Tuesday, May 14, 2013

DAY 6 of It's for the Birds with Clothworks as our sponsor

Welcome to DAY 6 of our HOP...

I remember the year 1963 The Birds came out on television.

The Birds is a 1963 suspense/horror film directed by Alfred Hitchcock, loosely based on the 1952 story "The Birds" by Daphne du Maurier. It depicts Bodega Bay, California, which is, suddenly and for unexplained reasons, the subject of a series of widespread and
 violent bird attacks over the course of a few days.
The film was billed as 'introducing' Tippi Hedren. It also starred Rod Taylor, Jessica Tandy, Suzanne Pleshette and a young Veronica Cartwright.
The screenplay was written by Evan Hunter. Hitchcock told him to develop new characters and a more elaborate plot, keeping Du Maurier's title and concept of unexplained bird attacks.

and ever since I have been rather preoccupied with

and so much sooooo when I heard there was a BARBIE
of Tippi Hedren, I went out scouting for it....
I drove all my friends nuts-- me talking about birds birds birds
someone dear to me...gifted me my very own Birds BARBIE for Christmas...

Of course then  we had to have a BIRD hop....
and long and behold the perfect name would be

It's for THE BIRDS...

I am over the top excited
by our talented,
gifted, humorous, outlandish, creators....
we  all will be seeing BIRDS at least for the whole summer...
What a great flight into spring! 

Thanks to all of you who participate
especially all you cheerleaders who know how to make
our ladies feel special...

And who will be Cheering you on in this hop
This is her first cheering duty, and she is doing a 
very good job... 
Mary is one incredible quilter, she is great with colour,
great with detail and she always raises the bar
for so many of us....
She did q-tip pompoms for goodness sake in our last hop.
Who does that? 

 GREAT people, GENEROUS people
let others know they are special too...

( see how easy that was lol) 

Now for todays BIRD LOVERS...
Let's fly with them all...
and let's send them all sweet tweets! 
TOP 2 today are...

This  lady made multiple bags and for very useful purposes...
Her photo captured the beauty of her surroundings and 
wait till you see them close up ...her stitching details amazing..
LOVE that red Vespa! 

Ok, try to hide a smile at this one? IMPOSSIBLE....this lady 
always knows how to stitch a smile into all of her creations...
Love her fabric choices....amazing fabric these days...I am in awe...


And speaking of AWE...wait till you
see this whole quilt....
I chose this photo to show the detail
of her stitching. Ladies really, you are an amazing
flock of inspiration! 

Our winners of Clothworks La Cage au Birdie
will win these bundles of bird fabric...yes colour me surprised....
WE have BIRD fabric to givewaway..

1 winner who is in our top 3 of the day
1 winner to all those who participated
1 winner to anyone and everyone who leaves a comment...


  1. Some very cute projects out there.......

  2. I'm loving birds more & more everyday !!!! Great projects ;)

  3. Birds has been so fun, so much creativity using feathers!

  4. I think I need to make all of those!

  5. so many lovely birdie projects today. I have enjoyed every minute looking at all the different creative project
    Thanks for sharing

  6. loving everyones' bird projects in this hop thanks. creative work has been done by all

  7. Today was an eyeful of beautiful bird projects! So many ideas, so little time. :O)

  8. Thank you for your always wonderful and kind words Madame Samm! I love my little red Vespa!

  9. There were so many really good ones today. These are all great projects!

  10. I'm really having fun bird watching!

  11. So THAT's the infamous "little red scooter"??!! I can just invision you tooling around on that! Hope you are doing well!!! You are always in my prayers...*wink*

    Gmama Jane

  12. Again some very cute items. Love them!
    hulseybg at gmail com

  13. Wonderful projects again today! Love that Vespa, but will have to settle for my golf cart, 4 wheels so I don't tip over, lol!

  14. Love today's projects but especially the Eagle/Star quilt. Absolutely lovely stitching!

  15. My favorite project for today is the cat with the bird on his head. Having a ball going thru the hop.

  16. It took me a while to hop or fly-today. I Like the rooster fishing today.

  17. What a treat today, lovely birds on all the blogs. Don't look forward to tomorrow, than I have the last bloghop-day blues, the last bloghop-day comes always to soon! I will enjoy what will be shown ofcourse!

  18. I have tried to see everyone and I am still amazed by the creativity out there.

  19. Wow, only one day left? This hop flew by. I did a fly by last night to all the blogs, but have to revisit them tonight to comment. Today's top 3 are amazing!

  20. What a great project day!

  21. Beautiful projects Ladies! I'm going to go look at more...

  22. I WAS going to say that I thought I had missed one of the lovely quilts that was chosen for top two today. DUH, I had to leave for quilt group this morning and did not have time to stop at the last three before I left! Had I not offered to give someone a lift I would have finished. Off to remedy that situation! Silly me.

  23. Another wonderful day! Thank you ladies and to Madame samm, Mary and our sponsor.

  24. Great picks! I especially love the kitty/bird one!

  25. Lovely projects. Glad I finally got to get caught up with all the inspiration of these wonderful artists.

  26. I think the cat with the bird is super cute. I am thinking of doing a small bird quilt soon.


  27. Another great day! It is almost to an end and oh the suspense!

  28. The barbie with the birds is so unique LOL

    smjohns63 at yahoo dot com


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