Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Its for the Birds Blog hop...day 1 with Clothworks as our Sponsor.

I remember the year 1963 The Birds came out on television.

The Birds is a 1963 suspense/horror film directed by Alfred Hitchcock, loosely based on the 1952 story "The Birds" by Daphne du Maurier. It depicts Bodega Bay, California, which is, suddenly and for unexplained reasons, the subject of a series of widespread and
 violent bird attacks over the course of a few days.
The film was billed as 'introducing' Tippi Hedren. It also starred Rod Taylor, Jessica Tandy, Suzanne Pleshette and a young Veronica Cartwright.
The screenplay was written by Evan Hunter. Hitchcock told him to develop new characters and a more elaborate plot, keeping Du Maurier's title and concept of unexplained bird attacks.

and ever since I have been rather preoccupied with

and so much sooooo when I heard there was a BARBIE
of Tippi Hedren, I went out scouting for it....
I drove all my friends nuts-- me talking about birds birds birds
someone dear to me...gifted me my very own Birds BARBIE for Christmas...

Of course then  we had to have a BIRD hop....
and long and behold the perfect name would be

It's for THE BIRDS...

I am over the top excited
by our talented,
gifted, humorous, outlandish, creators....
we  all will be seeing BIRDS at least for the whole summer...
What a great flight into spring! 

Thanks to all of you who participate
especially all you cheerleaders who know how to make
our ladies feel special...

And who will be Cheering you on in this hop
This is her first cheering duty, and she is doing a 
very good job... 
Mary is one incredible quilter, she is great with colour,
great with detail and she always raises the bar
for so many of us....
She did q-tip pompoms for goodness sake in our last hop.
Who does that? 

 GREAT people, GENEROUS people
let others know they are special too...

( see how easy that was lol) 

Now for todays BIRD LOVERS...
Let's fly with them all...
and let's send them all sweet tweets! 

These SWEET TWEETS Stood out this morning
* and thanks to EVERYONE, YOU ALL SHOWED UP....

Well this was a perfect choice to begin our day for TOP 2...
RISE AND SHINE....and I  knew right away these were coffee cups
and not chicken soup....EGADS lol ....as I sit here on my morning deck
enjoying the view....This lady captured a perfect project for a 
morning WAKE ME UP...love the photo...

And this lady I hear lovesssssss flamingos...I know someone else who loves
flamingos too...and after all it is paper pieced...and you know how much I love paper piecing...
and will you look closely, it is flamingo material too...Brilliant..this lady 
will be cheering a lot more today...wait till you see her other birds....wow! 

And most CREATIVE....went to 2 ladies today...
I could not decide which one I liked best...
since I loved BOTH

I loved the simplicity of this one....FLY 3 little letters, 
6 wee birds and a great reminder to keep soaring...LOOK what happens when you do....
This lady always seems to go out on limb with her creativity...and she was
most certainly my muse for my project...wait and see...

And you tell me how could we pass on this one, it is really very TWEET...
as in the case of her tweet dreams pillow..
This lady has such a good sense in colour choices and again today
she did not disappoint...

Overall, a great first day....some very tweet birds.

Our winners of Clothworks La Cage au Birdie
will win these bundles of bird fabric...yes colour me surprised....
WE have BIRD fabric to givewaway..

1 winner who is in our top 3 of the day
1 winner to all those who participated
1 winner to anyone and everyone who leaves a comment...

Clothworks, this collection, La Cage au Birdie

I have a bouquet of surprises coming up....

IT's a DATE!


  1. Oh my.. I have pinned that Barbie on Pinterest b/c it's the best! Does she come with the prize? ;) So cute.. I live a couple of hours from Bodega Bay and have visited the house where they filmed the Birds. :) Wouldn't that be a great Halloween costume? I'm in the hop on Friday.. but for now, off to check out all of the other birds. :) Thanks for organizing the hop, this is my first one with you. xoxo, Kelli

  2. I'm not sure if it's my computer or if the links aren't working.. you might want to double check just to be safe, maybe it's just my computer..

  3. This is great because I am a great fan of "The Birds" I first saw it in black and white and I guess that means we didn't have color TV? That movie scared me something awful! Whenever I see blackbirds, crows, and the light roosting on the electrical power lines in great numbers I feel it is the telling of something ominous about to happen!!! My girlfriend had that danged Barbie and we all were scared of her and her scary Barbie! So cool!

  4. Thanks for organizing the hop! And yes - I cannot open those links also...

  5. links have wrong Andy's and are co,ing up as error 404

  6. another fun blog hop coming up = yay!

  7. Já visitei alguns ,e pelo que vi esta será a maior revoada,a mais estridente e colorida.Eu como sempre estou na torcida...Se fosse fazer um pássaro para participar seria um branco bem grande para trazer a paz para o mundo....Beijos.Ps:Dois vestidos de crochê prontos,esperando a máquina fotográfica chegar,pois viajou com minha filha chega na quinta.

  8. yup links not working, what a shame hope we can all sort that out soon!

    1. Sorry for the long comment, but here are the links in the meantime:








      http://krislovesfabric.blogspot.com <-you are here!









    2. I thought it was my computer! The only link that worked was the last one.

  9. Here we go .... looking forward to it :)

  10. Great start Madame Samm to a wonderful blog hop....take care.

  11. Wonderful birds today, thanks to evey one for sharing.
    Thanks to you and the sponsor too for the chance to win the beautiful fabrics.

  12. I love birds, and those birdies from day one are just too cute!

  13. Those little quilts are so cute! Still enjoying my smoothie - yum! My Salba expired 9/2011. Oh, well. Better buy me some more.

  14. Fabulous start to a terrific hop! So much creativity today!

  15. The suspense is killing me...can't we just have a corner peak? lol! Love your Tippi doll, The hair slightly mussed...perfect! Thanks for another fun hop and for the nod, there were some really creative projects today...I look forward to seeing the rest of the contributors! Thanks to the sponsor Clothworks chose a great fabric for the theme!

  16. I really love the FLY top! Looks like a Charlie Harper print! Beautiful!

  17. Looking forward to this hop, I love birds :0)
    Thanks to the sponsors and everyone who contributed!

  18. It's interesting to see what each participant comes up with. Nice choices today.

  19. It has been a wonderful first day with so many awesome project. My favorite is of course one of the chosen today. The Fly quilt is so awesome and the design is so exquisite. I love it and got very inspired of it. I think that I must use one or two birds on some small things in the future. But as you know I am birdie person.
    I am surely looking forward to tomorrow. It is so fun!!!

  20. A very chirpy good morning to you and all the hopping birdies. Congrats to these top flight creations. Enjoying my way through the list with my cup of coffee this morning and loving all the wonderful creativity. Thanks for hosting this tweet hop ... :) Pat

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. Oh those were some wonderful birds this morning. And so many more to come. I certainly had more ideas than time to create the ones I made. Yesterday when I was in my house I saw something out of the corner of my eye dash by. I quickly opened a door to see if I could see it and it was a roadrunner speeding through my yard. They are such fun to watch.

    That reliable iron giveaway looks wonderful, but I have enough irons, so I will not try at a chance for winning one. Love how you made them into a lovely bouquet.

  23. Beautiful spring day.....birds chirping outside my window.... birds all over my computer screen. Great first day of hopping!

  24. Oh, my! I am now hesitant to post tomorrow! There were some wonderful projects posted today! I need about a year to do all that I would love to do with this theme, but instead I'm preparing for an extended out of town trip! By the way, I'm a die-hard Hitchcock fan myself! (My current book is his biography.) I had no idea there was a Birds Barbie out there! Adorable!

  25. I think I should pack my birds up and go home. What wonderful projects today ! You however..top the creative ladder for recreating the movie !!

  26. Wonderful projects!! Thanks for the chance to win this gorgeous fabric...certainly not for the birds!!

  27. Fabulous projects! I took a quick peak at everyone but will have to take a closer look and leave comments when I have a little time later.

  28. I watched the birds as a child and it freaked me out.
    Love the picks for today. A variety of birds.

  29. I didn't know there was a "Birds"Barbie. Love it. I am so glad everyone showed up today.

  30. oh, my another start to an awesome blog hop thanks

  31. I can tell it is going to be another great hop. What wonderful birds today!!

  32. Your bird project sounds so intriguing. I can't wait to see it. Barbie looks good even when she is being attacked by birds. It is an honor to be among great projects, thanks. Can't wait to see the rest of the hops creativity. :)

  33. I loved the tweet dreams pillow. So cute.

  34. This will be a fun hop! I love your "Birds" Barbie, everything is better with crows. ;)

  35. What an honor to be picked today in the top 2! Lots of good eye candy to start with and it looked like about 5 or 6 more participants each day, maybe? I should pop on over to the neighbor's and thank her again for the use of her fencing, LOL as I know that DID help with the picture quality. I told my husband about what some of the commenters were saying about soup bowls vs coffee mugs and it turns out he was serious! He has such an odd sense of humor that I thought he was teasing me-----again!

  36. These birds are great. Creativity with a capital "C" for being so creative and "A" for being Awesome. It is amazing how we interpret the theme. My mind was working on blackbirds and that's what I created. But you'll have to wait until next Monday to see what I made.

  37. Great projects! Really loved the Fly wall hanging and the Tweet Dreams pillow. Looking forward to the rest of the hop especially seeing two over achievers projects (lol)!

  38. I checked out all the ones today and loved them all! I even commented on some. What a great idea for a hop!!!

  39. OMG what a great grand opening for the bird hop. Fabulous projects! A Tippi Hedren Barbie? LOL Now that to too funny.

  40. love birds and birding! your three sample six are really, really great ... am all excited about this hop! thanx!

  41. I love your picks for most creative today! I love the Barbie with birds attacking. You make these hops so much fun! Thanks for being you!

  42. I've loved seeing everyone's bird projects today - I love the 'Charley Harper' type quilt too!

  43. Thanks for this great Hop!!! I love Birds and have been looking so forward to this!

  44. Great hop. I think we're off to a flying start here!

  45. Tippi Hedren makes a great Barbie and you are a fantastic cheerleader. I'm not surprised those coffee cups caught your attention. I love FLY!

  46. I love the Barbie. Tippy Hedren would be so jealous. I love the fun projects.

  47. OMGoodness what an awesome 1st day! Lovely, lovely, lovely projects!

  48. Very nice give away. Really enjoy these hops.

  49. Oh the birds... Cute! Cute! Cute!

  50. I have been looking forward to this hop. Love all sorts of birds, the real ones and the quilty ones.

  51. Fantastic first day! Great projects flying in!

  52. My oh my, what a wonderfull birds I saw, there where so many I couldn't visite them all in one day, had to come back today! LOL!

  53. I love the angry birds pyramid.

    senstrings (at) yahoo (.) com

  54. I'm so happy this blog hop has started. I have been looking forward to it!!

  55. I'm loving all these bird themed projects! keep up the great work.

  56. Love the birds
    I have nightmares every time I see Hitchcock's movie.

  57. Love the birds. Awesome hop. So many great pieces. You must have a tough time picking the best ones. I personally love the teardrop shaped birds, they are so cute.


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