Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Smoothie Bar Lunch Choices..

Good Morning...
welcome to Mdm Samm's Smoothie Bar

I am sure many of you asked at one time of another..
"what is that lady or rather Madame on?"

Now you know how much I love my coffee, and I still begin
each day with a wonderful k-cup of either a breakfast blend
or a Sumantra Reserve with 2 tb of evaporated milk...
( by the way 4 stars hotels use evaporated milk for their coffees) 

But my day could not be jumped started in the spring and summer months
without smoothies...
IN fact David and I have been on a cleanse of smoothies
and nothing but smoothies for 2 weeks now....

We both have sooo much energy, we are not sure, we want
to get off...but we will, as it is just a cleanse....
however we will continue with smoothies for breakfast...

So what do you need! 

YOU need a very  good blender...we love our Bullet...in the US
some of you have the Ninja...

In Canada we can get all of this( below)  anywhere from 
$29.00 -39.00

In fact we just had to get another one on the weekend,
we wear them out...Canadian Tire had them on sale for 29.00

Now when I say wear them out...we had our first one
for almost 6 years...with daily use...not bad...

Start looking for fruit on sale...
Bananas, fresh Pineapple, kiwi, mango, strawberries
raspberries, blueberries... 
All of these fruits freeze perfectly for smoothies..
Pitted DATES ( these will be your staple...great fibre, wonderful natural
sweetener to all of your fruit smoothies) don't freeze these lol.

Take your bananas, peel them, cut in half, freeze them in baggies..
Pineapple, cut off all the rind, cut in 1 inch chunks, freeze them in baggies.
Kiwi and mangos peel and cut in chunks and freeze..
all your berries, if you are not in season...use frozen berries at supermarket. 

OUR Smoothies, are all done with FRESH frozen fruit....
no sugar, no yogurt added, we have lots of Salba
( long story, but I was the very first
 nutritionist to test Salba recipes, ) 
You can get it almost anywhere today...it is expensive, but you
don't need much.. I actually designed this package too) 

I will be adding veggie smoothies too....they will be coming next week!

Find a good protein whey or flax seed...
But all you really need is fruit and water....
I included 2 recipes...I will keep adding on to this page...
and I will add a link on the side bar for easy reference..
I have to go have some breakfast but I wanted to start
you off with something first...

You can easily print this off
All recipes will come 2 on a page...

Each day for the next while...I will add more here! 

These smoothie are like a rich thick milkshake...with
very few calories but loads of energy! 

Now for some LUNCH choices...
If you love Peanut Butter and Peaches..
ohhh not together...
than you will love these..

See you on Monday with our 
Say it with Flowers Blog hop 
and Carol from just let me quilt 
will be cheering world wide..


  1. Thank you for the recipes :)

  2. I love fruit smoothies in the morning too. Hubby and I have been throwing seasonal fruit in our Vita Mix blender for years. We use flax seed in ours and banana, pineapple, and usually a berry and water. Sometimes dry unsweetened coconut. We don't use dates as the banana makes it sweet enough for us. I love my fruit smoothies!

  3. Ymmm...smoothies sound amazing!

  4. My allergies have kept me from eating fruits and veggies for over ten years. Finally found a doctor who could give me the right allergy shots and now I can tolerate these healthy fruits and veggies. My husband started smoothies a while back and now I can enjoy them also! I like kale, broccoli, brussel sprouts, tomatoes, blueberry, cherries, pineapple, kifer, flax, chia and water. It's usually on the green side, but so good! My iron has always been too low to donate blood...now I pass the test with flying colors and I give credit to the smoothies! Thanks for the recipes!

  5. My 3 boys and I love strawberry banana smoothies. We use vanilla, strawberry or strawberry-banana yogurt, a bit of skim milk, a banana or two and a bunch of frozen strawberries. Yum!

  6. Yum! These sound wonderful, I am thinking peaches...

  7. Rosemary B here:
    MmmMMmM I love fruit.
    I love strawberries and peaches the best -- oh and Pineapple!
    Happy Monday

    (getting ready to bolt out of the door for the road trip to Md today, gonna be home late)

  8. Fantastic! I love smoothies but need some new recipes. Thank you!!

  9. Thanks madame Samm for the recipes...i have a bullet my M-I-L bought me when I had chem going on and I love it to...

  10. This is great info. I'll definitely try Salba and the pitted dates. Your recipes look fantastically yummy! Thanks, have a great day!

  11. Lovely! I've been making smoothies in the morning using rice protein and coconut milk with banana and unsweetened cocoa (I find the banana gives it plenty of sweet.) I'm not much of a breakfast eater and I'm trying to be sure to start my day with some protein. Smoothies are a way I can sneak it in and I feel like I'm having a treat! I'll be looking for that sale fruit and trying some of your recipes. Time for a little variety!

  12. These look so yummy...gotta try them! The really good fresh fruit will start appearing around here soon and I'll be do a little freezing for sure. Thanks for the recipes!

  13. Yum -- I've never thought of using dates as the sweetener, brilliant! -- I took a tour of a date farm last month and learned that dates freeze beautifully, by the way! :)

  14. I have a Vita Mix and have been making smoothies for breakfast for the last couple of weeks. I use what ever I have on hand, bananas, canned or fresh pineapple, a handful of baby spinich leaves, maybe a stalk of celery or a carrot, fresh or frozen straweberries, blueberries, flax seed, and coconut milk. If I made too much I freeze the left overs in an ice cube tray and use those instead of ice cubes.

  15. Many thanks. Just in time. I have been thinking about going on a cleanse. Gotta find me some Salba...

  16. I'm a smoothie junkie too..... makes me feel like I'm getting some kind of great dessert like ice cream, only it's actually good for me. I've never heard of Salba, so thanks for the tip and the recipes!

  17. Oh yummy!I plan on getting a lot of fresh fruit. I like the idea of having right on hand for when I want to make a smoothie! Thank you. How much flax seed should we add?

  18. I am headed to the local strawberry farm today!! I live 5 min from a 10 acre strawberry farm!!!
    BTW, I'm having trouble donating for the sewing machines. It won't allow me to enter my STATE. It was set up for Canada and I changed it to United States but the blank for STATE is still reading Province. I've tried everything but can't get it to change. I treid paypal but it kept asking for my password and it was reading incorrect. Any suggestions?
    Gmama Jane

  19. Thanks for the tips o. Freezing the fruit! Yummmy

  20. We do lots of smoothies here. In the Nija. I use flax seed in mine and sometimes cracked barley or wheat, I also use a vitamin powder and sometimes a fiber powder. I have never heard of the Salba before. . I use water with my fruits. Occasionaly I might add some skim milk or Keifer.

  21. Whoo hooo! Gonna try this for sure....already got flax seed, as it is helpful for blood sugar control, etc. Thanks for the recipes!

  22. I created a new board on Pinterest - Madame Samm's Smoothies. :) blessings, marlene

  23. I think I may have to try out these smoothies!

  24. I love smoothies too. I got a BlendTec after wearing out too many blenders. My not so secret ingredient is fresh ginger. I peel it and keep it in the freezer. Grate a little in your smoothie. Yum!

  25. Have a bottle of Salba sitting in my cupboard doing nothing - smoothie ready to go in my food processor as I type this - thanks!

  26. You got me with fruit smoothies! I had not heard of Salba, but getting some today. Thanks for your receipes.

  27. May i ask you a question. How do you freeze your bananas? And how long are they good for? Never knew I could freeze them...TIA

  28. Hi. I am preparing to order Salba. Do you have a preference between the organically grown and the regular? Thanks.

  29. I think You wrote this post for my husband, My Dear. He loves smooties:) He drinks one or two smooties every day. Thank You very much for Your recipes. I think my husband will try all of them:)
    Good night My Dear!!

  30. Thanks for posting these smoothie recipes. My family and I love them but lately haven't been making them. Really need to get back to it.

  31. Ha..I bought a Bullet today ! @ Walmart, but I paid 49.00 ! Things must be cheaper way up North. Thanks for the recipes and freezing tips!

  32. These sound so good! I'm a huge smoothie fan and think I could easily do this kind of cleanse. Since I do have health problems I will check with my Dr. first. I am also a coffee freak. I can not function without my k-cups! I love the dark bold coffee. So good :)

  33. How ironic! Monday I was looking at smoothie blenders, something very easy to wash out and not mess with. Didn't purchase one yet, but I'm jumping on the Smoothie Band Wagon!

  34. love smoothies. my girls are always wanting them. if there is any left, I make frozen popscicles for them.

  35. Thanks for the smoothie recipes. Nice to have breakfast and lunch varieties.
    Natasha: thanks for the popsicle idea for the leftovers. Hate to waste and sometimes make too much. Popsicle would a great way to have a healthy treat.

  36. Good morning! On a different topic, I'd just like to say thank you for the time management tutorial. I sprained my ankle quite badly on the 4th of May and getting around (or mostly not getting around) has been frustrating in the extreme. Thankfully, I remembered your "three things." Each day, when I've felt overwhelmed by what I couldn't do, I've set myself a task to think of three things I could do and do them. It's made what could have been a rather bothersome couple of weeks much nicer! I'm happy to report that now I can walk a few steps in just the boot so more options are opening up! Thanks again, your words helped when I really needed them! pbstrand@msn.com

  37. These look like something I could stomach (literally - can't have milk). I love dates and bananas and all those other fruits. I've never heard of Salba. I'll have to check that out!

  38. I always have fruit and veggie smoothie with a spoonful of flax seed for breakfast and I feel so very well; I get a load of energy and my post colorectal cancer surgery stool problems have disappeared and that's the biggest benefit of the smoothie for me!
    See you next week in the blog hop :>)


  39. I love your guilty free peanut butter smoothie recipe, but... I never feel guilty eating peanut butter. Am I supposed to feel guilty eating peanut butter??? Dang!


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