Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Tammy Schedule

Welcome to the Tammy Project Bag creators  MOTIVATORS!
If you keep loosing your scissors, small notions...
need something to put your small projects in,
need a cosmetic bag...
then consider a Tammy Bag..

These motivators will certainly have you thinking..
"why don't I have one or two of these?"

( ladies do not copy this to your blogs until 1 week before in case there are changes ok..) 
June 12th  ( wednesday)
June 13th ( thursday)


June 14th ( friday)

 June 17th (monday)

June 18th (tuesday)

RBD is our sponsor...photo will be here soon!


  1. I am loving my Tammy and look forward to seeing all these variations :)

  2. me ha gustado mucho la bols Tammy.
    como puedo participar en el proyecto ?


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