Wednesday, May 8, 2013

DAY 2 of It's for the Birds...with Clothworks as OUR sponsor...

Welcome to DAY 2 of our HOP...

I remember the year 1963 The Birds came out on television.

The Birds is a 1963 suspense/horror film directed by Alfred Hitchcock, loosely based on the 1952 story "The Birds" by Daphne du Maurier. It depicts Bodega Bay, California, which is, suddenly and for unexplained reasons, the subject of a series of widespread and
 violent bird attacks over the course of a few days.
The film was billed as 'introducing' Tippi Hedren. It also starred Rod Taylor, Jessica Tandy, Suzanne Pleshette and a young Veronica Cartwright.
The screenplay was written by Evan Hunter. Hitchcock told him to develop new characters and a more elaborate plot, keeping Du Maurier's title and concept of unexplained bird attacks.

and ever since I have been rather preoccupied with

and so much sooooo when I heard there was a BARBIE
of Tippi Hedren, I went out scouting for it....
I drove all my friends nuts-- me talking about birds birds birds
someone dear to me...gifted me my very own Birds BARBIE for Christmas...

Of course then  we had to have a BIRD hop....
and long and behold the perfect name would be

It's for THE BIRDS...

I am over the top excited
by our talented,
gifted, humorous, outlandish, creators....
we  all will be seeing BIRDS at least for the whole summer...
What a great flight into spring! 

Thanks to all of you who participate
especially all you cheerleaders who know how to make
our ladies feel special...

And who will be Cheering you on in this hop
This is her first cheering duty, and she is doing a 
very good job... 
Mary is one incredible quilter, she is great with colour,
great with detail and she always raises the bar
for so many of us....
She did q-tip pompoms for goodness sake in our last hop.
Who does that? 

 GREAT people, GENEROUS people
let others know they are special too...

( see how easy that was lol) 

Now for todays BIRD LOVERS...
Let's fly with them all...
and let's send them all sweet tweets! 

TOP 2 today are...
( tough day to choose, so many of you have
some pretty outstanding creations)

The quote is a perfect reminder and this lady knows how to always
keep us thinking....What a lovely piece with the streamers below
a perfect outside banner....She is soooo good with colours
isn't she? 

Look at those lovely wee birds tree, this lady's stitching is always top notch...
This tree represents how she always goes out on a limb....just makes you smile
doesn't it? 


NOW, for most creative...can we talk about this photos....ok, that is striking...
And as much as it pains me to say this..
Ok, I will whisper it... " we are closer than you think in our creations" 
I really love this....and how could I not...it has crows...
and the story about this fabric...well I will tell you about it on my day...
At the moment it is all about THAT OTHER WOMAN...
this one....ok, it is ok...lol

Our winners of Clothworks La Cage au Birdie
will win these bundles of bird fabric...yes colour me surprised....
WE have BIRD fabric to givewaway..

1 winner who is in our top 3 of the day
1 winner to all those who participated
1 winner to anyone and everyone who leaves a comment...

Clothworks, this collection, La Cage au Birdie

Just a reminder to enter for our IRON BOUQUET....
Link is on your right....


  1. Am a birder and am certainly enjoying this blog hop thus far.

  2. Great projects today Madame Samm.

  3. How fun...not that I like that movie, but birds themselves are lovely. =)

  4. Oh and that other woman who claims she is not competitive, but then is afraid to have her projects shown on the same day as me, well just look she turns out to have the most creative pick of the day, lol. And as Linda's quilt states, "Use the talents you possess..."
    I instantly loved that embroidered tree with the birds when I saw it too.

    Wow and we are only at day 2.

  5. Another lovely day in the land of birds!! It never ceases to amaze me at the creativity we all have stored up inside our minds!

  6. Its great to see what everyone is making. Love to see all the projects.

  7. Good morning Samm. There are so many lovely projects going on this week, I'm looking forward to seeing more of them.

  8. Wow.... you weren't kidding when you said it was a tough day to choose just three. There are some wonderful, creative projects today!

  9. I love the first one....I need to hang that on the wall in front of my face at all times.

  10. This is turning out to be one of my all time favorite hops and it is only the second day! Great projects and inspiration! There are so many things you can do with birds as a theme!
    Thank you so much for choosing me as a pick today! Validation is important to all of us and so appreciated!

  11. Awww, you are so nice to add my quilt to your top list...thanks! There are so many amazing and creative ideas showing up in this hop. I'm loving it!

  12. I remember this movie, but I don't remember seeing the Barbie. How cute! Such cute bird quilts.

  13. I just love your picks for today. the embroidery is so sweet.

  14. Great picks today! Everyone has come up with great creations, so they are all winners.

  15. I sure wouldn't want the job of picking the winners. I love all the creations that everyone has done. Sew Tweet! have a good day

  16. Definitely would be hard to pick but I suspected that might be the case when I saw who was participating today, some of the familiar names. Same thing tomorrow, I might add. You come to expect good things and the participants do NOT disappoint! You know that though by leading us with these great ideas.

  17. Great projects again today, I am looking forward to checking out the rest of them.

  18. They are all awesome! What a fun hop :)

  19. More wonderful projects today! I love the variety.

  20. I can't wait to see what YOU make. You and That Other Woman are so close. I love it.

  21. AKKK I want that Tippi Hedren Barbie. I am a Hitch freak! And I adore Tippi. I've seen all her movies like a billion times. And all of Hitch. If you ever find another let me know. I will now be on the hunt.

  22. When I started looking at the blogs today, I thought they were all going to be pincushions, but NO Great variety and visions from these amazing people!

  23. Such creative people hopping today! This is a fun hop and it's only day 2!

  24. So many wonderful projects today and also a great variety. The quilt with the crows is my favorite too. I am looking forward to tomorrow.
    It is so fun and I have enjoyed every moment hopping.



  26. I am so inspired by all the wonderful ideas on using birds in stitching and quilting. I never saw that Barbie before and I thought my one daughter had every barbie there was. What fun.

  27. All so wonderful! I just adore the embroidered pillow. I get a kick out of that Barbie!

  28. What a great hoping day, so much eyecandy! Looking forward to tomorrow, what will it bring, what will it bring!
    Since Barbie entered the blog I find myself in shops and on ebay looking for them, what a wonderfull dolls there are! The girly part of me flirts with them ;-)

  29. I love all 3 of the selections! Very creative people out there. :)

  30. Wow, there is some very serious talent out there. I can see why you had such a difficult time with your picks today. Looking forward to tomorrow!

  31. Yes, now we all want The Birds Barbie doll & will be fighting on eBay. Great projects, great participation. What a neat hop!

  32. Oh I love that Barbie Doll....shes fantastic!

  33. Another great bird day! Oh, the hints you are throwing out about your project. Can't wait to see yours and the other hoppers!

  34. Another great day - and as usual you're spot on with your top picks today!!!

  35. Great choices....I am catching up...lol


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