Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Day 2 of Say it with Flowers with Andover as our Sponsor

And yes it ....a good morning
YOU are here. 
Now let's see what is blooming for us today...

Join me will you?

We will be bringing flowers...

WE opened up the doors first to all those overseas
so they would beat the odds to show us their flower
project. I know I speak for CAROL too, we are soooo 
excited to see what flowers are in your gardens of your mind.!

And speaking of CAROL she will be cheering you on
as only she can do. She is getting to be our hostess
who has more experience with language barriers than any other cheerleader!
She is our in house expert now, after bowls with borders.
I think she can do anything....

JUST LET ME QUILT is her blog 
and we certainly give her that opportunity time and time
again. And although she is quite competitive with me...
I think we would  all agree, she inspires me to do better...wink!

So today we present our lovely gardeners..
Let's see what is growing in their world!
Be sure to cheer them all on for the beauty
that will fill your screen! 

They really create for YOU!

Many of our ladies are international, so be patient if they are not up when you are...they will be...
I assure you wink....

Our top 2 today are...

This lady's floral block is not only stunning but her background photo looks
like a postcard...Remember those cards we used to send in our travels to our friends
that would say "Wish you were here" Yep, I wish I was there with her in all those
yellow blooms...

This lady chose fabric from Sweden that she stashed for many years. By fussing cutting
out the material for her centre stars and choosing solid pastels for her points,
you can't help but think this lady really is a STAR in our floral garden....

( we had to choose 1 more, this may be a pattern
for this hop...you think?)

Now this lady created this spiral runner and you have to look closely to see where
the seams begin and end. Such lovely creativity with accents florals
that would surely have you claiming "yes I made that" lol :)

"Promise me you'll always remember 
you're braver than you believe
and stronger than you seem
and smarter than you think"

This lady stitched this lovely quote and made this lovely bag
with yes flowers on it too....What a lovely message for
any friend or child to live by...
Yes this message will bloom in all of our hearts!

Well done ladies, YOU all blossomed into our lives! 

( just got off the phone with the designer of this cross stitch
LIZZIE KATE, and in the fall we will be doing a cross stitch
hop with quotes, she has many to choose from..
stay tuned for details) 

Ohhhh and

 FABRICS is our sponsor and they have included some amazing flower
bundles....YOU have to agree, their collections are always the brightest- they have the most variety and never seem to mirror anyone else. So thank you once again our friends at Andover for being our sponsor for Say it with Flowers...YOU certainly got the menu on that one...

Flutterby by Mary Engelbreit (top left), Villageware Toile by Renee Nanneman (left 3 bundles underneath), Annalee by Jane Dixon (top right), and Flutterby again (bottom right)


  1. Lots of internationally flowers today, I think everone did a great job ☺
    Liebe Grüße
    Dänish quilter living in Germany ☺

  2. Wonderful flower show today....

  3. Beautiful projects with lots of inspiration. Judy C

  4. quite an INTERNATIONAL day today!! :-)

  5. Lovely projects today....so inspiring :0)

  6. Oh I do like all your picks today too. Yes it must be hard to choose, so I understand when you have to choose 2 creative picks instead of one.

  7. I love all the projects however wavey runner is very creative. thanks for the blog hop

  8. Another great day today picking lovely flowers. And I am so happy that my flower quilt is among the top three.

  9. What a wonderful arrangement of flower creators today ! Each one "sew" GOOD !

  10. I so love your top choices! Perfect!

  11. There were so many amazing and beautiful flower projects today...tough to choose a favorite. I'm loving all of them! :O)

  12. So many pretties...I'm quilting mine at the moment and trying to restrain myself from starting another! lol pbstrand@msn.com

  13. Love all of today's creations.

  14. Once again a great job by everyone. I really like the two most creative. Now to wait for tomorrow.

  15. I love the spicy spiral table runner and have made 5. I'm feeling another one blooming!

  16. Another lovely day of blooms and sew wonderful creations. Thanks to all! ... :) Pat

  17. A bargello table quilt hop? Oh, yes, please! Now that is something to cheer! ... :) Pat

  18. Raining again today, in sunny CA, so all the lovely colors of the flowers brighten up the gloom!

  19. Everything this morning said "Spring!"
    I needed to be reminded of the Promise Me verse, too, so I'm so happy to see it on that beautiful bag!

  20. Love your wonderful cups with the flowers on them! These projects are so inspiring to see!
    hulseybg at gmail dot com

  21. Checking in from work, so lovely to see such pretties in the middle of my day :) Thanks!

  22. All flowers are beautiful today!
    Congratulations to all!

  23. Beautiful. Love the hand stitched saying on the bag. How inspirational is that. I think I need that saying by my bed to look at each day before my feet hit the floor. Thanks fo rall that youy do for all ofus in Blogdom..Thes hops sure help me keep my mind off of things. My breast cancer surgery is scheduled for this friday May 31st. And boy do I need a diversion for this brain of mine this week. So not looking forward to this procedure.

    1. Tammy, I am touched by your comment. Please remember the saying, it will help you through!

  24. So many great projects. It must be a difficult task to nominate 'the best ones' each day!

  25. LOl...You have great taste. I love these picks...of course; I like them all...haha

  26. Beautiful, beautiful projects chosen for today!!! I love this Flower hop....

  27. Love all the projects today. Everyone is so creative and hey were beautiful.. Where do you fine all these pretty cups? No, wait don't tell me, I would go buy them all. Thanks again for sharing.

  28. Whew, I'm finally caught up on looking at all the beautiful/wonderful projects. Love the the creative picks of the day. Hmm, maybe now I can get some work done around the house (lol)! Looking forward to tomorrow.

  29. Lots of petal creativity! So hard to choose from all the great projects!

  30. More flowery fabulousness today!
    I'm intrigued by the idea of a cross-stitch blog hop!

  31. What a thrill to meet some bloggers today from overseas that might not cross our paths otherwise! Gorgeous projects and well worth my having to hop once I got home from my quilt meeting.

    Cross stitch hop sounds very interesting!

  32. Hi!!!! Oh!!!! I love your mug with the ladybug on it!!! So pretty!!!! Love all the flowers today!! Of Course!!!! I can almost smell their fragrance!!!! Thank You

  33. Another great day of flowers.

  34. Gorgeous picks for today! Madame Samm, just how many coffee mugs do you have? LOL

  35. Another great hop Samm. With today's rainy weather, so wonderful to see so many gorgeous blooms.

  36. I love the international influence of this hop. Great choices of the top 3!

  37. Thank you for picking the Lizzie Kate embroidery of my dear friend Joke! Isn't it gorgeous? Can you imagine she almost didn't show it?????

  38. Everything is gorgeous . . . people's creativity amazes me.


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