Tuesday, April 30, 2013

It's a Wrap, what a delightful blog hop...and it comes to an end....but there will be more hops coming very soon...

This has been a delightfully surprising blog hop...And Thearica was an amazing cheerleader...
She cheered us, she created such fear, excitement that we all put our best pom poms forward...Proud of you all... I am likely your last visit of the hop so I want to thank you all for cheering us all on...

I will stand beside all these cheerleaders shaking my pom poms
and cheering them on too! 

I know what you are thinking...WHERE IS THE RED? 

The truth of the matter is before there was white, red and black in my decor...
There were neutrals....I absolutely love neutrals too...however and this is a big
HOWEVER, quilting needs more colour.... YEP.

Wraps like this one...not so....perfect for a cool summer evening..
I can fold it in half and it looks lovely on my shoulders with the pom poms
cascading below...There is a black one right in the centre.
and I chose merino wool for the pom poms because after trimming 
them they looked like wee balls of luxurious fur....
So plush...I put my nose in each one....lol
I have no idea why I do that...but I do....I love the smell of wool...
guess it reminds me of my Nanny...she used to knit a lot of sweaters 
and bed socks for me... She would always tie weeeee pom poms on the ribbons...
She would so proud of me....the smelling part...lol

Ohhh look Mary, this one is for you...complete with my cup and saucer that matched your
tall beautiful vase of q-tip pom poms....I had completely forgotten this lovely set
of dishes...I have a few pieces....when I was in the denim and butter cream phase lol

Good thing I am in the winter of my life, cause I don't think I can go through
anymore decor changes in our home...Our home is mostly, taupe, buttercreams,
black and white....And RED gingham suits it all perfectly...wink...( for now) 

NEXT Pom Pom project...

I am sure this has a lot to do when my kids were young...Cookie Monster and Elmo
were fixtures in our home...I still have a couple Elmo's that tickle and laugh....
those I am keeping for a time capsule... so I made a couple pom poms...these will be found
in some of my kids packages very soon along with some homemade cookies...
Oatmeal is one of their favourites...I think I will eat these one up with a cup of joe this morning!
Mmmmm seems someone helped themselves to a bite already....

and my last  Project...
Here is my red, black and white...their dollops of ice cream.
She is wearing an ice cream hat...
She is really very pretty and very large piece in fact...
I even had time to quilt her...

She was made for all those who love to cheer for ice cream...
I actually am not much of a lover of ice cream, but I love gelato ...
so this is for cherry, liquorice and vanilla gelato...all of my fav...

She was all appliqued except for my pompoms...done in a variety of sizes...
and perfect to showcase a framed piece in 3D .

Ohhh yes about this Barbie....well here is the story..
This one was supposed to be Carol's
( you know that other lady who is always trying to compete with me) . 
For weeks I stalked EBAY to win 
one...finally she arrived...I was holding it for her birthday, which is coming 
up ...we are both Taurus...can you believe that ? lol

Well she arrives and she is sooooo adorable...I am thinking I don't want
Carol to have this....I want it....
Soooooo, I get back on EBAY and I tried for days to win another! 
Geeshhhh her Birthday cost me a lot lol

My name is not a Carol, or begins with a C...
so I added my own initials and Davids' D...
I even made a sticker after painting her megaphone
and added sewwequilt.com 

So now we both have one...I see she showed hers yesterday...
after I told her I was showing mine....SEE COMPETITIVE,
it must have something to do with being a Taurus...

( oh and I don't drink coke, never have, don't even like it,
will have to make a decal of coffee) and that is not DECAF! lol

Clover was kind enough and most generous to send us many of these
for winners before we even began..
They make terrific very full pom poms...

If you want one of your own, since we already had them to giveaway
before we began....

AND since we could not get through a blog hop without more giveaways 
for all of our winners...

LOOK....I have a few of these Delightful TOKYO 
101  4x4's from Red Rooster 

for our Top 2 of the day
most creative and all those who participated
as well as all those who leave comments...

I have 3 TOKYOs  to giveaway! 
Ohhhh and some threads
from Aurifil too... yep some large spools...

All the winners will be announced on FRIDAY of this week!

Our top 2 today are...
and can I just add here..
we had perfect attendance, no delays
and everyone put their best pom pom forward..
Now that is something to cheer about...

It seems critters of all sorts were a popular choice, it was raining cats and dogs...
and this lady who  jumped in after a bit of coaxing...( the threat of that LIST, helped wink)
could not have made this poodle/bicho frise mix, any cuter....
She really does bring smiles with all of her creations..
and this one was no exception...

And really how can you not notice all those bouffant pom poms..
and she crochet this too. Not that is something I don't know how to do,
I know gotcha didn't you...something I never learned....
NOW if this lady could teach me how ....I would make this cute pooch too,
complete with eyelashes...did you see her wink at you..
Ok, maybe that was just for me ...

  and most CREATIVE

I am telling you, who would have ever guessed you could make so much
with pom poms... A gum ball machine..Shut the back door...
I want these all for me....truly inspiring ...all of you...
this was a delightful hop...

I could have chosen more winners today..
in fact you all were winners....everyone AWED me! 
I am sure they did you too! 

And a very special wee tot for Thearica...
an embroidered piece that will have her name on it..

WEE Tot T, 
I design one up for each cheerleader a special thank you for doing
all they do to make our blog hops sooooo very special!

I think I captured her to a T....

Our next hop is IT's for the Birds...
Ohhh Mary will have us flying..
wait and see...
I happen to know that someone's birthday is on the 7th...
you know that other lady wink...


  1. love all your projects really love the afghan nice

  2. Love your projects, especially the cookie monster! :-)

  3. Oh My....what BIG POM POMS you have....lol. Great afghan....and cute cookie monster...and wait? Another Barbie??? Well now there are THREE...except mine has a 'tail'...and is in 'costume'...LOL! Thanks for a great time (and sleepless nights...who would have ever thought Pom Poms would keep me awake??? hahaha). Ya'll DID GREAT!!!!!

  4. Think my favorite is your afghan. Just has that warm and cozy look to it. Who would have thought that there would be so many neat and original projects with Pom Poms? Had a great time participating and seeing all the wonderful projects!

  5. Your throw is sew elegant, just like you! Oh yes, I remember Cookie Monster and Elmo well. Your poor lady with the upside down cone on her head, well actually she should be happy when it starts to drip those yummy flavors! Thank you for setting up this fantastic hop and Thearica for being a wonderful cheerleader. Her little tot is sew sweet. Now I have to wait impatiently for the next hop.

  6. Dang! Wish I'd thought of putting my hubby's initial on the jacket..not that I'm competitive or anything. Your Barbie is beautiful and I'm so lucky you were willing to share your second Ebay purchase with me. I just love her! Oooo, and Cookie Monster and Elmo, too! Your neutral pom poms look so soft and fancy. You and Thearica did a great job on this hop! Thanks to the sponsors for sharing their great products. I heard May 13th is a great day for celebrating birthday's too!

  7. Samm, you and Carol keep me in stitches in sew many ways! Love your pom pom throw and your monsters. Your little quilt picture is so cute. I hope you girls have fun with your Barbies!

  8. Another sew creative blog. I cannot believe how many different visions of pom-poms there were. Your pom-pom throw looks cozy enough to snuggle under on this chilly start to another day.

  9. You have done it again together with all those creative women, another lovely blog hop, with so many different ways to use pom poms to make the world a little bit more funny and cheery.
    Thanks for doing it all. Now my bird is calling for my attention, she wants to be ready for the next blog hop, coming soon

  10. You can`t go wrong with neutral tones. I had Elmo`s and Bert and Ernie`s everywhere. Thanks for the smiles!

  11. Love all your projects. The neutral throw is gorgeous in its simplicity. I actually went and bought the Clover pom maker after my project was finished (late is better than never) and your Elmos give me an idea for my grandsons, since I bought the super-sized pom pom maker. As always, you did a super job (with Thearica) of making this a fun hop!

  12. Your pom pom wrap looks so lush and welcoming...perfect for a snuggle! Thanks for everything.... your pom pom projects..... the picks of each day.... the fun of sharing ideas and inspiration!

  13. It all looks great.. Wish you had modeled the wrap for us.

  14. I love the neutral coloring of the pom pom throw. Beautiful!

  15. Your projects are great. However, I will have to make the two Sesame Street characters as my little granddaughter loves Cookie Monster and Grover! At lease it looks like Grover to me!Thanks

  16. Madame Samm... The wrap is gorgeous! Butch and I have a lot of neutrals in our decor as well. There is just something relaxing about them. Love your Cookie Monster and Elmo and the gelato hat is fantastic!

    My Wee Tot is delightful! I love her to pieces!!Thank you so very much for her!

    I am sad that today is the last day.... Can we have sign ups again and start all over tomorrow? lol

  17. Your wrap is gorgeous. I love the colour scheme you have used. I also love your elmo, cookie monster gave me nightmares as a child so I will pretend he is not there.
    Thanks so much for this hop, it has been so much fun. I really enjoyed seeing all the pompom projects, although I think it might have fueled my obsession rather than helping it. Yeah, pompom projects here I come (when I have more time!!)
    Thanks again, your are awesome!

  18. Your wrap looks so snuggly! I really enjoyed seeing the Elmo and Cookie too :) Another fun hop, I enjoyed seeing everyone's creativity shine once again!

  19. Your wrap with the pom-poms is lovely and merino wool is the best and softest wool there is. I love knitting with merino. Your cheerleader and Barbie are darling. Cookie Monster and Elmo so cute.

    After seeing 2 projects with poodles this morning, I was surprised no one made a felt poodle skirt (you know from the '50's dance hops). I had another project in mind to make too, but I didn't have time. I was going to make a Spanish hat that has the pom-poms all around the bottom of the brim. I thought for sure someone would make one of those. I was thinking of a pincushion hat that looked like a Spanish hat. I have so many ideas for all of these blog hops, but not enough time to make everything I think of.

    It was fun to see so many wonderful creations using pom-poms. It's great that everyone thinks so creatively and that there is such a huge variety of projects too.

    See you on the next For the Birds Hop...oh that should be so fun!!!

  20. Good morning Samm. I love your projects. That shawl/blanket is beautiful. Looks like some more great projects to go look at. have a great day.

  21. This has been a pom pom fun projects for everyone. Thanks to all who participated.

  22. Rosemary B here:
    Your shawl is gorgeous. I love the black one in the middle, so you know when it is even and that look is a real statement. I adore this. Oh and the lovely little squishy pompoms to lean on and sniff. Just perfect. very classy.
    Cookie Monster and Elmo, of course. My girls had a toybox full of their likenesses and books. The old Sesame Street was a great show to put them in front of, so I could take a shower lol.
    Barbie is gorgeous. I can see why you had to get another. That is usually how it goes with gift shopping you have to by two of everything.... Love the ice cream cone. that is adorable.
    I REALLY love that shawl idea!!!

    Thank you so much for putting my entry up on your blog. You are a sweet friend. I love you dear Missie Samm. And to make top choice!! I am shocked! Her grooming needs a lot of touch ups I can see in these photos.
    You are such a fun and inspiring friend.
    blessings to you. I will check the blogs when I arrive in Maryland today and there is a break in activity. Thank you for being a great friend. You are very dear to me.

  23. This has been such a fun hop. Thanks for hosting and thanks to Thearica for cheering and thanks to all who shared ... :-) Pat

  24. Your projects are so inspiring and I can feel the warmth of the beautiful wrap around the shoulders. The picks are outstanding and very well chosen for their creativity. Thanks for all you do Samm and the encouragement you so graciously give. Judy C

  25. First, each hop tops the previous hop and this is no exception. Second, your projects are divine. The poms on the wrap just beg to squeezed. The yarn looks so inviting. With the neutral colors, you can always add any pop of color your heart desires at the moment with accessories. An ice cream hat - I was watching an old Match Game show on cable. One of the questions was: The Statue of Liberty must have gotten drunk last night, she is wearing a blank on her head. When one of the stars answered a LAMPSHADE, the contestant had no clue. She had never heard the proverbial - drunken stupor lamshade on the head fiasco. Now, I'd have a new anwer - an ice cream hat. I love it. The creativity in this hop has been over the moon. And Barbie is ... well, Barbie. I'm sure the head cheerleader will be thrilled. Thanks, again, for all you do to make this a success. I have told a few friends about this wonderful experience and in my selfishness, I don't want to tell too many - that's more competition for the giveaway. My best friend asked me for quilt sites to visit and, of course, I gladly told her. Great hop - EOS (End of story!) Is the next one "for the birds?"

  26. Your projects are all so perfect! The wrap is so pretty done up in whites, creams, and taupes! It looks so comfy! Your little gelato girl and the Barbie are also adorable! The cookie monsters are going to be a hit with your grandkids, too! Great job, as usual!

  27. As usual, it's been a wonderful hop and such creative projects! I really like your wrap--I think I would stick my nose in those pompoms too! Cookie Monster and Elmo are such classics, as is Barbie! What a trip down Memory Lane!

  28. Mmmmm. WOOL! I am a knitter, too, so I understand the wool thing! Great projects. Your fascination with red gingham is SHARED here!

  29. What a great way to shake your pom-poms for this hop! They are all adorable!

  30. thx i have enjoyed travelling thru all the pompom blogs

  31. Great hop. Lots of crativity and lots of variety for sure. Love your poms also. Love the neutral color scheme too.... Until the next hop Thanks for all that you do for all of us in Blogdom

  32. I do see you all wrapped up reading a good book and drinking your cuppa. What a delightful throw! You are so right, the smell of wool is captivating! Love those cookie monsters. I do need to bandish them from my house! LOL! What a fun Ebay find. I know Carol is dancing on air!
    Great hop once again! You are the best!

  33. Madame Samm you are so correct what a great hop this turned out to be. For me I didn't know what on earth could 40 woman or more do with pom poms and boy was I truly amazed....each day was better than the day before. That is not to say that all the days were not good i was just personally impressed as each day went on...And your wrap well wouldn't expect anything less than chic from you ,which it is very pretty...the ice cream cone very different and cute and then barbie well who can say anything against "barbie" she has always been the creme' de la creme' (sp?)....All in all it was a wonderful blog hop. Thanks to Tharica for all her hard work as our coordinating cheerleader,she was wonderful as always...to our sponsors Clover for all of what they bring to the quilters table, to Red Rooster for all their yummy fabrics and to aurifil, shhhh don't tell anyone but I have never tried this thread but I hear all wonderful things about them. We are so fortunate to have such quality creators in our corner. Also what a great wee tot you have done for Thearica. I have known her both in this area and in the crazy quilting area of art and she is certainly a wonderful person and good leader in whatever area she is in...Thanks to all.....whew now I can give my left hand a break..lol see ya' soon...

  34. You have really opened my eyes to pom poms. I love the neutrals on your throw. It would be great to curl up with it and a good stitching project. I think I see many fun (and competitive) projects with those twin Barbies!!!

    The top choices for today were also wonderful. That gumball machine is the perfect use for the colored pom poms. Everyone did an amazing job. Thanks to you, Thearica and all the sponsers for such a fun hop.

  35. Your wrap is very elegant. Lovely job. I really like the neutral colors--very pretty.

  36. Your wrap is amazing with all the neutral toned wool colors. I keep thinking back to the pom pom pillow you showed when it was time to sign up and thinking how well they would go together. Your other projects are fun as well. The kids are apt to be giggling about Cookie Monster and Elmo!

    You suppose the smell is the fact that wool is a natural product?? There is an alpaca farm just up the road from me and a small shop, where I assume, they are selling the shearings. Poor babies looked scalped the other day.

  37. LOVE your wrap and all your projects...and Barbie?!?! We know all about her don't we? :) What a wonderful blog hop..thank you so much for all you do! kkking69@yahoo.com (still trying to get this no reply thing fixed!)

  38. Once again what a great hop! I had no idea about the "calico" dishes. When I gave the bouquets away on Sunday, the lady I gave them too said she collected "calico"dishes too! Who knew there could be so many ways to use pom poms! We are getting ready for next week!

  39. Your Pom Poms on that throw are just gorgeous!! I would have put my face on them, too. I actually think I did that with the bug pom pom! I was simply surprised to be on the top three. There are so many great projects out there. If you lived a little closer, I would teach you to crochet. Thanks for all you do!!

  40. Those doggies are just the cutest! I'm not a dog person but I really love them! Thanks for choosing my gumball machine as most creative. Out of all the hop projects I've done (with the doll as an exception) this project is the most "me", so far. As I'm learning those are the hardest to put out for show.

  41. This was really such a special and cute hop. Amazing all those ideas! I love your throw and think it looks very elegant in those colors. The monsters are so sweet, bringing back some childhood memories,lol! And the we cheer is just lovely! The barbie too,lol! Have fun with her!

  42. Thank you - the pom pom hop has been such fun! I'm still chuckling over Joan's creation!

  43. Love your hops!! They are always SO much fun!!!I don't think I have laughed as much before:)
    Thank you!!!!

  44. You really crack me up, I can't believe you made an outfit for barbie, too funny. Your wrap is georgous in it's neutral coloring, I would snuggle my nose in them too.

  45. Hi!!!! Wonderful as always!!! Love the wrap!!! I love your Elmo and Cookie Monster too!!! There are several of them around here too!!!! The Barbie cheerleader is adorable!!!! I am a Taurus too!!! I love the icecream cone hat!!! I always love the wee tots!!! Such a cute little Thearica!!!! Thanks for all the fun!!!! I am getting those birds a chirping!!!!

  46. Very very cool!! Thanks for all your work!! It is noticed!! and appreciated!!

  47. I am so shaking my poms poms for you You throw looks so cozy! and Elmo and cookie monster!
    Now let's talk Barbie, I love how you made her your own. Too cute! Yeah team!

  48. You have such lovely projects here. I always love coming to your site and seeing what you created. I must confess, I am stealing your idea of Cookie Monster and Elmo. I know 2 little girls that will love to have them. Thank you soo much for everything!!

  49. I love Sew Incredibly Crazy's Toady Pillow - cute!

  50. What an elegant wrap, complete with coffee colored pom poms!

  51. Gotta say your "cookie monster" and "elmo" POM POM heads are great.

    Thank you for sponsoring this Blog Hop giveaway.

  52. The pompoms on your wrap look so nice and soft, but can you really wear that without being attacked by a cat? Thanks to you and Thearica for a fun hop!

  53. Love the cookie monster and elmo. so cute and perfect. I knew who they were before I read the note.

  54. Creative hop! Thanks for all your hard work and for sharing your ideas!

  55. Madamme Samm you never disappoint with your projects. All well done! Love those cookie monster and Elmo creations, how clever you are. And love that pom po m fringe on your cuddle blanket, they're perfect. Now that Icecream cone hat was the tops! lol
    Thanks again for your drive and ideas, you're a wondersul inspiration. Jane

  56. oh this has been one neat unique and creative blog hop everyone did an awesome job with their pompoms.

  57. Madaam Samm you never disappoint us with your wonderful blog hops. This one is no exception. Love all the pom pom projects.
    Thanks again for all of the inspiration.

  58. Thanks again for all the fun! I don't think I'll ever look at pom poms the same way again. I love everyone's creativity!

  59. You are so funny Samm, just love you , you make me laugh and I always love your creative projects. Blessings

  60. looks like the perfect throw to curl up with once it warms up outside.
    thanks for getting us to think outside the box with this one.
    in stitches

  61. As usual your projects are top notch. Your pom pom throw is tres chic.

    Today's top 3 are wonderful. I'm totally loving the pom pom Bichon Frise ... reminds me so much of the Bichon my sister had.

    Another successful hop. The It's For the Birds hop should be tons of fun!

  62. I absolutely LOVE your wrap. I too love neutrals. And speaking of wraps, another fun hop comes to an end. Thank you for all your hard work. Sew much creativity going on. I'll be looking forward to you and Carol, er that other lady, duke it out for the birds. That was one of my mom's favorite sayings and I can still hear her saying it though she has been gone almost 12 years. Thanks again and oh yes I love the Barbie twins too!

  63. I love your wrap, a sophisticated colour choice. Thank you for hosting this blog hop. I look forward to participating in a nother very soon.

  64. Love the Pom poms! The first poochie was my favorite too :)

  65. Wonderful projects! Gotta love pom pom Barbie! Pretty shawl.

    Thanks for another fun hop.

  66. My favorite was the puppies, they are so cute. Nice hop. They were all very creative!
    smjohns63 at yahoo dot com

  67. I was interrupted yesterday mid-way through by a computer that was actly strangely so here I am now just finishing up. Sweet projects. You and Carol go together...I envision your Barbie cheerleaders handing out, doing some cheers, stopping for refreshment (coke or coffee)...what a time!!
    This has been fun - pom poms. Who would have thunk!!! lol

  68. Ooops, I see I wrote "handing out" when I meant HANGING OUT! :)

  69. Too clever - that Barbie is so fun & cute. What a perfect gift. You crack me up. Great post - your pom poms are fabulous.

  70. Such a wonderful projects. Just love the barbie. It was fun joining. Thanks Frederika

  71. -you pompom projects are adorable.I love the wrap!
    Thank you for this great at challenging bloghop, it was really funny to see alle the pompoms.


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