Monday, May 20, 2013

I am thinking FLOWERS...white flowers...wink

I wanted to put something up while I am away, to get you into the mood for spring and summer...
And thinking FLOWERS ( Say it with Flowers blog hop next week)
Our garden is flourishing...I had my DH in the garden all weekend, digging and planting more 
bushes and flowers...Me, well you can see what I was up to lol

You would think I would grow up...still playing with Barbies for goodness sake....Not happy just to dress them up now, I have to have one on a vespa...Thought you would enjoy some smiles...
I bet that other lady does not have a vespa wink? I know she has the same Barbie...

It seems the only time T-cup our main coon does not object to me
taking photos of her is when she is cat napping...
She's on the bench on our deck on the most comfortable spot
she could find all cuddled on her cushions...( writing this early Sat morning)
She stayed there for 2 hours while I was busy taking shots
of the garden...

And as you will note this one Sumatra ( rag doll)
is not camera shy...She still has her winter coat...
I have been brushing her and the hair has been coming out
enough to make her a coat for next winter lol
She is manning my bacopa's which will be planted
in planters this week...
( she is not fat, that is alllllll hair)

When we built our home here 4 years ago. where you see the middle tree,
we had a globe maple. It was a tree we planted in every home we ever lived.. These trees would grow
into a perfect umbrella.. no trimming it just grew like that...
WElll last year, with our frost spell that damaged many fruit trees here on the escarpment,
we lost our tree to a fungus. We tried nursing it but the fungus got to her root ball.
When we purchased it, it was
already 20+ years. So it was a fairly large one!

Our local nursery advised us not to plant a similar tree, in fact we were
to stay away from the family of acers...( all maples) as the soil would still have
the fungus in the soil that would attack all maples... So we decided, ok, I decided
on European Viburnum, it was shaped into a tree....Got 2 of them... they are about 6 feet tall!
One is at the back of the garden, where DH is digging up the whole back
yard to have another 60 x14 feet garden....

Our whole garden has nothing but white flowers ( some people call it a moonlight garden)
...it starts off with our tulips,
all white, then viburnums which are green now, but in a week or so they will be
filled with white popcorn balls ...... our white lilacs are in bloom,  our pear trees
had white blossoms, they have already dropped their flowers,
then the peonies will come up,
and the bridal wreaths, and black eyed susans that are all white,
and some climbing hydrangeas as well as snowball hydrangeas...
we even have some award clematis, they too are all white...
all Summer long something white will always be blooming.
WE even found some Italian sunflowers that will grow up to 9 feet tall,
they will be all white too...

My DH did not think we had enough garden...lol 
he decided to dig up back there...where you see the beams on the ground...
as our yard slopes to the forest...( which is till not in full bloom yet, 
that tall tree on your right is about 80 feet high...it is always the last
to bloom and the last to drop its leaves in the fall...)
The tree by the red chair is a Beech Nut, it is about 30 feet tall. 
The Beams will be in a trench so as not to lose all our triple mix 
to the forest....it will act as barrier...So he tells me wink...lol

WE have another Viburnum to plant in there and I  have 6 bushes
of snowball hydrangeas and bridal wreath already planted..
I will be scouting when I return for some white annuals...
I am sure I will be able to fill it up within weeks ....
with of course nothing but well you know...

Every home we had we have had white gardens....
I have this thing about 3 colours...in my home, in my quilts
and now my garden....What is with that? lol

Our neighbours always called it a Fairies garden...
I called it Fairies in a Tea Garden, because at night
hundreds of fire flies come and visit the flowers...
It  really is a spectacular event...
They look like Fairies coming out for tea!

Next Monday our Say it with FLOWERS
begins, with Carol cheering us all on.....

See you then...


  1. Such a beautiful post about your lovely garden. It makes me want to get out and plant but sadly we'll be having a week of mostly rain plus I have quilts to finish.

  2. Thank you for sharing the pictures, it looks wonderful and please say hallo to your busy hubby too ☺
    I love the red spots in the green garden, red is love, life and beautiful!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful garden with the fairies coming to visit. I hope you will post again as the various whites come into bloom. Oh and the Vespa is way cool.

  4. Thanks for sharing your garden with us....I too love white in a garden but I also love red so that is how I try to fill up my little garden area which would probably be a dot in your lovely garden. Have a great day.

  5. very nice garden post...when your husband is done there; I have a huge yard he could work at...lol
    The spring flowers are keeping me from cleaning things out as quickly as I would like...but it is so pretty right now...tulips and daffodils everywhere...and I do love white...so peaceful and clean.

  6. Pretty garden and what a beautiful cat!

  7. Rosemary B here:
    Love TeaCuppy sleeping. My sweet friend Donna has 4 Ragdolls. They are the silliest kitties ever. I adore them and chase them. They also weigh nothing.
    I keep my cornish boys light per the advice of my vet. They jump off of the upstairs railing which is "nopey no". Miles is the biggest at 8 pounds. Pierro only 6 1/2 on a good day.

    I love your Barbie. That vespa is super cool.
    I have 4 american girl dolls upstairs I play with, so you are not alone.
    I hope you are having a calm restful excursion.
    You are in my prayers today

    1. ps: the back yard looks great! So sorry about the sicko tree. I have a red JFK rose bush I take from house to house. I love these new choices you made!

      oh, and hubby photo bombed the pic to Barbie on her Vespa haha

  8. What a beautiful garden...And I love the vespa.....Always wanted one of those things growing up . Can"t believe they are still in style after all these years. I wanted it for me to ride not for my Barbies...lol...

  9. I love your cats,...... :-)
    Beautiful pictures from your garden.
    In my flat in Oslo ( IN THE CITY) I have pink flowers, and herbs. ( on the balcony). Been sitting outside for 3 days in a row, temp. 25-28 C, just woderful. Soon going back to Malmö ( Sweden), and the smal garden close to Öresund. I love to shift between the city ( read Norway) hihi, and the waterfront.
    Have a nice week. :-)

  10. No need to answer this....get some rest and relax; put your feet up or do whatever your heart desires. Just stopped by to wrap you in a big bear hug and tell you that you are loved!

  11. I love all white gardens, they are so beautiful! I used to have a cat like Sumatra, I called her Purdi, cuz she was Pretty! It's so fun reading your post.

  12. Oh Oh Oh OH,,,,, We had a Maine Coon, his name was Sarge. He was a Brown Mackrel with White, oh he was a beauty. He weighed about 18lbs of pure lean muscle and was the sweetest baby in the world. God bless his heart he developed a tumor on his rib cage and we removed as much as we could without taking bone and it came back fast and furious. He crossed the rainbow bridge, but he still holds a spot not only in our hearts but on the front of the fridge..... He is framed in a "My heart belongs to frame"....

  13. It seems your Barbie girl is much like you, one who wears many hats, (figuratively). Just don't wear her crow hat (literally)! Your all white garden is very lovely. Mine is more, shall we say .... scrappy! Enjoyed your photos !

  14. Thanks for the sharing your lovely garden and your pretty kitties today. T-cup looks so cozy and sweet. Sumatra is so beautiful. A white moonlight garden full of fairies and fireflies ... how beautiful ... :) Pat

  15. Ilove your garden and kitties. My snowball flowers have already faded. They were really pretty and full this year! Have fun playing in the yard and with Barbie!

  16. Your garden will be gorgeous!! I love your kitties, too! What a wonderful place to just sit and enjoy your surroundings!

  17. Always love to see what you have in your garden and cafe. We are fortunate to now live in a climate that has flowers year round. Different blooms at different seasons, but always Knock Out roses. Thanks for sharing. BTW your cats are adorable.

  18. Oh wow, your garden! Such a beauty, I can only dream of ;) Looking forward to the bloghop next week.

  19. Your garden is super beautiful, that is one thing I miss since selling our home. I can only imagine how fairy like it is at night. Hugs Sandra


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