Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Update and SCHOOLS OUT FOR SUMMER....let's turn back time

I am doing an external update on my computer....many of your comments have not even gone into my inbox... ) still backing up...I just shut it down for a few minutes to write this..

.I am sooooo excited....I am thinking anyone who can make these beauties( crochet dresses) ...well let's say we can talk, I have fabric, thread, well just about anything to trade...so yes I am soooo interested...
I guess I will have my own stash of these soon...YOU are the BEST. Thank you thank you....

Good news, "SCHOOLS OUT FOR SUMMER" wasn't there are an Alice Cooper song about that?
Yep I found it...I can hardly believe I loved this song when I was young...Heck, I KINDA still like it..

I wrote my last exam this morning.....NOW I have the whole summer to wellllllll, do gardening,
quilt....MS DIVA is getting her binding on today, share all the hops that are coming....Here is the scoop.

Our next one is : Put your STAMP on it.....( you will be creating your own personal stamp in a mini quilt...for example , I love coffee, so I will put a cup in mine, 5 c currency and Canada...you all will be creating your favourite thing that would represent your stamp...I will be providing outlines, circle stamp, rectangular or square stamp templates....

After that one we will be HO HO HO, it's Christmas ( july)
Take 7 hexies, call me in the morning ( july)

Kitchin Stichin ( aug) ( all kitchen related)
Pin it HERE (aug) ( pin cushions galore)

Its the  Peanuts Gang ( sept)
Colour me Batiks (sept)

It's in the ROUND ( oct)
Wicked ( oct)

Pecking ORDER ( nov)
Let's turn back time....( nov)

December we are still baking on that one...

Ok, I have to get my apple backed up....

Be back tomorrow with some hopefully completed photos of Ms Diva and clues of my Bird Project
for it's all for the Birds hop....which begins next week....

 I cannot crochet...I took lessons, I have purchased books, I can chain and do single , double stitches and even slip stitches...I can even crochet  in the round....but my left thumb just not cooperate....so I am throwing in the towel per say and admitting it....


I tried to track this young lady down...to make this...
never heard from her...she probably gave up too years ago..
I think this photo was taken  2001 lol

I love this wee dress...I want some for some pot holders..
or maybe not...
Maybe I just want them because I can't make them..lol

My Nanny used to make them all the time...
I wish I had them....they looked like this one..
sans the cherries...it must have been a popular pattern in its day...

This is adorable too...she made many to look like this..I would love some 
in black and white and red and white....

 And isn't this one just adorable too...I like the style 
but would want it in red and black and white..
doesn't it look like the top one...yep...I think soooooo ...

I even purchased this...it is on its way... see that hat..
My Nanny used to make me those...she use stick 
homemade taffy wrapped up in wax paper in them..
She would send me quite a few each spring,
for my boarding friends.....Everyone loved them
and cherished them year after year......

NOW really is there anyone out there who makes these...?
I will send my pattern book...lol
( when it gets here) 

IN the meantime I am working on MS Diva for the next couple
of days.... and I have another Tammy bag I am working on...
maybe 2 more...

If someone makes me some of these dresses...
I will make YOU any design of a coin purse....

Yep, it is has come to this...

Ohhh by the way....we have another blog hop that will
be announced next week....
here is a hint....

It has currency value, it comes from different countries
and you are all pretty passionate about yours...

and yes this is our next blog hop...

and psssst  tomorrow...we will be giving away some more
Sleep masks....stay tuned...

can you believe it? 


  1. I am with you there Madame Samm I cannot believe it is May but then I cannot crochet either.

  2. I've crocheted for a little over 34 yrs. I taught myself when I was in the 5th grade. I've never made dress pot holders but I've made plenty of bed dolls make in the 90's. These look basically the same, little dresses. Really cute, may have to get this pattern myself.

  3. I would be happy to make a few for you! The pattern looks pretty easy.

  4. I would certainly have a go at these- they do not look too tricky!If you could email a pattern, I think Cotton thread would be best for a potholder- do not want it melting! That is, assuming you actually wanted to use it!

  5. Mdm Samm for years I have been able to knit but I decided I wanted to crochet too - now I have to admit that it took me about a year of perseverance and rubbish flowers but I did crack it in the end - not sure I could manage one of those dresses but then I do have a bag full of over 140 flowers (four different designs!) so I would probably tackle it - so what I am saying is hang in there and keep practising you will get there in the end!

  6. My grand mother taught me to crochet when I was seven. During my youth I crocheted also cardigans and jumpers, but it is now several years since I last crocheted. It has been out of fashion for several years to crochet but I have noticed that nowadays there are several younger women who have started to crochet. And these old fashioned potholders are so cute. I think it is so wonderful that the old handcraft will bloom again.
    And the pattern book looks very interesting.
    Thanks for sharing

  7. Mdm Samm. Are you reading my future posts? I plan on blogging about my crochet in a few days. An exception to my "All quilts. Only quilts. All the time" rule. Those are the CUTEST and I can see why you are yearning for them. I'm going to Ravelry right now to see if I can find a pattern. Want to try my hand at those. (Ravelry is the BIGGEST online yarn source/sharing site for everything yarny)

  8. Can only crochet a little and love to collect these little potholders. I end up buying them in antique shops, just recently buying some on Ebay.

  9. I can crochet a little but I can not follow a pattern..it looks all greek to me. I love these little dresses too. I may have to try once again to work with a pattern.
    I enjoy stopping by to visit your blog!

  10. My mother use to make those dresses. I still have one of them and treasure it dearly. I do know how to crochet, and can usually do it with out a pattern. It's a good thing too. Sadly, after my mother passed away, all of her crochet patterns went missing. That's not important though in the big picture of life. I'd be happy to make you one too. Let me know if I can help.

  11. Very easy patterns. Looks like you already have ladies wanting to help but if find you need help let me know. Nothing asked in return.

  12. I can't say I've made them before, but I'm sure you'll be able to farm it out. =) They are cute.

  13. Adorable! My grandmother had one similar to the one with the cherries. I can crochet granny squares - that's about the extent of it. Looks like you have some takers there, though!

  14. Rosemary B here:
    I like the one with the cherries.
    I never crocheted in my whole life never ever.... you are not alone in your aloneness
    oh my mom could. she made belgian lace too.
    I think I will learn when I am 80 years old like my gramma did. My mom taught her and she turned into a crocheting machine --- could not buy supplies fast enough
    Happy Wednesday
    Love, Rosemary

  15. I knit but no crocheting! Today is the best day...it's my first birthday RETIRED, sunshine and 80 degrees. Living life to its fullest! Now I am off to wash that gray right outta my hair! Woot woot!

  16. I can do it! I see you already have proposals, but just in case, I can do it.

  17. I understand your pain. I'm the same way, but, you got even farther than I did. I do have one of those cute little dresses, but, I found mine in a thrift shop. Oh well, I can quilt.

  18. It looks easy enough. Like a doily folded in half. I have been crocheting since I was about 4 or 5..okay those were chains..but it developed from there LOL. Cant knit at all..drives me crazy those needles are weapons in my hands.. but crochet yes. Picture patterns are better than word patterns, but those I can follow as well. Love the one with the cherries!!! Adorable!!

  19. I once crocheted four dolls from the Strawberry Shortcake series of dolls. I had a cute teenager help me learn the stitches. I've never done anything else and wouldn't even no how to begin to make those cute dresses. Looks like you have lots of offers, thank goodness. :O)

  20. I don't know how to crochet those dresses but they are so cute. I think my grandma used to have one but don't know what happened to it. I am glad that you will be getting some of those from those who know how to make them. Just so cute. And the red and white is definitely you!

  21. Those are so beautiful,but I do not crochet. After I damaged some disks in my neck, someone told me to take it up--that it would be good for my nerves. Well, I can certainly say it was because after a couple of hours, I threw it across the room. It did make me feel much better.

  22. What cute little dresses. I would not use them as potholders, though. Since I never grew up with a grandmother, I have never seen these. What lovely memories you have.
    Alas, I don't know if I have the skills to complete one of these little cuties.

  23. There is a step by step at this site

    and some beautiful variations at this site.

    My mom use to make these all the time too and I am sure sold a lot of them

  24. Hmmmm ... I am thinking there will soon be a "sew we crochet" blog hop in our future ... ;) I also think your red/black/white kitchen shall be filled with cute little crocheted dresses and hats soon as it looks like you have many offers. I can crochet but have not done anything but granny squares recently and I have not made doll dresses since I was about ten. I am a little rusty. Will look for the crochet cotton and get back to you ... :) Pat

  25. Oh, I remember those! I have never made one. I have only done simple afghans in the past. I am so tense when I crochet. something that should be 10" long comes out 5"! My grandmother could never get me to loosen up!! We can't do EVERYTHING, although we would like to! I can't knit either. :(

  26. I used to crochet a lot. Started a baby blanket when daughter was pregnant. Now my two year old grand daughter has a nice crochet doll blanket. LOL.

  27. I was doing a search on this type of potholder and found this one

    I love to crochet my grandmother taught me how over 30 years ago. I'll try and make some this weekend and if you want will send you one.

  28. Love the cute dresses and sweet hat. I don't crochet but hpefully you will find a talented person to make you a few.

  29. I can certainly sympathize with you!! I haven't thrown in the towel, yet, but that day is coming!

  30. I can knit lace, but can't crochet worth a damn...despite numerous folks trying to show me and tell me it's easier. I can do a chain...with my fingers.

  31. I can crochet but not near as well as knitting but never with thread. I'm with Linda about doing it too tight as well Those are adorable though, especially the one decked out with cherries. I love the 30's look of the pastel dress. It looks as though you may have some helpers.

    I am not "getting" that clue at all but I stink at solving puzzles. HMMM will have to ponder that one a bit. So far no guesses from the previous commenters either.

  32. True story, my Mother could crochet but never taught me...I taught myself. She was also a rockstar when it came to sewing, again self taught. I wish I would have learned from her!

  33. Being a lefty, but only for writing, has my poor brain very confused! I can do the basics in crochet. Have done lots of dish cloths. Those dolly dress pot holders are sew sweet, but I image they use a teeny tiny hook. Looks like you have a lot of helpers.

  34. I have one of those potholders that my grandma made in the 40s or 50s and I treasure it.

  35. I have tried everything to learn to crochet and even the teachers have given up on me.lol Ican knit sew quit do any kind of needlework but I an not crochet. Wish I could but finally gave up.

  36. Oh please don't be so sad. My grandmother tried to teach me to crochet but all the patience in the world did not help. I can make miles and miles of the chain stitch and that is where it ends. I have bought books to help me learn to crochet but these hands are just not cooperating. I have many items that my grandmother crocheted and I cherish them. This is one thing (along with learning to play the piano, but I cannot read music) that I have always wanted to learn. So, see, you are not alone.

  37. I am an avid crocheter, I can help you out if you are still looking. these are such cute ideas!

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