Friday, June 14, 2013

Day 3 of our Tammy Blog hop with RBD and Corrado Cutlery DOVO scissors as our Sponsor

Summer seems to be taking its time to get here, perhaps a splash of gingham 
here and there will bring whispers of sunshine and hours of stitching inspiration.

This Tammy Bag ( pattern here)will no doubt inspire you- we have a line up
of over 50 creators who will be doing their OWN thing with this pattern
and showing you what they have poured into it...

Look who is up today...
Cheer them on, they continue to be the inspiration 
of our Blog HOPS- without them, well we just would not exist! 

June 14th ( friday)

STARS in our Quilting and Sewing International Quilting BEE! 
Our doors are always open for YOU too!

And with Gingham being soooo much the fabric of my inspiration this year...
I called upon Riley Blake Designs who of course is leading in the GINGHAM fever..
They have 3 gorgeous bundles of Gingham fabric for 3 winners at the end of our 
blog hop. I also called upon Jim at Corrado Cutlery who happens to have 
DOVO Scissors. I have 2 pairs and I cannot imagine sewing or quilting without them.
In fact they were the inspiration behind me designing this TAMMY BAG. I wanted
to have them in a place I could always find them, hence the pockets on the outside
of this bag.   If you have never used DOVO scissors can I say they are possibly the BEST
scissors I have ever owned. By now you all know I never ever talk about anything I don't believe
in 100%. So thanks to Jim, we have 2 pairs to giveaway in addition to our Gingham bundles
from RBD. 

How can you win? Be a great cheerleader! Leave comments with our ladies
drop us a line too.  Participate in future hops, all those who participate have 3 chances
of winning and all of them will share that our winnings are much more than they could 
ever imagine. We always add extras as our sponsors our very generous with us, so we just
pass it on to YOU. Be creative, it pays to be....ask those who have won!

Top 2 of the day
( apologies for being tardy..here now)
What can we say, we are just in love with GINGHAM, and PINK no less
is this not lovely against some summer florals....just like a summer's day..

and she filled hers up with sewing notions...but if you peak
over her blog you will also note it is filled with sweets...
well it once was wink...

This lady knows how to create beautiful shots....sitting by a bail of hay with all its gorgeous
yarns spilling out, you have to admit makes for a delightful shot...
Her Tammy bag is gorgeous....
and will you look at all that she put into it...wow.!....
told you it is a large project bag....
her other photos are simply delightful!

And most CREATIVE....
From Tammy to DOROTHY....

OHhhhh truly most creative of the day...her Dorothy seems soooo appropriate..
look at those shoes...and her handle....absolutely stunning...

Don't you just love her photos....looks like she may have lost her DOROTHY
for the moment...beautiful work my dear...brings suchhhhh smiles today.
( children and pets in photos always win our hearts)

 our delightful sponsor links

Gingham Love with RBD
3 Bundles of Gingham Medium and Large Print

Embroidery and 5.5 scissors by DOVO to giveaway!    

         forgive me for not getting back to you this week..
I am a bit wrapped up in something.....
will connect soon!


  1. uh oh... I am up early cause we went to bed before 9:30. The power went off due to a storm so we had nothing to do! Well, good way to get an early start to a new day! Just finished hopping around Tammy-land!

    Morning everyone!!!

  2. Love all those Tammy bags today. But the fishing line idea of Julia is something I will try, and of course the idea of a bigger bag with a bigger handle as at Selina quilts.

  3. Wonderful bags today Madame Samm...I love the clasps with the holes for hanging chains from or??? Will have to see about getting one of those. Will also have to look up those Dovo scissors I keep reading about...have a great day.

  4. Aren't they all wonderful? I'm really loving seeing all the darling little Tammy's out there!

  5. Just now catching up on all these adorable versions of this bag. How fun!

  6. Had to stop here first and peek at the winners today. Lovely, now I am off to see what everyone did today.

  7. What beauties today!!! I love all of the variations on the Tammy.

  8. That are beauties today. I just love Dorothy her Tammy.

  9. What a way to start the weekend early! Great Tammy's, beautiful colours and fabrics used, the filling of each Tammy is a real treat! Thanks for sharing, have a great weekend!

  10. Loving all of the variations of the "Tammy" bag, thanks for thinking I was most creative, I just love, love, my bag!

  11. Great Tammy bags again today! Lots of fun ideas for filling her.

  12. What pretty little bags today!

  13. Another lovely day of Tammys, Mortimer ... and Dorothy!! Thanks to everyone! ... :) Pat

  14. These bags are all so wonderful! great job to everyone!
    hulseybg at gmail dot com

  15. So many lovely bags today. Lots of great ideas too.

  16. I think I neer get tired to see those Tammybags! It was also fun today!

  17. Sooooo fun following this Hop!!! Talet of the Ladie's is Amazing!!! Creative beyond imagination!

  18. Another day with great Tammy bags. I love Maras pictures and the frame she use :-)
    Have a nice weekend all over the world

  19. OOOH I love gingham! :) Cute bag!

  20. I love these bags. Beautiful - every one!

  21. I'm late getting around the ring so I didn't realize you were tardy, LOL. Such neat versions of Tammy today---though a few were renamed. Mortimer, Dorothy now but definitely reflect the makers in doing so. One even looked like it was steroids but holds knitting! The pink and floral was definitely the most Tammy-like of all. Everyone does such a great job of these hops!

  22. A Dorothy! With Gingham Ruby Slippers! Nuf said!

  23. Hi, I love the Tammy bags, especially the gingham, love it!!
    (smjohns63 at yahoo dot com)

  24. Great choices for todays picks. Love that red heeled bag and the photo with the red glittered sandals is perfect too, how creative!

    See everything you inpired. We owe alot of our creativity kudos to you. Without your thoughts, inklings that were cultivated and turned to fruition, these projects would never have been. Plus the many more projects that you've inspired with your blog hops. Truly my sincerest gratitude for all you've given and done. You're the best. Hugs, Jane

  25. You gotta love those gingham bags! They are fabulous choices!

  26. I am just catching up with all the Tammy Bag hops and I must say those bags and hold a lot of stuff and with any fabric it is a great bag.

  27. Run, Dorothy, run! lol! Love that bag, and that picture! Love all o the bags.

  28. I am really enjoying seeing all of these Tammy bags. I especially like that they can hold so darned much stuff! I plan to make some as gifts, I counted how many ladies I need them for and so far the # is 21...hmmm....plus me....

  29. Cute bags AGAIN TODAY ! Aren't these some talented people !

  30. Love the bags and your picks today! Never a dull Tammy moment!

  31. Oh my, those Dorothy pics are just too cute!

  32. Great picks for today! Having fun seeing all the wonderful creations.

  33. Gorgeous bags todday. Dorothy bag is adorable.

  34. Great creativity with "The Tammy Bag"!

  35. Superb picks today! That Dorothy bag is absolutely STUNNING ... love the fabric choices, the frame and that handle!

  36. Absolutely fabulous blogs today and their projects.

  37. These bags are just getting better. Every bag is just amazing. Love your choices for today..Right on.

  38. It is so awesome that so many people can be so creative using the same pattern and get so many different looks!! babscorbitt@gmail.com

  39. Love all the bags so far! Amazing how the different fabrics and trim make them all SO different:)

  40. Today was such a fun group of presenters. Wendy's gingham was delightful. I was totally "in love" with the Dorothy bag and with Mara's post - so well written and such fun. Adding Toto was so creative. Jan's post was so cute, too. I laughed when I read the FMQ jab!!

  41. These are fabulous! I can't get over how creative these folks are!

  42. Sew many great bags. It is amazing how different they all look based on fabric and trim choice. And I really did fit all that stuff in my bag. lol Thank you for my version of Tammy being in the Top 2 pick for the day. My daughter will be tickled. I can't wait to see the rest of the bags coming up.

  43. I love those Tammy bags, especially the one big enough to hold a cross stitching project.

  44. Your Tammy Bags are just delightful. Each one I see is truly unique. I'm excited about how much you can fit into one!!

  45. Love your picks. The blue bag is so nice with all the embroidery and yarn displayed with it.

  46. How difficult it had to have been to choose winners! All of the bags are wonderful. I love them all and have "bag envy" after this.
    Well done all and Madame Samm thanks again for another great bog hop.


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