Sunday, May 5, 2013

Ms Diva is all wrapped up and my next projects a la Tammy!

This is what I will be keeping , I am going to have this framed...
it will make for a lovely tribute to a Ms Diva that really 
took up many of my waking hours for the past month.

She was worth all 106 hours and 32 minutes...
Yes I kept a clock on her..
She is 31 inches wide by 46 inches long...
She was all hand quilted and has 
over $53.oo worth of just embellishments! 
( not even taken into account all the fabric, pellon
interfacing and batting and backing and label) 

I added some fur to her slippers and 
I.H.C.P.  to her bag...

She is all ready to be shipped to her
new owner, who is pretty excited 
and has told me it will be in a room
above her desk....

I am sure she will let you know who that is
once it makes it to her new home...

YOU can have a copy
5 x7 
8 x10
11 x14

If you would like a copy of her, for a donation $5.00  I  will mail the file to your staples or printer ( let me know their email)  and you can get her any size printed...this way there is no cost to ship ( and no copy on your copy wink) .. I am going to plack mount one about 11 x 14 for my office... Let me know size preference as I will size it for  your printing... . All donations will go to our QUILTERS FUND!
( a fund just for our quilters who sometimes need a hands up)

OUR DONATION button is on the top right....and then send me an email
with subject live I am a Diva too....with size and email of your printer!

And to help me over the missing of her ...
that is Ms Diva...

I am onto other things...like this..

Yes I am now making a Tammy Cosmetic Bag 
to match my Powder Room...

I found some extra white with black florals( Laminates from RBD)
 that will make for a great lining and faux
piping for my aqua gingham ( also from RBD via Janes Fabrics) ...of course it will be a perfect match...
I cannot believe I have not had a cosmetic bag till now....
I've always just used my drawers or a heavy duty plastic bag....
Not anymore...! 

and then this wonderful delightful collection arrived
from Lynn at Thimblemouse 
did you know she has a store...a real brick and mortar one..
appeared to be a bikini lol)  (links to post) 

( I know she has a bit left...it is called FARM C or Chick C on the selvage) 

I happen to see this somewhere and I asked her about it..
apparently it was from an old line from Timeless Treasures..
WElllllll I thought it would make a great TAMMY bag...
and this one will go to EBAY....to raise $$$ for 
our Quilters Fund...we have another lady 
who requires a Hands up....

So I do believe this will be my project these next few days..
I may even have it done for the It's all for the Birds HOP...
which begins on Tuesday...

P.s all packages being mailed out tomorrow....
for winners on FRIDAY..
maggie....I will need your address my dear


  1. Ms. Diva is so divine!! You have done an excellent job of creating her and those feathers on her slippers, is the perfect finale!

  2. I bet whoever won Ms Diva is ecstatic!! Can't wait to see your new up coming creations!!

  3. She is very much a "fine" Diva and I know whomever receives her will have a true treasure.....

  4. Oh Madame Samm. I've already donated to the quilt fund. Can I still qualify for a Diva copy? She is sew fabulous!

  5. That Diva is just fantastic and she is worth every minute you spent on her.

  6. Miss Diva is every bit as fabulous as you Samm. In fact, I think you are one and the same. :)

  7. Rosemary b here:
    Diva is hilarious, that is all I have to say. The fur on the slippers is perfect.
    I love the new fabrics for your next bag. Very happy.
    I just ordered my bag handles and I also cut out my pattern... now I have to decide on fabric... decisions...
    Happy Sunday PM
    Get ready for another fun packed week

  8. Your Diva is sooo lovely and fabulous! You have done an amazing job on her and for a good cause. Thanks my lovely Madame for sharing the way to have her done.
    I am waiting for my handles for Tammy to arrive from China, but there will be lot of time to sew. And my birds have flown away to be ready to post on Friday LOL. I am so excited for the coming blog hop there will be lot of fun and creative projects, I am sure of that.

  9. -your Quilt Diva is fantastic!
    It must have been hard to give her away, but I'm glad to hear, that she has a new good home.
    So great that you have raised enough money to buy 4 sewingmashines, wunderbar!

  10. Diva turned out 'sew"gorgeous. Great job. On her. And such a worthy cause she went to.

  11. Your Diva is just so wonderful Samm - I know it was hard to give her up but your generous heart spoke volumes by doing so and someone will be greatly blessed. I got my purse frame in and love it! And I've got my fabric too so now all I need is time. :) blessings, marlene


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