Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ms Diva has found her inner voice....

I am learning plenty about this process of creating a DIVA.
YOU can not rush it.

When I created dolls, I would share with 
people that they really created themselves ....
if you just listen, they kind of tell you what they want to become ..
Hard to explain it really, but other doll makers know what I am talking about ...

But I never thought it would happen with an APPLIQUÉ .... lol

It began when I started piecing her together ... now nothing
has been ironed yet, all of MS Diva ... (that is not her name btw)
 I was hearing some grumbling ...
and then I listened .... it was HER ....
Goodness me my Ms Diva has found her inner voice .... lol
She sounded a bit grumpy ...
I thought maybe she was grumpy because she did not have 
enough sleep .... lol 
I am after all trying to rush this process .....

UPDATE on Ms Diva ...

Now to get back to my Ms Diva .... she is soooo impatient ...
Do not you just love her ruffle on her skirt.? ... She is thinking
she needs a ruffle all the way around her shawl too ....
we are still talking about that one ....

I think she likes her eyelashes ... even though she really has no eyes yet ...
I wanted them down, she wants them up ... (eyelashes) 
We are still negotiating ... 
I want to make her a little stitched cup on her vest,
she wants paper piecing ... we are still negotiating ... lol

Still have her utility box to do and her hands, bracelets ...
ohhhh still more to get done ... Quilt Diva on the bottom ...
"WE" have agreed on the background though ... thank goodness ...
She thinks her skirt is too flowery ... I LOVE IT,
WE may change the ruffles on her socks to match her skirt ...
Yep, you guessed it "we are still negotiating"

Will work on more of her today .... for tomorrow ...

Pssst ... I am really loving my days with her ....

I know I am going to sound like I have a WOMAN CRUSH ...
But I adore Amy Bradley .. WHO .those of you have met her
just recently will know what I am talking about ...

She is super funny, caring, creative and downright
the best applique pattern maker that I have come across ...

24 x 49 if my memory serves me right ...
she has you do it in stages ....
Really, you could not screw up even if you tried ...
She is there right along with you .... as you take each step ...
If you can trace and cut ... you are 75% there! 

Speaking of step ... I worked on her FEET yesterday
complete with ruffled socks of course ...
None of these are ironed yet ... just drawn, and cut and placed ....

Again the hardest part is choosing your materials ....
ohh those buttons may be changed for large red ribbons ...
we will see ... MY Diva will guide me too ....

I chose most of my fabrics from this new

Next would be my Diva's wheeled bag ...
I bet you are not even surprised to see that I have a coffee pot 
there and some cups .... What MDM SAMM's bag would
be complete without something coffee related?
Yes, I thought so! lol
Look I even had some red zipper teeth and a coffee pot
tag to add to my zipper pull ...

Yesterday I also worked on my Diva's necklace of thread .....
I am going to sew threads around each spool, and 
I searched in my button jars and found these perfect buttons
for her earrings ... OHHH I did say I got some false eyelashes
ohhhh they are going to give her such IMPACT ...?
You will see them when she is completed ...
Ohhh I changed her head band .... used some ric rac and sewed
them together and sewed on some linen tape measure
that I was keeping for a special project ...
This is for her ....

Today I am working on her shawl, vest and skirt ......
I am sooooo excited ...

( not About hubby away, in Case he is reading this Today Wink.
excited that I will not be cooking any meals for a few days wink) 

Hubby is away this week, big meetings,
new products and stuff. Their company manufacturers
sterile trays ... for every hospital need ....
So he is busy doing his thing, while I do mine lol

I am caught up in my lessons for school, 
I am ready for our next blog hop
April Showers, begins next week ..
ERIN is ready, are you?

So this week, I am going to complete my Diva ...
ohhhh and remember me mentioning something
that will have you sleeping more and losing weight ..?
Remember ...?
Well the products came yesterday, will try to get
this done before the end of the week ...
it's a sleeper .... lol

This is what I am looking forward to ....
cozying up on our deck ....
As soon as it gets warmer ....
we will be sanding and staining the deck ...

Last year we expanded our outside living area
complete with a cafe at the other end ..

 Evelyn, a very dear friend introduced
me to a friend of hers who was getting rid
of barn wood ...
So we built a privacy fence ....
14 feet high barn wood wall ....
We just love it .... love it ...
(Neighbours not so, they have no idea what we are doing
anymore lol)

ahhh summer I can feel it ...
not really, but in mind I can lol
We had snow flurries yesterday
no aprils fool joke there ...
it was cold ....

What are you doing today?

Here she is completed ..
What will you add to your QUILT DIVA
to make her YOURS?


  1. Nice work Madame Samm.....I am ready...I'm ready for May...lol

  2. Now that`s a Diva! I like your choice of fabric. I`ll be doing yard work today. The wet winter brought forth a ton of weeds.

  3. Madame Samm... Your Diva is looking lovely! And I love her wheeled bag! Bravo! I need to get this pattern and do her up...possibly wheeling around her pigs, maybe??? lol

    -12 this morning Madame Samm!! yea me!!!

    Today is up for errands in town and then home to work in my stock room. I need to get some new products on my site. I just ordered lots more so gotta get busy! It sure is fun!

    Hubby is working on our flower gardens a little. I have threatened to hire it done so I have lit a fire somewhere. lol

  4. Your diva is super awesome, what more to expect from you. I have bought that pattern long time ago, in fact some years ago and I am now inspired to try her my way.
    The spring has finally begun here in Sweden and it is time for me to clean up on my balcony to enjoy the sunshine in the afternoons.
    Have a great day and I am surely looking forward to see your Diva become more and more finished.

  5. You are certainly having fun with your Diva! Can't wait to see her completed. Your outside living space sounds delightful. I'd love a 14' privacy fence! But, I've made a little sit spot
    that's hidden behind the fir trees that circle my rock garden. It will have to do! Amy is awesome, no doubt about that. I was first introduced to her when I attended a quilt show in Nova Scotia, and her diva was displayed just outside the front door...a most comical welcome!

  6. Love your Diva & Let me just say - A little country goes a long way !!

  7. Your Diva is so lovely,she has the most lovely wheeled bag ever. Yes I am ready for the april shower. I am improving my embroider skills. You never know what comes.

  8. Madame Samm, Your Diva is so fun! I can't wait to see what she looks like when she is done. I have been working on a wall hanging for a benefit for a friend's son-in-law who has cancer. It is a cute stack of tilting flower pots with a flower out of the top. It reminded me so much of our blog hop--Bowls without Borders. It turned out to be very cute--finished it yesterday and posted it on my blog. I'm making a second for a housewarming for a friend. The pattern came out of Quiltmaker magazine, and I love it--very springy (much unlike the weather LOL).

  9. Your Diva is coming along perfectly, can't wait to see her finished. Today I need to do some cleaning. I was busy quilting all weekend and my cat loves to empty my waist can beside my machine and play with the threads. So I presently have little threads all over the house. LOL

  10. Your Diva is going to be adorable! The Tea Room fabrics are just perfect!
    I wish I could send you a little warm sunshine! We've had our air conditioner on since spring last year! I do love your little sitting area. Good luck with the sanding and staining. (Been there - Done that! Big job unless your deck is small.)
    I'm working on a workshop I'm giving at my guild tomorrow and on printing off patterns I need to deliver on Thursday. I'm itching to get my fabric out and start sewing again! My little notebook is full of ideas I want to try!

  11. That fabric, that Diva...wow! Love the zipper, too. She's going to be a beauty! I'll be working today and dreaming of all the things I want to sew when I get home.

  12. I love the way you pimp-up your diva, I've got the pattern, like the other pattern of Amy Bradley, buy the fabric, stash the fabric, well, I tend to stash patterns too.

  13. We are wishing for spring also, so the kids can blow bubbles out on the veranda, they so wanted to do so today, but it is raining. Love all of the details going into your DIVA.

    1. oh and I just got on of your wee tots from Craftsy, I just got so inspired by the last hop.

  14. I am loving your Diva, Madam Samm! She is looking so stylish with her red and white gingham. I am ready to read some more blogs during the hop. I am preparing for a visit from our daughter and grandson from Florida which means cleaning house, etc. Sewing will probably be put off for a few days with an almost seven year old in the house. LOL

  15. My Mom has had this pattern to make for me for my sewing room - has had it for years...now I want to make one! Such great selections of fabric/embellishments :)

  16. How adorable your choices have been so far. So much fun to see what you are doing with your Diva! And your barnwood patio is SO inviting! Makes me just want to sit there and enjoy a cup of coffee :)

  17. adorable pattern. I'm working on my daughter's quilt she graduates end of this month. Don't have much time left.

    love your diva project. nice colors

  18. Love seeing your Diva come together as only you can make her do....(smiling) Still watching from the sidelines and enjoying all that you make happen. Warm hugs to you, dear friend!
    Jacque aka Snoodles

  19. Now that is a "Dahhhhling Diva"! :)
    You've inspired me...I will have to think of what I could do to give this Diva a Beulah twist...
    This time of year has my mind roving to the gardens, certainly some dirt, seeds, flowers...with a splash of paint & a few brushes along with lots of Tea, bolts of fabric & sewing notions all stitched together in my favorite spring color combos....aqua, purples, lime, tangerine, bright yellow, pinks....
    Off to finish my current projects and day dream/design my Diva!
    Love the barn boards!!!

  20. Your Diva is coming along great. Mine would need to have chocolate somewhere on it. Today I'm supposed to be gardening at the Botanica Gardens, but it is raining/sleeting outside.

  21. Glad you have a little time to work on your Diva..... can't wait to see her in her full glory! Love all of Amy's patterns! My Diva would have to include my stowaway cat, even if he wasn't welcome at the quilt seminar!

  22. I love your Diva. She is coming together wonderfully. I especially like the teapot fabric suitcase. My Diva would need to have a seam ripper added to her spool necklace.

  23. Are you 2 cute or what! Your color choices are fantastic. Love the zipper on the tote and those ruffled socks are to die for! Mine would need to have a foot prodding her to get moving, lol!

  24. Can't wait to see your Diva. I wasn't even aware I wanted this pattern until now. I had not seen it. Adding something? The possibilities are endless - a sweet dog, my Kindle, ice cream, chocolate is necessary (I agree with Vicki!). I may have to add a wagon to carry it all in.

  25. I am so glad I checked back in for the sleeping post.. it isn't up yet but the news of Amy Bradley allowing you to give away so many patterns is awesome!! I would so love to win one!

    I think I would have to dress her in purples and greens and a hint of aqua... and her rolling bag would have to be bulging with crazy quilting supplies... you know.. picture it... I would have the zipper half open and lots of laces, threads and other goodies spilling out. :)

  26. I am loving your Diva! And your little outdoor area looks like a great place to enjoy a cup of coffee and some embroidery. I hope your weather permits such activities soon. Our weather is beautiful sew I'm off to buy more herbs for my little herb garden.

  27. Your Diva is looking wonderful in the red, white & blacks. I love the zipper on the rolling case. I do have this pattern. Had it a long, long time. So many things came first and I just never made her. I am so inspired by your diva's progress that I really should start mine soon. I do spend more time choosing my fabrics too, lol. Maybe I'll get the fabrics picked out and cut out and then work on the stitching part in-between blog hops? Sounds good, but will I do it? We'll see...

  28. I can't wait to see your Diva done...she is already so adorable! Your outdoor cafe looks so cozy, I don't blame you for wanting to have winter done so you can enjoy it!

  29. Your Diva is so adorable. I really like all the reds and blacks. And the zipper with the coffee pot-way beyond words.She will be really awesome when you finish getting her all together.
    Today is a beautiful day here in the South. It has been very warm for the past few days and we have really been enjoying the lovely weather.
    I love old wood so I think your fence must look great. You could add a fire pit outside with a sitting area and enjoy being out even on cool evenings.(THEN your neighbors would really have something to talk about LOL)

  30. Still resting up and recuperating from my concussion. Today was the first day I woke up feeling sort of normal!! Now I just have to make sure not to overdo it. Your red and black diva is so you!! What a fun pattern.

  31. Love your diva and all the red and black, my favorite colors by the way. I think I would open the wheeled case and have my cats head popping out of it to make her my diva. I am looking forward to spring finally getting here so I can start work on the garden, the house needs repainted this year and the deck needs a new finish put on it. Lots of work to do between quilting and sewing.

  32. Rosemary B here:
    Well, I just had to zip by and see what was going down at Missie Samm's blog.
    I enjoyed reading this.
    Today is a much better day than yesterday. Hubbs had emergency surgery for a detached retina O_O
    I was at the hospital until 9PM
    Hubbs had a rough night but I slept like a log lol
    Today post op check up
    Lizzie tells me my mom is lifting weights and getting around on her own in a wheeled chair
    I am ready for spring. I will give hubbs his meds, and go for a walk after dinner.
    I neeeed fresh air I do not care if it is windy or chilly.
    Right now, coffee
    Love always♥♥

  33. Welllll, i would add and embroidery hoop and some perle cotton because I loves me some big stitch quilting. your gal is looking mighty fine there missy

  34. You've got one classy Diva in progress, love those tea room fabrics. Today went to see The Croods with the grands since there is no school this week. Little ironing, cooking and planting this afternoon then tonight, quilting on the convergence after the children go home. Jane

    PS: If I was lucky enough to win this great pattern some glitsy dangle earrings would be a must, a little pin cushion bracelet and perhaps a torquoise thimble still stuck on my middle finger. That is all pretty normal in my home, also flip flops would be a must too. LOL

  35. Oh Madame Samm she is delightful at this point. Embellish, embellish, embellish!!!! With all do respect just from talking with you and watching you over the well let's say time she is so you, I love it. A+ on class and sass in my book. Glad you are getting a breather of some sorts. It is 58 degrees here today and I will take that over the lower numbers any day...I hope you reach them higher numbers soon. I am working on my last mug rug for April showers and then I need to finish up my pom poms and hopefully that will be this evening so I am here right with you plugging along. Only not on something as fun as your Diva.....but fun all in all....talk to you soon.

  36. Hi Mdm Samm,
    I can´t wait to see your quilt diva.
    Mine ist done so far, I "just" need to applique it all.
    I want to add a yoyo to my quilt diva *lol*
    I had a picture of here in my "It´s all about me" post
    I think your´e right, the hardest job to do it to find the right fabrics.
    Good luck to everyone else in the drawing ☺

  37. Red, white and black is one of my favorite color combinations. Going to have to check out that Tea Room fabric from Michael Miller.

    YOU always put a little twist or two or three into the projects YOU create. I look forward to seeing your diva all decked out. Looks like she's going to be a knock out!

    Your cafe looks so cozy and a great place to spend the morning/afternoon reading or doing some hand sewing, of course with your beverage of choice (depending on the time of day). ; )

    Amy Bradley's Quilt Diva pattern is SCREAMING for iron-on Swarovski crystals. I would definitely add some if I were to make this pattern.

  38. Your Diva is coming along great. Just love your wheeled bag! What would I add to make it mine? Probably some flowers.

  39. I like to use beading, and sometimes a bit of machine embroidery, or some hand embroidery. I have just started working with paints a little bit too. You can never add too much do-das to a my diva!! Nice job with yours. Love the socks!

  40. I just Love your Diva! I definitely need to make one! AND I love your fence - I need one of those (ahem)

  41. I love your Diva! mine would need to include yoyos and a chicken!! I'm chicken mad!
    Thanks Madame Samm!

  42. Your Diva is terrific! Great colors, looking forward to seeing her complete.
    My Diva would be quilting and crafts, maybe with a camera or....

    The weather is warm with occasional rain which is good for my tomato and bell pepper plants.

    Hope spring arrives soon for you.

  43. You are seriously killing me here with your Diva! I want those slippers!! Right now my Diva would need a shovel and an ice pick....just to get out of the yard!

  44. Ooo La La-your Diva is so YOU Samm, she is awesome! and so are YOU. Love how pulled together she is, in her own outrageous way. You do Amy Bradley proud!

  45. Your post personified why I love quilting...because you can make any pattern no matter how many times it is done...your OWN. Your 'personal' ideas and touches are darling. At first when I looked at her head-band...I thought you'd used mini-yoyo's. Love the bag too. The zipper is FAB...and I am glad you mentioned the little coffee pot zipper pull...because for some reason my eyes didn't catch that adorable detail. You are so clever. I would love this pattern so I can create a Diva of my own. Hmmmmm....yo-yo's?!? LOL

    1. Hello my dear...love to reply however you are a no reply blogger...drop by again with an email so at least we can add you to our emails with a name and address thank you..

  46. Encantadorrr menudo diseño que chulada y las telitas preciosas. te dejo mi blog `por si te quieres pasar .


    se llama hilo,aguja y otras cosas.

    besossss desde el norte de Africa(Melilla)España.

    1. you too Carmen, you are a no reply blogger...next time if you pop in..leave your email so I can write back

  47. Quilt diva! Love her! Cannot wait to see yours complete. I would love to win one of the patterns! I would have to add a chicken and a Scottie to my diva, could not live without them. Sleep, I can always use sleep. Weight loss, well I am down 20 plus pounds these last 6 months, only 5 more to go. I am a first time Weight Watcher and I will say, it has been the easiest loss of my life. But sleep, that has been a struggle the last 15 or so years. Interested.

  48. I like how your Diva is developing! What fun you are having with her!!

  49. I really need this to make my LIFE complete! Thanks for the chance to WIN a pattern on my to buy LIST!

  50. sure like what I see sew far with your Diva
    count me in I would love to be sewing one of these gals up too
    in stitches

    1. well you will, you won a Quilt Diva Pattern...

  51. Oh, your diva's details are delightful! I would customize my diva with a couple clingy cats and I think I would make her a bit bleary eyed since I do most of my sewing late at night after the family is asleep. And I agree with you - coffee is a good thing!

  52. I'm lovin' your Diva! Great fabric choices.
    Mine'd be in pinks...lots of birds around me too!

  53. I just love your Diva what fun just to make her yours and she is just how I imagine you, you fun happy kinda kookie lady !LOL
    I would love to do one ,it is so long since I have had time to just do something for fun. I would start out with my pink slippers with hearts all over them. Thanks for the chance hoh.

  54. Can't wait to see the final reveal of your Quilt Diva! You really know how to make a pattern your own with your very special touches!

  55. I am not entering to win... but I just had to tell you that I am 99% done my Diva today, except I am on the national board of directors for our national quilting organization here in Canada and we are all putting the Divas on the back of trench/vest coats and wearing them for the final banquet!

    What a coincidence=)

  56. OMG your Diva is going to be over the top SA-WEET !

  57. She is going to be a beauty. I would add a few hair supplies to her bag and bling up her do..

  58. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your Diva! You fabric choices are wonderful and I think she would look very good in my house. Oh, wait, this isn't a give away for her!!! Okay, I'd love to have a Diva pattern and I will make one of my own! Can't wait to see how she progresses. I'm with you...where is spring? I'm waiting for the trees to bud, flowers to bloom (my daffodils didn't know that they weren't supposed to come up through the frozen ground) and not having to wear a winter coat. Love your outdoor space. We definitely have the same taste.

  59. Your Diva is looking magnificent. Love the coffee pot on her wheelie bin. This is such a fun pattern.

  60. Oh my! Your first steps for your Diva are darling, delectable, and downright cute! Such attention to detail. Will look forward to seeing her grow! Your deck corner looks so inviting! Soon you'll be able to sip your morning coffee there!

  61. Oh my I love what you are doing so far. I can't wait to see the completed gal. I know she is going to be fabulous. The weather I'm not loving...like you snow, very cold and too much wind. I want spring (whining a little here). But my new camera did arrive yesterday so that is good news and in a week and a half I'm taking a road trip to pick up something else that is new to me so things are looking up. Now we just need to get Old Man Weather to cooperate. I need rockers for my front porch, saw some good possibilities recently, and we need to get a deck built this year. Busy, busy as always.

  62. Love the blacks and red's you are using for your quilt diva. i would add a tape measure hanging around her neck and some fabric yoyo's to her shoes

  63. Oh your Diva is looking good! Now I get why you told me I should drag my project box out when I mentioned mine in a comment. I feel I need to address my hop obligations first though. I don't want on THE LIST for not following through!

    How sweet of Amy Bradley to give you those lovely patterns for giveaways. I missed this post yesterday somehow.

  64. Your 'Diva' is adorable! What fun! Amy was here (at a different guild than mine) last week, but, I was dealing with doggie issues that week. I miss privacy fences. We can't have them here. We live on a corner, and my dogs bark at anything they see move for BLOCKS. Oh to have a privacy fence to keep them from seeing all that movement. Time to check out my sewing room (paper piecing on my list).

  65. Oh! I am so ready to make a quilt diva! Really, I want to make two! The second will be a math diva! I teach middle school math. Next year, I am moving to fifth grade. They will love this! Thanks for the chance to win!

    1. well you will, you won a Quilt Diva Pattern...

  66. Madame Samm I am lovin' your Diva and I would love to make one too. I can see mine in pinks, teals and browns or blacks not sure....lots of bling. I do like your additions of the coffee pot and her earrings are going to be just too cute. And she does have to take a step back and look at her skirt it is perfect with the flowers on it. And I know you are both still negotiating but I think her socks should match also.....sorry diva this is just my 2 cents worth. I will keep watching to see who has the better negotiating skills you are MS Diva....lol Amy has done a great job making this pattern because you can truly make it a reflection of you. I agree with you, I have never met her in person but her patterns speak wonders of a little bit about her. Well I am finished with my April showers but need to get more pom poms done so I will be headed that way. It is raining here in Chattanooga so a good day to stay in with my stitches and me and few cups of Joe have yourself a wonderful day and I will check back later.......

  67. Your Diva is adorable! It is true about dolls...and applique - they both have a way of having their say. However, don't let her talk you out of that dress - love the roses. Amy's patterns are a blast - I've never been disappointed with them.

    1. Hi Suz...if you return....leave an email..you are a no reply blogger...see the jar on the side bar....link to it ..he well help you to fix it

  68. What a lovely Diva you have! I would add an MP3 player or headphones as music is a must in the sewing my corner.

  69. My goodness! She is such a demanding Diva, isn't she. Looks like she wants everything HER way, so I hope you get some say in which way those eyelashes go. Your Diva-making journey is just so fun to follow!

  70. Ms. Diva is really coming along nicely! She is so cute! (I think I might have seen her in person last year during the shop hop! She stopped by my booth! I would remember those ruffles anywhere!);)

  71. please count me in again today on your draw for the Diva Pattern..
    Your Diva is coming along ...... I have a idea with those lovely lashes.... one up and one down and she is giving you a wink ;) just a thought.
    Have a great day
    in stitches

  72. Well aren't you having a grand time in the creation process of Ms. Diva, what a gal! I think, if I had the opportunity, my Diva would lean toward the "come hither...with a little boudoir flare" ;)
    I can definitely see, from your own ruffled Ms., that once again the possibilities are boundless, just like your incredible talent. :)

  73. You look like you are having a blast with this but then look what fun fabrics you have to play with as well! I look forward to see how this battle of wills turns out, LOL

  74. ooooh! Love the eyelashes! Where did you find them? They are perfect! Your Diva is amazing. Just love the red/white/black colorway.
    I think I'd make matching ruffles for her socks, but then try them both on (the red and the matching and see which feels right). I do like the look of the red and not sure the matching would have enough reds....
    I've looked at some other interpretations of Ms Diva and so far, yours is my favorite. Thanks for sharing.

  75. Oh, I really loved seeing how your Diva is coming along. You are having a lot of fun deciding what to include. Those are the really great quilts, that you have fun putting together. I would include a lot of red also (my favorite color). ANd some sewing jewelry. One of my friends has some spool earrings and a necklace and I think they are the cutest. Thanks for sharing this fun lady.

  76. Eyelashes up per Diva's instructions! Did read where Annette said one up and one down, now that has possibilities. I vote for the red polka dot sock ruffles, but you know Divas, they can change their mind in a flash, lol! Congratulations to the Bucky 40 Blinks and Quilting Diva winners!

  77. Oh boy, oh boy. Can't talk long. Have to go find some of that fabric--love it. You have put together a divine diva.

    Need more pictures of the fence. It is so neat.

  78. My inner Diva says "start with purple and hot pink, and we'll see where we end up"....one just never really knows where the inner diva will lead us....I have several of Amy's patterns, but not this one, yet....

  79. Your diva is really coming along nicely. You are doing a good job with her.I am waiting patiently to see how she looks in the end and who wins the battle of the sexes. Hang in there!

  80. I love your Diva. She is very bold and I find it always fun when in the process the first choices change, so the end result will still be a surprise. Look forward to see how your Diva will look finished. But just now I think she is really cool.

  81. Just live your diva, how fun would that be in my sewing room. I think I may create myself a matching outfit

  82. I already have the pattern Mdm Samm, but I had to comment and tell you how much I LOVE your Diva!!! She is "you" to a T!!!!

  83. Love your classy Diva . Have always wanted to stitch one.

  84. Quilt Diva PERSONIFIED.... yes that is what she is .... looking great and playing the role perfectly. Can't wait to see the final act and maybe even an encore.


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