Thursday, May 30, 2013

DAY 4 of Say it with Flowers and Andover as our Sponsor

Is there anything sweeter than the scent of fresh blooms in a garden...?
Join us as we stroll through many international gardens..

We will be bringing flowers...

WE opened up the doors first to all those overseas
so they would beat the odds to show us their flower
project. I know I speak for CAROL too, we are soooo 
excited to see what flowers are in your gardens of your mind.!

And speaking of CAROL she will be cheering you on
as only she can do. She is getting to be our hostess
who has more experience with language barriers than any other cheerleader!
She is our in house expert now, after bowls with borders.
I think she can do anything....

JUST LET ME QUILT is her blog 
and we certainly give her that opportunity time and time
again. And although she is quite competitive with me...
I think we would  all agree, she inspires me to do better...wink!

So today we present our lovely gardeners..
Let's see what is growing in their world!
Be sure to cheer them all on for the beauty
that will fill your screen! 

May 30th

Our top 2 for today

Some of our ladies will go to any HEIGHT to 
get our attention. And this lady did just this..
Her floral wallhanging is really beautiful, along with her wee model,
and beautiful backdrop...Bravo to both of you!

W.C. Fields secretly loved children, but one of his famous quotes...
" never work with children or animals
they always steal the show"...Today's top 2 were evident of that..
How can we overlook this wee tot in her beautiful floral dress
that was created by this lady in our hop. 
Bringing out more smiles that you can imagine...she is a winner in our eyes!

MOST CREATIVE  top 2 today are...


Does this not just scream "LOOK AT ME"?
Bright yellows transports you to a field of sunflowers...
This lady captured a lovely pillow for all us to admire  in her creative
 fabric choices...oh yes! 

an how could we overlook, this lovely stitching of a girl 
in a garden of flowers and butterflies...
This lady stitched this up beautifully..!

Ohhhh and

 FABRICS is our sponsor and they have included some amazing flower
bundles....YOU have to agree, their collections are always the brightest- they have the most variety and never seem to mirror anyone else. So thank you once again our friends at Andover for being our sponsor for Say it with Flowers...YOU certainly got the menu on that one...

Flutterby by Mary Engelbreit (top left), Villageware Toile by Renee Nanneman (left 3 bundles underneath), Annalee by Jane Dixon (top right), and Flutterby again (bottom right)


  1. Many more beautiful projects ;)

  2. You know that I love your bloghops :D
    and today is my day!! yeahh :)

    Have a nice day :)

  3. Another glorious day of inspiration! Thank you for putting it together. :)

  4. Another great day - it has been great fun having so many international participants on this hop!
    Thank you!

  5. Well, I have just played catch up... I am on flower overload!! I have added a few new bookmarks as there are some pieces I would love to make myself!

    And someone is a poet I see in the comments.. :)

  6. I'm impressed of all the creativity out there.......
    Another great day of hopping. :-)

  7. Another great hop, I love all the variety in projects this week!!

  8. everyone is working hard to get their projects out there....thank you.

  9. Good morning Samm, ooh, more lovelies to go look at. Those are some great projects you picked for the top 4 today!

  10. The only thing that could make flowers and fabric better, just did ... cute kiddos and flowers and fabric ... adorable. Thanks to all who shared today ... :) Pat

  11. I haven't been blogging, sewing, or reading any blogs since February or maybe it's longer. Finally, on vacation this week, and can't believe what I've been missing. I hope to make time each day to at least stay in touch with Sew we Quilt and you, Samm. I used to get emails sent to me, but that is no longer happening and that made it so easy for me. I'm going to try to subscribe again by email to see if I can get re-connected.

    1. Lovely flowers to pick today again, a basket full!! And I love the top 3 or four. Wonderful weather in Sweden too and no stitching today for me. But it is so fun to look at all the goodies and to cheer to them all.
      Now I am going to a graduation party for my niece and of course she will be gifted with something made by me.

  12. Wonderful flowers surround us again today, but I love the floral mugs that greet us each morning too.

  13. I love the winners today What beautiful children! Oh wait....I mean projects! LOL! The children are the flowers of our life! I really like the crosstitiched work.
    hulseybg at gmail dot com

  14. oooh, I think this is the prettiest cup yet but I am partial to pink, among other colors. Another fun day of hopping---THX!

  15. Wow, what a variety of flower projects today. I also look forward to see what cup is showing for the day.

  16. So many pretty flowers today. And your lavender cup is so pretty. Good thing I am so far away. It could live on my desk.

  17. Oh yes, great "PICKS" today !

  18. Oh yes, the kiddo's stole the show! Great flower projects again today.

  19. What wonderful smiling faces on those 2 girls. They are truly "flowers" themselves.

  20. I lvoe this Blog hop, so many great projects.


  21. Rosemary B here:
    typing from the asylum... (mom's rehab center we are trying to transfer her along with my dad close to my home)
    I am enjoying this hop so much, more than you can imagine.
    All of you ladies are just marvelous flowers yourselves.
    Beautiful, and delightful.
    Thank you for sharing your creativity with me during these annoyingly tough days.
    I am visiting each blog but I cannot comment easily, though I would love to.
    The tops pics are so hard to choose!!

  22. There are so many different projects. Just love it. It inspiring to see.
    Thanks for organizing this hop

  23. There's something about little girls that just makes me smile (maybe because I only have grandsons) and both of the projects they are holding/wearing were just adorable.

  24. in any language flowers are beautiful. This blog hop has brought to my mind the song Love in any Language; however, I been thinking flowers in any language say love. ... all the projects have been awesome.

  25. Another stunning 'Say it with flowers'bloghop day!

  26. The top picks today are beautiful. The two with the little girls are my favorites though. Always look forward to your coupe de la journée. I hope that was translated right ... I used google. ; )

  27. I don't know what to say !!! :D

    thank you for the award :)

  28. Prześliczne! Gratuluję dzisiejszym wybranym!!!!

    Congratulations to all!!! :-)

  29. Another nice day enjoying the language of flowers!

  30. Nice choices for today and I`m so glad one of the choices is that delightful cross stitch piece.

  31. Another great day of stopping and enjoying the flowers. Love the picks for today and the inspiration from all the participants.

  32. The choices for today are wonderful! I can hardly wait to see what tomorrow will bring!

  33. The only bad thing about your hops is that they end! Once again great projects.

  34. You have the cutest teacups. Can you tell I love to collect them. Very pretty and the projects were so nice.

  35. The next best thing to all the pretty flowers in this hop,is the wonderful new blogs to discover!

  36. Isn't that pillow beautiful? Just stands out so pretty. This hop is just delightful..Love all the flowers in the bloggers yards. Love the cup!

  37. The little ones always steal the show. Still, they are the perfect prop for these ladies creations.

  38. I almost missed this posting - love the kids or should we say future quilters - LoL Judy C loves all the inspiration.

  39. Beautiful and those little cuties are as well.


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