Thursday, June 27, 2013

Day 2 of Put your STAMP ON IT with Red Rooster as our sponsor

Yes by golly, we all remember when stamps were under 25 cents..
Presently in  Canada, the cost to mail a card to the USA= $1.34 and lets
not forget a Hallmark card is anywhere from $3.95 to $8.00
To mail international-  a card it cost us $2.68.

So the ideal of creating a stamp out of material...well PRICELESS...

And that is what I want to say about our STAMP creators this week...
They are all PRICELESS! 

Look who is up today, some very priceless ladies...who happen
to create some pretty amazing stamps...

And with gratitude we have Thearica from Pig Tales and Quilts
who will be cheering them on like nobody else can...

June 27

Sew Many Yarns ( pc problems we will move her till Monday)

And for our sponsor we have Red Rooster
Each winner will be getting 2 ( 1001 x2) Tokyo 4 x4 lovely squares..
to create even more stamps... ! 

1 Winner who will be our top 3 of the day
1 Winner who has participated in our hop
and 1 Winner to all those who leave comments...

Winners will be announced at the end of the hop...

Our top 2 today are

If ever there is a sighting of MOOSE you can almost bet it comes from this lady...
She manages to create different poses, looks, adds a bit of whimsical and 
there are always smiles to be had....

It may be a bit early for beer and pretzels but you can bet a lot of testing or is that
tasting went into this one...If we have any men quilters and sewers viewing this
morning they will be no doubt pleased....

And our most creative.... 

Can you believe this lady drew this and then made this gorgeous stamp for her 
man....and look at the stamp pad..She is from Tennessee and it has the Chevrolet seal..
Downright inspiring and vrooooooom effect...wink...

Ladies you ALLLLLL did so well today....wow!


  1. A fun filled day of personal touches to our Stamp on IT hop...I am confused on all of your comments above but hey maybe it is my imagination...have a super day.

  2. Looks like 3 trolls were working overtime in the wee hours of the morning.

    The stamps from today are really awesome! You have your work cut out for you to decide on 3 to show above! :)

    Great job everyone on being up and on time! :)

  3. Dear look at the first 13 replys are nothing but spam...Lets just pray that their computers malfunction on them so they will not be abel to leave this mess on anyone elses blog. Or that their fingers are cramping so badly they have to stop spamming people. Can't wait to see who makes into todays top 3....

  4. I enjoyed all the stops on the hop today. I agree with your top three picks. I am looking forward to the rest of the "stamp makers" creations.


  5. Some more fun stamps! You Ladies are so creative. Good morning Samm.

  6. Wonderful projects today! All the different techniques are great.

  7. It is sew fun stamping along with everyone ... :) Pat

  8. Such cute designs today!! I need about another week to make more than what I have to show tomorrow!!!! I feel inspired!

  9. Such fun stamps today...this was a great idea for a hop! :O)

  10. Love today's selections! It is sew fun to see such a diverse variety of stamps.

  11. I agree with today`s selections. Perfect choices. Can`t wait to see tomorrows stamps!

  12. There are more ideas out there than we can create ourselves, so it's fun to see that everyone creates something different. I love looking at each one.

  13. another cool day of hopping for stamps. thanks

  14. Day 2 has been good too with so many funny, beautiful and lovely stamps. There surely are a lot of creative women out there.
    It is hard to wait for the stamps tomorrow

  15. I give them all my stamp of approval!

  16. Some more wonderful pieces today and love the moose, that is so fun.


  17. The ladies aer stamping all over the place and doing a great job of it. Loving the hop.

  18. Love them all, especially that moose!

  19. Haven't had the chance to look at any of the stamping ladies yet, but OMG the top three are terrific! Have to smile when looking at that adorable moose. Now off to check out all of today's stampers.

  20. Congratulations ladies! Thanks for sharing all your hard work with us.

  21. Love the Moose and the Beer and Pretzel!! Wow! Some really talented ladies today too! Thank you for sharing!!!

  22. Such creativity with this hop - ...

  23. Lovely creations for today! The three picks for today are just inspiring and so creative.

  24. Love the moose..Oh my!! they are all wonderful..Thank you for sharing todays stamps with us. No coffee cup today?

  25. I love the red car today! Another day of fabulous projects - all so different!

  26. Perfect choices...you do have a hard job to do when picking!!

  27. I think you said it best----you ALL so well today, meaning yesterday. I was gone half the day, quilted the other half and then run out of steam for the computer last night so just getting caught up today. What lovelies!

  28. Wow, postage has really gotten expensive. In an effort to eliminate some paper in my house I've gone to electronic cards. I subscribe to a well know site that has cards for every occasion and many of them have cute graphics and I think people enjoy getting them. i know I do when someone reciprocates I am pleasantly surprised but your idea of memorializing stamps in fabric is genius. When I was teaching the USPS offered a free kit to encourage kids to collect stamps as a hobby because many young children today, sadly, don't develop hobbies like so many of us did. It was in conjunction with the new decade and featured pictures of events that happened during the 90's, 80's and so on. I have saved that box for potential grandchildren so they have visuals of what happened in the past. I also have a collection of earrings that were made from stamps that I used to purchase from a local vendor at a yearly crafts show in our area. My students were always interested in my stamp earrings and they were a way to connect a subject or theme with my students. I still get compliments when i wear them when out shopping. Thanks again to you and your team for all your time and hard work that goes into these fantastic block hops-I love them and look forward to each and every one. I suppose after doing one on stamps the natural next step would be coins.

    1. I believe your name is Patricia. Please leave your email..you are a no reply blogger and i can never reach you....love your comment..you sound soooooo intriguing

  29. I love the moose and car too. Great hop. I like the sound of Nellie's Coin hop.

  30. I'm totally speechless at these creations.

  31. You shouldn't be....these ladies are just totally as awesome as the cheerleaders that cheer them on

  32. You did it again..What a great hop its been.
    I think that you know how much I love your stitcheries. And the polka dots jumped out to me right away! I really was wondering if you would do something a bit ahem...pointed...but you know now that I think about it, the "STITCHES" are quite appropriate..heh heh.
    Seriously, I love them. I want to be you when I grow up..



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