Friday, May 17, 2013

Gingham Love! oh oh it is a spreading...the gingham fever!

For the last 2 days, I have been making ruffles for WHAT?
Well  wee totT-Shirts that you add ruffles too and of course some kind of appliqué....

The red one with a longer ruffle will be a dress for an almost 2 year old..
The pink one with NO, will be a top for a pair of denim jeans...
What 2 year old does not hear that often...?

I used to make these all the time when my kids were young...
Even then I was into gingham....You could say I have
GINGHAM FEVER that has lasted decades....

So next time you are thinking what can you make for any wee tot...
Purchase some T-shirts, make your ruffles while adding your 
additional piece to hide seams, and there you have it an instant girlie dress..

I did for RBD with of course their gingham...

I have now finished all of my projects for others...
now it is time for ME! 

I am going to work on my cosmetic bag/make up kit,
with you guessed it Gingham and laminate.

I also will be cutting out some DUCKY fabric too 
for yet another Tammy Bag...
( this one I will be selling to the highest bidder 
for additional funds for our Quilters Fund)
Donation button on side blog! 
We almost have enough for our 5th machine...

Thanks to all who are rocking the world for others! 
YOU are all blessings!
To those who know you, to those above
and to those here who are mirrors of your kindness! 

Thought you would get a kick out of this.....
The winds are warm and high today...so it's a perfect day
to put out some laundry..

Here are some of  my favourite HOME WEAR
because this is where I wear them...at home!

( you know loungers...I wear my velours at night
if it is cool, ( blue and red) the others are just soft cotton jerseys...
Perfect HOME WEAR for sewing lol

My DH said I should be doing ads for Newfoundland...
It's a beautiful province in Canada -they love colour..
YOU often see many coloured homes like these
in their towns... Not sure I would want a lilac or turquoise
house.. For now I will just wear their colours......lol

As much as I love colour, in our garden everything is white...
These tulips look yellow, but they just opened this morning,
they will fade to white by tomorrow..

Within a week, most of our perennials will be blooming in cascade of white
pompoms.... will take photos next week!


  1. Those little ruffled tops are adorable!

  2. Sweet! Makes me wish I had little girls to sew for. :O)

  3. I am starting to develop a thing for GINGHAM - stop it !!! lol

  4. Well, Am I making dresses next? They are really cute!

  5. Cute...I thought of you today. I saw that new Riley Blake video with the little boy in the gingham suit...If you haven't seen it you must.

  6. Love those little T's :) I have always loved gingham as well. Great idea, I'll file this one away in my "to do" file :)

  7. What cute things for tots.....I have a grandbaby girl that loves ruffles..

  8. Oh those are just darling! A dress and a top what little girl would not love to wear them, and you are right a two year old hears the word no a lot! Super cute!

  9. Rosemary B here:
    Yeah really! I am!
    What a day.
    I am so happy to come home and see this page. These are so cute I CAN'T WAIT to be a gramma.
    It is going to be so wonderful and fun.
    My daughter and her hubb are buying a home just a few miles from ME. I never ask "when are you gonna have babies" because I think that is bad. However, today she told me she is thinking about getting pregnant this summer. I almost fainted.
    These ruffly shirts are so adorable.
    I like gingham but it has to be good gingham, not cheapo cheesy.
    I am a fabric snob now... only the best.

  10. I think Miss Emilee needs one of these. She is my 2 year old grandbaby. She would be strutting her stuff to daycare each morning. :)

  11. Cute, cute Samm. And I love your at-home wear. I can't wait to be at-home to wear something comfortable like that. :) blessings, marlene

  12. The gingham dress and top are adorable. The little girl getting these is going to love them. Too bad there aren't any wee tots in my family and no wee tots for neighbors anymore. My next door neighbors had a one-year old, but they moved earlier this year. Too bad, the little girl would have been the best dressed in the neighborhood with gingham ruffles. ; )

  13. Lovely little dress and top, the girls will love them ☺


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