Saturday, May 18, 2013

Special Announcement! for JULY blog hops!

After much deliberation and taking into account
so many of us have JULY PLANS....

I would like to propose postponing 
our JULY blog hops...

Christmas in July - to Christmas in August
Take 7 and call in the morning ( hexes)

To the month of AUGUST.....

WE will announce signs up for  mid JUNE
for August and since you already aware of these
hops, you can all plan accordingly too...

I personally have a special engagement in July 
that requires my attention and seeing
all I have to do to get ready for this,
I was wondering where I was going to find the time..

So Solution...I know many of you will be disappointed..
but think of all the things you can caught up with:

clean up sewing room
work in your gardens
visit with wee tots, grandchildren

Gratitude for understanding..

our next hop with Carol cheering us all on..
Think Spring, Summer, FLOWERS!
To a Blossoming showing! 

ohhhh and we added 2 more days to the hop....goes till JUNE! 


  1. My lovely Madame Samm that was a very good decision. Even if I love the blog hops organized by you, there are other things in life than blog hopping, even if it sew fun. LOL And you know, that I can´t resist when you are calling
    Have a great weekend. It is summer in Sweden now

  2. I think it sounds like a great solution - I hope everything goes well with your July plans ... Enjoy ;)

  3. I don't want to clean my sewing room, but more time with my Monkey Boys would be great. Plus, this will give me more time to figure out those hexies that scare me more than the Dresdens did. :0)

  4. I think that is a great idea. I was really going to take the summer off and enjoy every minute of my kids and the great weather. A postponement would work perfect, for me anyway! :)

  5. This works well for me, too, as I was going to have to take a month off from the blog hops for family commitments in July. Sew I am happy I will not be missing the hops, May you enjoy your July, Madame Samm, and thanks for all your do ... :) Pat

  6. I love the artwork in your announcement ... :) Pat

    1. Me too I want that hair style how do you think it will look with fine nearly white hair hehe

  7. No problem dear...we are all busy this time of the year. I know I have quilting coming out my ears...lol

  8. Yes summer is a busy time for all and I guess you will be getting a little break after all? Emphasis on little,lol.

  9. Beautiful new artwork Madame ... excellent idea and thank you :) Take care of you !!

  10. I was going to have to skip July so this works out perfect! You deserve to a wee bit of time off - but just a wee -otherwise we would miss you too much:)

  11. Thank you madm Samm, that is absoutely perfect.
    I think that we all need a time out now and then.
    I'll love to participate in these new hops.

  12. I know what I will be doing in July...working on the August blog hops! :) I think this is a wonderful idea. Enjoy your time away!

  13. Better to take a break than to be stressed or not be able to give something it's rightful attention. Have a great July!

  14. sounds good to me too. It will give me more time to work on Christmas in J...um ..August project.

  15. Great idea, Christmas in August, love it! You do so much behind the scenes you deserve some time for yourself.

  16. Wow that is a stellar idea. I'm one of those with a busy July planned and a time out will be most helpful. Enjoy your time. I'm thinking you will be just as busy just doing different stuff.

  17. Perfect! I'll get some time to do something for me after all that I've been doing for so many others.

  18. Sounds like a good solution july is always such a busy month. May your special engagement go well.Blessings Sandra

  19. Perfect...we all need some time to catch up or relax and I am sure everyone has things that they would like or maybe even need to do...enjoy your time with family and friends I hope.

  20. I'm with Sharon---perfect! I think that will give me the extra time I need to get caught up with my commitments. Then I can hop with abandonment.......... or whatever. LOL, my guild must have had the same idea as our next sew-in theme is the same thing----Christmas in August. Maybe not the same zing to the name but it sure works with the program people's schedule.

  21. Rosemary B here:
    I will do all of those things on my list..... all 2,794 of them. That works out to only 93 projects a day.
    Best wishes on your special engagement.

  22. Yes, Its a great idea. I hope to join that one than.
    July is a holiday time

  23. Personally I think it's a marvelous idea. We surely can all use a little extra time to plan out our strategies for new hops! :-)

  24. Dearest Samm, I am so in hopes your *special engagement* goes well. I will cover you in prayer to insure complete success. Get lots of R&R and TLC along the way. Those of us who love you will be thinking of you...*wink* *wink*
    Christmas in August sounds cheery as does Hexies!! July is gardening, canning, freezing, preserving time here in the Deep South.
    Gmama Jane

  25. Wonderful idea. Gives everyone family time ( and extra time to work on projects for the August hops!)
    Hope your engagement in July goes well.You will be in my thoughts as I stitch, piece and applique. This will even give me time to take better care of my garden.

  26. Oh good! I have kids 12 hours a day (I do daycare) during the summer so more time to prep is better than less. I have a personal goal to make Christmas quilts for every bed in my house. I think I'll put one on my summer sewing list...hmmm...time to dust off the treadle so I can sew where I can watch the kids playing!


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