Wednesday, May 15, 2013

It's for THE BIRDS...hop is ending but another will soon be announced and started...

And yes here we are the end of our It's for the Birds blog hop....
Have you enjoyed the VIEW? 
I certainly have and we could not have done it without our
Mary from I piece 2
keeping us together as a flock of eager participants..Thank you Mary
you are one BIRD that has flair.

I am sharing my day with all these delightful BIRD Enthusiasts too..
So let's cheer them on and have them fluttering!

Wednesday, May 15

http://Sewwequilt.com ( here you are with me) 

As many of you are well aware by now...I have this affinity for THE BIRDS,
the Alfred Hitchcock version. Although my quilt design may appear frightening,
to me it is rather welcoming. I love black birds, always have, crows, ravens, red wing
black birds ( especially) have always struck a cord with me. 

I am thinking it's because I am somewhat of a rebel....Perhaps mellowed
in my seasoned years, but still a rebel with a cause..lol

In this case, my cause was to create something that I could wrap myself
in while viewing  THE BIRDS for the next 100 times...

The Birds font, is not graphics btw...I copied the actual
font of The Birds and drew it out twice, to create the depth in the 
font on the quilt... one in black material and the other a perfect
match to Tippi's green suit. 

Months ago, I embroidered the border with Melanie Daniels, The Birds,
Tippi Hedren, for what seemed miles of stitches....
I used variegated Presencia Finca perle cotton in golds and yellow
and it gave it that finished look I was seeking...
I never measure anything, ( the rebel in me I suppose) so I kept stitching
till I thought enough was enough....

When I began cutting my materials, again never measuring...
and when I completed the topper, I began piecing my border.
I had exactly what I needed with 1 inch left over....
I had it spaced perfectly all the names fit 
- no cropping, as if I calculated it all before hand...which I did not lol

How I do that ? Have no idea....My DH says
I have photos in my head like Temple Grandin,
I see everything in my head before I ever create anything,
already knowing what it looks like before I even start...
( We met Temple Grandin a couple years ago...the room
was filled with hundreds of people, she comes up to me and said.
" You see pictures too, don't you?" I was so perplexed I just nodded
and "I knew it" she said in quite an enthusiastic pitch
 and she walked to the stage...
YOU could say we connected! )

Now where was I? 

Oh yes, you know that other woman, who competes with me....YOU know her don't YOU?
the one who created this?  

and the lady who started it ALLLLL was Kris from Kris Loves Fabric...
with her quilt for her son.

Kris had created this last fall for our wicked blog hop....I immediately contacted her
found out what that fabric was... She even sent me some so I could make a
coin purse, I called her Melanie after Melanie Daniels...love this, I use
this coin purse all the time! 

( think I will make a Tammy Bag with this fabric too, I have enough for at least one) 

So anyway, I connect with Carol... 

ME: "did you see Kris's quilt?"
Carol: "Yep, I want to make it..."
Me: "So do I, what are you thinking of making?"

I shared what I was going to make, she shared with me..
Neither one of us did what we said we were going to make...

What transpired well as you will note..., we were visualizing the same thing...
Now what does that say about US?....I think it says, we are competive....
well not ME ..but HER for sure! lol

I haven't had enough time to quilt it...this I will be working 
on  her over the summer( if it ever gets warm enough to sit outside)
....since I hand quilt everything, I need
a couple of weeks of QUIET to do so....
( I also had another BIRD project I had to complete for RBD) 
today...2 in one day...which is why this one is not completely done...lol

Ohhh again, forgot to mention...while I was taking photos of my quilt by the forest
in our backyard, over to my right, we have these bird feeders that are on post
about 14 feet above the ground.....
I started to hear some rustling of feathers while I was snapping photos..
All of sudden I took a look up and with camera in hand...took this ...
Scared the "P: out of me...lol

The only reason I was scared was because in my head
this is what I was really seeing lol...
( get it ?) 

Okay onto my second project this is for 
RBD ( Riley Blake Designs) every couple of months
as part of the design team I am to come up with ideas
for uses of their product line...
As I have fallen mad over heels in love with their gingham-
I thought I would share this cafe curtain for indoors or outdoors
that can be made for less than $30.00.

Budget Conscious?
Try Burlap  with any of your STASH choices for your next HOME DECOR! 
check this out
My Burlap guy! check on rustic weddings...all the burlap is there...

Ohhh and I had enough time yesterday to make a Butterscotch Pie....One of my very favourite
treats...it just goes so well with gingham...Simple ingredients creates a lovely setting! 

I will be serving between 11-3 pm today....let's have Brunch! 

So that is all I was able to get done for the BIRD hop....I was trying to complete
my so called Ducky bag....but it is still in pieces...I did get it cut out lol

So what are you waiting for ....let's dig in ....


Love this lady's idea of seeing the birds to match their morning melodies...
a perfect valence against the setting of our trees....
What a view inside and out!

A great shot of seagull with lighthouse...a gentle reminder
of travels. I just smiled as I should of added seagulls to my
quilt too....I will be happy to have this reminder...well done...

and most CREATIVE

WEllll this is just ducky in my mind....LOVE the ducks..and I did 
not even know I liked them till I saw this lady's impression...
her quilting well when you see it up close is just fabulous....
She took a pattern, well you will read about it...
Isn't the shot just picture perfect....thought so too..

And to all those who participated in this HOP
WELL DONE! everyone showed up..we had
a couple tardy ones...but they were up early enough
with the birds that we forgave them...
and brought along your creativity..
SAD to see this one end...
WEll onto our next one...wink !

Who will be winning these?
From our sponsor Clothworks...
there will be extras added always are....
* Tippi Barbie Doll is MINE...
she stays lol

winners announced this FRIDAY...

 Our next hop is .....
Carol is cheering this one on....

and something special for Mary...
I was still working on it late last night...
Her very own embroidery piece to remind her of our hop...
( sent you the file for this) Thank you Mary..
your very own wee tot birdie! 


  1. Absolutely amazing! Not only do you see it in your mind, you can make it. The "The Birds" what a perfect green to match her dress and the black makes it look 3-D. I cannot imagin how many hours went into your quilt but what a treasure. I look forward to seeing it quilted. Any ideas on how you will quilt it?
    Love the Cafe Curtaim, and yes, I will be there for brunch. Can I have a glass of cold milk with my pie?
    BTW, that is a scary picture, the sky all gray and all the birds. I now have to go watch the movie for the 100th time but this time I will be thinking of you and David all cozy in your stunning quilt. Thank you for yet another fun hop!

  2. Brilliant, and another fun blog hop :-)

  3. Well, you did it again! Your quilt is amazing, the cafe curtain sew cute and if I didn't have this darn cold, I would keep on gushing, actually my nose is doing it for me! Thank you for the great hop and Mary for being such a great Cheerleader.

  4. Well worth the wait. Your quilt is beautiful. Your cafe curtain is adorable. But I will have to pass on the pie. ( I have lost over 70 pounds and I can't bring myself to cheat on my diet )

    Thank you again for a fun hop.

  5. Just awesome......Your quilt is wonderful and the cafe curtains with the gingham perfect. This was a wonderful bloghop Kudos to Mary for cheering us on and of course to you for putting it all together and helping us to be the very best we can and go the extra mile in our creativity.....

  6. Wonderful quilt and another great Blog Hop, thanks!

  7. Wonderful quilt and thank you for the bloghop. Enjoyed so much all the birds around!

  8. Those quilts are fantastic! and I love your all combined table set!! Thanks for a fun blog hop!

  9. I love everything I see here - beautiful !!! So many wonderful projects today !!!

  10. I love your quilt Samm and I understand your fascination with black birds. Their feathers look amazing and have a whole range of blue black and purple in them.

  11. Love the curtains, thank you for tutorial! Enjoyed today's projects!

  12. That quilt deserves a top spot!

  13. Your quilt is fantastic. I love it, but as you know , my favorite creatures are birds. The curtains are so lovely. Thank you lovely madame Samm, sharing your creativity with so beautiful projects.

  14. You crack me up with your "that's all I was able to do". You are such an over achiever. I love your quilt. And the red gingham looks very nice with the burlap. Sew creative all the way around.

  15. Well, well, well...I am almost speechless! Your quilt is astounding...I can't get over how well you incorporated the theme of the hop with your love of The Birds! I thought the text, "The Birds", was a watermark on the picture until I read your post...amazing! Love the choice of fabric and the addition of the "wordy" border. Your quilt is stunning and looks so great surrounded by gingham. Sweet little project for RBD, and that pie looks delicious! I giggled a lot reading about the lively competition and camaraderie, between you and that other gal...so cute! Thanks to you both for another great hop!

  16. Speechless! Okay, not really, WOW! Love your quilt and all the details in it. Of course I also am fond of Hitchcocks, The Birds. (I even let my 6 year old grandson watch it while spending the night years ago and he was freaked out for a lot of years following, my DIL wasn't too happy with me...., LOL) Love your softer side of your creativity with those lil' peeps dancing valance, so sweet. Jane

  17. Your quilt is fabulous! You have me wanting to make me one now! Although I do not watch the movie unless it is early in the day so I will have plenty of time to forget about it before I go to bed or I will have nightmares. lol

    Your cafe set is just precious! As I told you yesterday, I want those curtains! :)

    This has been a seriously FUN hop! Thanks so much for all of your time and energies! And thanks to Mary for keeping us all straight!

  18. Wow, what creativity, I love it all!

  19. Your quilt is just marvelous! You are so creative.

  20. Your quilt is spooky and wonderful! And I really love the valance and table scape.

  21. Wonderful job on the quilt; I can't believe how close you and Carol were with your quilts; scarey!!! lol
    Your little window topper is to die for cute!!!!!

  22. Samm, fantastic quilt! It really sets up an atmosphere - it will be good for curling up to watch the movie!

  23. Love your quilt and curtains! I totally understand the attraction to the black birds....they are so smart, clever, and beautiful! Thanks for sharing your creations today....(and for the pie) and for inspiring us to join hop after hop, stepping out of the box and just having fun!

  24. That are the curtains you wrote about in the mail! Oh, they are soooo cute.
    The quilts with the black birds you three creative ladies made are stunning, it shows: great minds think alike!
    I loved this bloghop, saw a great variety on birds in trees, bushes, on porches, on couches and beds, on chairs and tables. I thank all participants showing their work.
    Mme Samm and Mary, thanks for organizing this bloghop, it was great, I enjoyed every day of it.
    I'm looking forward to the next, Mme Samm and Carol, that promises fireworks!

  25. Oh, where to start? I adore the embroidered text ALMOST as much as that wonderful "The Birds" applique! Your quilt captures the ominous scene of the playground, I can see it in my head as I look at your gathering of blackbirds...wonderful. I'm sure it is even more stunning in person as I know that is the way I felt about mine...never could quite take a pic that delivered the essence...Between you and Mary and of course, Carol, as well as all the wonderful contributors this week...I have enjoyed this hop very much :) Thank you!

  26. Thanks for another great hop. Your projects are wonderful! Thanks for sharing and inspiring so many of us!!!

  27. You went all out on your bird projects! The quilt is fantastic and I love the burlap idea. I use muslin often even though it is a lower grade cotton...I love the natural look it has - I am going to have to try some burlap!

  28. Love your projects. And the black bird / raven quilt is simply amazeing, It isn;t scary to me at all. But I kinda love anything otherworldly/supernatural. I always say you save the best till last. Lots of great projects on this birds hop.

  29. Love the curtains! Quilt is nice too....not for me but very well done!

  30. Great work! I love your blackbird quilt--the fabric is perfect, and I love all of your birdies. The curtain is so bright and cheery. Beautiful job. Thanks for all you do, Madame Samm--now, I need to go make a pie to go with my coffee!

  31. I love your quilt (it wins) with THE BIRDS lettering and all your beautiful stitching around the edges. The creepy bird pic is just that...creepy! Your little cafe setting in burlap and gingham sets the mood for a sit down with butterscotch pie. Wish I could pop right over. It's been a great hop!

  32. Great job on your quilt! Wish I could join you for a slice of pie. It looks delicious! Thanks for everything you do for these hops. This has been my first and I'm already so excited about "Say it with Flowers." I'm sure I'll be back for more after that!

  33. I LOVE your gorgeous quilt. You did such an incredible job with the pictures in your mind! I also thoroughly enjoy the bantering between you and Carol. The burlap valance is also so cute and looks terrific with the matching table cover. It has been such a fun hop and I look forward to the flowers.

  34. Thanks for the feature I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in this Blog Hop, as ever it was full of inspiring projects and creative bloggers.

  35. Thanks so much for another fun hop! I especially loved the curtain ideas. I'm going to try this. And I love your delightfully scary Barbie!

  36. Love all the birds. They were really something to crow about. Your projects are great. Thank you and Mary for a job well done.

  37. Another successful conclusion to a fun hop, thanks to you and Mary. I think we all knew you would make a quilt similar to Carol's from the hints you gave. It turned out very well. Love the birdie valance too. Clever use of burlap and that lovely red gingham! I think I am on inspiration overload but that is a GOOD thing. VBG

  38. oops, I should have also commented on the cute Mary wee tot bird-----really cute! AND that pie looks luscious. Do you have a recipe to share? My love of butterscotch, caramel is second only to chocolate, LOL.

  39. Oh yes, I fell in love with Kris's quilt too when I saw it. You have really stepped it up a notch! What a great new twist! I must say, your table looks fabulous. Love the little burlap curtain. You have been a very busy lady! :-)

  40. You did it again. Every time I think you can't possibly top this, you do. The Birds quilt is amazing. Your attention to detail so wonderful. The cafe curtain is so cute! Thank you for sharing all your creativeness with us. I did receive my birdie, and looking forward to stitching her up. Thank you, this has been a lot of fun!

  41. I looove your quilt! I love crows too and with the fabrics together they just look so great! Have fun handpiecing it.
    Thanks so much for the invitation for brunch! Would be so much fun if we all could join in reality, lol! But it is lovely to see this place arranged so beautiful! I love the burlap with the gingham, that is so cute!!! Have to keep that in mind for a project for our garden.
    And the little purse is my absolut favourite! I look forward to see the tammy in this!
    Thanks so much for another great blog hop. Those birds were all so great!

  42. lovely quilt. this has been such a tweet blog hop have sew enjoyed everyones' creations. I wasn't fast enough to get into the flower blog hop but I'll try to hop around and see what everyone makes.

  43. My granddaughter (4) asked for a stuffed bird for Christmas so we asked her what kind of bird did she want. A crow was her answer! Last year she wanted a fruit bat for her stuffed animal had it has to be a soft one so it can sleep with her. So you are not the only crow lover!
    hulseybg at gmail dot com

  44. Your quilt belongs up with the top ones for the day!

  45. I love your new café curtains!

    This has been a wonderful blog hop! Thanks, Madame Samm, for hosting and thanks to Mary for cheering and thanks to all who have participated!... :) Pat

  46. As usual your quilt is wonderful but I have to admit that ever since I saw the movie black birds scare me except for the redwinged ones. I also love gingham I just finished a little quilt with gingham sashes and borders so I loved your little curtain minus the birds lol. As usual a fun hop with lots of creative ideas. I try to make it to all of blogs.. Blessings

  47. Oh those are great picks. I found a new site today too. We could do a year in birds, or flowers, or mug rugs, etc....couldn't we?

  48. I enjoyed the side today as well all so interesting

  49. Love your Blog Hops and this one did not disappoint! Lots of great inspiration!
    Thank you!

  50. Thanks for another successful and creative blog hop. I couldn't access the last site because it said I had to join, so I just skipped it. I find this happens once in awhile-is there something that can be done so that we can see without joining? Thanks again to you and your capable assistants for all the time/energy it takes to bring this great activities to us. While I'm not a blogger, I certainly enjoy hopping and look forward to every one. I have enjoyed increasing my knowledge, so much for the saying that you can't teach an "old dog a new trick"! From California, near San Francisco--

  51. As usual, absolutely amazing projects from you! Kudos!

  52. Another great hop - one of the best in my opinion!
    I love your quilt (and Carol's and Kris's!!) - it's so dramatic!
    Thank you!

  53. I agree it was one of our best.....Great choices Madame Samm but very hard ones I am sure....I am not in the next one but I will be cheering you all on....

  54. Your quilt is great but what I especially love is the coin purse. Very wonderful!!

  55. Love your projects, especially the cafe curtain.....and the Butterscotch Pie looks amazing.

    Thanks for a fun hop filled with inspiration.

  56. Love!!! Your quilt and the coin purse. The tweet little curtain is super adorable. This was my favorite hop so far. Enjoyed hopping to everyones blog. Oh, and I am a little late for pie. Your table looks so lovely!

  57. I get so tickled with you and "the other woman" have created nearly identical quilts. Fun and gorgeous. Thanks for another great hop.

    Will you be sharing the pie recipe?

  58. I can't believe "The Birds" font! It is amazing. I love that you used green (my favorite color) Also Butterscotch pie is my favorite pie! This hop has been so much fun - I have been out of town for the last two days so I am headed back to check out those little birdies!!

  59. You never cease to amaze me with your creativity. I love the idea of using burlap for a cafe curtain. So darn cute! And your quilt ... well let's just say it's fabulous! Love how you matched the letters to Tippi's outfit. LOL

    Terrific hop! I had so much fun participating. Thank you for your time and for everything to do to make these hops so successful.

  60. Oh, my goodness, how does one choose a favorite, today? I love all of yours, but then the valance was so unique! What inspiring works of art and creativity. I have days of browsing to catch up on. Looking forward to seeing all the previous days' pics. Great job, EVERYONE!

  61. The Birds is one of the most frightening movies I ever saw, love it! I took my son to meet Temple Grandin at one of her presentations. (He's autistic)It was an honor to be in the front row and learn from her. Meeting her was a thrill for us both as she's such an life inspiration for him. This Bird Hop was great, I didn't get to all the stops because there were so, so many.



  63. Dear Madame Samm,
    Thanks for another great blog hop! love all the bird projects.
    I adore the burlap and gingham !
    Looking forward the Flowers hop soon!
    You're the best!

  64. You have rocked my world today. Not only do you inspire with your brilliant quilts, pictures, and projects, but you cheer like no other.
    Those curtains would be perfect in my little cabin. Where do you come up with those ideas? The pictures in your mind are taking my breath away.
    Every time you post it is inspirational and well said.
    Thank you for sharing your endless talents! I feel like a lucky ducky to be a faithful follower of you and all the participants!

  65. I love your quilt with the bird barbie. So cute and perfect for this hop!

  66. Wow, that quilt of yours is amazing! I can't get over the fact that you did it without a pattern, now that is true and pure talent!! Looking forward to the next hop.

  67. Hi!!! Your quilt is beautiful!!! Love it!!! Love the way you did the font!!!! Love your new RB design!!! Very pretty!!!! Of course I love the little birdie tot!!!! Adorable!!!! Thanks for all the fun!!! This hop was amazing!!!

  68. Oh, my, I saved the best for last and because I am babysitting I had to run errands before I got to you! You did not disappoint. Your quilt, coin purse, and curtains are all just wonderful! I love the tablesetting with the red gingham and the linen along with the birds. Missed having tea with you from 11 to 3! :( Great reveal!

  69. You do such fun things for every hop; it's a joy to read and see the very last hop post! Burlap has really gotten to be a big thing lately. Last fall, I saw a burlap pillow in a high-end store and the decoration was just a very large bow across the front. Loved all your projects and think your valance is adorable, too. Thanks for all the fun, Madame.

  70. That is the coolest quilt, it is unique.

  71. Those crows are just fabulous!! What company made that background fabric?

  72. Madame Samm I really enjoyed participating in this hop. I love your gingham dishes and your birds running commentary. I especially loved the Canadian astronaut song. I just really was impressed!

  73. I just LOVE your The Birds quilt, I really thought the letters were from the computer, but they are actually on the quilt, OMG, just fan-fan-tastic! And how about that I am working with burlap right now too, in fact I am putting flowers on mine so you should be seeing it soon.

  74. Thanks for organizing another wonderful hop. I so enjoyed seeing everyone's creations. I'm surprised on how great burlap looks with the red and black. Very happy and cheerful. I learn something new everyday.

  75. This was such a great blog hop! Crows and ravens are my favorite birds so I was always happy to see them being used. Your quilt is amazing. Full of Corvus goodness. Or badness. Take your pick. ;)

  76. F-R-E-A-K-Y on several levels, but F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S on hundreds of levels ! LOL Yes, Madame Samm, I am talking about you ! I have enjoyed this hop immensely, and have loved seeing all the awesome, creative people's ideas ! Fun, fun, fun ! What's next ? Stamps ? Yes!

  77. I love all your wonderfully amazing projects and the pie loooks delish! This was a super fun hop and I had a great time hopping to all the participating blogs everyday! Thank you again for the fun hop! and I'm even thinking about participating in the Christmas in July one! yay!

  78. that is a great quilt! At first I thought "The Birds" was digitized and then I realized it was part of the quilt - brilliant! Your curtains are adorable. That would bring a smile every morning! This was a great hop - so many creative ideas!

    1. I am not sure you knew but you are a no reply blogger...if you see this add your email so we can respond...thank you...and yes I am sitting outside this morning with my iPad enjoying the view

  79. wow, wow, wow you quilt is a masterpiece.
    So-o-o beautiful and clever!
    I love the border too, fantastic!
    Tt has been a great plearsure to be in this hop.
    Liebe Grüße


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