Thursday, April 18, 2013

I am prepared to say goodbye to Ms Diva...

YOU know how much I love MS Diva...?

She is sandwiched now and I have been busy quilting her.
Soon she will be placed on EBAY 
so I can raise some money 
to purchase some sewing machines for some of our dear ladies
who have been silently cheering us on since we began our hops
well over a year ago.

I am privy to some tales of hardship, illness and some very lonely 
quilters.  I have kept their secrets,
their hidden tears tucked into my heart...

After sharing few details with some of my cheerleaders
we thought
if everyone who loves our blog and our hops
donated  $1-2.00 dollars we likely would
gather enough funds to purchase some sewing machines
for some dear ladies who would just love to join
us in our hops..

Maybe it's because down deep I am really a softy, despite
what some of you may think...I am not Miranda Priestly
the character Meryl Strep played in Devil Wears Prada....
Now don't ask my children, they think I am a pretty tough
cookie...hard on the outside, soft on the inside..lol

Maybe because it is spring, and I hate to see anyone
sitting on the sidelines just cheering wishing they could 
be in the game.... Maybe it is because down deep
I know WE can make a difference.

You can donate to paypal ....the button
is on the top of our blog...

Let's get these ladies quilting and hopping with us..
YOU all know how much JOY has come into your life...?
YOU all know the excitement of seeing all those lovely comments fill 
your inbox?
WELLLLL, this is something we can DO TOGETHER.

I will begin with the sale of my MS DIVA, every cent of the auction
will go towards at least one machine...

I am in negotiations at the moment with a couple companies
to see if we can get some machines for a good price...

Let's open our hearts and share a dollar or two..
They would do it for YOU! 

GRATITUDE for you and you and you..
YOU are kind, smart and important to all of us...

I have closed the comments....so we can all be discreet!