Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Update Ms Diva and my Next TAMMY project

I had a few minutes this morning for a couple shots...
First: an update on Ms Diva. I am hand quilting her, with a diamond pattern..
cause she tells me she is ...you know- PRICELESS! 
She finally convinced me to add a cup...not that that was a stretch for me...
But what DIVA clearly would be heading to a retreat without her very
own gingham cup? 

All of her embellishments were removed while I  am hand quilting her...except
for her new eyelashes...She insisted she wanted to see what I was up to...
I hand stitched her eyelashes on ....
I have a lot more to add, but my goal is to still have her completed
by the weekend...But did I say which weekend? lol

Ohhh you will  note I embroidered..
"I am such a DIVA"
by her shoulder....again we both agreed upon that ! 
whew....she is growing on me....
I am not sure if I will be able to give her up...
But I will...SHE WILL BE ON EBAY to the highest bidder,
so we can purchase another sewing machine for another lady! 

and I pulled all of these fabrics for my next TAMMY. I thought besides a small project
bag, what I really need is a MAKE UP BAG...
I will line it with RBD  ( Riley Blake's Design) Laminate....this way it will be easy to clean up...
So this will be my next project....for our JUNE BLOG HOP

Took a quick photo of my very favourite
room...Yes my powder room.
When we built this house I designed my own
powder room.
I think that is why we are so deliciously happy all these
years, I have always had my own powder room.
Well this one, is fairly large, it has a wardrobe in it
and a large tub, which I am standing on 
to take this photo..

I have always loved gingham, so the tiles were perfect fit...
I love robin blue eggs, so this seemed a perfect colour for my 
room. Initially it was an ocean blue, too dark, then we had it painted
rose, too pink... and then I thought....ROBIN EGGS BLUE
this is what I finally agreed upon...

SO I need a TAMMY BAG to match, and it will
find a place on my wee gingham stool....

I know what you are thinking....
Ohhh they are on my towels and my curtains...

Ok, that is it for me...I have to run, 
1 class this morning I have to complete a paper...
and I have the Tammy patten, I want to complete

and tomorrow shake your pompoms
because we will be returning for another HOP...


  1. Just getting back into blogland...enjoyed looking at what I'd missed. LOL Love the Tammy bag - adorable! Your second group of fabrics will make a stunning make up bag! Hugs to you...hope your paper gets an A+!! (I know it will. LOL)

  2. WooHoo you really are a Diva and I mean that in the most respect-fullest way! I love her she is wonderful...and all your hard work that you have put into her....I am sure whomever the highest bidder will be, they will love it. And we won't even go to the reason you are doing her, just know that you are truly an awesome and special lady! Okay enough of the sentiments I am gearing up for Pom poms too...Have a great class and enjoy your day!

  3. Oh the Diva is looking so great and I love that added red/white gingham cup. Your powder room is so great! Love that wall mirror!!! You do love gingham...even your floor is large checks,lol. Love the robin's egg blue paint. I have my cutting/ironing room that's close to that color. I love it it's so fresh looking and feeling. I am debating about what to do for the floor and maybe I could do large checkered squares too. Hmm...what colors? I'm looking forward to the Tammy bag too and your makeup bag will look great in your powder room!

  4. Love Ms Diva and your favorite room too!!!

  5. Love that Ms. Diva. Your room is gorgeous. Love the aqua with the black & white...

  6. Your Diva is about as Diva as a Diva can be. But she`s a cool Diva. She`s amazing. Great eyelashes too. The Make Up Kit fabrics are nice and the laminate interior is very useful. Nicely done Madame!

  7. Love that mirror over the sink. Your 'Diva' is just too cute!

  8. Your Diva is an awesome lady and very much a Diva. And your favorite room is so cool with the aqua color. Love it too

  9. The eyelashes on Ms. Diva add so much character. She is looking absolutely fabulous darling. Your Powder room looks like something out of a magazine! I'm loving everything about it ... the mirror, so unique and clever; the saying on the wall, the wall color, the floor, the chair, etc., etc. Very, very pretty.

  10. I was gifted this pattern last year. I'm following your progress before I venture into mine. LOL Love your powder room!

  11. wonderful Diva, wonderful mirror, wonderful cause.

  12. Ms Diva is definitely a DIVA!!! And I love your powder room!

  13. OH! Ms Diva is so Diva! Love her. And I love your powder room. The blue is sew pretty and I have a love for the black and white floor, have the same in my sewing/craft area.

  14. Ms. Diva is adorable, and so is that powder room all decked out in her feminine finery.

    I always wanted a room, any room, to be apple green---finally I did paint a bathroom that color but man, did I NOT look good in the mirror when it reflected that bright color, LOL.

  15. I love Your powder room, Samm !! It is not my style but it is very womanly. I'm not surprised black and white colors, but blue? Where is red?
    And... what I see ? Do You have an electronic toilet :):)???? Maybe is it a bidet?

  16. Loooooooooooove your Diva and Looooooooooooooooove that powder room. Something about robin's egg blue. It's just so soothing. It's also truly fabulous with black.
    You rock.

  17. She is adorable and I love the coffee cup. Your bathroom is so you

  18. What a cozy powder room !!!! Love the decor & the color ....

  19. I love your powder room! And your Diva is coming along awesomely!

  20. Truly awesome! I love her lips. I always kick myself for going out in public without earrings. I would picture Miss Diva with some dangly earrings of some sort. Gotta show off of course. She is so fantastic in every way.

  21. She is looking beautiful, still like her with just the lashes, she has a "merry" look about her like this :) you have me wondering what else "Tammy" could hold...

  22. Your Diva has certainly evolved into quite the...uh, Diva..she's beautiful! Your powder room is just too cute. Love the colors and designs. The vision of you standing on the tub to take a picture makes my back start to hurt. LOL

  23. Tus trabajos muy lidos
    Un saludo


  24. Yummy fabrics Samm! blessings, marlene

  25. Lovely! I'm waiting with bated breath to hear if I'm on the Tammy hop...I totally need a Tammy for my sewing tools! Miss Diva is just lovely. You are such a talented lady! pbstrand@msn.com


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