Friday, June 28, 2013

Day 3 of Put your STAMP ON IT with Red Rooster as our sponsor..

Yes by golly, we all remember when stamps were under 25 cents..
Presently in  Canada, the cost to mail a card to the USA= $1.34 and lets
not forget a Hallmark card is anywhere from $3.95 to $8.00
To mail international-  a card it cost us $2.68.

So the ideal of creating a stamp out of material...well PRICELESS...

And that is what I want to say about our STAMP creators this week...
They are all PRICELESS! 

Look who is up today, some very priceless ladies...who happen
to create some pretty amazing stamps...

And with gratitude we have Thearica from Pig Tales and Quilts
who will be cheering them on like nobody else can...

June 28

And for our sponsor we have Red Rooster
Each winner will be getting 2 ( 1001 x2) Tokyo 4 x4 lovely squares..
to create even more stamps... ! 

1 Winner who will be our top 3 of the day
1 Winner who has participated in our hop
and 1 Winner to all those who leave comments...

Winners will be announced at the end of the hop...

Our top 2 for today....

A little birdie said "pick me" and we did....love everything about this stamp..
the great choice for background fabric, her bird and nest and yes note the robins eggs...
Yes a robin she is..! She's a MUMMA to be! 

and yes this lady is a quilter forever....and she is priceless, she is one of those stamps
that you can add on anytime that has no price, wink...How could we possibly overlook
this one...great paper piecing... great stamp...

MOST CREATIVE today is....

and really no really, isn't this just an amazing STAMPS quilt....?
downright awesome.... simplicity at its best..

Ladies you have just FLEW with this hop...
EACH and EVERYONE of your stamps were stamps I would be 
proud to own....

will be announced next week...
YES, and many that you have been planning for...
just wait and see, with all of your fav cheerleaders of course


  1. Thank you for another gorgeous round of links!

  2. I hate to tell you Mdm Samm...I just did the Blog Hop round this morning and your going to have a reeeeeally hard time picking todays top 3...they are all fabulous !!
    I love the creativity everyone has shown

  3. We are up bright and early... well, at least I am... Hubby said "please put on my coffee" and he is still snoozing. His feet will hit the floor when he hears the beep beep beep of the coffee pot when it is ready. lol

    About to go hopping around this morning! :)

  4. I have hopped around and there are so many wonderful stamps today also. This has been so far a funny blog hop.
    It is sunny weather outside and I am going to take a tour down town with my bike.
    Have a great weekend lovely lady.

  5. I think this has been one of the best hops with so much personality! Can't wait to see the stamps each day!

  6. Goodmorning Ladies....Getting the old hopping shoes ready to go. But boy am I moveing slow today..

  7. Another marvelous day in Mdm Samm's neighborhood! So many beauties today, I blush at being chosen. This hop was a bit challenging and I love that there have been so many interpretations. Good morning, indeed :)

  8. Awesome Choices!!.....Hey, have you ever thought of the Old Sock Hops as a blog hop....my older sister had Sock Hops in the 50's after school....poodle skirts and cancans' flying....socks on to save the old gym floors....just an idea to add to your POOL of ideas and thought!....thanks for all your work....it is noticed!!

  9. Your top picks are "spot on" today, although there were some really pretty stamps out there. Whenever I have more time, I plan to make some more stamps. Such fun to sew them!!!

  10. I couldn't choose the best they are are absolutely awesome.

  11. I'm so honored to be picked as most creative today! Everyone is doing such a great job!

  12. Rosemary B here
    I have been looking at all and it is so nice!
    No time for anything for a while.
    I really do love all of this and all of these amazing adorable sewists!

  13. As always the ladies have out did their self in creating one of kind stamps. Your picks were on my mine and the gents were right there with you.

  14. Great selection for today Madame Samm they are all full of personality and downright cute....wonderful job to all the ladies in this hop. I think this hop just shows so much more of the creator inside each person. Have a great weekend and I will see you on Monday.

  15. Fabulous top 3! Love the "gents" especially....you will be working hard on yours, I know. LOL Have a lovely weekend! Hugs to you from SC!

  16. I love the personality that each hopper has put into their stamp. Another great day! I can't wait to see what is in store next week.

  17. Not only are the stamps great, but the projects they made them into are wonderful too.

  18. Perfect choices! Everyone has been sew creative with their stamps.

  19. Fun stories and amazing stamps...another successful day of stamps and hopping around. Loved them all!

  20. Great selections so congratulations to those chosen! What talent we have seen today, including Linda's budding designer granddaughter!

  21. Once again you have come up with an awesome idea. Here is another one I should have joined! It's not like I did not grown up knowing about stamps, my Dad was a stamp collector! You do challenge us, and that is a great thing. Good selections today.

  22. Another great day of stamps. Ideas keep getting better.

  23. Ah, lovely. I always stop here last because you show all the good ones and like a good movie I don't want you to ruin the plot.

  24. Attention nellie duclos aka patricia..please leave email

  25. Another day of wonderful designs! Great job everyone.

  26. Great projects by everyone! Really loved the robin stamp especially since we have robins nest on our back porch. Looking forward to Monday!

  27. You picked them just right today. Love the Gents one, so creative. Thanks for sharing...

  28. Holy cow I feel so honored to be a top pick! I am so giddy with excitement That I just keep getting eye roll from the hubs and daughter! I think they are getting sick of me saying LOOK, LOOK AT THIS!!!!!hehe This hop is so fun. All the different personalities going into each stamp is wonderful!

  29. Lots of wonderful pieces again and I do love the bird and nest, that is a fun one.


  30. Perfect choices again. The robin is my favorite.


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