladies choice of fabric...so bright, so sunny, soooo summery...
love it...

And let's just take a peak at all she put into it...oh my goodness..
i don't have any of those colour of threads lol
and look she is doing up some hexies ....
this weeks new blog hop announcement...

This lady always has something to wake us up and take notice....her bag
filled with some applique and embroidery looks like Dakota???
Love the additional charms....

Even her roosters are checking it out...they have such fine taste....

And most CREATIVE....

This lady celebrates her Tammy bag with style, grace, summery flavour 
that is for sure...don't you just love her pin cushion? her thread catcher..
all of this in her Tammy Bag./

Love the idea of placing it all on a tray, a project tray, everything in its place...
Ohhh what a lovely day of Tammy Bags...all of you soooo creative...

 our delightful sponsor links

Gingham Love with RBD
3 Bundles of Gingham Medium and Large Print

Embroidery and 5.5 scissors by DOVO to giveaway!    

         forgive me for not getting back to you this week..
I am a bit wrapped up in something.....
will connect soon!


  1. Today's bags are REALLY exceptional! :)

  2. Love them all....today's picks and the other blogger's bags!

  3. I enjoyed hopping around today, what a gorgeous Tammy's were made for the show today, I imaging they will be carried with great pride to all different kinds of locations, isn't that great?
    And look at that, I'm most creative of the day? Mdm Samm what an honour, thank you! I must admit that was my favorite too, a great gift to give.

  4. I enjoyed seeing all of the bags today Madame Samm...all of our designers did such a wonderful job...

  5. Oh, I love the top 3 very much too! Every Tammy so special! And a big Thank you for the great pattern! I am looking forward to your Tammy tomorrow and of course of all the other creators too.

  6. I love seeing all the creativity of the participants. This bag is added to my "one of these days" list. There just aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done that I want to do.

  7. Rosemary B here:
    Oh my gosh! I forgot today is my day.
    Another day of lovely creations.
    I can't wait to hop around, just getting the coffee now.
    The top two and most creative are sensational!

  8. What a great day on the hop ! I can't believe how many bags some of these ladies made...but then again the pattern was super easy ! Thank you Madame Samm, I'm totally honored my Tammy is up there today with those other two.......I fell in love with the yellow one, great fabric !

  9. Another day of great choices. I am enjoying your hops!

  10. again another nice day of hopping thanks

  11. OMGosh! Those are darling today.

  12. There are some adorable little bags here today!

  13. What beautiful choices again today!

  14. Some gorgeous options for today as well---fun times, hopping in the morning, looking at eye candy from talented quilters and crafters. I thank you again for providing the pattern and getting us all together for the opportunity to put our own spin on your design.

  15. So many marvelous Tammy Bags! I feel like you should have a slogan like the Capital One credit card slogan that says, "What's in YOUR wallet?" This should be "What's in YOUR Tammy?" Lol.
    FYI: Vickie's embroidery is the state of Texas (not Dakota).

  16. It has been a lovely day hopping around admire all the fantastic Tammy. And tomorrow it is over, so sad. The Tammy bags today have been so beautiful and so many beautiful creations.
    See you tomorrow, my day. Have a great rest of the day, lovely Madame

  17. I really love these bags..they are so cute, and so functional!!
    great job ..everyone!

  18. Such cute bags again. I love the dandelion fabric. Saw it and didn't know what to make with it so didn't get it. Now I know. Made a perfect bag. I love the charms on the other bag too. ALl so cute.

  19. Great picks for today! Loving that Dandelion bag and the charms are a wonderful addition!

  20. All the bags are just so adorable. They all look so different. It is amazing. Great job ladies!

  21. Great job by all the ladies today. Such different and wonderful Tammys.

  22. I was so inspired by all the great looking cute bags, that I ordered the pattern and I made my first Tammy yesterday! I kinda messed up when cutting because I put the pocket fabric on the inside and I ran out of fabric so couldn't fix it until next time with another set of fabrics. These little bags can be addicting!

  23. Those bags are so cute and love thepictures. So creative.

  24. Great way to start the week. Love the creativity of all the participants! Looking forward to tomorrow's post!

  25. These bags are all so adorable I think everyone is a winner for creating these beauties

  26. Fun, fun, bags today...and there were even chickens! Love that Tammy Bag!

  27. Each bag is so unique and wonderful!
    Just amazing!

  28. The bags are amazing , they really hold a lot of stuff and I just love the gingham!
    (smjohns63 at yahoo dot com)

  29. I succumbed and bought the pattern and ordered a handle. We'll see.

  30. I love the most creative one today! my fav by far!!!! thanks!

  31. Love this bag...just can't pick a favorite...Thanks for doing it all!

  32. Too much pink for me today. I like the dandelion version. You have inspired a lot of gingham Tammys! I love all the gingham in the most creative. I just wish it wasn't so pink.

  33. I do believe it's a big hit with the chickens!!!

  34. More Beautiful Tammy Bags !!!

  35. The contents are as great as the bags. Wow, that applique & hexies are wonderful!

  36. Such cute bags today! Can't believe there is only one day left of this blog hop.

  37. Great bags. So very cute and I adore the little changes and additions.

  38. I am playing catch-up all day today with all the blog hop. Yesterday was very stormy and my computer was off for much of the day. Today I have all the more lovely Tammys to enjoy ... :-) Pat

  39. I ove gingham! These bags are darling!


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