Monday, May 27, 2013

Say it with Flowers begins today with Andover as our Sponsor..

Good Morning, Good Day, 
So good to be here with you all of you...

Join me for coffee or tea? 
I am pouring..

( by  the way this mug is from 1960 from the collection of Holt Howard 
I recently purchased 4 of them ( from an antique store) . 2 are on their way to some very special
ladies who will no doubt enjoy their brew much more in the morning lol.
they are an 8 oz cup ...no room for cream or milk, wink....)

The wafers are a digestive whole wheat with a very thin coating
of dark chocolate!  A nice light healthy snack! 

We will be presenting flowers...

WE opened up the doors first to all those overseas
so they would beat the odds to show us their flower
project. I know I speak for CAROL too, we are soooo 
excited to see what flowers are in your gardens of your mind.!

And speaking of CAROL she will be cheering you on
as only she can do. She is getting to be our hostess
who has more experience with language barriers than any other cheerleader!
She is our in house expert now, after bowls with borders.
I think she can do anything....

JUST LET ME QUILT is her blog 
and we certainly give her that opportunity time and time
again. And although she is quite competitive with me...
I think we would  all agree, she inspires me to do better...wink!

So today we present our lovely gardeners..
Let's see what is growing in their world!
Be sure to cheer them all on for the beauty
that will fill your screen! 

May 27th


Pigtales and Quilts. Thearica..( wanted to let everyone know
she was leaving room for all of our international ladies 
to be in hop)  So she is not included in this hop! 

OUR top 2 today are...

How can you not love this spider and all?  Well it certainly stopped me 
right in my path of the flower garden today.
This lady's lovely choice of fabric, all variegated
is just brilliantly done...( is that a word) lol

Will you look at the details in this floral cross stitch..just soooo feminine.
This lady's fine stitching is well outstanding..wait till you see all 
of her other pieces...it was hard not to choose a few more..
you will see....

we had to choose 2...yes look and see why..

This lady was chosen for many reasons....love her hexes...( we have a hexie
hop that will be cheered by Jane from Janes Fabrics, scheduled for August) 
but it is still floral and look at her fabric choice....isn't it just adorable...

and look at the side of her bag, she stitched Flowers..
brilliant! yes Brilliant..BRAVO for creativity.

And really TELL ME how could we not include this...
20 x 20 pillow in RED VIVACIOUSNESS....lol
don't you just love it.???..and it is red and black and white..
I tried to look away , but she had my nose right in
it's blossom..And guess who made it..?
gosh she makes me ....well you know...
competitive  inspired. wink

Ohhhh and
Andover fabrics

 FABRICS is our sponsor and they have included some amazing flower
bundles....YOU have to agree, their collections are always the brightest- they have the most variety and never seem to mirror anyone else. So thank you once again our friends at Andover for being our sponsor for Say it with Flowers...YOU certainly got the menu on that one...

How to win... . 1 winner will win bundles for participating in our hop
                                    1 winner will win  bundles for being in the top 3 of our daily choices
                                    1 winner of all comments left will also win bundles
                                    ....anyone and everyone can win here.. ( there are always extras too
added from a variety of sponsors who send many extras for me to stuff in your RED packages)

Flutterby by Mary Engelbreit (top left), Villageware Toile by Renee Nanneman (left 3 bundles underneath), Annalee by Jane Dixon (top right), and Flutterby again (bottom right)
  ( this mug with the flowers is an Ashdene china from Australia, I have a few of these
that I located in specialty shops) 

be sure to check out our 


  1. I can only imagine what wonderful works are ahead of us !!!

  2. I'm so glad I'm in this hop, such fun and brilliant prizes too. Hope everyone will visit me Friday - I'm having a giveaway too.

  3. I love the mugs in this post!

  4. Looking forward to the latest hop...you and Carol make an awesome team. i'm off to do some flower hopping!

  5. I'm so so so happy in this hop, because I finally participate too :)
    I am delighted with today's work :)

    See you on Thursday on my blog :)

  6. Where do you get the lovely mugs you use in your posts! Looking forward to this hop.

  7. The first day with so many beautiful flowers. An awesome beginning of this blog hop. It has been a good morning, that has put several smiles on my face. Welcome back my lovely madame

  8. Excellent beginning to what appears to be one of the best blog hops we will have...can't wait to see the rest....

  9. Good morning Samm, those cookies look scrumptious, what kind are they? Looking forward to seeing all the pretty flowers!

  10. Wonderful hop, and I agree to your choice of the day. They are just marvelous. :-)
    Looking forward to the next days to come.
    Sew many thanks to you and Carol for inspiration and keeping it all together.

  11. This hop is really off to an amazing start with so, so many beautiful creations...I'm loving it! Thanks for keeping me motivated! :O)

  12. I couldn't wait to check out all the wonderful projects that were going to be shown today. Can't wait to see the rest. All so gorgeous, fabulous, beautiful, and inspiring.

  13. Thank you Madame Samm for this wonderful blog hop and for picking one of my flowers quilts as the top 2 choices. What a thrill!
    Oh and thanks for the heads up about Pig Tales and Quilts blog. I was worried that she did not show up and she's one of your cheerleaders so often on these blogs. I updated my schedule and took her off. I was concerned that she might have ended up on "the list"!

  14. A great way to start off the hop. The flowers are beautiful!

  15. Looking forward to checking everything out. Thanks!

  16. Tough decisions to make today huh ! The lady that does the cross stitch is amazing, and I love Carol's pillow and quilt and Daryl's...well I have to stop or this comment would be a too wordy !

  17. The flowers are blooming! All sew pretty! Thanks to all today for a wonderful way to start the hop ... :) Pat

  18. I am so glad it is time for the hop again. I have been looking forward to the flowers so much. We can grow only a few in our yard, all the animals seem to love them so much that they can't wait to see them in bloom to eat them!! Gorgeous projects already. Love them all.

  19. Olá! Adorei conhecer seu blog. Já sou sua seguidora. Obrigada por postar um trabalho do LINHAS, CORES E ARTE e do comentário carinhoso que nos deixou. Um abraço.

  20. A wonderful start of this hop, I enjoyed hopping around and loved the inspiration.

  21. Oh my - I love them all! No way could I pick a favorite, although that sweet cross stitch is amazing. And the huge rose - takes my breath away. Oh and the appliqued flowers with the spider web is darling. And the hexies - so cute. Maybe I can pick a favorite; I just pick them all! blessings, marlene

  22. wow! i mean wow, I'm in top 3! never would have imagined that! I'm kinda overwhelmed :)

  23. Off to a great start! Your top picks were truly special. I don't know how you manage to choose, though, among all that flowerdy goodness!!!

  24. Wow! this hop is going to be fun!!

  25. I'll amend my post to include our wonderful sponsor. What fun to be back hopping today and such beautiful things we saw! What do the Aussies or Brits say--gobsmacked? I think it fits, LOL.

  26. What a wonderful way to start this hop! I am in awe of these fabulous ladies talents!
    Great job! And I LOVE the rooster mug...swoooon.

  27. Wszystko piękne dzisiaj!
    Today everything is great!

  28. I'm so excited we're finally started! Today's projects are fantastic.

  29. All the flowers are sew pretty. It's going to be a great hop.

  30. Such beautiful flowers....I love seeing everyones projects and ideas. What a great start this hop has. I truly appreciate your help and coming up with all these great ideas.

  31. Can't wait to join in on the fun!

  32. Hi I almost finish my final work at the university, I am so tired. But I hope to finish soon it.


    Costa Rica

  33. Love that flower coffee cup! It is so dainty. Can't wait to see what everyone has posted. I love flowers ad Spring time.

  34. Oh my, this long weekend has really thrown me for a loop, almost missed the first day of the hop! Lovely flower projects and more to come.

  35. This flower blog hop is going to be gorgeous! That cross-stitch is so nice, just the kind of thing I'd love to have in my house but the kids and pets would destroy it.

  36. There never seems to be an end to creativity. Great minds and great hands. AAAaah, can I win the chicken mug?

  37. Flowers are sure welcome quilt motifs any time, but after the weird weather since Spring popped, they will become a project of two on my 2013 quilting list.

  38. When I saw that other lady's pillow I knew it would make a top spot. I can't wait to see what you have, but I guess I'll have to.

  39. Hi!!! Hee hee!!!! You and your cheerleaders always make me smile!!! Always inspiring!!! I would have to pick the flower pillow too!!! Hee hee!!!! Lots of amazing flowers to pick today and I can't wait to see the rest!!!! Thanks so much!!!!

  40. As always I love your top 2. Such a great hop, perfect for spring!

  41. Wow, this is really fun! Lots of great projects to drool over! Thank you so much!

  42. Beautiful projects today. This will be antorh fabulous hop

  43. Susan Newsom wrote:

    I don't have one of the accounts needed to leave a comment on your blog and I didn't see an Anonymous option, so I am emailing you.

    If this first day of the hop is an indicator of what is to come, this hop will be really special. I am looking forwards to seeing everyone's "bloomin" ideas.


  44. What wonderful projects from so many clever & creative people on this hop! If ever I appreciated flowers its this week! Just thing to cheer me up and to inspire me to do some fun projects.
    Thanks for another great hop Madam Samm.
    You are a dear.


  45. I don't envy you having to pick favorites every day as ALL the projects are wonderful. Thanks for the great hop - I love flowers of ALL kinds!

  46. All of your top picks are top notch! I want all of them. My jaw dropped when I saw the giant red flower with the comma fabric. This is going to be another fabulous hop. Can't wait to see what everyone created.

  47. I love your picks for today! I have been unable to visit all the sites because my internet is so slow. I find I can visit pinterest so that is what I have been doing. So sorry I haven't been able to visit all the sites in a while. I really enjoy your blog hops. So I get to see all the pictures in one place. Thanks again for all your hard work! Lyn

  48. This comment has been removed by the author.

  49. Wonderful flowers today, such a pleasure to watch ☺

  50. What a great start today has been for this fabulous floral hop!

  51. It's always so much fun to spend time on this blog! Thanks Carol and M. Samm! I'm going to check out the pinterest now, too. I just joined! Hugs!

  52. What an inspiring day! Great hoppers today. :)

  53. Such lovely floral projects...they make the rainy gloom here seem much brighter! pbstrand@msn.com

  54. I love all these beautiful flower projects! Wonderful!
    hulseybg at gmail dot com

  55. Aren't these flower projects all stunning? I really love flowers and wish I had gotten in on this hop..

  56. So, here I am frantically playing catch up on this blog hop. The picks were spot on and everyone had lovely projects to share. Great first day!!

  57. Loves me...loves me not...love all the selections today!

  58. I love anything to do with flowers. Seeing projects from all types of mediums really makes it more fun than ever.

  59. I love the flowers--and such spectacular creations! Since I have recently retired, I am looking forward to joining some blog hops soon!

  60. Oh that red pillow!!!! Lovely inspiration here and I so want those rooster cups . . . I was born in 1960. :)


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