Friday, May 10, 2013

Join me will you for some Quilters Favourites Tips.....with GETA in Romania..

Are you coming...?

for Quilters Favourite things....
She asked me to participate...
( not sure why, cause I am sure you all have
these as your favourite things already) 

Sometimes we don't know what we don't know....
Even though I am new to quilting, about 3 years,
with managing this blog and going to school,
I have not had as much time as I would like to 
dedicate all  of my waking hours to quilters tips...
HOWEVER I have 2 tips that have proven WOWZEE for me...
Play with me will you...

Take these Wonder Clips...

I am working on a hexi project  for an upcoming 
blog hop....I have never done a hexi in my life...
well until now....I could not for the life of me, think of how
I was going to do these..I just could not hold the hexi
and stitch without cramped fingers...

I had these wonder clips that I had been using for  for binding..
so I thought, "why not give it a try".
Wellllll to my uttermost surprise, they work
fantastically..is that even a word?

I fold each side down and add a clip, then remove and fold another side
and clip...and before you know it, it brings in the fabric tight enough
and secure enough to stitch...
without cutting off the blood off to your fingers..
know what I mean? 

I bet many of you have thought of this ?
ok, if you are like me and don't know what you don't know..
this may be just the tip you were seeking today? lol

Ok onto my next favourite tip
that works fabulously for me...

I hate to think I am accident prone...but last summer
after getting this lovely bead like necklace to hang your scissors on...
.. I loved it...all orange and blues...it looked so nice
around my neck too.....Wellllllll, I was wearing my dovo's scissors
( those larger ones there on my gingham plate) 
around my neck, I bent down in the kitchen and stabbed the pad
of my thumb reallllly bad....so bad, that I think I passed out 
for a few seconds....
I ended up getting 6 stitches...yep, it was that bad...

That lovely necklace is now hanging in my studio..
just looking pretty...

I had to come up with something that would be perfect
for the tips of my scissors without stabbing myself 
foolishly again....

My DH is in the medical field and his company
makes a variety of tubes for feeding, draining, sucking..
well you get it....anyway...lol
I asked him to bring a variety of tubing in diff't gauges...
I cut off pieces and they are perfect for the ends of 
my scissors...no more stabbing...

Think about it...you can get rubber tubing just 
about anywhere...and they are clear, so be sure
before you put them around your neck, you have the tubes
on the ends....?

( this is really for my reminder) lol

These are my favourite scissors in the whole world..
DOVO's...my 5.5 inches and embroidery ones..
They are very very sharp...but not sharp as they used to be
now that they have these tubers on them lol
Here they are without...

And wearing them....don't they look just fine....?

Perfect to put in my Tammy Bag...
So now I won't lose my scissors anymore...
See them tucked in the outside pockets...
...you never have to worry about them
cutting into your scissor keepers...

Lee Valley

Forgot to mention my special rotary blade and blades
they last 10 times longer than anything on the market..
they are cool looking!

See sometimes we just don't know what we don't know..

Yep I am in my gingham phase....

Do hope you enjoyed my tips...

Thanks to GETA for bringing us all together..
She is soooo nice! 


  1. There are so many uses for these sweet little things. I have made sure to save me a package of them for my binding and now I know I can use them for my hexies too!

    Don't you just love Geta!

  2. Great tips, Samm! I too, love Wonder Clips they are just so handy. You've given me another practical use for them. ;o)

    Eek. I remember that scissor incident. Very scary! Smart idea to protect both you and your scissors with a bit of tubing. Sew smart. ;o)

  3. Fabulous tips....thanks for sharing and being part of the party! (Blowing kiss)

  4. Thank you for linking to the party and sharing your tips, Madame Samm. I have a few scissors and I keep them in a drawer that is usually full; every time I open the drawer I think that accidents could happen - must use your tip. Must try the clips and that rotary cutter - I love the idea of not changing the blade so often.

  5. Who needs more time for quilting when you draw such wonderful illustrations? Love your pictures.

  6. Love, love, love the wonder clips. I'll have to use your idea when I start my hexies (I think I've been saying that for a few months now lol). Ouch, your thumb accident reminds me of when I cut my hand with a knife. Wasn't pretty and ended up needing surgery. GREAT tip using plastic tubing for scissors. I added plastic tubing to my sewing list.

    Where did you get your plastic hexies?

  7. Love the hexi idea! Thanks for the tip!

  8. i love those clips and have some of them.
    the tip for the scissors is a great one.

  9. Great tip on the tubing....I will try it.

  10. Those are great tips, I have seen those clips and thought to get me some, and the tips for the scissors are also a great one also. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Great post of ideas. However, the tubing for the scissors is the best!!!

  12. You are just full of it...information, that is! I'll be checking out Geta and her linky party, adding plastic tips to my scissors (for safety), and...I already have those little clips so I'm good there. Whew! Overload of hints on the brain! LOL! I'm loving all that gingham, too.

  13. I've never used Wonder Clips but have always wanted to try them...even more so now that I've seen they can be used to work with hexies! I am really liking Geta's blog hop. :)

  14. Thanks for the wonderful Tips!
    I do love the wonder clips too, and tomorrow I´ll go to the hardware store to by some tubes for my sissors ☺
    By the way....
    I had a red letter in my snailmail today, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!
    I have a picture in my blogpost, just love the rainbow fabrics.

  15. I need to try the clips. I've seen them in the stores but didn't know anyone who used them, so wasn't sure if they were good. The scissor tubes are a great idea. Thanks for sharing Geta's hop.

  16. I like the scissors tip protectors - great idea!!!

  17. I would have been the one to stab myself too! Tubes are a great idea.

  18. Ooh, a rotary cutter from Lee Valley? I know DH won't mind making a stop there! ;-)

  19. Thanks for all the great tips! I am really interested in the rotary blade that stays sharper longer. I need to change mine yet again and it seems as though I have not used it near long enough for the price I have paid.

  20. Clever tip about the tubes!!
    Have you tried gluing your hexies?? - that's easy too.
    Never heard of Lee Valley here in Oz - better go looking! they look weird but if the blades last well its worth a try! Thanks

  21. Thanks for the tips. I have never seen one of those rotary cutters, but I will be adding one to "The Mom Wish List" for when my big kiddos ask me for ideas. The plastic tube scissor protectors is a great idea ... thanks for sharing ;) Pat

  22. I love my Wonderclips too but never thought to use them with hexies! Thanks for the tips!

  23. Yes, I enjoyed your tips. Good tube idea, I am going to use it. Thanks. :)

  24. Hi!!! Great tips!!! Love the tubes!!!

  25. Now these are great tips. Love the clip idea and tubes for my scissors! Another good tip. Have to try those blades I seem to go through them quickly!

  26. As tesouras protegidas e nos protegendo é tudo de bom e útil.Vou copiar...Faço meus próprios hexágonos,nunca usei esses de plástico,mas vale a pena ter sempre mais informações.Obrigada.Beijo

  27. Love the rotary cutters. I am planning on trying it out.

  28. Good tips. I love making little hexagons, wonder clips would be a great alternative. Great tubing too! thanks

  29. With you on Jane's hexies and wonder clips, I've been using that method too :) I still need to acquire some tubing for my scissors...hmmm...maybe I need to try one of those rotary cutters too! Thanks for all your market research :)

  30. I love those clips! I have been using the small ones, but now they have come out with BIG ones, got to think about those. Have been using your safety tubes since you mentioned they earlier, awesome! I checked out the rotary cutter and happy to say it can be changed for a lefty. I actually cut with both hands, so will have to buy 2!

  31. Your rotary cutters look awesome!

  32. Hi Samm , a friend picked me up the Lee Valley rotary cutter and I love it.

  33. glad you found a solution to covering the tips of those scissors - hope your finger is okay now. I've made a point of picking up scissors with a cap for the sewing kit I carry to and from work for just that reason. I hang the scissors around my neck for convenience and getting stabbed (fortunately, lightly) in the chest once, made that an important feature. I never thought of tubing - perfect solution!

  34. Rosemary B here:
    Tubing. It has been around for years. This is an excellent idea.
    I still have disposable scalpels from my ortho nursing career from days of olde.
    They have plastic tubing.
    This is a very good idea for carrying all sharp pointy things.
    I love those clips. I have them on my Amazon wish list.
    Happy Mother's Day dear Missie Samm

  35. Now those scissor protectors are a stroke of genius!

  36. Wow--those rotary cutters look pretty rugged--I'll be checking them out, for sure!!

  37. I love wonder clips for a lot of thing but not thought of hexigrams! I will try that one. Tubes yu think Dh might sell some rubber tubing? I have no idea were to get and. Love the chrome on your cutter. I bet that is an interesting story. I would mind one myself! As always thank you for sharng your best! Lisa

  38. I may have missed something. Those rotary cutters, I have never seen them. What company makes these and where do I find them? Thanks for sharing your tips!

  39. Love Lee Valley! Are these really worth it? I know they sell great quality stuff and since one is just minutes from me....I could go get them anytime.

  40. Very clever tips from such an experienced quilter like you! And wonderfully illustrated. Thank you very much!
    Alexandra from Romania

  41. Since I've been traveling, I'm just now catching up! (Or trying to!) Your tips are really good ones! I love the idea of the tubing for the scissors. (I've also had an accident with scissors and cut the pad of my little finger off except for a tad of skin. NOT FUN!)Great ideas!

  42. Great tips... particularly the one about the scissors tips (guess who stabbed herself two weeks ago?!?). Have a fun week!

  43. I know now that I don't know what I don't know...Thank you so much for this tips!


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