Saturday, April 13, 2013


As the weekend is now here, I will continue on my assembly
of Ms Diva. But before I tell you about her-
 (the original creator of Quilt Diva)

Amy Bradley's- Daughter Ashley,
 who also works very close with her Mom,
gave birth to 2 healthy babies ( TWINS)
a week ago. Nate and Norah  ( you can see them here) were born into 
a lovely creative and  amazing family. I can't imagine the quilts Amy will be designing
for her new grandchildren. They are simply a treasure. ( the twins that is) 
Be sure to send over some warm wishes, they
would be soooo pleased to hear from you....

And speaking of birth....I suppose you could
say Ms Diva is being born fully dressed...
She has her hands now, complete with bracelets..
I took off her eyelashes so she could not see the progress,
but they are waiting for her in the GARBAGE somewhere...
YEP, in my haste to work on other projects this week,
I placed them on the counter on a piece of plastic,
did such a fine job in cleaning, they are seeing garbage somewhere..
I will pick up another pair today....lol

I had my man cut up an old ruler so I could add a real
ruler to her attire, and there is still a lot of work to go into her 
this weekend...
"WE" decided with more negotiations that we would 
make her into an old fashion like photo, complete with black corners..
I still have to cut some white strips for another border, so that it does
look like an old fashion photo...( her wishes of course)

I have received quite a few requests, so here she is...
I am really liking her, ok, maybe not HER, she is rather
demanding, but the way she looks...lol

 This week, with the April Showers blog hop ,
homework, and a new project  design for a future
blog hop. It will be announced next week...

I am surprised I got this project below completed....

IT is only a sneak peak, so you could guess I suppose
but I am not sure many of you will get it...

Ok, love to chat more, but really, I have
some chores to do first and then it is a sewing weekend...

I haven't even begun my mug rugs .....ooops did I just say that?

So tell me are you sewing too?

OHHHHHH again almost forgot
I still have 2 patterns of Quilt Diva 
to giveaway...Anyone want to make a 
Quilt Diva?

This is the one Amy CREATED
she is in a pin now too...
Ahhhhhhh I may have to pin her PIN on MY DIVA!

really isn't she just a darling?
Amy I am speaking about lol

P.s APOLOGIES for not getting back to you all
I have been realllllly busy trying to get her done...
Thought I would answer a few questions....

*Ok, purchased another pair of eyelashes...YES!
*Her Ruler is a real one, cut it on an angle at 8 inches
had my David drill some holes into each corner...I will sew
her right on the quilt...
*She needs a lot of embellishments....Yesterday
I spent the day blanket stitching all of her pieces....
Today, I will be doing some embroidery,
adding a cup...have to design one first....something she could
hang from her hand....lol
I am going to highlight her hair, add some piping to her socks...
If she did not want to argue with me soooo much
I possibly would have her done ....nahhhhhhh lol

Winners will be announced tomorrow!

Ohhhhh I drew up some ideas for mug rugs last
evening....so I will be working on those this week,
between classes...

Ok, it is Sunday...I need to rest awhile!

April Showers Mug Rug hop continues tomorrow! 

I don't have any time to waste now...

Which eyes DO YOU LIKE MOST.?

 1st ones will be as is...
2nd one I will add colour blue threads
to the button with pearls as the stars in her eyes...

Of course I have my fav...but it is not HERS...

So I thought I would ask you ...



note her blush on her cheeks and her mole....
I have her all blanket stitched now...tonight I add all the embellishments 
and some embroidery..

That is if you solve our problem...or issue..


OHHHH yes sorry about that 
who both won a copy of a QuiLt Diva that they can make for themselves...

thanks to Amy Bradley for being soooo generous...


  1. Cute, Cute! She is rather sassy and chic'....I am lovin her.....great job Madame Samm. I will get started on mine one of these days but want to be able to put lots of time in the main frame and then embellish, embellish! Have a great day and super weekend.

  2. love the corner treatments on Ms. Diva, brilliant :) Hmmm, the sneak peak photo looks like the inside of a bag, with some interior pockets.

  3. Ms Diva is looking sew fabulous! I really love these fabrics. Looking forward to seeing more about the future blog hop. The rain of mug rugs are all sew lovely ... and very seasonal here in New England at the moment in our unrelenting end of winter rains. I am sure your mug rug will be as wonderful as you. I am off to a quilt show today for more quilty inspiration. May you have a happy quilty weekend ... :) Pat

  4. Ms Diva is adorable! :) She most certainly needs the Diva Pin! :)
    And as they say the early bird gets the worm....I've been happily sewing since 4:30 this morning! Taking a break for a spot of tea. I'm still guessing on the sneak peak photo...hmmmmmm...very interesting!
    Have a great creative and relaxing weekend!

  5. I love your Ms. Diva and I think I need that pin! ;) Are you talking picnics or gingham or both? I can't wait to see what is coming up next!

  6. I love the background of your Diva, Madame Samm, but I can't imagine what kind of ruler is that? It's transparent like a real ruler!

  7. I love your Diva. Well, she is a real Dive. It must be such a fun to make her.

  8. Love your diva! YES - I want to make a diva! Amy was at my guild in StC in March - and I was in FLORIDA! EEEEEKKK! Oh well - it's in the 80's here today and 40's in StC - so I guess I'll have to take the good with the bad! lol I'm thinking the red gingham items are for a picnic or potluck or 4th of July party? Nothing like nailing down my guess! Have a great day sewing - think I'll do the same - out in the screened porch! Many Quilts of Valor to piece!!

  9. Twins run in my family, so I know how exciting they can be! Congratulations to Ashley and the entire family!
    Your Diva is coming along nicely! She is adorable---in a funny sort of way! I know you're having a lot of fun putting her together!

  10. Yes she looks just like you! She's looking great, I'd love to make a quilting diva.

  11. Tudo neste blog é muito lindo! Gostei muito da Diva e dos muitos trabalhos publicados. um abraço.

  12. Your Diva is absolutely amazing! I love how individual they all become in the end. Such a great idea!!! The "framing" finish will be the perfect final touch on her.

  13. Love how you are working in all the cool details. She is looking good. Like the Photo idea! Would love to make a Diva! Been working finished 3 more quilt tops! Working on my Pom Pom's, and birds! As usual keeping busy!

  14. I love your Diva!!!! I want sew Mrs. Diva, too.
    Many Greetings

  15. Your Diva as so cool! Love the background too! Have fun stitching and sewing this weekend! Finally we have lovely sunny weather and tomorrow it will even be nicer. So I will be stitching in my garden for the first time this year! Yeah!
    Lots of greetings

  16. Your Diva is awesome. Perfect colors and the ruler...great idea.
    Congrats to Ashley and Nana Amy!

    I'd love to win the Diva pattern!

  17. Your quilt Diva is so cute! I would love to win a pattern. Speaking of cute, those twins are just adorable, along with their big sister. I have been making wall hangings for spring and am starting to work on a wall hanging "for the birds". So much I would love to make, so little time it seems to get it all done! LOL

  18. I'd love to have a pattern for Quilt Diva. I think we are all divas down deep ;-}

  19. Your Diva is coming to life before our eyes! She is just too cute, and the little extras make her even more adorable! You pay such attention to detail...love the fabrics you've used and the picture corners. Well done!

  20. Your Diva is divine! I just love her and adding the corners to make her look like an old time photo is a fantastic idea. I'd love to win a pattern.

  21. I would love to win a Diva pattern so I could make one to hang in my sewing room. I really like yours. She is coming along very nicely. When I first saw the ruler, I was wondering where you found fabric that looked like that. Now I am wondering how you added it to the fabric to make it stay on there. This is an awesome idea. You are so creative.Have fun sewing this weekend.

  22. Mdm Samm your Diva looks divine!! I would love to make one too they look like such fun to put together, and I can't wait for the next Amy Bradley Blog Hop to come around.

  23. Mdm Samm, It is so easy to get buttons from your site. I am trying to add the Bloglovin button to my blog, but I can't figure out how to do it!!! Help! (What would we do without you?)

  24. Diva Samm is quite the creation...you are so good with putting all those colors and shapes together. Lashes in the garbage? Oops! Red gingham looks pretty intriguing--what, oh what could that be? Enjoy your weekend of sewing! :O)

  25. I am "sew" in love with Diva....I am glad you posted a update of her. I would love to make a Diva...She is gorgeous and so full of life.And as u may recall. I love all those blacks, whites & reds...Faboulous color scheme.

  26. Love your "Diva". You are so creative. I would like to try to make one. Thanks for the chance to win.

  27. Love how your Diva is progressing, adding a real ruler was a touch of genius. I would love to make one of my own. I'm having a great time visiting all the blogs on this hop and your preview of the next one has me really intrigued.

  28. Oh you Diva is just so cute. She does have an attitude! But she is feisty and I like that.
    Red gingham, love it but what is it!!

  29. Your Diva is looking good! I have mine, sitting on the cutting table, patiently waiting for me to draw her off on my new Light Pad! I am so glad I got the big one. Love the ruler idea. May have to copy, I mean borrow that idea!

  30. Love your Diva, she makes me think of each of the ladies in my quilt group! They are all so fun with a hint of attitude that comes with our age I'm thinking and makes life so fun! A group of Divas would be hillarious.
    Thanks for all you do for the blog/quilt world.

  31. Ms Diva is looking good....looks like she's getting ready to 'strut her stuff' LOL!!!!

  32. Love your Diva...but what happened to her lashes?! I miss them!! That photo corner treatment is a great touch...I think Miss Diva is too large for me but I am thinking about getting Amy's farm animals pattern, I saw a post she did with adding the animal sounds to the blocks and have been thinking "gotta have" ever since...but where to fit in another project between hops? Red gingham looks like a "keeper"...Have a great day...I am off to wish Amy congrats...twins, twice the fun, eh?

  33. Your Diva really is coming together but that should be no surprise since Divas always have it 'together'. I have 6 year old Grandtwins, boy and girl. They will be getting a new brother in a few weeks. It is so much fun watching them interact together as the grow up!
    Could the new hop be gingham?

  34. Just so darn good! Lucky that it was just eyelashes in the garbage. I really like that she decided on the photo corners-such a clever lady she is turning into!

  35. Ms. Diva is looking rather splendid in her black and red! My 2 favorite colors! Love the ruler idea!

    I was all set to begin mine this past Wednesday at the sew-in but my friend was really needy so she got all of my attention.. I didn't even get to work on anything of my own.... at all!.. I told her next time she had to bring her own sewing machine and we would work separately. lol

  36. me me me pick me...... I would love to sew one up for myself too ;)
    your Diva is looking good . I like the fabric changes you have done.
    Have a great weekend Mdm Samm
    in stitches

  37. Ms. Diva is looking marvelous even without her makeup. I love the added ruler! I keep looking back at Amy's Diva and noticing more and more little details. I have slippers that look just like hers! Bless Amy and her creativity. I'm off to congratulate her on her 2 newest family members. Oh and yes!! I'd love a Diva of my vert own!

  38. Your Diva is Divine! Love the idea of the black corners. Just adorable :)

  39. The Diva is Awesome I am sure I am to late for a pattern! Boo hoo! Could you see a Ms Diva from the Boon Docks, maybe a little Camo?

  40. I love how you made her even more divalicous...by far the best I have seen so far!! Being from NYC makes me an automatic diva from birth! Hmmmm I have all kinds of visions on how to make her a NYer!

  41. Ms. Diva is quite the prima donna making all those demands on you. ; ) She's looking fabulous though. Can't wait to see what other demands ... errrr ideas she comes up with.

    Another teaser. I have no idea what the sneak peek pic is, but I do see red gingham, black and white polka dots, and flowers. Whatever it is, it's going to be great. Can't go wrong using black, white and red.

    No sewing for me for a few days. My right knee is killing me for whatever reason so getting up and down from a chair often (which I seem to do a lot of when sewing) is a real killer. Hopefully it will be better in a couple of days. Fingers crossed.

  42. Love Ms Diva! Using real eyelashes and a piece of a real ruler jazzes her up. Do I see a zipper on the luggage? Fun! Triggered a memory of an art project in college, in which I used real sole leather to make the bottom of Santa's boots...handstitched in place and miniature toys falling out of Santa's leather bag. Wonder where I put that?
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  43. I love Ms. Diva. She is sew cute. Yes, I sewed today. On the second Saturday of every month my little quilt group meets. We sew, quilt, laugh, (sometimes tears are involved), and eat. Today we each made a Quilt Market bag. Lots of fun and some really pretty bags were made. Thanks for the giveaway.

  44. Now Madame Samm you know I have wanted to make this one of a kind Sassy lady since the day you showed her and I will. But she looks totally awesome..I like how you have decided to frame her too.....take care and enjoy your weekend.

  45. I am always excited to hear about what your next blog hop will be...iron covers? Sewing machine covers? I haven't a clue! Your diva is progressing nicely...cool touch to add the real ruler too!

  46. I love how you have given her a real quilting ruler. Your Ms Diva is looking fantastic. You've got me wondering about the next hop!

  47. Your quilt diva is spectacular! I would love to make one! I am making Audrey a new dress.

  48. I would LOVE to make a Quilt Diva! Just send that pattern on my way!!!

  49. So, as I was looking at your quilt Diva the first thing I noticed was that her eyelashes were missing! I then read your post and was floored when I read you had lost them. Of all the embellishments I absolutely love those eyelashes. Thanks for the update on you quilt Diva and hoping that you have a very productive weekend of sewing!!

  50. Your Diva is just stunning. Love her look and the old photo corners are stelllar. So what am I working on? I just finished my mug rugs for my Monday posting. Tomorrow I'll get the photos taken. I have written it up just need to insert the photos. I work so much better with a dead line.

  51. Your diva look divine! If I forget to put on my mascara, I look jut like that! I would love to win one of these patterns. How fun to build her to fit your own personality.

  52. That is awesome as is everything I see you do! Can't wait to see her all finished!

  53. The diva is delightful! The two of you make a great design team!

  54. Ms diva is wonderful - I have my Ms Diva hanging in my sewing room - and around her - on the borders I attach all the buttons & brooches I collect.

  55. I love your Ms Diva and your sad tale of the eyelashes really made me laugh. Sounds like something I would do. Is that gingham I see in your sneak peek ohh I hope so.

  56. In spite of being gone a big chunk of the day to quilt guild I did get a bit more prep work done on piece I am doing for the bird hop. But hey, look at you! Diva looks great in spite of the sad eyelash tale. She is such a drama queen! LOL. Love the addition of the photo tabs as they are so striking with the black, white, red of the Diva.

  57. I love your Diva and it's a great idea to add the ruler. I can't wait to see your embellishments.

  58. Hi Samm, Taking a minute before church to check in with you and I'm loving your Diva! I bought the pattern but certainly haven't started on her. I've been sick all week - allergies, sinus infection, etc. But with this new job stuff I couldn't take off so I sniffed and wiped my eyes constantly and coughed my way through the week. A couple of times I got to sit down in the evenings to work on some applique I'm trying to finish on a quilt top I started two years ago. Not much more to go - just working on the flower stems now and that's the last. I should have sewed longer yesterday but my energy has been zapped so I read a book instead...and that was nice. I bought some new Kathy Schmitz embroidery patterns and am looking forward to starting those. I think I have enough embroidery patterns to last me a lifetime. :) Only eight more weeks until school is out and I can re-retire!!! blessings, marlene

  59. Your Diva is just DIVINE!! So many great M Samm touches, that it just makes her sing! I have been a slave to my machine for a week now. My Pom Pom project is complete, and I am down to the last few hours of quilting my "Birds" project. My mind is plotting "flowers" next. Can't wait to see the new hop announcement later this week!
    NOW go work on your mugrug, we are all waiting to see just what delightful thing you tantalize us with!

  60. Oh that Diva is such a hoot. I've seen a few made and they all look a bit different. I love the red, white and black that you chose. Can't wait to see her all finished.

  61. I would love to make a Quilt Diva. We all have different styles so each Diva is a reflection of us.

    1. Julie dear....you are a no reply blogger...cannot enter you if you are not following or have an email...try again next time

  62. Madame Samm, the eyes in the A picture look more realistic. She looks great with those.

  63. Madame Samm, I prefer the eyes in the A picture! Everything you have done with her is great! She truly is a Diva!

  64. wow, your Diva is adorable, eys A are best I think ☺

  65. Like Abest BUT the Divia will tell you what she WANTS, I'm sure!

  66. First set of eyes would be my choice. She is turning out sew cute. Would love to stitch her up.

  67. I like option a. Would love to have her pattern. Thanks for the chance to win.

  68. Hi Samm. With every stitch you take, I can see the Diva's personality coming through. She is one strong minded lady. Every lady needs pearls.

  69. I am putting in my vote before reading everyone else's ... I vote for "B" ... She "B" B-e-a-utiful! :)

  70. I think I like the eyes in A best too. I keep going back and forth and back and forth but the first eyes always win so there... A for me. :)

  71. I pick B, otherwise poor gal has four sets of lashes...lol! But I really like the "gaze" those first ones have...

  72. I pick B, otherwise poor gal has four sets of lashes...lol! But I really like the "gaze" those first ones have...


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