Friday, May 31, 2013

DAY 5 of Say it with Flowers and Andover as our Sponsor

Don't feel BLUE...we still have a few more days...
This china mug is from Ashdene- an Australia manufacturer.
You can find them in specialty shops and on ebay..
This one is called Hydrangea.

We will be bringing flowers...

WE opened up the doors first to all those overseas
so they would beat the odds to show us their flower
project. I know I speak for CAROL too, we are soooo 
excited to see what flowers are in your gardens of your mind.!

And speaking of CAROL she will be cheering you on
as only she can do. She is getting to be our hostess
who has more experience with language barriers than any other cheerleader!
She is our in house expert now, after bowls with borders.
I think she can do anything....

JUST LET ME QUILT is her blog 
and we certainly give her that opportunity time and time
again. And although she is quite competitive with me...
I think we would  all agree, she inspires me to do better...wink!

So today we present our lovely gardeners..
Let's see what is growing in their world!
Be sure to cheer them all on for the beauty
that will fill your screen! 

May 31st
How Art You? ( she is there now...read her story) 


Wait till you see this lady's quilt. Her backing is indeed floral
and the design she quilted screams summer gardens...
She is donating this and I am sure whoever cuddles under it will
be forever touched by summer!

This lady always knows how to created something we will be talking about...
LOOK at her quilting...It is always inspiring, and has all thinking 
Her pretty floral prints just provides such an aweeeee experience...


This wee tot is called simply FLOWER...how appropriate and most
deserving of a most CREATIVE SPOT.
downright adorable, don't you think?

And this lady made this quilt, actually designed it all for this hop...
will you just look at the details...I took a closer look at it...and blew it up 
for you all to see.....creative, you bet...beautiful, you bet...
downright inspiring, you bet! 

Ohhhh and

 FABRICS is our sponsor and they have included some amazing flower
bundles....YOU have to agree, their collections are always the brightest- they have the most variety and never seem to mirror anyone else. So thank you once again our friends at Andover for being our sponsor for Say it with Flowers...YOU certainly got the menu on that one...

Flutterby by Mary Engelbreit (top left), Villageware Toile by Renee Nanneman (left 3 bundles underneath), Annalee by Jane Dixon (top right), and Flutterby again (bottom right)


  1. Another truly inspiring day of bloggers. Thank you for your part in it. :)

  2. Another day for great hopping :D

  3. Wonderful Blog Hop!!! I love it!
    Many Greetings from Germany

  4. Good Morning! I have enjoyed all the beautiful flowers with an early glass of iced coffee ... it is suddenly summer here ... and today is a fabulous day of blog hopping! Thanks to all! ... :) Pat

  5. Lots of goodies out there this morning! :)

  6. I missed yesterday's hop and will be missing the rest of it too most probably. I am having my partial right breast mastectomy and left breast excisional biops today. I will return as soon as I can to hopping along with you all.

    1. {{{{{{{{{Tammy}}}}}}}}} ... gentle healing hugs ... Be Well Soon ... <3 Pat

  7. Thank You for choosing my pillow,my Dear!! I love Your Blog Hops and I am delighted that I can be here once again :) I have a lot of fun!

  8. Wonderful day of inspiration and creativity ... still loving those cups and where would we be without our fabrics - Andover fabrics are beautiful. Judy C in NC

  9. Oh thank you ! I' m so happy !!! Congrats for every one !! :D

  10. This is a wonderfully inspiring blog hop! Great project all around!

  11. love seeing all those flowers!! Beautiful work all around!

  12. Wonderful flower "Picks" for the day. Wow, for the lady that designed the quilt ! This hop has been interesting to see some things made unique to the different parts of the world.

  13. So much creativity! The doll and her outfit is just precious and the pillow and those quilts, wow!!!!

  14. Great day again!! I just love that quilt she designed. Beautiful work....

  15. And again it was a great day. What a great quilt you chose to be the top 2 today.

  16. Another wonderful day. So much inspiration. I love them all.

  17. Lovely!
    The pillow is very beautiful!

  18. I love the look of that washed quilt, the quilting on the pillow, the wild red hair on the doll, and oh, my, so many lovely blooms today! Your cup looks so beautiful sitting on that table with...is that a hexie? Hexie's scare me! LOL

  19. The projects just keep getting better and better!

  20. another beautiful flowering day of ideas.

  21. Well, I promised my husband his favorite meal tonight, turkey breast (made in the crockpot) with all the trimmings. I should have been out in the kitchen a good hour and a half ago starting on the cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie but I HAD to go hopping first. VBG---no discipline at all when it comes to quilts or the prospect of looking at quilts and other crafty items. I had a feeling you might pick those two for most creative! Now off to the kitchen with this girl!

  22. There is a lot of beauty and cheerfulness growing on the hop today! Flowers really inspire most of us, don't they? What a great gift God gave us when he created them!!(And quilters are so good at expressing that inspiration!!!)

  23. What wonderful flower creations! I'm getting some ideas from these projects that I think I'll try! Another beautiful mug too!
    hulseybg at gmail dot come

  24. Another day of fantastic flowers!

  25. I will have to check out the blogs - thanks!

  26. No. 204? LOL

    I cracked up when I saw Flower. So creative and cute!

  27. Everything here is gorgeous!!!! Such talent. :)

  28. Your picks for today are right on. This hop is sure full of talent and creative juices.

  29. What a great way to lift my sour mood! I went to do some laundry and my washing machine decided to act up on me, so I ended up twiddling my fingers at the laundromat. Sigh, I'm so behind in my DIY projects around the house. Love the picks for today. Can't wait to see the rest of the projects!

  30. Just finished strolling through the flower gardens posted today! What a lovely and inspiring stroll it has been :)

  31. Beautiful things today! Blessings, Marlene

  32. A wee tot with red hair. I love it!

  33. Isn't that doll the cutest thing? I collect dolls and wish I could make them like she did. The quilts are beautiful, these women are so creative!! And I didn't forget about cup, so pretty. I am going to look them up on e-bay.

  34. I'm really enjoying this hop...so much inspiration from all over the world. Thank you for hosting!

  35. Look at all those pretty flowers! Although I'm not participating, I am enjoying seeing all those lovely pictures! It gives me a sense of spring, while we still wait for spring here in The Netherlands. It really seems to be late this year... Thanks for hosting this blog hop.

  36. There have been so many beautiful projects to see throughout this blog hop. I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!

  37. What great projects and all the fun mugs you have..Every day is a surprise


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