Friday, May 3, 2013

It really is spring, and springing UP is ....well you will see..

Spring brings out more than buds and green grass, it also brings out the mischief and spirit of my
Sumantra and T-cup..( ok, maybe not her, you will see why below). You may remember that as soon as I bring out the camera...guess who pops out....I swear in some lifetime she must have been a model...
She is always posing. I don't think I have ever taken a shot of her that is similar....Take a Peak....lol

I was laying flat out on the deck to get this shot....I kept saying "Where are you "
"Here I am " as she ruffled the fabric... She just cracks me up..

Here I tied a pom pom around a leg of a chair outside...well that kept her busy for almost an hour
while I sat and read my email and enjoyed my coffee yesterday afternoon...
The pom pom is still in tact....go figure...

Our deck is pretty high off from the ground- about 7 feet....we don't have a railing, it would
only interfere with our view....and this wee thing, has no fear, she has JUMPED, fallen
from this height, about 3 times ....T-cup caught her attention...
We think she has at least 6 more lives to go! 

So I went down the deck...and thought I would get some pics of T-cup...She flatly would not
entertain the idea...Still a very nice profile...she is really sooo pretty...

And yes MS DIVA is completed....and I think she is as thrilled
as I am...we are getting ready for EBAY.
Possibly by the weekend ( she will be posted) ....She will be sold to the highest
bidder to purchase our 4th machine for one of our dear ladies in need! 
Yep I am giving her up, sadly too...I have grown quite
fond of her...

She never even made it to EBAY
we have enough for the 4th machine
and enough for yet another....
Thanks to a very special lady....
who wanted MS Diva as her very own! 

She is going to a very special home...
She may even tell you when it arrives to her new home!

I added some silver thimbles for earrings along with gingham heart buttons
and lovely red dots. She is wearing a pearl necklace complete with hand painted 
spool buttons..

And yes a real ruler was cut down to appear tucked into her shawl...
I had DH drill some wee holes on each corner, I hand sewed her ruler snugly 
to her background. You will also notice she has a sewing tape pin cushion on her wrist
complete with actual beaded pins...

  I also added her ruffle of course, along with some needles ( buttons) with yarn tacked down looking like thread on her scraps of material.  She has a silver teapot zipper pull ....ohhh and yes a red gingham tea cup in her hand....

Here she is complete...with her old fashioned photo corners, ready 
to be packed to someones home...I am going to do up a label today
and some pockets for hanging..!  
Yes she is a Diva! 

 Now I can work on my It's for the Birds Quilt, that Mary is cheerleading for us....OHHHH my
she may scare some of you ( oh not Mary, my bird quilt) ....I am really loving this quilt...this will be for our theatre room...where I watch The Birds at least once a month...

 It's Friday isn't it? Again I ask what ever happened to our week? Gardening this weekend, I cannot wait to see all the white in our garden.... Did you see the list of upcoming blog hops...which one
are you interested in? Have we missed anything?

Our next one is : Put your STAMP on it.....( you will be creating your own personal stamp in a mini quilt...for example , I love coffee, so I will put a cup in mine, 5 c currency and Canada...you all will be creating your favourite thing that would represent your stamp...I will be providing outlines, circle stamp, rectangular or square stamp templates....

After that one we will be HO HO HO, it's Christmas ( july)
Take 7 hexies, call me in the morning ( july)

Kitchin Stichin ( aug) ( all kitchen related)
Pin it HERE (aug) ( pin cushions galore)

Its the  Peanuts Gang ( sept)
Colour me Batiks (sept)

It's in the ROUND ( oct)
Wicked ( oct)

Pecking ORDER ( nov)
Let's turn back time....( nov)

December we are still baking on that one...

Yes I am on a ROLL! 
She really makes the best patterns that guarantees results..
If you cannot follow her patterns, you should not be quilting...lol
And for me that is saying a lot....since I don't consider myself a quilter
like some of you ladies....

And also Michael Miller for this  Tea Time Collection fabric...
They have soooo many new collections coming out...
I am thinking what do we do next....
WE will be giving away this fabric collection away very soon!


  1. Your diva is amazing--so much time and such detail! What a wonderful wall hanging she will make for some lucky person. The birds blog hop is going to be such fun! I love to sit and watch the birds while having my morning coffee. Great ideas for future hops! Thanks for all of your work to make these a success!

  2. Sumatra and T-Cup are adorable! My kitty loves to play with my pom poms too. I found that I had to keep searching for them while I was making my projects!
    The Diva is hilarious! I hope she goes for a big price!

  3. I can't wait, love all the ideas for the future hops!! Ms Diva is super cute, love all the detail!!

  4. What gorgeous kitties and such different personalities apparently. One photogenic, the other just barely tolerating the camera, LOL.

    You have done such a wonderful "work" on the Diva and surely it will be going to a loving, deserving home soon as will the machine that you hope to help finance with the proceeds. Lots of personal touches were added to bring Diva to life.

    Which hops? Oh I can spot several in that mix though I may need to sit out a month or so to get caught up here at home. That pile of pro bono quilts to quilt and two promised Christmas tree skirts need to be done! I bet that the pincushions and Christmas ones will be extremely popular!

  5. Congratulations on completing Mdm Diva! She is adorable and outrageous at the same time. The embellishments are fantastic...love those earrings and the creative way you attached the ruler. The quilting is superb... I'm sure she will raise many funds for machine 4. Well done!

  6. Your Diva is gorgeous Mdm Samm! She's so you!!!! And Im sure she will bring in big bucks for the machine :*)

  7. Your Diva is a winner, for sure...and, enough with the teasing!! I NEED to see your Birds quilt, lol!

  8. Your Diva is a winner, for sure...and, enough with the teasing!! I NEED to see your Birds quilt, lol!

  9. Your Diva is a winner, for sure...and, enough with the teasing!! I NEED to see your Birds quilt, lol!

  10. Sounds like so e fun hops on the way. Lovin your Diva!

  11. The Amazeing Ms. Diva. Is quiet a gorgoeus gal....

  12. Interesting fabric draped around beautiful Sumantra...wish I had some like that! Madame Diva has bloomed before our eyes and it's been a pleasant journey watching her grow. You did a great job on her with all the fancy embellishments and stitching. The bird on the skirt...creepy...love it!

  13. Your kitties are indeed very beautiful.

  14. Love Ms Diva! You did a fantastic job. I hope we do get the pleasure of knowing whose home she will reside in. Your kitties are beautiful.

  15. So adorable! My first thought was, how can you part with her? But then I realized that I give all my best works away as well. Maybe one day when I have nothing better to do, I'll make and keep a few things for myself :) There is so much joy in knowing someone else is blessed by your handiwork. Just gorgeous!

  16. Love the cats :D And the themes for those future blog-hops sound like fun! For sure I'll be signing up when the time comes (if I will be fast enough as I see here thing sgo pretty quick! Congrats on selling your quilt so fast:) ).

  17. That's awesome that someone who really wanted her got her without delay. It is a piece of art; the embellishments are wonderful. Such pretty kitties. And I'm loving Barbie's outfit.

  18. Your Diva is really special and so many lovely details! Just precious! Lucky the one who will have her in her house! Oh all these hops coming - sounds great!!!

  19. That is one great looking Diva. lovely work

  20. Sumantra and Tcup are gorgeous! I bet they really helped you alot with Ms Diva. c'mon admit it!
    Ms Diva is quite the gal!! I am sure the generous lady that purchased her will really enjoy having her company! It's wonderful that yall were able to help the ladies with the machines!! can't wait for all the upcoming hops!
    PS. I hope poor Barbie is ok! Loving her green suit!

  21. Oh and I really need some thimble earrings.

  22. when can one sign up for Put Your Stamp On It.....?????
    You have done a wonderful job on your Diva and on raising funds for sewing machine
    you are a very special lady
    sew glad that you are a part of our sewing lives
    in stitches

  23. How wonderful that Ms. Diva is already going to a good home! You did such an amazing job bringing her to life, and I know the ladies who get the sewing machines will be so happy.

  24. Bummer, I sew wanted to bid on Ms. Diva, but glad she has a wonderful new home. It is wonderful that machine #4 is covered and the new owner can start sewing again.

  25. Rosemary B here:
    Princess was just like Sumatra. Loved the camera and used to roll around and partly cover her face with her paw. It is very nice. Pierro and Miles are like Tea Cuppie. Get that thing out of my face.
    7 feet is nothing for a cornish rex kitty. My vet tells me to keep the boys light so when they take dives off of the upper level over looking the family room, there won't be major surgery involved. They don't jump much though because if I am home and witness the attempt, I act like they are doing a horrible horrible thing and to get down immediately.

    I am so happy Ms Diva was snatched up just like that. She is a treasure. I applaud your efforts, such a lovely generous idea to give machines away to well deserving future hoppers! I am honored to know you in that respect ... among others :-)

    Happy week-end Dear Missie Samm.
    Have fun in the garden. I have a mischievous idea to scatter snapdragon seeds in the woods edge across the street. I am gonna do it... and the neighbors always know who the silly culprit is...
    last year it was zinnias, but they had a tough time competing for water with the trees.

  26. Ms Diva turned out fabulous ... so many perfect added touches. How large did the quilt end up being? The person who now owns her will have such a cool quilt to add to her wall, plus the added benefit of knowing she also helped another person get a sewing machine. Madame Sam, you are so very thoughtful to do everything you did to help a few ladies get a machine so they too can participate in your blog hops.

    Sumantra and Tcup are so very pretty and so soft and cuddly.

  27. Congratulations on completing your Diva & on having such a quick sale !!

  28. When do we signup.. just tell us when.


  29. What a wonderful Diva Madame Samm she turned out gorgeous. And congratulations on selling her before she hit the circuit you should feel very excited to know that someone loves your creativity to not even let her go on sale. Congratulations to the person who bought her for she now has a wonderful piece of art and has helped someone else get back to sewing..what a good feeling for both of you and very honorable. It is a rainy weekend here in TN so DH will be helping me cut fabric and stuff in the sewing room today...enjoy your day.
    I am trying to wrap my head around this new "putting your stamp on it" but I will wait for more details.....take care.

  30. She's just wonderful Samm - some lucky lady is going to love having her! blessings, marlene

  31. Your Diva is so awesome and wonderful. I really love how she turned out. And I am so happy that the ladies will get their sewing machines.
    I think I some day must start on my Diva too. The Spring is here in Sweden too and it is sow wonderful to enjoy the weather.
    And my birds project is done.
    It is so fun with all these blog hops and they have surely raised my creativity.
    Have a great weekend

  32. Big time congratulations on Ms Diva helping you reach your goals!!! Yay for all of the special ladies involved ... starting with you :)

  33. I love it that all the machines will be paid for! Ms. Diva is awesome and a lucky lady will get to admire your beautiful workmanship for years and the money is going to a great cause! Thank you for taking care of others! This blog is one of my favorite places to play and be inspired so when you asked for help I hope everyone donated! If they haven't they should for the next sister who may one day have to ask! It is hard enough in life with my machine I don't know what I would do without it! So everyone give up your coffee for a day and donate a dollar! Yes, I did donate and more than a dollar! Twice!

  34. Oh miss diva, what a work of art and love. What a lucky lady who gets to own her. And another machine! It is so wonderful that we can help fellow quilters in our own way too. I hope the donations keep coming, let's try for more machines! Quilters helping quilters, just the best. Thank you for all you do for others.

  35. That so fantastic that MS Diva sold already! I am happy to know you have helped to provide some women with sewing machines too. I am sure they are so grateful and happy. And the person who bought Ms Diva must be happy too. What a lovely thing you did and do.

    Looking forward to some of those fun sounding blog hops too.

  36. Ms. Diva turned out awesomely! So glad she sold already. Beautiful kitties too!


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