Monday, April 1, 2013

Ok, there is some talk...

That Spring is the air...could that be it? lol
Well it is fast approaching finally... yesterday we had our doors open, 
and my wee tots sent me this gorgeous bouquet
of Hydrangeas...perfect to plant very soon..
Hydrangeas always remind me that spring and summer  are around the corner...
and gardening, and planting, and harvesting...lol

and this new cup and wavy plate, isn't it dainty, I have to say this I did not
have in my collection.....very spring...
very dainty too...

This Plant is huge...has 8 clusters....and it will all be white..
They know me sooooo well! 

 Or, could it be this....this bunny is that 
what they are talking about..?

 This was on window sill when I got home...with a wee note from my beloved...and NO

I do not collect bunnies...I leave that to shell ( at raspberry rabbits) ...
I guess he thought it was very Easter since I am 
not much of a chocolate lover... well I adore it...

             Or is this what the talk is all about....
welll  it could be.....you are getting warmer...

For the next fews days I thought I would work on my Quilt  DIVA  that Amy Bradley designed..

I have chosen all the Fabric...I think that takes most of time...trying to figure out what will 
have the most impact....I was sharing with Amy what I wanted to do with my Diva..
eyelashes, ruffles...she kept laughing...." nobody has done that yet Samm"
"Ok, I will be working on it this week..." So far I have her head all cut out
and now I am working on her rolled bag...and below is what I have chosen
for her skirt and shawl...some new fabric from Michael Miller...
it is right up my alley...

Or could the talk be about my sweet Ragdoll, Sumantra...
Nooooo not really....
She hears the shutter on my camera...and she is ready..
she poses, she loves getting her photo taken...Our main coon , T-cup
not sooooo she was hiding...she is just older, she wants to be left alone lol
But this one...she is my cream in my coffee...

No this is what the talk is all about....
who could have possibly won this 
gorgeous basket of Presencias threads
and ohhh a few surprises under the lid....?
This basket from Colonial Needles
is going out to Patty..
An email has been sent..

Wrong Patty its not the one who loves bugs..
I was willing her name I guess..
The winner already had been sent an email
I feel just terrible.....
It is a Pat just not that Patty...

Congrats Pat 
 she contributed to the hop too
She was sent the email first....


And tomorrow....
I want your opinion on another blog hop scheduled for August that will be another Embroidery HOP....
Love to hear what kind of patterns you would like to see...
How about landscapes, florals, wee tots, fashion ladies,
sewing themes, ......Let me know...

and on a personal note...
Thank you all for your very touching, warm, heartfelt
notes...I have not responding  to all just yet...will work on this this morning...
I am so pleased to be part of YOUR community...
really I am ....

 Our next hop is April Showers...
begins on the 8th....
are you getting ready..?
Erin is ready for you...

oops forgot to add this...
yours for the taking.
a dear friend said it is soooo me!


  1. ♥♥Have I told you lately how wonderful you are? HOw talented you are? How amazing you are with all these blog hops? HOw much I SMILE when I stop by your blog or receive a reply to a comment? HOw much I APPRECIATE who YOU are? I'm so glad to call you FRIEND!♥♥

    1. Rosemary B here:
      Yes, agreed, spot on ♥♥

    2. She echos my sentiments! I feel blessed to have found you.

  2. Oh the plant and the ceramic bunny are very appropriate for you to celebrate spring. And the tea cup and plate are so beautiful. Your Quilt Diva is going to be the best ever. I can't wait to see it finished.

  3. Thank you soooo much! What a blessing ;)

  4. What wonderful Easter gifts! (I love hydrangeas and used to have tons of them when I lived where they grew well.....along with gardenias and azaleas! Spring is just not the same without them!) You deserve a nice rest now!
    Your Diva will be wonderful! The colors and fabrics are perfect!
    I would like to see the embroidery hop for August be open to any embroidery we choose, including our own designs. To me, the more variety, the better! (Of course, as an artist, I love coming up with my own, so I am biased.)
    Have a great week! Thank you for your hard work!!

  5. Here it is very sunny but so cold. Patty is a very lucky girl to win this amazing price. I thin fashion ladies would be great for a new embroidery blog hop. Have a nice day.

  6. Congratulations Patty!

    Madame Samm, Your gifts from the wee tots are awesome. That tea set is just beautiful! I don't know if I have seen a wavy plate with the cup before. I have a friend who collects bunnies... yours looks right at home on the windowsill.

    I have a friend who has Ragdolls. Sumantra is a beauty. If I were going to have an indoor baby, it would be either a Ragdoll or a Silkie. My sister bred Dalmations and Silkies for a few years and she had a Silkie of her own and her name was Heidi. I fell in love with her.

    I will be anxiously waiting to see your finished Quilt Diva! Love those yummy fabrics!

  7. Congratulations Patty! You are one lucky gal.
    I would love to embroider some paisley designs and flowers for August.
    Your Quilt Diva is looking good.

  8. Congratulations to Patty and how beautiful your Easter gifts are but more beautiful are you for deserving the love of the gifters to you! I consider myself blessed to call you friend! I wish you all that is happy! :)

  9. Congratulations to Patty and a HUGE thanks to you and all the organizers/cheerleaders of the hops! They are so much fun!!! I'm glad to hear you may do another stitchery hop. I really wanted to do this one but I knew the timing was not good for me so I just contented myself with seeing everyone else's fun projects. I think a sewing theme would work well, we always enjoy them, don't we? It might be fun to do something in the Modern theme, or even have the participants design & present their own new stitchery design - see how many budding designers we have out there! Retro might be fun too. I know a lot of my friends are stitching designs from their parents & grandparents day.

    Sumatra is just gorgeous!!! I would love to have a ragdoll someday :*) We have a beloved maine coon mix who is 17 years old.

  10. Wow, Madame Samm, the new cup and plate are gorgeous. I think each of today's readers would love a tea and a cookie! And the new fabrics you are working with - roses, dots, gingham - they are the best!

  11. It looks like a wonderful Easter was had by all. I love the Diva!! The fabrics are great.

    I would love to see a lot of different designs, but if you need to have one specific design idea I would choose some sewing designs.

  12. It looks like your Easter was filled with wonderful gifts from people who love you. The teacup, the bunny, the flowers...yes, definitely signs of love going on at your house. Even your kitty looks like she adores you. Sumantra's eyes are so gorgeous...such a sweet baby! I'm so new to this embroidery thing and would love to hop with those threads again with fashion ladies or wee tots.

  13. Love the Diva. These fabrics are great.
    I love flower designs and maybe some great design ladies cuold be nice.
    I think i just love all the new pattern and love to take part of it.
    Have a great day

  14. Rosemary B here: Lovely tea cuppie, and the lace. My mom has made mountains of Belgian laces and other types too. She tried to teach me but I did not have the patience. Love the little Bun planter too. Sumantra is gorgeous! My BFF, Donna has 4 ragdolls, she loves them, now her hubby wants a tiny Maltese doggie.
    I am very happy you had a nice Easter
    We were with my mom. She sang, sat up on the side of the bed, ate pudding, danced in bed to Heino, Freddy Alexander and Andrei Rieu....
    the Diva is hilarious.

    CONGRATULATIONS to Patty. Her bug was amazing, I can not get that image out of my brain it was so exquisite

    have a marvelous Easter Monday Missie Samm. I am going to clean my mom's house today. Yes, I brought gloves. My hands are quite dry enough lol

  15. What Easter lovelies you received! I'm partial to the wavy plate & cup myself. How unusual.

    I forgot to mention how cute your gingham girls are. I love dish towels but struggle with the backs. Do you stabilize the back with interfacing or anything?

    Would love to see another embroidery hop. I'm thinking August "summer"....and all that it means.
    I'm not good at drawings designs myself. Or a sewing theme is always good. Or vintage-retro....whatever.

    Have a great week!

  16. Gorgeous Easter gifts, and nice of you to share them with us.

    Would love to see a sewing themed Embroidery Blog Hop, although fashion ladies would be fun too.

  17. Happy Easter! I loved the embroidery hop and will sooooooo do the August one, but start early because my July and the first week of August are plum full. lol...like i am your time gauge. sss sss sss I would like to see a sampler design myself. I did the fashion lady and she was fun, but now I am leaning toward something nonsensical. heck, prepping for Halloween or something steampunky too. aannndddd I can always, always do sci fi

    congrats .Patty...lucky!

  18. Pretty presents. Love the plate & cup.
    Would love a mini tut on basics of embroidery ( not stitches, but tips on stabilizers and how to use on different applications like quilt squares or tea towels, tips on threading the needles from our kit as many seemed to have issues, things like that). Then fashion ladies or ladies doing various activities/chores or sewing related. I wouldn't mind others doing their own designs if there were premade designs for the rest of us like last time.

  19. What lovely Easter gifts you received. Your ragdoll is so beautiful, I just love her eyes. I can't wait to see you completed quilt diva I now she will be amazing. Future embroidery blog hop sounds a good idea. Maybe some patterns but also the possibility of people producing their own thing if they prefer.

  20. Quilt Diva is my favorite Amy Bradley pattern. When I first saw that pattern the colors you choose are soo what I had in my mind. I have to tell you we (my boys and I)were all loving over you sweet rag doll kitty. We are huge cat fans here and rag dolls are on the top of the list! Beautiful! Your hydrangeas and polka dot plant are lovely. Which leads me to the idea you have for another embroidery hop. I think that would be wonderful. I have a serious love for sewing notions and flower/landscapes. Someone above mention fashion ladies doing sewing tasks, that would be a good one too.

  21. I have that Quilt Diva kitted up though not all the fabrics are pulled---the background stuff has been waiting and waiting for me decide it is time. You may just inspire me to do that in about a month or so----hop entries need attention first! And then I have a big pile of pro bono quilts to quilt that are waiting too!

    Embroidery hop redux? I'm in already but subject matter------anything is fine but I guess I would tend to florals or those adorable wee tots!

    Congratulations to Pat---lucky gal! I think all that participated are winners though.

  22. No matter what theme you choose, I will love it. I am a follower but not a blogger and love everything. I like the idea that we, the non bloggers, can purchase the patterns. Love your Easter goodies from your sweetheart and your wee tots! Congratulations to the basket of goodies winner.

  23. I would love to see more embroidery hops. I would think landscapes would be great. Houses, mountain scenes, beach scenes. I would enjoy seeing just about anything.

  24. I adore the teacup! The diva is so cute--might have to put it on my list.

    Whatever you decided on embroidery will be fun and maybe even challenging.

  25. Oh what a special Easter you had. I love all the "love" you received. Sumantra, you know I think she is just beautiful. I think it is so funny that she comes around when you have out the camera. Love your Diva, great fabric choices.
    Congratulations to Pat!!
    As for patterns...coffee theme, vintage house chores, cute fruit, veggies. Anything retro. Love the idea of trying to reproduce what our grandmothers made. But also will be happy with whatever you choose. you have a great eye for themes.

  26. I'd love to do another embroidery hop! Just about anything would be wonderful as long as it includes more Wee Tots and your wonderful Parisienne ladies as they would be a joy to have to work on! I'm just tracing a few now from the last hop now.
    Sumantra is like our Maine Coon, Baxter, who always poses for the camera. We believe he thinks there's only one reason to turn the camera on -- to take photos of him!

  27. Oh I am looking forward to one more embroidery blog hop. It is so fun and contemplating to embroider. As I have birds I can´t have cats, but if I could I know that I would have a rag doll. I have loved that type of cat for a long time.

  28. Lovely Easter goodies and photos. Sumantra is so adorable. Your quilt diva will be sew divine ... thanks for sharing ... :) Pat

  29. You know I love those pics...especially the hydrangeas, one of my favorite flowers. What really made me smile (broadly) is Sumantra. What a sweet face! Brings to me so many wonderful memories of our rag doll Spysa.

    Great fabric choices for the quilt diva.


  30. Sumantra is looking purrfect in her diva pose and I'm anxious to see your Quilting Diva in all her splendor. I look forward to the cleaner blog hops as I found myself not able to keep up with everyone's entries and comment as I would like to for each one. The clean sweep has brought me back into the fold. Thank you.
    I would also like to join the next embroidery hop. I love your wee ones patterns and otherwise agree with cheerleader Jane's theme choices.

  31. For the August Embroidery Hop, I love florals. Sounds lovely. Fall semester does not start until late August, so I may have time to participate =)

  32. Thanks so much Mdm Samm and I love the pic of Sumantra, she is beautiful :0)

  33. Yes indeed I do love that bunny! Fabulous. Of course, I do love that precious Sumantra too. Every bit as beautiful as her Mama.

  34. I'm really jealous....I love hydrangeas, I adore the bunny and as for the cup and the wavy saucer, how cute are they! I have the quilt diva pattern and I have the fabric but I have no time. :( It's spring and the kids at school think warmer days = less clothing, more playing, and spare moments should be spent in daydreaming. Only about 40 more days and they will go joyfully into summer and so shall I! blessings, marlene


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