Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sign up begins NOW! Say it with Flowers Blog hop for the end of MAY

Yes May will be Buzzing with BEES,
 because this  Blog hop will have lot's of flowers..

And the flowers will be exported from overseas
as we wanted to let our quilting friends OVER THERE
ahead of the line .
I get a lot of mail that they often get overlooked because they heard about
it toooo late. Well not this time. We had some reserved seats...
Everyone who let us know yesterday are the first ones in line..

We are only accepting 50 CREATORS
if you do not have a blog, we have some lovely bloggers
who will host for you, so please let us know that too! 

OHHHH who will be cheering you on...?
NO other than our beloved....

We may have to add a tag line to her blog..
Just let me quilt and CHEER.
She certainly has done her share of both..and 
I figured since we are sooooo competitive,
if I keep her busy she will not have as much time
to out-do me....lol

Seriously, we adore her, as you will too...


Now she will need the following with this in your subject line..
"I can say it with Flowers"

1. your name and email 

2. your blog link ( if you have one)
( we will help those who do not)

3. your country where you are from

What is expected for this FLOWERY HOP?

1. YOU must create something current with flowers...
 using flower fabric or  appliqué or  embroidery or paper piecing...anything
as long as it shouts out FLOWERS.
You  can make fabric flowers, flowered 3D animals...
I think you get the picture... POUR FLOWERS
into your project! 

2. If you commit you must commit or you will
be put on THE LIST, 
you do not want to be put on THE LIST!

 2b) Must place button on your blog
now, today, so your peeps will
be there to cheer you on.
( button is on top right of this blog) 

3.You must turn off word verification on your day..
we do this for YOU, so you can be showered with flowery

4. YOU must have your project up the day before
scheduled for midnight your time....this way, it will
certainly be ready on our time in the morning...
( if you do not know how to schedule we will help you)

5. YOU must be shake your poms for all of your 
other blog hoppers ( compliments go a long way)
...PLACE the schedule on your blog
the day you show and tell....We want everyone to find
them as easily as they found you...

6. You can have a tutorial or giveaway that is 
your choice. This is optional of course.

7. Please stay on theme, do not shout out about
your next blog hop or party, or birthday or celebration
that is coming up... Everyone is coming to see 
your Flowers...they will love you no matter what! 

OUR SPONSOR is the Beloved
 their fabric  bundles loaded with floral 
prints is on its way..as soon as it gets here, I will take a photo
and place it in this post...

OHHHH MONDAY comes April Showers
with Erin from Mummy Quilts...scheduled top right...

so we will have MAY FLOWERS !

P.s don't expect email from Carol
right away till we hear from our European Friends first!


  1. I want to be in, so badly :) Already added the button on my blog, oh I'm so excited! :)

  2. I'm shaking my pompons already, monday the start of the April Showers bloghop with Erin and this new bloghop with flowers ànd Carol, what more can a girl want.... Mme Samm, you spoil us!

  3. I'm excited about this one...I love floral themes!

  4. April Showers and now flowers...so cool! This hopping stuff just gets better and better. :O)

  5. Yes I would love to be in this. It won't be long that I will be away for the summer working so might be my last hop until fall. So sign me up and I am already thinking up what I will be doing.

  6. Thanks, Mdm Samm! I love this theme! Carol is an amazing cheerleader!

    I am sew looking forward to this quilty garden in May! I hope to be a participant.

    I would also be willing to host a non-blogger who would like to join in this fun.

    :) Pat

  7. OK. I'm starting to think about what to sew.

  8. Just fired off my email to Ms. Carol. These hops are so much fun and I may actually get a long planned project, done if I am accepted. Ideas flowing already!

  9. So sweet to let us from overseas have the first places! Thanks so much! I love flowers but I have to take a little break, as the birdies are calling for my attention now, after finishing the april showers ... lol! But it will be so fun to just hop!
    Have a wonderful weekend

  10. April showers, bring May Flowers off to email Carol!

  11. Great!!!! I'm so so so happy :)

  12. Great! Maybe I'm on time for this one. :)

  13. Birds and Flowers! How great for May. I hope I have my e-mail in on time. Have you considered a nursery rhyme theme for a hop? That could be fun, also. Love your Diva!

  14. I signed up with Carol. This blog hop is just what I need to finish a floral quilt top that I started years ago. I only have a few flowers appliqued, but it needs a border, etc. Better get cracking on it.

  15. Hope i can still join this bloghop

    1. Hello Henrieke, we will need your email..... we could not answer your comment...and yes you will be in. WE saved you a space.

    2. My email is henrieke.p@kpnmail.nl

  16. My flowers are in the Box just waiting for me to continue. Love flowers so please count me in :-) Bloghop is new to me, but I`m a quick learner!

  17. sounds like a lot of fun. I have sent off my e-mail fingers crossed i get in!

  18. I just checked to see who was hopping in the April Showers, and I see Gene Black is on day 2! So happy to see a male quilter joining, hope to see more.

  19. Sounds like fun and you know I love flowers! Just sent a email to Carol!

  20. I added the button and sent my email to Carol. It will be fun to be able to hop around the flower garden.

  21. OOh,I love planting er I mean sewing flowers ;) Sent my info to Carol,hope I made the cut! This sounds like tons of fun :)

  22. Flores hem!!!!!Estou fazendo algumas de papel crepon ,para o primeiro aniversário de minha neta, vasos nas mesas...lindos!!!!

  23. I've send mail to Carol already :) :) I am a novice but I think I can. I first found here;)

  24. I want in :) I sent her my request..I hope I get a spot :)

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. I guess it filled up yesterday..bummer


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