Thursday, May 23, 2013

Everyone seems to be tweeting me about....

What are you making for the FLOWER HOP?

I am not TWEETING! not even one tweet...lol

Aren't my lilacs pretty?
In my gingham coffee pot that was gifted
for a special day from a special lady...

Yep I am ready for SAY It with FLOWERS
on Monday....yes I am ....

Anyone find out what "that other lady " is making
if you do...let me know how many projects she is making too...wink...

I could not leave them outside for long, it was just too hot today.
so I brought them in, and can we talk about the sweet aroma
of lilacs...oh my...

My runner is compliments of the Queen of Binding...
do you know who that is?

I just love this runner for the summer...goes soooo well
with my pot too.

I hope they will still be blooming when I get back....
All viburnums!

I will answer all your mail upon my return!


  1. You need to check out the new Robert Kaufman - 'Glamour Girls' by Lorene Carnes - SO YOU!!

  2. Your pictures are so beautiful and so much summer. I can smell the lilacs. The lilacs are blooming in Sweden too.

  3. Those are beautiful - I can almost smell them

  4. I love your Lilacs....Beautiful. Great table runner also. That other lady competiton yall have going on is just too cute...lol....

  5. Lovely white lilacs. Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing. Safe travels ... :) Pat

  6. I can't wait for the Flowers hop...my project is almost finished.

  7. Very pretty Lilacs, I wish we has smellivision : )

  8. I've been bringing lilacs in all week too...they are so pretty! :)

  9. That other lady will never top you...no way...ever! Beautiful lilacs! :O)

  10. I can smell the lilacs from here. They are one of my favorite flowers. I have them blooming here too. So beautiful.

  11. My two official entries are done as a few days ago but I was messing around trying to make a kanzashi flower for something else. I need the help of one of my local quilting pals as that thing was pathetic! No way will I ever tie you or that other lady for entries. However many that is, LOL.

    Lilacs are not native to Alabama, I don't think but we planted one to replace the one we left behind when we moved south. My husband has babied it along for years and it is starting to pay off. It comes out in April just before or at the same times as the azaleas. I'll have to imagine how lovely yours is smelling. What is in bloom now is the invasive Chinese privet and the honeysuckle vines. Roses are out too.

  12. I LOOOOOOVVVVEEEE Lilacs!!!! And they are so beautiful with your lovely red and white :*)

  13. Thank you for visiting my blog and your lovely comments. I will be back to see the rest of your blog.
    Bridget Larsen Australia

  14. Sooo pretty. Tweet Tweet. Those are fun little birds. Love all the red!


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